Gala collaborates with Staynex: Transforming the travel experience

GalaChian has extended its opening to external developers previously with Typescript, enabling the GalaChain SDK, where new companies are bringing their innovative projects to establish partnerships.

The previously formed GALAthon 24-hour GalaChain hackathon event at GDC 2024 seeks attention among crypto enthusiasts. Strategic partnership announced by GalaChain developers to create new possibilities for expansion Web3 technologies. This newly formed partnership can empower GalaChain’s journey across new destinations.

Staynex is a next-generation membership-based travel agency that embarked on setting consumers’ travel experience by integrating Web3 technology. This collaboration suggests an upgraded travel experience by combining Staynex’s advanced thinking platform with GalaChain’s advanced blockchain technology.

Staynex is placed at the initial place of membership and travel industry by harnessing the supremacy of GalaChain. In addition, it offers a unique travel experience, unlike other tech-oriented travel experiences. With this partnership, a promised and seamless experience can be developed by enhancing the travel journey and exploring the new world.

Staynex is onboarding new resorts and hotel partners worldwide by allowing hospitality service providers to secure a place on the technological platforms. It elevates users’ ability to book travels at their partner travel places, resorts, and hotels, where the payment process is secured with web3 technological assistance. Through this, users can have an enhanced travel experience.

Staynex offers a significant benefit for its members by implementing this decentralized infrastructure of GalaChain. Staynex is offering an immersive technological solution for its travel consumers to make a better travel experience and connect travel communities worldwide through personalized rewards and exclusive perks.

Yuen Wong, CEO and Founder of Staynex, envisioned, “The Travel, Stay & Hospitality industry is worth trillions, and we see web3 as a game-changer. Blockchain introduces innovation, accountability, and transparency, improving the industry significantly.”

Through this, the CEO of Staynex points out the transformative potential of blockchain, which can be used in the travel industry to add new values. It prioritizes accountability, innovation, and transparency as the essential benefits where the vision aligns with enhancing the commitment of the Gala by leveraging the dimension of Web3 technology. It will aim to empower user experience through different industries by recognizing the importance of travel. Through this, a worldwide connection can be established.

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