Gala Games Announces New Partnership with Ozys

Blockchain gaming can be expected to witness a change. Ozys has a new partner in the market. Gala Games has joined the maker of OrbitChain and KLAYswap. The partnership has been formed on the ground of passing all the benefits to the users. This would expand the blockchain ecosystem.

The Announcement

Gala Games are on the rise and have gained popularity among gamers, and continue to see steady growth in its popularity graph.

Ozys, the marker of OrbitChain and KLAYswap, expressed its excitement while welcoming Gala Games onboard. The excitement is understandable as the partnership marks the beginning of their journey on a road where they aim to combine their future marketing efforts.

Post the finalization of their partnership, it is planned that Gala Games will be integrated with KLAYswap and Orbit Bridge.

Gamers and people with a zest for blockchain are on cloud seven as Gala Games looks forward to removing all the restrictions by pursuing the aggressive expansion of the ecosystem. The initial result would be evident once Gala Games successfully removes the restrictions of being on BSC and Ethereum chains.

The integration will work in two different ways. Gala Games will become available on Klaytn through KLAYswap and in the form of KGALA through Orbit Bridge & KLAYswap. The debut of Gala Games on Klaytn will be marked in the Spider Tank e-Sports World.

The Background

Gala Games established its position within the ecosystem of Ethereum and BSC by being one of the most user-friendly blockchain game platforms. It was created by Eric Schiermeyer, who co-founded Zynga.

Its position is stern within the ecosystem of Ethereum and BSC, with a market value of $4.2 billion and 1.8 million monthly users.

Final Thoughts


While the partnership benefits both platforms, users would also be able to receive the benefits. It would start from Spider Tank e-Sports World, which marks the debut of Gala Games on Klaytn.

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