Gala Games Founder’s Nodes to Receive Massive Updates

Gala is all set to revolutionize its ecosystem with huge updates. The network is launching its customized layer 1 mainnet and 20+ new games. 

Gala has introduced a proposal for its Founder’s Nodes to prepare for these modifications. The network might host an AMA to get votes and more ideas around the topic. The idea is not finalized, but Gala will certainly approach the development after getting viable feedback.

In addition to these changes, Gala is also hosting another halving of GALA distribution in July. Previously, the network bore the entire cost of halving since the Founder’s Nodes didn’t experience any reduction in its total share distribution.

Things are different this year as Gala proposes a standard halving that may lead to forming its third distribution pool. The newly established pool will be called The Bonus Pool. 

It will be designed to identify and reward node owners who support the ecosystem. Gala will fund the pool via an additional halving of its distribution across Gala and the Founder’s Node sections.

The new pool will allow operators to get a daily distribution with the ability to earn even more tokens. Their daily pool distribution will be based on a point basis, assessing different behaviors and actions. The higher points the operators get, the higher percentage distribution will receive from the pool.

Here are some behaviors and actions that can help increase the pool distribution points:-

  • Total GALA quantity and the holding location (wallet or inventory)
  • Duration of holding
  • Value exchange (selling, Gala assets transferring, buying, etc.)
  • Referring to new Gala accounts
  • Various actions like logins, gameplay time, social sharing, etc.


The new pool has facilitated greater user control over the daily distribution. It also promotes healthy management of the Gala ecosystem, making the update a huge move for the network. 

Roxanne Williams

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