Gala Games publishes an official statement amid lawsuits

Blake Walker, the General Counsel for Gala Games, has issued a clarification to inform the community that the ecosystem is well-preserved within the boundaries of ethics. 

The ongoing legal battle is merely a dispute between its founders with no effect on its operations whatsoever. A lot of pieces of information have been withheld as the case is being discussed in court.

However, it is clear that the legal battle was initiated by Eric Schiermeyer, who filed a derivative shareholder lawsuit against Wright Thurston. The latter has instituted a lawsuit against Eirc, and the case is in court.

A derivative shareholder lawsuit is filed by a shareholder on behalf of the corporation at a time when they suspect that some wrongdoing is being done to hamper the corporation. Needless to say, there is no word on the amount of evidence that Eric has to fight this in court. Also, how Wright decides to defend himself if the allegation is indeed proved to be true.

General inquiries and apprehensions have made their way, igniting a sense within the legal team that it must issue a clarification. They have assured their commitment to accountability and transparency at every possible step. A point has been made that the company is not at all involved and that the case is purely between the founders.

Gala Games remains committed to innovation and delivering exceptional experiences through its games. The legal department has also pledged to the shareholders that it will remain available to address all their concerns.

The development follows Gala Games announcement of Rep Node’s license transfer. The public sale was held on September 4, 2023, with Gala Gold and Fonder’s Nodes receiving early access. Open Price was specified as $2,500, and the Tier Supply was 5,000. The Allowlist Price was established at $2000. Gala Games was enthusiastic about collaborating with Rep to add a new use case to their blockchain.

This helps the community by introducing them to stronger decentralization. This grants them a personalized social media experience, real user ownership, the ability to power the network and earn rewards in return, and no third-party data mining.

It was clarified before that a governance proposal has been moved to talk about a more decentralized future.

As for the current update, the legal department of Gala Games has ensured that the community is updated with the latest events. It goes on to assure them that the community is safe, no matter how hard both founders fight in court. No wrong activity is being undertaken within the venture, per the statements, and the operations will function seamlessly as before.

Eric and Wright are in court to prove their innocence. The case is being discussed, with more details awaited only after the court has settled or received a specific verdict in favor of either party.

Scott Cook

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