GalaSwap positioned on GalaChain

GalaSwap is positioned on GalaChain. This initial version will serve as the foundation for a feature-rich platform where GalaChain tokens can be exchanged peer-to-peer.

In accordance with Gala’s commitment to transparency and openness, forthcoming versions of GalaSwap will be entirely open source. This will foster community engagement and ensure that modifications to the platform result from a combined effort and body of knowledge. Some forthcoming features that will be made available to the public include specialized tools that address GalaChain’s requirements.

Galaswap, in its current iteration, offers the opportunity to acquire transfers within the Gala ecosystem for a payment of seven tokens. In order to expedite the project’s development, $MUSIC will not be accessible in the initial version. Owing to the token’s placement on a different GalaChain channel, connectivity will be available in days to come after cross-channel swaps are implemented. Their goal is to offer trading options to their community throughout the expanding Gala ecosystem. The platform has been designed to accommodate all forthcoming GalaChain-based currencies.

In the near future, liquidity pools and slippage will be introduced, as all transactions are currently peer-to-peer. $GALA and backed tokens. Next comes snagging and ordering. As this is a direct exchange with another user, only the quantity associated with the offer can be swapped. One also has the option of creating their own swap. Each exchange on Galaswap is intended for $GALA. The price of gas has been kept at one $GALA for everyone participating.

GalaSwap will function similarly to a traditional trading body mechanism within a game, allowing users to register trades for their own benefit.

If 1,000 $GALA is registered on GalaSwap for 1,500 $ETIME, anyone searching the orders will have the ability to observe the registration and accept it if they so choose. The individual retains the registered token until an exchange occurs upon completion. Tokens will be transferred to user accounts.

The introduction of GalaSwap on GalaChain signifies the presence of an open, decentralized, and community-driven blockchain ecosystem. The GalaChain SDK and the Gala Creators portal, which detail community participation, are additional elements.

In the near future, API calls and developer documentation will be added, along with additional tokens and one token designated for rewarding GalaSwap users.

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