Galxe and Linea to integrate after the success of Linea Voyage

Galxe recently released an official tweet to announce its integration with Linea. The parties are set to follow the success of their Linea Voyage Campaign with the integration.

The tweet ended with Galxe asking users for suggestions regarding more integrations. Linea and Galxe originally joined hands back in May 2023 for the campaign. 

Titled Linea Voyage, the campaign was a public-testnet loyalty program by ConsenSys. Linea is also a zkEVM L2 that uses the scalability of zkEVM for quicker transactions and better throughput.

ConsenSys launched Linea after consecutive successful launches of Truffle, Infura, and MetaMask. The zkEVM was made public a couple of months ago while its testnet was released in March.

As for the collaboration between Linea and Voyage, the parties worked towards developing the public-testnet quest. The program invited Web3 builders and enthusiasts for assistance. The Linea Voyage campaign got support from ecosystem partners, such as Multichain, Hop Protocol, Connext, Celer, and LI.FI, etc.

As a leading Web3 platform, Galaxy exposed Linea to more than 10 million unique users. The platform has provided valuable assistance to Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, and 2400+ partners with reward-based loyalty programs.

Thus, ConsenSys’ decision to join hands with Galxe was a natural move. However, the collaboration did not only benefit ConsenSys as Linea’s success boosted Galxe’s user base as well.

That is why the Web3 platform is continuing the partnership with the latest integration. With zkEVM technology making giant strides in the community, an affiliation with Linea will serve a great purpose to Galxe as well. Together, the parties will provide a seamless experience to the Web3 and blockchain industries.


Roxanne Williams

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