Galxe announces deployment of Arbitrum GalxeOAT

Galxe, a Web3 community, has announced that it has deployed Arbitrum GalxeOAT, now empowering users to mint without skipping a beat. However, it has met with mixed reactions right from the beginning. While some members have appreciated the move, others have sought an official link to be made available so that they can mint, which is the primary purpose of the announcement.

The development comes at the right time for Galxe. It was only on October 31, 2023, that the venture announced bringing to market its new AI-based product, Galxe AI. This is where, per the announcement, Galxe meets Artificial Intelligence. It is a crypto-savvy chatbot that is aimed at making it convenient for users to be efficient and accurate.

It is powered by Alva Chatbot, now helping users navigate the world of Web3. The chatbot has been integrated into the official website of Galxe in addition to its channels on Discord and Telegram. Needless to say, Galxe AI will feature in all future channels and launches of the venture.

The introduction of the chatbot obviates the necessity for users to traverse various channels, such as X, media outlets, and websites, among others.

Galxe has chosen Arbitrum, for it was an ideal partner and one of the few brands with interests aligning perfectly on the paper. Arbitrum comes fresh from the announcement informing the community that the mainnet of Arbitrum Orbit is ready after months of development. It has been constructed with the most advanced scaling technology in the world.

Notably, Galxe has accomplished a great deal during the third quarter of 2023, including Galxe AI. The community also reached a significant milestone by introducing the Galxe Protocol, an identity infrastructure that prioritizes user privacy and grants them authority over operations such as information sharing.

Unveiled on August 28, 2023, the Galxe Protocol expanded the decentralization capabilities of the Galxe platform. By utilizing zk-proofs, the Protocol enables users to manage, possess, and validate credentials privately and securely.

The launch of Galxe 2.0 followed the Galxe Protocol, consisting of a set of new features, products, and updates. The objective stated is to elevate the experience of users.

Arbitrum is aiming for something similar. It was recently announced that the community could soon come across the first FIAT Pass digital collectibles on the platform. Once introduced, it will bring immersive experiences and rewards to celebrate the iconic brand image of FIAT for a sustainable future. Arbitrum also recently welcomed Halliday into its ecosystem. The launch was announced by the brand itself, highlighting that it is live on Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova.

Galxe has deployed Arbitrum GalxeOAT, allowing users to mint instantly. Some members are waiting for the platform to share the link, while others have begun exploring the possibilities of this development. Galxe and Arbitrum are looking to continue this association for a longer duration. This means more details and developments could be on the way in the days to come.

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