Galxe x BloctoApp: Easy onboarding procedures & wallet access

Galxe has announced its partnership with BloctoApp with the objective of simplifying the onboarding process. The partnership for Galxe aligns with the mission of bringing cutting-edge technologies for the Web3 sphere to enhance the experience of users.

The integration is indeed a significant step for it mitigates the complications that are in the onboarding process. Users will now be able to access their wallets safely and securely. They would alternatively be able to switch from one wallet provider to another wallet provider conveniently.

Galxe has received tons of appreciation for this partnership. A Twitter user who goes by the name NuriKols has called it the next level, with another user adding that it is the future of Web3. Appreciations are paired with a few drawbacks, like one of the members claiming to have a hard time connecting their wallets.

Complications are sure to be eliminated post-integration of BloctoApp. Notably, Galxe, previously known as Project Galaxy, rebranded purely to align with its forward-moving mission of better expressing itself as a brand. Calling the step to rebrand the venture a natural progression & evolution, Galxe said that they were not just a project anymore but a full-fledged ecosystem for Web3.

The integration of BloctoApp with Galxe comes days after BloctoApp introduced OpenBlocto as the most user-friendly Account Abstract Wallet. The introduction of OpenBlocto dates back to April 15, 2023, with an announcement wherein it has been brought to the market in the form of a starting ground for AA-related protocols and standards.

OpenBlocto plays a major role in allowing users to switch between wallet providers. BloctoApp, in the same announcement, has invited developers from across the world to help them shape the future of Web3. OpenBlocto is an open-source platform comprising innovative features for a refined wallet experience.

OpenBlocto is currently open for Alpha Testing. Interested users can sign up for the waitlist and be part of the revolution that OpenBlocto is attempting to bring. What is likely to work in its favor is the elimination of gas overhead.

The integration with BloctoApp is a part of Galxe venturing out to partner with some of the most reputed ventures. Making this evident is the fact that Galxe recently partnered with zkSync to secure the mission of providing its users with information authenticity and faster transactions.

Galxe’s community appreciates the constant increase in the list of its partners. The reason is that more partners bring more rewards to the community. The list of partners also includes Rubic, Symbiosis, and ZKCross, among many others. Galxe also takes pride in being one of the leading launchpads for non-fungible tokens.

The recent integration with BloctoApp has the potential to set a new bar for the community of Galxe. It carries the potential of enabling users to seamlessly access their wallets while allowing the platform to conveniently eliminate the complications from the onboarding process.

Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman follows crypto industry since 2011. He joined CryptoNewsZ as a news writer and he provides technical analysis pieces and current market data. He is also an avid trader. In his free time, he loves to explore unexplored places.

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