Best StarCraft 2 eSports Crypto Betting Sites 2023: Top StarCraft II Sites

Introduction to StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 is real-time, science fiction, and strategy based video game, developed by Blizzard entertainment. StarCraft offers an extensive sportsbook; their game involves developing the base with army buildings, units, and minerals that can sustain, withstand and destroy enemy attacks.

The game offers four game modes, three races, and numerous ways to play, which enables a real-time strategy gaming experience. StarCraft 2 eSports crypto betting sites provides a captivating gaming experience, since it has a distinct group of unique buildings and units. The user can play or master all the three games like Terran, Protoss, and Zerg.

What Is StarCraft 2 Esports Betting?

StarCraft 2 is the sequel to the game which was developed in 1998 by Blizzard entertainment, launched in eSports. eSports involves major upcoming tournaments structure and sports league setting for players. This game is a legendary status game not only for eSports bettors but for gamers too.

eSports betting on StarCraft 2 is carried out using cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency StarCraft 2 eSports betting is renowned for offering a thorough single-player campaign that is divided into 3 purchasable sections and also competitive multiplayer mode. Each campaign follows a storyline and three races that exist only in the StarCraft universe. In recent years, StarCraft 2 eSports Cryptocurrency Betting is becoming more popular with bettors, which has led online bookies to take notice of it. If the player is from the UK it offers numerous places to check StarCraft 2 tournaments that provide high betting odds.

There is an increasing number of StarCraft tournaments that offer high odds and with the increase in betting markets, there is no shortage of free bets and bonuses for players.

How Is StarCraft 2 eSports Betting with Crypto Played?

StarCraft 2 offers three types of races that have their strengths and weaknesses. The main game offers the task of defeating the contender by killing their units, destroying the material production, and wrecking their buildings.

The player should quickly expand their base, train their armies and develop important technologies for complimenting their style of playing. While this game can be played in 2v2, StarCraft also has an individual match setup that can be played in 1v1.

Users can choose any one of three sections. Most games can be played among two players using the same section. Each of the sections has unique abilities and units from the rest of them. The game is divided into 3 sections like Zerg, Protoss, and Terran.

Brief History of StarCraft 2 eSports Betting

The StarCraft 2 series has been in the gaming industry for a long time. The original StarCraft version was initially released in 1998; from time to time, this game was improved to the current stage where betters find it easy to gamble.

The game offers expansion packs, and it introduces several new abilities and features to improve the storyline. Followed by the original, the next official expansion was StarCraft’s Brood war. Brood war expansion, the original StarCraft was released in 1998.

StarCraft has a lively eSports betting community that holds one or more massive events that are conducted every year. StarCraft is one of the greatest and exciting real-time strategy games that offer deposit bonuses for their gamblers. The number of betting markets, extensive sportsbook, and biggest StarCraft II tournaments testify to its success.

StarCraft 2 Betting with Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin


With the emergence of professional video gaming tournaments and competitions, eSports games have paved the way for new additions in gambling. Cryptocurrencies are also known as “virtual monetary coins,” are becoming more popular and they are not only used to play various games like world of warcraft, etc.


Cryptos and eSports betting share a link, and these industries go together in the gambling world. Recently Digital currency betting has been gaining momentum in traditional and eSports betting because of the virtual currency’s convenience, transparency, and encryption.

High Trading Value

Bitcoin is considered the topmost digital currency and has the highest value for trading because it is becoming widely accepted because of its popularity and value.

Wider Options

People are using cryptocurrencies in StarCraft II betting, as cryptocurrencies are becoming popular. Even though Bitcoin is widely adopted in eSports betting StarCraft 2 betting sites, there is a wide selection of cryptocurrencies to select from like Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, that can be used for StarCraft II betting.

Types of StarCraft 2 Betting

Some of the most common StarCraft II betting types include:-

Money-lines Bets

One of the most common types of bets is the money-lines bet. These are simple bets placed to find out who will win during a single match-up. For example, when a wager is placed that Participant A will beat Participant B.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets are known as Combo bets, and it is composed of many individual bets. If they are successful, they might have odds multiplied together, which will result in a high overall payout.

Special Bets

As the name suggests, special bets concentrate on some of the special aspects of the game instead of the overall result of the individual match. This type of bet requires more experience and in-depth knowledge about the game to be successful.

In-play Bets

In-play bets, otherwise known as live bets, are a type of special bet that can be placed only when the match is progressing. This might be a bet when participant A can win the best of 3 in a specific bet, or participant B wins the next area on the map.

Outright Bets

Outright bets are also referred to as “future market bets” where these bets do not take the individual results; instead, they take tournament play results. Some of the types of outright bets are wagering about who will be the outright winner of the tournament, which region the winner might come from, or who the players will reach the final score.

StarCraft 2 eSports Betting Markets and Odds

Here are the few SC2 eSports crypto betting markets and best odds that allow suppliers to place bets on different sections of gameplay.

Match Winner in StarCraft II

Match-winner bets are known as outright, money, or straight-line bets. The main objective is to destroy the enemy base, also called the commander center. The odds provided by StarCraft betting have several factors. Further, the replacement player’s illness and injuries are some of the factors that can be considered when the participant is placing a bet with SC2.

Map Winner in StarCraft II

Based on the tournament format, some matches take the best of three maps or with one map. With StarCraft betting lines, online sportsbooks offer the participants a chance to bet on individual maps and to come out victorious. StarCraft betting tips can offer guidance, but in the gambling scene, anything can happen in the betting scene.

StarCraft 2 Betting with Handicap

If the participant enjoys StarCraft 2 betting, it provides high reward and high risk, and with negative handicaps and correct scores, the player can win prize pools. Using handicap bets on the StarCraft betting site is no longer betting odds as it is carried out on near-exact scenarios and the prize pools are higher.

Team A/B to win at least 1 map in StarCraft II

It is one of the safest choices in the eSports industry to take up StarCraft gambling for longer series. Using the SC2 betting line, the player is backing a team for claiming the maps in the StarCraft series. It does not matter if they lose anything. This StarCraft bet suits tight matchups where it is difficult to choose an outright winner.

Team A/B will not win any Map

This is opposite to the earlier market. If the participant thinks that if one team dominates the other, then the participant can wager on the other team that is not winning; their loss is the player’s winnings.

Correct Map Score in StarCraft II

If the participant has won a StarCraft bet with cryptocurrency their team by picking up a correct map or the team might have been destroyed when they have not registered a map win. Through SC2 betting tips, they can offer the players more guidance.

Over/under total Maps in StarCraft II

A map theme was developed with SC betting markets. Using map-based markets, the player can work out how many maps can be played before the series begins.

Team to Win their Group in StarCraft II

A tournament like StarCraft 2 Pro league will offer a series of round-robin mini-tournaments. It will establish the overall ranking even before the winning is determined by a series of knockout rounds.

Team to Win the StarCraft Tournament

Few online bookies will provide the players cash-out option. This lets the player monitor odds at any stage before the event ends. Based on how well the bet is going, the cash-out value can increase if the tournament progresses; if it is eliminated, the bet does not win.

Region of StarCraft Tournament Winner

StarCraft betting allows the wagers to follow qualification rounds starting from the beginning. This provides an opportunity to check what all the teams are playing, which offers a better indication to the players to place their winning bet.

StarCraft Betting Lines

One best way to balance a contest is to know StarCraft betting lines. If a bookie assumes that team 1 is better than team 2, the betting odds will start at two map disadvantages for team 1.

StarCraft Live Betting

Live StarCraft betting, since its inception, has witnessed a huge transformation in the way players follow cryptocurrency sports betting. The online betting offered by SC2 is more exciting; based on the online bookie, the players can follow their preferred markets; this helps them to acquire knowledge, follow the progress, and to place a fresh wager based on how the game is developing.

Best Tournaments To Bet on StarCraft 2

Here is the list of most popular tournaments to bet on StarCraft 2:-

BlizzCon SC2

The annual festival Blizzcon welcomes players worldwide; this is an event associated with an SC2; It will be held in Los Angeles and host a few top eSports players worldwide. Because of the partnership between Dreamhack, ESL, and Blizzard Entertainment, this event was replaced by the ESL Pro tour.

ESL Pro Tour

This StarCraft tournament is divided into EPT Korea and EPT circuit; the qualification rounds are divided into South Korea and the rest of the world. The largest tournament series is Intel Extreme Masters. Due to the introduction of an ESL pro tour, crypto SC2 eSports betting markets are in high demand.

IEM Katowice

ESL(Electronic sports league) pro tour forms the foundation for the road to IEM Katowice. These tournaments are much bigger, and the switch from Blizzcon StarCraft 2 to Poland is the road to qualifiers that involves top eSports players from all around the world.

Masters Championship

The Master’s Championship comes at the end of the year, which has a qualification schedule divided into two parts. Further 36 players are gathered for this betting on SC2 eSports using cryptocurrency finale. Some of them available for betting are winners of IEM Katowice, top players from EPT circuits, and play-in qualifiers.

StarCraft II World Championship Series

The StarCraft tournament that had fallen victim to switching with is the StarCraft world champion. This world champion competition involves the top StarCraft players from around the world. This world championships tournament was last played in 2019, before the switch from Blizzcon to Katowice.

StarCraft II Pro League

StarCraft 2 Pro league is known as the longest-running StarCraft league globally; this was discontinued in 2016. In 2011, the switch was made to the SC2 pro league and was broadcasted in spot TV games.

Global StarCraft II League

Global StarCraft II league offers an additional opportunity for GSL StarCraft 2 betting. This event is held in South Korea and hosts several events each year. StarCraft II streams these tournaments live,, which provides a huge boost for crypto gambling with StarCraft. The users can follow the changing pool of maps on Afreeca and Twitch TV.

AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament

Afreeca eSports events are safe, and wagers find it comfortable on the betting schedule. This tournament is dedicated to players of South Korea, and it has been featured in the GSL calendar till 2021, where the tournament will have three appearances.

Why Choose StarCraft 2 for eSports Betting?

StarCraft 2 is one of the most popular eSports markets and the players are wagering on sportsbooks for a longer time. To emerge as a successful player, they should understand the basics of the game and know how to play it. Here are a few pointers of why the players should choose StarCraft 2 for sports betting against its competitors.

Legitimate and Regulation

StarCraft eSports have become more popular and, due to the availability of streaming services, have achieved good results. Players are attracted to legitimate and regulated bookmakers to wager with real money to make a profit. StarCraft II eSports tournaments are becoming popular with players using real money.

Overall Design

A betting module is seen as an organic progression. Further, intuitive design makes sure that bet slips can be customized easily for different styles of playing. The Strafe app is useful when players understand the basics and develop their strategies either as active participants or passive viewers and provides an excellent foundation to develop from.


A bookmaker is considered reputable if they have a great eSports history in online betting and should have excellent testimonials; it can be considered a well-known name in eSports worldwide. Reputation implies having several positive testimonials and offering easy ways to play by online casinos that take Bitcoin. Always research the information about a crypto casino or bookmakers testimonials, bonus, reviews, risk, potential issues, payment methods, and how many years they are there in the market.


StarCraft 2 is very generous and offers different types of free bet and types of deposit bonuses. Bookmakers provide an array of games for professional players. In the present days, it provides the most popular welcome and deposit bonus. Some of the notable online sportsbooks are tied up with StarCraft 2 as it provides a welcome bonus offer and great promotions for their eSports bettors.

Available Exports Events to be Bet on

StarCraft is one of the oldest gaming consoles and has a sophisticated competitive calendar that provides available sports events for the player to bet on. If the player is looking for an SC2 online betting campaign, they can explore several World championship series, Global finals, etc. The current Stylecraft II powerhouse is Jin Air Green Wings.

Withdrawal and Deposit Method

StarCraft 2 betting sites provide support to several payment options like ecoPayz, Neteller, MasterCard, Skrill, Visa, and several more. It is one of the best sites that allow first deposit in cryptocurrencies using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The digital currency sector is highly volatile, low fees, higher speed, and anonymity make them the best choice for the players for eSports crypto betting.

Privacy and Safety

StarCraft 2 has become a pioneer in the eSports scene and it provides great privacy and safety for its best players when compared with its competitors. SC2 has generated huge viewership and has made the bookmakers introduce betting odds for bet types and different teams.

Plenty of Banking Options

Adding funds to the account and withdrawing the money should be an easy task; that is why the user should go for an operator that provides plenty of banking options for first deposit and withdrawals. It should include transfers, e-wallet, cash, etc. The user should choose the option that offers convenience and security.

Bonus and Promotions

Bonus and promotions are offered to the users as a reward for their loyalty and to cut back some of their losses. To find a website that provides a very good deposit bonus and free bets might make a huge difference when selecting an operator. StarCraft 2 provides a free-to-play game, great bonuses, and attractive promotions for its best players.

Customer Support

If you are a gamer looking to clarify the most common questions, then contacting customer support is a wise choice. It acts as a medium between the player and the corporation of the wagering platform.

The player might have several issues that prevent them from placing bets on the preferred SC2 account might hinder them from using their accounts or they might be having difficulties in cashing out their money; whatever the problem is players should go for best SC2 eSports cryptocurrency betting sites that offer a good quality customer support and efficient team to sort out the problems.

StarCraft 2 eSports Betting Tips

Here are the few key things for StarCraft 2 eSports betting tips for better understanding –

Be Objective & Specialize

To bet on each game might be a mistake. When the player start betting they should restrict their gameplay to certain crypto games online like the major ones and they should take their time to specialize how each game can be played objectively. This will make it easier for the player to select the tournament/region. This will assist them in the procedures, and they can improve their technique.

Find Out About Players

The users should find out about their best players, and they should accept the fact that they cannot always win. The player should be objective and consider the player, have a good professional teams setup, and they are in good form; only then should they proceed to bet on the player.

Know the Way the Game is Played

As of today, StarCraft has become one of the favorite games for people to gamble. The games are developed more interestingly, and every race evolves in its way. The structure of the game allows buildings to be unlocked using new technologies and knowing how it is played makes it easy for the player to go for live betting on StarCraft.

Use a Quality SC2 Betting Sites

It takes a lot of time to find good bookmakers. Exploring eSports StarCraft 2 betting tournaments on a good betting site is an advantage for a good gaming experience. Not every StarCraft betting website will offer a bonus or exciting experience. Few quality SC2 betting websites have better betting odds. Some provide deeper coverage, others have mobile app betting. Hence it is important to find the best sites to play StarCraft 2.

Never Chase Losses

One of the most dangerous activities the player does when they are participating in online betting sites is chasing the losses, which goes for all types of online gambling. Chasing the losses is done when the gamblers keep losing their heads by depositing money into their betting bankroll to arrive at break-even. The player might lose a few bets, then deposit again, lose a few more, and deposit more money, which becomes a vicious cycle, with a major criterion that they are going to lose their finances.

How Popular Is StarCraft 2 eSports Betting?

One of the best electronic-sports platforms available today is StarCraft 2 and the variety of games and bonuses it offers to its users. Games like League of Legends are there in the markets, but the style of the games that are offered by StarCraft is the one that catches the interest of people all around the world.

Further, this game has added huge amounts of content to keep their game alive. Even though it is a complete strategies game, the matches offered by them are highly entertaining, and StarCraft 2 has become a popular eSport because of its appearance and participation in various major tournaments. StarCraft 2 is an ESL tournament, as an example. StarCraft is the first eSport to go international, and this move has made StarCraft 2 to become the pioneer in eSports internationally.

Future of Online StarCraft 2 eSports Crypto Betting

Even though the future of StarCraft 2 has grown using several factors that include third-party sponsors, prize money invested by the sponsors, commentators, developers, competitors, and communities like Teamliquid for doing a great job in promoting the game. Teamliquid is the authority for StarCraft II, it has been backing the league, and it offers a StarCraft II betting guide, analysis, replays, and news coverage.

In this way, it has generated huge viewership, with Katowice displaying 71,794 viewers watching through the desktop, computers, laptop, and smartphone, as reported by Twitch TV. StarCraft 2 provides several opportunities; it is a cable TV, and it provides several StarCraft tournaments and a Buzz of excitement that offers great revenues for channeling gaming.

StarCraft 2 eSports Crypto Betting: Conclusion

To conclude, StarCraft 2 is one of the biggest names in e-sports, where gamers can use StarCraft 2 eSports Cryptocurrency Betting to play. StarCraft’s gameplay is interesting, and there is an increase in the number of players every year. This is one of the reasons why StarCraft 2 continues to flourish every year. Several players have started using StarCraft 2 eSports betting crypto to place their bets as it is safe and easy to use cryptocurrencies.

Cryptos have provided many secured values and attributes which make them desirable for StarCraft 2 betting. As cryptocurrencies are more popular and have the highest trading value it has been widely accepted to bet on any gaming. StarCraft 2 eSports Crypto Betting online is accepted as a form of payment by most merchants. Further, the advanced encryption methods of cryptos make it difficult for cyber attackers to manipulate security.


Can You Bet on StarCraft 2 Using Cryptos?

The players can bet using cryptocurrencies with StarCraft II. These days cryptocurrencies are widely recognized, becoming more popular, and widely accepted in the eSport bet.

Is StarCraft 2 Still an eSports?

StarCraft II has been there for almost 10 years, and when compared with the league of legends, it has become the leader in the electronic-sports world. It is well recognized in the gambling world and has grown even though many fade and stagnate when they are replaced by several popular titles. Live StarCraft II has stayed popular over the years.

Is StarCraft II eSports Betting Legal?

To find whether StarCraft 2 eSports betting is legal or not will vary based on where the player lives. The players should enquire about the laws in their jurisdiction that will or will not allow betting options; if it is approved in their area, then StarCraft 2 betting will be fine.

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