Best Horse Racing Bitcoin Betting Sites 2023: Top Sites To Explore

As conventional racing options are not available across the world, bookies launched the sport in a virtual format. Horse racing was introduced on several platforms shortly after Bitcoin became a prominent way of payment in the gambling industry, which also made way for horse racing bitcoin betting.

When it comes to online horse racing BTC betting, the bookmaker doesn’t want to miss out on any chance to be profitable. The best horse racing bitcoin betting sites provide winners with one of the best options to win large sums of real money in national racing events. Below is a list of some of the best platforms for horse races using Bitcoin as per your location.

Horse racing with Bitcoin betting is popular worldwide as it allows players to select a number of horse breed options without having to personally attend a sports betting on horse racing event. These features have made racing Bitcoin sportsbooks popular all over the world.

Top 10 Horse Racing Bitcoin Betting Sites

  1. Vave – Horse Race Betting Site With Live Streaming

  2. Stake – Overall Best Horse Racing BTC Site

  3. 1xBit – Best for Multiple Horse Race Betting Options

  4. BetUS – Reputable Bitcoin Horse Racing Sportsbook

  5. Bons Casino – Welcome Bonus Upto 5000 USDT for First Deposit

  6. MyStake – Place Bitcoin Bets on Virtual Horse Racing

  7. – Betting Site With High Welcome Package

  8. – Offers Large Horse Race Betting Bonuses

  9. Bovada – Ideal BTC Betting Site for Matched Bonus Percentage

  10. – Top Bitcoin Site for Anonymous Horse Betting

Why Bet on Horses with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin horse race betting has grown in popularity as crypto casinos continue accepting Bitcoin as a deposit method. Let us look at some of the options on why one should gamble on horses using Bitcoin:-

Quick Transactions
As a racing enthusiast, you understand the value of speed. Bitcoin transfers are considerably faster than fiat. The absence of a middleman or third-party processing has made deposits and withdrawals immediate.

You are the Jockey

Fiat deposits are controlled by banks or local governments. With Bitcoin, you are the banker and have complete control over your cash.


Bitcoin is an excellent solution for people concerned about having their payments or personal data intercepted. Bitcoin is powered by blockchain technology, which is essentially unhackable, and payment cannot be intercepted when sent.

How to Bet Bitcoin on Horse Racing Sites?

Choose Best Site

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are witnessing huge popularity. With a growing number of bitcoin sportsbooks appearing online, you must choose the best site to favor your odds.

Select Preferable Wallet

With such fierce competition in the bookmaker, horse racing sportsbooks offers a horse racing product to their users and allow them to place bet or different bets. You will have to select a preferred wallet before you compete

State What Number Race You’re Betting

Sportsbooks’ bonus should always be taken into account in Bitcoin horse races. So state what number race you’re betting on and check your competitors on the betting website.

Type of Wager

Once you know which horse to bet on using Bitcoin, you will have to select the types of wager that you are choosing. You place the wager and bet on the horse of your choice.

State Number of Horse

Once you have placed the wager, make sure that you state the number of the horse on which you are betting. Without this, you will not be able to place bets on horses.

Check Ticket Before Leaving Window

After stating the number of horse, your ticket will be placed. Once your ticket is placed, you can download the receipt of the ticket and save it carefully. After that, you can close the window.

Types of Horse Racing Bets with Bitcoin

Straight Wagers


You’re wagering on the outcome of a horse race.


You’re betting on horse to finish first or second. If they win the race, you win the bets.


When you wager across the board, you are betting on your horse to finish first, second, or third.

Across the Board

Similar to Win Place, except this time you’re betting on your horse finishing in the top three. If they win, you will receive three rewards. You get two payments when they place.

Win/Place, Place/Show

You may bet on the winner of two successive horse racing at the same time, which is a common wager on North American sports race tracks. To obtain a reward, both horses must win.

Exotic Wagers


You’re betting on two horses in this bet. You’ll put a wager on the horses. The horses must finish in the order you select, otherwise, you will lose the bet.


You’re betting on two horses to finish first or third. The sequence is irrelevant. To get a reward, they must both reach the finish line and end up in the top three.


You choose the top three finishers in a horse race. Before you can make money, the horses you select must finish in the top three and in the correct sequence.


You’re betting on four horses and must select the top four finishers in order to win the bet and become a winner.

How To Choose Best Horse Racing Bitcoin Betting Sites

We have listed below some key points to consider while choosing a horse race betting site:

License & Security

Before you select a horse racing bitcoin betting site, you must verify their license and if the site is certified. Security is also a prime criterion to look for before enrolling on online betting sites. Security should be your priority that will ensure your safety while you are busy gambling on horse races.

Betting Opportunities

Make sure your horse racing BTC betting site offers various betting opportunities. More the opportunities, the more odds to win the race.

Bonuses and Promotions

The best horse racing betting sites with Bitcoin offer huge bonuses and promotions. You should look for such betting websites to maximize benefits.

Smooth Banking Options

It is suggested by many customers that you look for a user-friendly site that comes along with a smooth banking option (like credit card) which means they offer transaction facilities from all banks.

Mobile Friendly

Horse race betting websites should be selected depending on their mobile-friendly nature. This is an essential function in the site to look out for as the transactions are conducted online.

Fast Transactions

Transaction speed is an essential criterion to be checked before signing up for a particular betting site. You should always select the site that offers the minimum time for dealing with transactions.

Customer Support

The most renowned horse racing crypto betting sites have the best customer support. Look for the reviews of the betting sites you want to avail of and check for their customer support.

Tips To Win At Best Bitcoin Horse Racing Betting Sites

Learn from Your Mistakes

While placing wagers on Bitcoin horse racing betting sites, you might end up committing mistakes, especially if you are new in this sector of gambling. But it is necessary that you learn from your mistakes and do not repeat them.

Start with Small Stakes

It is advised that you start with smaller stakes in the beginning, which will be helpful if you lose the game. Make sure that your wins are more than your losses.

Have a Bankroll

You can start by investing in Bitcoin. You will have to open a cryptocurrency wallet, start depositing funds, and then you can bet on your favorite games selections.

Be Selective

You must perform thorough research before selecting casinos that accept cryptocurrency for horse race betting.

Find an Angle

When investing in Bitcoin, you will have to understand if the odds are in your favor. Try to check for the angles, find suitable places to bet on horse races, and win bet with more money.

Stay Realistic

It is best to have realistic hopes of acquiring a profit and a crypto bonus on your first try. It might take you a while to adjust to the gaming scene and earn profits and a crypto bonus.

Why Is Bitcoin Horse Racing Betting So Popular?

The exhilaration of the sports draws the people for betting in horse racing events. Horse racing events take place worldwide around the year, and people can attend or watch them on television. Horse racing bets has large fan following since it is a high-performance sport with intense competitiveness. A racetrack is ideal for players to interact and have fun while betting on their favorite horse or jockey. Horse racing fans that have been following the game for a long time believe that it is easier to forecast than other games.


If you have a keen interest in various cryptocurrencies and enjoy the thrill of following horse racing, it can be an exhilarating experience. Before diving into horse betting with Bitcoin, it’s advisable to explore different strategies and gain a solid understanding of calculating odds. With the convenience of various Bitcoin horse racing betting sites, you can place wagers on your preferred horse no matter where you are located globally. To enhance your horse racing experience, we suggest keeping an eye on prominent races and dedicating your attention to major horse racing events.


Is Horse Racing BTC Betting Legal?

The legality of horse racing BTC betting depends on the jurisdiction you are in. In some regions, it is legal and regulated, while in others, it may be restricted or prohibited. It is important to research and understand the specific laws and regulations in your location to determine the legality of horse racing BTC betting.

Is it Safe to Bet BTC on Horse Racing?

Yes, horse racing Bitcoin betting is considered to be safe as the dealings are made through blockchain technology.

Can I Win Real Prize Money through Horse Race Betting Sites?

If the Bitcoin horse racing odds are in your favor, you can earn real cash through betting on horse racing with Bitcoin. Though, it might take you some time to master Bitcoin horse racing betting.

What is the Best Way to Deposit Bitcoin for Online Horse Race Betting?

E-wallets are the best way to make first deposit on the horse racing betting sites with Bitcoin.

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