Best Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites – Top Bitcoin Sportsbooks to Bet!

Bitcoin sports betting industry has grown exponentially and is highly competitive in 2022.

Hence, it is difficult to choose the best bitcoin sports betting sites offer more frequent bonuses and benefits and a large selection of games that attract more gamblers and high rollers. In 2022, online Bitcoin sportsbooks will be top-rated due to their quick withdrawals and deposits.

This article gives you a detailed understanding of the most trusted and reliable and best bitcoin betting sites – their advantages, how to bet with Bitcoin, and some basic rules.

SportsBetting.Ag 9.5/10
Very Good Reputation
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BetOnline.Ag 9.3/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
TrustDice 9.2/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Betus 9.1/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
MyBookie 9.0/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
BetNow 8.9/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Betcoin.Ag 8.5/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Rolletto 8.3/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Wolf.Bet 8.0/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Nitrogen Sports 7.9/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
SportsBetting.Ag 9.5/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Jazz Sports 9.3/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
TrustDice 9.1/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Betflip 9.0/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
BetNow 8.9/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Wolf.Bet 8.3/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Mr.Sloty 8.0/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Black Magic 7.9/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Duelbits 9.7/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
22Bet 9.6/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
1xBit 9.5/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Stake 9.3/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Sportbet.Io 9.1/10
Very Good Reputation
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Slottica 9.1/10
Very Good Reputation
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MarsBet 9.0/10
Very Good Reputation
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BetOnline.Ag 9.0/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
SportsBetting.Ag 8.9/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
CloudBet 8.5/10
Very Good Reputation
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BetUs 8.3/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Cobra Casino 8.0/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Thunderpick 7.9/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
RocketPot 7.0/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
22Bet 9.4/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
JooCasino 9.3/10
Very Good Reputation
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1xBit 9.2/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
CloudBet 9.1/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Betnomi Casino 9.0/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Slottica 9.0/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
MarsBet 9.0/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Thunderpick 8.9/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Cobra Casino 8.5/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Casinozer 8.3/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Rolletto 8.0/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Betflip 7.9/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Duelbits 9.7/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
22Bet 9.6/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
1xBit 9.5/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Stake 9.4/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Riobet-Casino 9.4/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Slottica 9.4/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
MarsBet 9.4/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Sportbet.Io 9.3/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
BetOnline.Ag 9.2/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Betnomi Casino 9.1/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
SportsBetting.Ag 9.0/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Betus 8.3/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Rocket Pot 8.0/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Rolletto 7.9/10
Very Good Reputation
Visit Website
Betflip 7.7/10
Very Good Reputation
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Betting has been around for decades, and 46% of American adults have at least some interest in the crypto sportsbook. That equates to 106 million people, significantly more than 7.3 million who are already daily fantasy bettors. Today, the world of BTC betting or crypto gambling site has evolved and become more profitable and easy to place access for most people around the world. With the rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies betting site, best Bitcoin betting sites are accepting digital assets as wagers. People can easily make your first bet with Bitcoin and popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or bitcoin cash, which is widely supported other currency than any other digital currency, and invest their other cryptos for instant profits.

Bitcoin sports betting sites are new for most professional Bitcoin sportsbooks and the best Bitcoin betting site platforms. In 2020, when most of the global population was confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 health crisis, It became popular. However, it is becoming one of the most profitable domains in the top Bitcoin betting sites landscape today. It is bringing in profits for the best bitcoin betting sites and bettors, enabling a win-win situation for all parties. So, before making your first Bitcoin bet, let’s explore in detail.

What Is Bitcoin Sports Betting?

It is similar to the traditional form of top Bitcoin betting sites. Just like traditional betting sites or traditional sportsbook, which lets you place a crypto bet using fiat currencies like the US Dollar at cashier section. Top BTC betting sites allows people to place their bets exclusively with Bitcoin cryptocurrency sports betting sites. In online sports betting sites with BTC, there is no fiat-currency involved. Instead, the bets on crypto sports betting sites are placed with BTC. People can place their crypto bet with a fraction of BTC or multiple BTCs, depending on their willingness to stake the risks. The virtual sports betting website has grown over the year where they exceed the bet on sports markets in terms of what traditional sports markets offers. The traditional banking system offers to bettors to buy and sell digital currency, but some casinos hesitate to add bitcoin at the cashier section. The first thing player should keep in mind that there are many options of using cryptocurrency or using bitcoin and the crypto value fluctuate often.

How Does Bitcoin Betting Sites Work?

The best Bitcoin bettors in the world can make thousands of dollars within hours (even days). Such instant profits are possible because of the unique dynamics of this bitcoin betting category in most betting websites. People can visit the best Bitcoin sportsbook website and place their bets by using bitcoin a crypto wallet. In digital crypto wallet, there is less chance of fraud from prying eyes as the coins are stored in crypto wallet and sites that offers high level of control. To fund your crypto new customers have to buy bitcoin or some cryptocurrency at betting exchange rate from your bank card. If they win big bets, the winnings are converted into the live price of select Bitcoin and deposited into the betting account. These make a deposit with bitcoin continue to change in value based on the BTC price fluctuations. Therefore, virtual sports betting bitcoins is one of the few ways of earning maximum rewards by leveraging the advantages of crypto sites and accept bitcoin.

How To Bet With Bitcoin?

The process of crypto betting websites where player want to bet Bitcoin is easy, as to buying bitcoin is convenient. Before you start betting, you have to buy Bitcoin. This can be done if you buy crypto (first cryptocurrency) via deposit method credit card and debit cards deposits on an betting exchange account. It has key advantages such as low fee (small fee), instant deposit and withdrawal, great promotions, more currency pair than other exchanges (crypto exchanges) and many more. BTC assets can be stored safely in hardware-only cold wallets or other bitcoin wallet (just like bank account) to play anonymously and send bitcoin if required. These stored BTCs can later place crypto bets by integrating the bitcoin wallet (digital wallet) on Bitcoin sportsbook sites.

Pros and Cons

Bitcoin betting sites are becoming significantly popular in the best crypto currency betting and online gambling world. For example, most professional gamblers prefer to taking place their bets on casino-related favorite games of slot machines and slot games with BTC tokens. However, betting with digital currencies has several upsides and downsides. Let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin betting.


The best sports Bitcoin betting site that accept bitcoin offer multiple advantages and top-notch services to the user. Here are the main benefits of select bitcoin betting.

Financial Privacy

BTC transactions in Bitcoin betting sites are secured with advanced bitcoin blockchain technology encryptions as multiple people verify their transactions and personal details. In most cases, the bettors can protect their place wagers by ensuring the privacy of every Bitcoin deposit method. This financial privacy helps them play better at online casino games and then make a deposit bitcoin or deposit money (minimum deposit).

Low Fees

Some of the best Bitcoin online sports betting platforms charge less than 2% of the bet as transaction fees charged by bitcoin network. These best Bitcoin betting sites do not charge high fees, unlike traditional sportsbook accepts bitcoin betting on sports. Moreover, digital BTC transactions do not cost a lot for the customer who are using bitcoin. As a result, start betting with Bitcoin becomes easy and cost-effective with low fees in most sites that accept bitcoin and allow new players to buy bitcoin.

Play Betting from Anywhere

You can access the best crypto sports betting sites online from any part of the world. It is easy to select Bitcoin betting on international sporting event such as the FIFA World Cup finals or Super Bowl. The excellent security and safety of every Bitcoin deposit on a bitcoin betting website that accept bitcoin can also be managed from anywhere.

Bigger and Better Bitcoin Deposit Bonuses

The most significant advantage of Bitcoin betting is the higher profit margins. Bitcoin betting sites that accept bitcoin provides the best returns on accumulator bets. Returns on crypto betting websites with BTC change according to the active price of Bitcoin in making a deposit method (make minimum deposit).


Potential rewards continue to attract millions of gamblers and bitcoin sports fans to best crypto sportsbooks. However, this other form of gambling sites also has some significant drawbacks.

Lack of Regulation

Financial authorities do not regulate most Bitcoin betting sites and financial system. This is because online gambling is illegal in several countries all over the world. And cryptocurrency sports betting sites faces several regulatory shortcomings due to the untapped gambling market. Crypto transactions from the bitcoin network are not regulated correctly in developed economies such as the United Kingdom and the US. As a result, many cryptocurrencies sports betting websites stays under-regulated today.

No Official Betting License

A cryptocurrency betting site that accepts BTC is unable to issue an official betting license. This is because there is no singleton authority ready to issue betting licenses to a popular sports betting crypto site. As a result, the reliability and trustworthiness of these Bitcoin betting sites are questioned. Storing their BTC winnings in cold storage of the best Bitcoin betting sites without official betting licenses is not secure bitcoin payments. And unlicensed betting is also a major criminal offense in most countries where receiving bitcoin. The unlicensed bookmakers not report to the government or third-party authority.

Untraceable Safe and Fast Transactions

It is impossible to track BTC transactions outside the public ledger and a crypto betting sites ensures that its online sportsbooks are untraceable. With this, Bitcoin betting sites and BTC gambling sites can move digital assets ( just like you transfer money) without informing their user community. Furthermore, the loss of BTC cannot be recouped due to this absence of traceability.

Cryptocurrency Betting Price Volatility

Bitcoin casino sites often face a whirlwind of complaints when the cryptocurrency sports betting market crashes. If the BTC price sinks, the bets lose their value. As a result, the customer base of a crypto betting websites is at risks involved of getting an undervalued return on the bets.

Bitcoin Sports Betting Vs Traditional Betting

Best crypto sportsbooks offer the best returns on bets. Over the years, the Bitcoin betting market has been growing actively every day, which is why Bitcoin gambling sites can churn millions from pennies. Best Bitcoin sportsbooks are making more profits than traditional sportsbooks. The traditional sportsbooks can accept deposits by credit card or other fiat currencies (real currency), and it also provide prompt customer service. Another drawback of traditional sportsbooks is adding heavy fees, like credit card fee, withdrawal fees, etc. Some of the best sportsbooks are also more engaging than traditional online Bitcoin betting site (traditional sportsbooks). The bet Bitcoin sportsbook section is incredibly easy to use. Bitcoin betting works similar to other form of online wagering requirements.

BTC Sports Betting Traditional Betting
Accepts bets in BTC and Bitcoin Cash only. Accept Bitcoin bet in fiat currency only.
Restricted in several countries. Restricted to fewer countries.
High returns on bets. Returns on the best are moderate.

Selecting Best BTC Sports Betting Site for You – 7 Factors To Consider

Before signing up for any betting and crypto gambling sites, there are a few good thing that one must consider or keep in mind. The following seven factors help in understanding the dynamics of bets crypto sportsbooks that accept bitcoin. These factors also explain why Bitcoin gambling works differently than other bitcoin sportsbook and betting sites.

Restricted Countries

Betting is not legal in most countries. In the same way, best Bitcoin betting sites are restricted in many countries and that prohibits other forms. For example, US-based best Bitcoin gambling sites may restrict players from outside the country. Similarly, European sports betting sites using bitcoin may not accept players from some parts of the world.

Reputation and Licensing

New players need to have a look at bitcoin sportsbook reviews and other bitcoin sportsbooks. A Bitcoin sportsbook that has faced cyber hacks and failed to provide winnings to its Bitcoin users cannot be trusted. Similarly, online betting sportsbooks which do not carry the necessary licensing are not safe for placing bets.

Sports Events Available

Before registering to best Bitcoin sportsbooks, new players should double check if their sports category is available on the platform and the long list of currently sports available on website. People can place bet on sports event or international sports. However, these bitcoin sportsbook may not all have the same sporting event available for bitcoin betting sportsbooks that accept bitcoin. On some cryptocurrency betting sites, table games such as table tennis or chess are not available for place sports bets.

Anonymous Betting With Bitcoin

The complete anonymity of the participants on Bitcoin online betting sites with sports is high. A best Bitcoin sportsbook makes all its operations anonymous. Being remaining anonymous will helps in making the entire process untraceable. However, that may not please some bettors. Participants should be aware of what data stays completely anonymous and what doesn’t on these best crypto betting sites.

Payout and Withdraw Speeds & Terms

Payment methods offered by betting with BTC are primarily digital preferred method. If a customer cannot use bitcoin on bitcoin wallet on a particular crypto betting site, it is not ideal. Similarly, the process of initial deposit and withdraw funds on these bitcoin betting websites also varies. Some crypto sports betting sites offer fast deposits and withdrawals. Some best crypto betting websites offer multiple payment methods and bitcoin deposit method. Player can keep their options open when making a deposit and withdrawal option from site in several ways. The most exchanges handled make deposits and withdrawals by bank transfer, cryptocurrency wallet, wire transfer and bank cards. When you send money from your e-wallet to bookmakers with crypto, the payment is made instantly where as payment with regular bookmaker can take time to process the maximum deposit and fast withdrawals in hours or even days.

VIP Programs and Bonus Offers

Bitcoin sportsbooks provide various programs to their active members on regular basis. Some bitcoin betting websites offer lucrative offers and exclusive promotions (with promo codes) to members of their VIP program. Every player can enroll in these VIP programs and gain lucrative bonuses (including welcome bonuses or first time deposit bonuses) when they start betting. Similarly, high rollers in the crypto betting world get additional privileges from these best cryptocurrency betting sites. It is great news if you enjoy live games at crypto gambling then you select the crypto betting site that offers VIP perks, VIP program, various promotions, welcome package, betting experience and extra bonuses.

Crypto Options

Like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, and Binance coin, these bitcoin betting websites also support other cryptocurrency betting options. Some bitcoin betting website allow players to crypto exchange their Bitcoin betting site earnings for other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash, bitcoin SV, Binance Coin, bitcoin gold and infinity economics and more. In the same way, people can switch between accepted cryptocurrencies while placing their bets. Some online sports betting sites also help in changing digital currency after placing their bets. Cryptocurrency betting sites that accept bitcoin like digital money or digital currencies operates without central bank transfer.

Top BTC Sports Betting Sites for 2022

The following top-notch online sportsbooks recommended sites that accept Bitcoin make Bitcoin the most fun and profitable for bettors.

1. Stake

Stake - Best Sports Betting Site

The Stake sportsbook is the most popular crypto sports betting online that helps in placing bets with good odds (minimum odds) and has a curacao license. It is an excellent crypto betting site with an appealing user interface and a modern registration process. It works with third-party regulator, i.e, crypto gambling foundation for many reasons to ensure Bitcoin users have what they register for – transparency, privacy, and responsible gaming. Check the detailed Stake casino review for more details. The platform accepts minimum bets as well as large max bets. This best Bitcoin sportsbook is also famous for perfectly integrating crypto betting bonuses and promotions. Casino games like Dota 2, Starcraft II and betting on sports with bitcoin on this crypto betting site can be managed easily.

Pros and Cons of Stake

Pros Cons
It uses the same cryptocurrency sports betting account balance for online casinos related games and betting with sports. The platform has set a high amount as the minimum withdrawal limit.
The crypto betting site that offers good odds on live betting.
It is compatible with all mobile version and desktop devices.

Important Things to Know About Stake

Stake Restricted Countries
Australia, Curaçao, Cuba, France, Italy, Iran, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Syria, Sudan, Venezuela and the United States.

Stake Available Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of Stake

  • The platform offer 50:50 equivalent odds on major events.
  • The most sites design runs intuitively on all devices.
  • In terms of the wide range of sports with bitcoin, all major leagues and events sports available.
  • The other types of sports bets for every live events are spread across hundreds of huge number betting markets.

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2. BetUS

BetUS - Top Online Betting Site is one of the crowd favorites when it comes to online betting sites. It is operated from San Jose, Costa Rica. The platform has the best features for betting bitcoins and casino gambling. The welcome bonuses or first deposit bonuses offered by the betting site after minimum deposit and its regular promotions help many online gamblers earn independently and increase the average payouts. Check our BetUS review in detail about the casino.

Pros and Cons of BetUS

Pros Cons
Crypto betting sites, online casinos, and poker are all sports available easily and well-supported on the platform. This platform has limited banking options.
The platform provides a great depth for betting by diversifying the best options for betting.
BetUS also has the best promo code in the market.
The platform ensures the fastest payouts.

Important Things to Know About BetUS

BetUS Restricted Countries
Netherlands, Costa Rica, Canada, Curacao, Panama, UK, Germany, Belgium, Philippines and Ukraine.

BetUS Available Cryptocurrencies
BTC, LTC, BCH and Ethereum Classic.

Key Features of BetUS

  • BetUS offers many casino options on top of its range.
  • Crypto bonuses starting from 125% to 150% are available, including a 150% casino bonus offers, welcome bonus or first deposit bonus and flat 50% reload bonuses.
  • The website enables smooth navigation across different kinds of sports bets on various available gambling solutions.

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3. Cloudbet

Cloudbet - Best BTC Betting Site

Cloudbet casino is one of the few licensed Bitcoin gambling operators in the world. The site offers a wide range of options and it’s easy to create an betting account on the platform. It runs an elaborate BTC casino and has over 900 available gaming options for best crypto sports betting sites like Dota 2 and more. Participants from around the world want to bet and store their BTC earnings on this platform.

Pros and Cons of Cloudbet

Pros Cons
Cloudbet offers no withdrawal limits. The platform only offers hot, online cold storage of crypto assets, which is risky.
The platform does not charge high transaction fees and you can easily claim bonuses and ongoing promotions.
The interesting promotions and Bitcoin bonuses are very lucrative.

Important Things to Know About Cloudbet

Cloudbet Restricted Countries
Hong Kong, US, UK and Singapore.

Cloudbet Available Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of Cloudbet

  • Players get a 100% deposit bonus with their first-time Bitcoin deposit as welcome bonus.
  • Cloudbet offers a Sunday loyalty bonus of 0.001 BTC for every player.
  • Cloudbet also offers a 50% reload bonus on 5 Bitcoin deposits.
  • It offer prompt customer service available 24/7 live chat.

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4. Melbet

Melbet - One of The Top Sports Betting Sites

MELbet is a recent entry into the online betting and gambling industry. Creating an account on the website is easy. It also offers best odds and rollover requirements on all betting activities. It has an SSL encryption technology which adds an extra layer of protection for players. It is used for placing Bitcoin bets on the most popular events are available such as the Super Bowl and Major League Baseball (MLB Bitcoin Betting), English premier league. It caters to various betting markets and provides competitive odds for tennis (Roland Garros), soccer, Dota 2, and golf bets.

Pros and Cons of Melbet

Pros Cons
The platform offers multiple withdrawal methods, along with various online payment modes including Bitcoin cash. The security of MELbet and its audit information are not detailed on the website.
The website uses reliable security measures such as SSL encryption and 2FA. The Skrill payment mode is currently not accepted for withdrawal method.
Payout processing is done in under 15 minutes.
It is one of the few platforms to support betting on sports with bitcoin, online e-sports and video gaming competitions.

Important Things to Know About Melbet

Melbet Restricted Countries
Curacao, US, Spain, France and The Netherlands.

Melbet Available Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of Melbet

  • MELbet casino is licensed under the Curacao Gaming Authority.
  • The MELbet mobile application is quite useful for traveling bettors.
  • The welcome bonus or welcome package on this platform is up to 50%.

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5. FortuneJack

FortuneJack - Best Crypto Betting Platform

FortuneJack is an online crypto casino that also runs a unique sportsbook operates under the law of curacao gaming authority. It has hundreds of games available for betting. The platform entertains online gamblers with in-play promo code and lucrative offers. FortuneJack also provides free bets and pays players who diversify and place sports bets across multiple sports gambling games.

Pros and Cons of FortuneJack

Pros Cons
This website offers a massive selection of quality sporting events. There is no FortuneJack mobile app available.
The deposit bonus or welcome bonus offered is significantly high.
The player gets better privacy and a highly responsive customer support service.

Important Things to Know About FortuneJack

FortuneJack Restricted Countries
There are no restricted countries of FortuneJack.

FortuneJack Available Cryptocurrencies
BTC and BCH.

Key Features of FortuneJack

  • All members of this website can place Bitcoin bets as in-play bets on football, baseball, Ice hockey, horse racing, table tennis, basketball, hockey, and cricket events.
  • The maximum payout limit per bet is 10 BTC.
  • FortuneJack also provides countless prematch and in-play bitcoin bonuses based on the bet slip and across selected banking methods to buy and sell.

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6. 1xBit

1xBit - High Rated Sports Betting Platform

1xBit is a top bookmaker in the online crypto betting industry. It provides an excellent user experience with its simple account creation process and easy-to-navigate dashboard. It is easy to withdraw Bitcoin and deposit Bitcoin on 1xBit. The site also provides casino games like bitcoin lottery along with multiple options for betting.

Pros and Cons of 1xBit

Pros Cons
Multi Live Betting is the most attractive feature of the site. The platform has poor customer support service.
The platform also supports live streaming crypto betting events with real dealers. Placing the same bet with multiple crypto coins is not possible.
The Cash Back feature is another plus point for 1xBit users.
1xBit offers very high odds on basketball and baseball events.

Important Things to Know About 1xBit

1xBit Restricted Countries
United States

1xBit Available Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of 1xBit

  • 1xBit is also used as a Betting Exchange to trade in-play bets among other website users.
  • The platform makes lucrative bonus offers to mobile users including welcome bonus and great promotions.
  • It is available in almost every country, except the US.

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7. Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports - The Future of Betting

Nitrogen Sports is a Costa Rican online betting company. As per Nitrogen Sports review and research, This betting website has a solid reputation in the market for providing many gamblers with their earnings and making existing customers come back to play. It is also one thing that has few Bitcoin-exclusive sportsbooks on the internet to be the safe place to place a bet.

Pros and Cons of Nitrogen Sports

Pros Cons
Nitrogen Sports offers one of the fastest Bitcoin payouts in the online gaming industry. Bitcoin is the only best option to bet.
Compared to other best bitcoin sportsbooks, it primarily caters to US sports events.
The platform has high betting limits, suitable for pro bettors.

Important Things to Know About Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports Restricted Countries

  • UK and Costa Rica

Nitrogen Sports Available Cryptocurrencies

  • BTC

Key Features of Nitrogen Sports

  • This platform has the best customer service team, which supports its betting community proactively.
  • Nitrogen Sports provides reliable odds and minimum odds with the best betting options for almost every sport and premier league on the planet.

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8. Bovada

Bovada - Top Sports Betting Platform

Bovada casino is an offshore online betting company. It get started as Bodog and has evolved as a full-service bitcoin sportsbook. This website is active in the online crypto gambling space. Participants can get access to unmatched sportsbook benefits with Bovada by creating an account. US residents have the advantage of betting Bitcoin on Bovada and betting experience the power of Real-Time Gaming (RTG) across events of favorite sports and casino events. The offshore sportsbooks now accepts bitcoin deposits (fast deposits) that are safest to trust and play anonymously, have proven track records in the business.

Pros and Cons of Bovada

Pros Cons
The platform provides soft odds and helps in creating stable winnings for bettors. Bovada limits its bettors due to less exposure to certain markets.
It processes high-volume payouts within seconds (fast payouts). The website charges a 5.9% fee on credit card deposits.
The website also offers an excellent sign-up bonus (welcome bonus) to new bettors, along with rollover promotions.

Important Things to Know About Bovada

Bovada Restricted Countries
Rest of World, except the US (States such as Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, and Nevada).

Bovada Available Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of Bovada

  • Min deposit options on Bovada are designed for small-time bettors, helping them wager at low rates.
  • has improved its account security with a unique 4-digit PIN for fast withdrawals and logins with email address.

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9. SapphireBet

SapphireBet - One of the Best Betting Sites

SapphireBet Casino is a highly-rated online gambling platform. Betting on sport is available on this platform. The website provides genuine odds on regional events of sports. It supports betting with Bitcoin by providing provably fair conditions and high win limits. The crypto withdrawals made on SapphireBet are influenced by the player’s performance, which is its unique selling point. Although to know more about SapphireBet, you can check this link.

Pros and Cons of SapphireBet

Pros Cons
The website offers a huge selection of sports events and options. It is a relatively new casino and has received high ratings just recently.
The platform provides 24/7 customer support to bettors.

Important Things to Know About SapphireBet

SapphireBet Restricted Countries
Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, US and UK.

SapphireBet Available Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of SapphireBet

  • Soccer betting has the top priority on this website, followed by eSports, Rugby, League of legends and American Football.
  • SapphireBet also allows placing pre-game and in-play bets under its Virtual Sports section, even if there are no active games.

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10. Betchaser

Betchaser - Best Betting Site to Try!Betchaser – Best Betting Site to Try!

Gambling and sports fans recognize Betchaser as one of the newest reliable destinations for placing bets with their crypto money. The platform accepts bets across various sportsbook markets. It has been available for a couple of months and has already gained massive popularity. Betchaser is an all-around crypto gambling website that keeps sports bettors at the same time. BetChaser casino provides something for everyone, with a large game variety, various incentives to keep new players playing in the house as often as possible, and an endless stream of progressive jackpots.

Pros and Cons of Betchaser

Pros Cons
Betchaser has the most leading software providers in the betting world. Payout processing is relatively slow on this platform.
A 24/7 live chat option is available in English and Russian.

Important Things to Know About Betchaser

Betchaser Restricted Countries
Estonia, Australia, Denmark, Afghanistan, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hong Kong, Pakistan and the US.

Betchaser Available Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of Betchaser

  • The Virtual Bookie feature helps participants get multiple options based on wagering grounds on events such as horse racing tournaments and American football leagues, league of legends.

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11. Betmaster

Betmaster - One of The Top Sports Betting Sites

Betmaster casino is precisely know what Indian bettors want when they bet on sports. By registering with Betmaster, Bitcoin users can get access to numerous BTC betting bonuses (including welcome bonus) and crypto offers when they place first bet. As a online sportsbook, this website is perhaps designed especially for the Indian market. It also runs a highly modern betting UX suitable for pro bettors.

Pros and Cons of Betmaster

Pros Cons
Betmaster ensures fast withdrawal on BTC bets. The platform does not support American sports and leagues.
It offers exclusive offers as a bitcoin bookmakers and helps in converting bets with a maximum win rate.

Important Things to Know About Betmaster

Betmaster Restricted Countries

Betmaster Available Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of Betmaster

  • The website allows Indian bettors to choose a Hindi version and place sports bet.
  • It is a simple and user-friendly platform and supports advanced betting techniques as well.

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12. Thunderpick

Thunderpick - Top Rated Crypto Betting Platform

Thunderpick is an eSports betting website and has curacao license. It also features a casino gaming section. Thunderkick, of course, concentrates on sports and eSports, and they have a wide variety of leagues and crypto bonuses and promotions to choose from, except reload bonuses. The platform supports pre-game and in-play bets and enables maximum payout with its betting tips. The website helps bettors place BTC bets on favorite eSports teams.

Pros and Cons of Thunderpick

Pros Cons
Thunderpick supports multiple payment methods for crypto deposits and withdrawals including Bitcoin cash included in deposit method. The mobile version of this website is not available.
The Swipe feature of the website is easy to use.
The website interface is seamless and user-friendly.

Important Things to Know About Thunderpick

Thunderpick Restricted Countries
US, UK, France, Poland, The Netherlands, Sweden and Malta.

Thunderpick Available Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of Thunderpick

  • This website’s eSports betting features are used for popular games such as DOTA, NBA2K, and League of Legends.
  • Brands like Thunderpick promote pool-betting for major sports events.
  • Player can get help any time from available 24/7 live chat service.

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13. - Must Try Crypto Betting Platform is a company that runs one of the best live betting services in the world. The website design for the best Bitcoin sport bettors and supports almost every main crypto market in the live betting domain. Games and sports from many smaller markets are also available here. The website is best used for in-play wagering requirements and offers an impressive betting menu for every game. Go through the review to know more regarding its affiliate program, live casino games, bonuses, customer support, etc.

Pros and Cons of

Pros Cons
Players eager to place bets use this website to solve disputes and place pool-bets. The customer support team is not satisfactory.
The website also provides a large deposit bonus for new users as welcome bonus.

Important Things to Know About Restricted Countries
US, UK, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Available Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of

  • The website offers a first deposit bonus offers (welcome bonus) of 100% match up or adds 1 Bitcoin to the betting account.
  • BetCoin VIP Club helps participants get started with better odds on their bets as they move up different levels of this VIP program.

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14. MyBookie

MyBookie - Bet on Anything with This Sports Betting Site

MyBookie offers relatively new entrant in the best Bitcoin sportsbook space. It was launched in 2014 but arrived late as the popularity of MyBookie betting sites offer grew consistently after improving its maximum bonus offers and promo code. The website provides high-quality betting services across different markets just by creating the account, player take part in bonuses. The MyBookie mobile app provide seamless betting experience, where you can simply tap on wager to add bet slip instantly and make deposit and withdrawal easily. The maximum deposit and withdraw limits are equal. MyBookie supports almost every competitive betting market in the world and it accepts deposits in Stellar or USD Coin as well. Check out our review to get detailed aspects of its extensive betting options, games, customer support, and more.

Pros and Cons of MyBookie

Pros Cons
MyBookie accepts all sports-specific markets. The payout processing is slow on this website.
This website is best to get started with early odds and highly competitive odds.
A great variety of great bonuses are offered on this site.

Important Things to Know About MyBookie

MyBookie Restricted Countries
Rest of the world, except the US.

MyBookie Available Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin and BCH.

Key Features of MyBookie

  • The best feature of this website is that it helps bettors target the main events in NFL, NBA, Golf, MMA, and Boxing.

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15. Betflip

Betflip - Top & Best Betting Platform

Betflip Launched in 2019, Betflip is another new entrant in the realm to bet with sports. It works primarily as an iGaming operator. The website also runs an online casino with flexible crypto sports betting options and allow user to have best experience from games. This website aims to please amateur bettors. It provides exclusive benefits of bitcoin betting to loyal players and extends its sports selection with new Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.

Pros and Cons of Betflip

Pros Cons
BetFlip supports an array of languages for its operations. The platform is currently not licensed as a crypto betting company.
The platform offers dozens of more betting options.

Important Things to Know About Betflip

Betflip Restricted Countries

Betflip Available Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of Betflip

  • The platform is popular for offering real-time expertise to bet on sports.
  • Participants use Bitcoin at BetFlip to double their wagers during in-play bets.

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16. GTBets

GTBets - Top-Rated Sports Betting Site

GTBets is one of the legit online crypto sports betting sites you should not have problems using Bitcoin for your betting needs. GTBets likely isn’t an online bitcoin sportsbook that you will be able to play at long if you’re winning big, but they’re a fine option, even considering how new they are to the market.

Pros and Cons of GTBets

Pros Cons
GTBets has an excellent reputation for providing multiple bonus offers (along with generous welcome bonus) on first crypto deposits. The odds available on this platform are sharp compared to other major sports markets.
Lots of VIP features in the VIP program and free half-point rewards are provided by the site.

Important Things to Know About GTBets

GTBets Restricted Countries
Rest of the world, except the US.

GTBets Available Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of GTBets

  • Free monthly payouts are available for loyal customers of this site.
  • GTBets provides exclusive tips on how to bet on sports to maximize the returns.

Read our GTbets review in detail and learn all about this platform’s games, bonuses, customer support, and more.

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17. Mr Sloty

Mr Sloty - Best For Live Dealer Games

Mr Sloty is a licensed crypto gambling operator by Curacao Gaming Authority or central authority. It has been running an online Bitcoin gambling site for a couple of years. The platform is designed to help bettors translate their crypto casinos winnings into Bitcoin-only sports wagers. The central authority provided protection to users in terms of refund policy. The platform offer the best deals on best bitcoin sportsbooks and helps in supporting bettors with maximum payouts.

Pros and Cons of Mr Sloty

Pros Cons
Mr Sloty offers bets on more than 30 sporting events and uses the Multiview feature for managing these bets. The payout processing speed of this website is low.
The website has few country restrictions compared to others.

Important Things to Know About Mr Sloty

Mr Sloty Restricted Countries
China, Israel, Hong Kong and the US.

Mr Sloty Available Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of Mr Sloty

  • Pre-match payout on this website is 93%, allowing players to place multiple bets on 30 sports, from college football to speedway races and winter sports.

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18. Betway

Betway - Best Sports Betting Platform

Betway is a cool platform to place bets on popular Indian sports such as hockey and cricket. The betting odds offered by this site, along with the variety of sports markets, are impressive and minimum odds. BTC depositing and withdrawal options on this website are designed to exchange INR currency. The platform also provides a generous welcome offer to Indian participants.

Pros and Cons of Betway

Pros Cons
Betting markets across the globe are supported on Betway. No live streaming feature is available.
The site is best used for live cricket betting across the Indian subcontinent. Poor customer support service has been reported by users.

Important Things to Know About Betway

Betway Restricted Countries
Australia, Mexico, North Korea, Bulgaria, France, Denmark, Romania, Singapore, Turkey and the United States.

Betway Available Cryptocurrencies
BTC and BCH.

Key Features of Betway

  • Cricket betting features are designed to customize the bets based on real-time score updates.

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19. 22Bet

22Bet - Top Live Sports Betting Site

This Cyprus-based company has been providing betting services for four years. 22BET is an exclusive crypto sportsbook for sports buffs. It is one of the few of the best bitcoin sportsbooks to allow users a chance at preventing their losses by diversifying their bets. The operator not only offers a broad choice of sports and casino-related games to wager on, but it also gives a generous deposit bonus (min deposit with bitcoin) and accepts a variety of payment methods including Bitcoin cash and Infinity Economics. Its odds are likewise competitive, and participants may choose bitcoin from a variety of markets.

During 22bet review, we have found that the website is safe and fair for betting and online gambling.

Pros and Cons of 22Bet

Pros Cons
22BET offers a comparatively higher payout percentage than other bitcoin sportsbooks. US-based participants are not accepted.
It has established an online betting community of 400,000 active users.
The platform supports multiple payment options for Bitcoin transactions.

Important Things to Know About 22Bet

22Bet Restricted Countries
US, France, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Belarus and Latvia.

22Bet Available Cryptocurrencies

Key Features of 22Bet

  • The site is famous for boxing events, mainly to wager high amounts on underdogs and new athletes.

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20. BetNow

BetNow - Best Crypto Betting PlatformBetNow – Best Crypto Betting Platform

BetNow is one of the oldest online sportsbooks in the world, along with old fashioned website. It has been in the sports gambling industry for six years. The site accepts bets from other players in the United States. It also helps in placing advance bets on upcoming sporting events within two-three year intervals. The platform is modern design to support Bitcoin bettors across the US betting industry leader with lower rollover requirement.

Pros and Cons of BetNow

Pros Cons
Large deposit bonuses are provided by BetNow, followed by low rollovers. Navigation on the site is complicated.
This platform is built with advanced betting software and also provides a freeplay bonus.

Important Things to Know About BetNow

BetNow Restricted Countries
Australia, Congo, France, Lebanon, Malta, North Korea, South Sudan and Yemen.

BetNow Available Cryptocurrencies
BCH and BTC.

Key Features of BetNow

  • This cryptocurrency betting sites accepts fiat currencies and helps them exchange for BTC.
  • BetNow also supports cross-over participants and their custom betting practices.

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Features of Bitcoin Sportsbooks

The following features define the workings of Bitcoin sites (many sportsbooks) and how they function inside out.

Instant Deposits on Bitcoin Sportsbook
Deposits made with Bitcoin tokens can be used directly to place bets. Alternatively, users can make fiat-currency deposits in exchange for BTC and place bets. The BTC depositing funds (bitcoin deposits) process is fairly seamless on all crypto betting sites.

Withdrawing on BTC Sport Betting Sites
Bitcoin withdrawals are provided instantly on most betting websites. However, some of the best crypto betting sites take more time than the rest to process these fast payouts. Although, few crypto betting sites offer to buy crypto directly from their betting platforms. High-volume Bitcoin withdrawals are not charged on most cryptocurrency betting sites. In the cryptocurrency sports betting sites the minimum deposit and withdrawal limits can be unnecessary barriers while betting. It is suggested that you use no withdrawal limits bitcoin betting when you are betting big amount (maximum amount). Many bookmakers accept your minimum deposit with bitcoin but hold your withdrawal process once they notice that you are from restricted country. Its better to always read the terms and conditions of offshore sportsbooks that accept bitcoin before online sportsbook. The most important things to double-check while choosing betting site is legitimacy and whether you can legally use bitcoin betting in your country.

Identity Protection and Taxes with Bitcoin Gambling
All Bitcoin transactions remain anonymous and protected from third party, unlike bank account, credit card transfer or bank wire transfers. Tax laws on these BTC winnings are ambiguous and mostly evaded by the bettors.

Mobile Bitcoin Gambling
Bitcoin gambling mobile apps are easily available on the Apple App Store and Google Playstore. These apps provide mobility to the crypto sportsbook platform.

No Third-Party Involved
Online crypto sports betting websites are not partnered with any unreliable parties. These crypto betting sites work independently and are licensed under a single company name (under laws and regulations).

General Rules of BTC Sportsbook

There are two basic rules to follow while betting with Bitcoin:-

  1. Do not share the private key and public keys with the betting website. If someone else knows your private key then they get access to your crypto.
  2. Withdraw the BTC winnings at the right time to avoid devaluation due to market dips.

Besides these rules, the betting world is quite flexible.

Growth of Crypto Sports Betting in Recent Years

As cryptocurrency betting sites users have grown in number in the last couple of years, Bitcoin betting sites and digital currency surged exponentially. The market for best Bitcoin betting site is booming with new users. Tech-savvy Millennials are using Bitcoin this avenue to make a good deal of money. In the past two years, the number of cryptocurrency betting sites users actively betting online has surpassed 100 million across the globe. According to a report, the total Bitcoin circulation across bitcoin sportsbooks is expected to grow over 200% in the next five years. There are number of online sportsbooks now offering Bitcoin as receive payment option or payment method.

Future of BTC Sports Betting Websites

In the future, the best cryptocurrency betting sites will emerge as the primary source of income for people from all walks of life. BTC sportsbook will generate and minimum deposit funds for online casino. The convenience of other cryptocurrencies betting sites and crypto casino site will make betting a common trend across countries. As countless betting websites host these BTC betting services, the future of crypto betting sites appears to be more promising than ever. With bitcoin, the player can place prop bets and futures bets on wide range of sports– baseball, water polo, world cup, American football, basketball, tennis, Gaelic football, hockey, golf, soccer, horse racing, Ice hockey, counter strike, obscure leagues, rocket league, casino games and so on.


Is Sports Betting With BTC Legal?

Cryptocurrency sports betting sites are not legal in several countries, but at the same time, it is under-regulated, which makes it a grey area, according to some views.

Where Can I Bet With Bitcoin?

The best Bitcoin betting sites we mentioned in the bitcoin sportsbook reviews are the best places you want to bet with Bitcoin.

How Do I Place a Bitcoin Bet?

By using cryptocurrency from any of the above best Bitcoin betting sites, you can place BTC bets on sports and other incredible number of events.

What Is a Wagering Requirement?

It is the minimum amount that needs to be placed on the bet.

How Do I Acquire Bitcoin?

To buy bitcoin from crypto exchanges and storing them in cold wallets or bitcoin wallets is the best option.

What Sports Can I Bet on With Bitcoin?

Football, cricket, basketball, golf, MMA, and boxing are popular bet on sports among BTC bettors.

Does Bitcoin Guarantee Complete Anonymity?

Yes, BTC transactions are anonymous in nature.

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