Best Crypto Football Betting Sites 2023: Bet on Football With Crypto

What Exactly Is Crypto Online Football Betting?

Football in itself has become one of the biggest games in the world. There are numerous leagues on the national and international stages, and thus there is always some action going on. Due to the uncertain nature of the game, online crypto football betting has been a part of the equation for the last decades. But, as the readers might know, there has recently been an unprecedented boom in cryptocurrencies.

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Owing to such a boom, the best crypto football betting websites that were established have also allowed sports bettors to play games like table games, free spins, auto racing, American football, and many more games with crypto. This led to the phenomenon of online crypto sports betting.

In this article, the author shall provide you with easy-to-digest and well-rounded information regarding crypto sports betting.

The article will talk about crypto gambling online betting bitcoin basics, why it is worth taking the risk, what other currencies they can use.

The article will also focus on the best types of crypto football betting and the main products on which one can bet on the odds of the game like free spins. So without further ado, here we go to learn more about the advantages, bonus, and odds to earn real money.

Basic Overview: Online Cryptocurrency Football Betting Markets

This question might be the first thing to come up in the reader’s mind, no issue it is covered in the article. So, there are certain best football betting sites with crypto, and you can find them everywhere nowadays. These cryptocurrency betting sites have a niche area of their best crypto betting site designated for sports betting.

Online bitcoin betting on sports per se is also called sportsbook betting. In this area of their betting sites, you will see all the sports upon which you can cash upon.

Each sports betting crypto site will require you to make an account to bet. So, for instance, if the user wants to stake on free spins, sportsbooks, and other casino games on the betting sites, they can easily find the option in the sports betting section.

So, to stake on something on the betting sites, the user would be required to have a certain amount in their account. To deposit some money in the user’s account in the betting sites, they will be required to select the crypto deposits option.

So, if they want to use the best bitcoin betting in the crypto betting sites, they will have to deposit the same in your account. Now, the amount should get deposited, allowing the user to stake freely all across the board.

On a cautionary note, it is recommended that users create a certain cryptocurrency betting limit and withdrawal limits on their account as this would reduce their losses in the bitcoin betting sites.

How to Betting on Football Online at Sportsbooks?

So, if the reader has now been familiarized with the basics of the game, then they can move on to choosing their sportsbook.

A sportsbook is where a gambler can wager on various sports competitions, including golf, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, soccer, horse racing, greyhound racing, boxing, and mixed martial arts. These establishments used to run offline in the earlier days, but now, they have started to spring up online betting sites due to the inception of the Internet.

The procedure of placing bets through crypto has been enlisted below, and it is recommended that users follow the given approach.

How to get started with Crypto Odds Football Betting online?

Step 1 – Choose a Sportsbook and Make an Account

It is recommended that users pick out big players from the market, as these established players provide great bonuses during the initial stages. Further, there is a certain element of safety involved with them within the best bitcoin sportsbooks.

Step 2 – Browse Football Sporting Events and Soccer Matches

If the users are planning to stake on a certain league, they should be well-versed with the same, especially when they are playing on the betting sites.

Step 3 – Select the Precise Cryptocurrency Betting Markets

The cryptocurrency betting gambling industry should be chosen after strict scrutiny. There should be an element of safety involved too.

Step 4 – Place Your Wagers

Users can only place sports bets and wagers in the betting sites after they have deposited the money in their account, in this case, crypto in their account. A calculated wager should be placed in the initial stages.

Step 5 – Keep Track of Your Bets

If the users are new to betting sites, they should learn from veteran betters. Veteran betters always keep track of their stakes. Similarly, users should always keep track of their stakes when they are playing on online gambling sites.

Step 6 – Cash Out Your Profits

If the users have followed the given steps, then the users should be cashing out at least some profit in the end.

Most Popular Cryptocurrency for Football Betting Online


Bitcoin is a highly fluid cryptocurrency. It is a premium cryptocurrency. This has been in place for the last decade or so. Due to the extremely fluid nature of the currency, it is highly recommended for betting.


Ethereum Cryptocurrency Football Betting is on the rise owing to the increasing popularity of Ethereum, and it has been around for some time now. It is considered one of the top-ranked cryptocurrencies in the world.


In recent times, people have been indulging in Ripple Football Betting. Ripple is essentially a real-time gross settlement system. It also functions as a currency exchange and remittance network. Ripple Labs Inc. has created the whole network for the same. Also, they provide the best exchange rate when customers buy cryptocurrency.


Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was mainly originated by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. The price of Dogecoin has been rising substantially in recent times. Thus Dogecoin Football Betting has been on the rise.

Why Do People Love Crypto Football Betting?

So, a question that comes up in most people’s or new users’ minds is why they should indulge in betting. The answer to that question is fairly simple. Crypto sports betting is on the rise owing to the rush and reward it provides to the players.

If somebody is trying to play crypto sports betting, they are taking a risk for a reward. The notion of cryptocurrency betting being inherently wrong needs to be relearned.

If the users take a calculated risk while BTC betting to get a proportionate reward, then crypto sports betting can prove fruitful for them.

Moreover, starting in the scene is easy. Most premium BTC betting websites will provide users with a great incentive to join them.

It is a common practice for online betting websites to provide new users with great welcome bonuses and rewards.

There is a lot of guidance available for new players too. Owing to such great incentives and hand-holding facilities, the crypto sports betting scene is on the rise.

So, if any user loves football and follows the same all the time, they can try the crypto betting scene out. Firstly, through trying the same, they will be able to make money from their craze. Secondly, they can get well versed with the idea of cryptocurrency. As we all know, cryptocurrency is the prime future, so everybody should know greatly about it.

Key Features of Football Betting Sportsbooks

Simple yet Clear Navigation

As it is common knowledge, users at most online casinos prefer a fast and simple bet with cryptocurrency interface.

They require that all the most important information should be shown in a clear and precise way.

They mostly like to avoid any hassles. This should be present as one of the key features in the cryptocurrency football betting sportsbook. This also aids the users in going through online betting site on different devices comfortably.

Extra Features

Other than the major features, every premium sportsbook should have some extra features. Some of the major extra features which one can find on the betting website are – Request-a-Bet or In-Game Multipliers. It needs to be understood that certain extra features help the book in standing out.

So, extra features aim to make each bookie. Through using these features, the users can greatly enhance their betting experience.

Everything Is Customizable

Any user would like to use a sportsbook that is customized to his needs. If they can customize the same according to his needs, then using the sportsbook interface will be easy for him.

A customized web design is one of the most important features of any sportsbook. These days, the fierce competition helps keep the sportsbook’s design as original and unique as possible.

Multi-Language And Currency Option

Betting takes place throughout the world. Each part of the world has different currencies, thus getting on a website that allows people from different nationalities to stake with different currencies will be more successful than other crypto sportsbooks.

So, users should check whether they can use the crypto bookmaker website from their site or not as created by a crypto bookmaker.

Great Customer Service

Great customer service always smoothes out the whole process, and it adds greatly to the given user experience.

It is highly recommended that users only choose the crypto sportsbooks with an impeccable customer service record, as this would greatly help them have a greater user and betting experience per se created by the crypto bookmakers.

How to Select a Football Betting Site?

Betting Site Should Accept Your Region Fiat Currency

First thing first, the user wants to bet, then they should first check whether the said website accepts the currency.

So, the best crypto gambling sites that have a large network of gamblers worldwide and are trusted by them should be preferred over every other website.

Easy Navigation When Playing

The sportsbook should have a fluid that should seamlessly run on the user’s devices. Furthermore, if the user is allowed to customize the said layout according to his needs and demands, it would be greatly appreciated.

The best cryptocurrency platforms accept feedback with utmost generosity and work on them positively to improve the experience of the users.

Easy to Sign Up

There should be a fluid sign-up process in place. There should be no paperwork involved in the same.

All of it, or at least most of it, should be done online. If a website provides you with easy signup, then it can be duly used.

It is one of the major advantages that customers can enjoy, especially when it comes to experiencing the seamless user interface.

Welcome Bonus

If the user wants to read more benefits from the whole deal, then they should look up a crypto sportsbook that provides excellent deposit bonus choices and is greatly appreciated by most users.

The terms and conditions attached with the deposit bonuses also should be read for making an informed decision. However, you cannot withdraw the deposit bonus that is allocated to you. But, you can use the deposit bonus and start betting to learn how it works.

Make sure that when you are using a deposit bonus to start to bet on games, you learn the tips and tricks to win games.

If you are facing issues with the welcome bonus, deposit and withdrawal procedure, gambling experience, promotions, payment transactions, and other bonuses, you can get in touch with their reliable customer support team.

The support team is always to address the issues of customers and help them to enjoy the benefit that they want to experience.

Wider Football Betting Options

There should be many leagues that one user should be able to undertake and participate in. The more a user watches, the higher the chances of them winning becomes.

Further, trying out luck in each league can aid them in developing a holistic betting regiment.

If you are betting with cryptocurrency and making other payment-related transactions, make sure that you play the best casino games and make real bitcoins easily.

Live Football Betting

Many casinos that accept Bitcoins have the option of live betting. This element greatly adds to the experience of the users, and it also allows them to have a firm grip on the betting scene.

Also, the transactions taking place within the platform are absolutely safe and secured.

Low Commission Fees

There should not be any high commission fees of the best sportsbook. To deposit, and withdraw, a relatively moderate fee is something that a user should look for. Also, the withdrawal fees are not much when compared to others.

Mobile Crypto Football Betting

Compatibility With A Wide Range Of Mobile Devices should be there. Casino mobile gaming is fast on the rise.

Mobile gaming has been going really strong for the last few years; people gravitate towards using their phones for multiple reasons. If a key match is happening and the user is outside, he will only be able to stake on the given game through his phone.

Today people like to stake wherever they are, whenever they want, so it’s a vital feature that every good sportsbook should have.

Crypto Online Football Betting – Guide, Tips & Strategy

There are multiple types of bets; thus, the same have been enlisted below.

Some crypto bets come under the banner of Most Common Football Bets. At the same time, other sports stakes which are not used or played more often are categorized as special stakes or combo stakes on markets of betting on football using cryptocurrency.

The Most Common Crypto Football Bets

3-Way Betting

In a nutshell, you will be required to place three stakes. All these nets will be about regulation time results only. Now, there are two types of 3-way stakes.

In one way, you stake on all results. In the other one, you can also stake on the game being a tie. This is one of the primary stakes that the users use.

Double Chance

As the name suggests in Double chance, the designated players will get two chances to earn more. This special chance will apply to their stakes.

So, for instance, if two outcomes can happen, and the user has contemplated the same. Then he can make use of the Double chance stake to press stakes on the given outcome and earn more accordingly.

This is popularly used in close-matchups where there are no clear winners or goal scorers per se.

Accumulators (accas)

An accumulator bet is essentially a stake where the user uses one bet, mainly based upon multiple selections.

All these selections are accumulated in the bet. Thus the stake is called an accumulated bet. So, what would the user require to cash in the said bet?

For a user to get this stake right, all of the selections made by them should occur. Thus the winning competitive odds of this stake are a bit lower than other stakes.

Anytime Goal scorer

So, each matchup has some prolific strikers who score mostly every other match.

So in this bet, the user chooses the specific player who will score a goal during the match. If they do so at any time, then you’ll cash in your bet.

This is also a stake where there is high risk and high reward.

Both Teams to Score

This particular stake is mostly referred to as BTTS. Just like some other stakes that we have discussed, BITS is also a binary bet.

So, the user is mainly required to guess whether both teams playing in a match will score a goal or not.

Correct Score

As the name suggests, the user will be required to score the Correct Score.

So, for instance, if the designated scorecard after the ending is at 0-2, if the user had exactly guessed the score, he can only win the given bet.

Draw No Bet

So, if the user has chosen a particular side to win a game. Unfortunately, the game ends in a draw, and there is no winner per se.

If the user has placed a draw no bet, if the match ends in a draw, then your stake is refunded.

First Goal scorer

If the user guesses a player, which will score the game’s first score for a designated side, and the same occurs, then the user will win the bet.

The user needs to be well aware of the players who tend to score first.

Special Bets on Football Betting Markets


The user will be required to accurately guess the scorers of the game, anytime goal scorers and first goalscorer stakes are of this type only. These special stakes are famous, as most people like to bet on their favorite scorers.


This stake is placed on who will take the corner in the designated game, whether that corner will convert into any goal per se.

Yellow/red Cards

The user will be required to guess which particular player will get the yellow and red cards in a game. This stake can be placed upon defensive players who have a rough style, as these players are more prone to getting these cautionary cards.

Score/miss Penalty

As the name suggests, if there is going to be a penalty shootout in a particular game. In such a case, the user must guess which penalty will go in and which will miss. It should be noted that the stake is made on the penalty’s number and not the player per se.

Combo Bets on Soccer Betting Markets

So, if the user would like to place multiple stakes, they can choose some of the following combo bets.

Winner & Number of Goals

The user can try to stake upon the winner of the game and the number of goals scored in a game.

So, these two stakes are interconnected. Owing to Thai reasons, these stakes can be placed together.

Winner & Both Teams to Score

Users have also been attracted to the prospect of combining the winners and the BITS stakes.

For example, if the user is betting on a close game that may feature many goals, the user can place bets.

Total Goals & Both Teams to Score

This stake is also interconnected with each other. Thus, users who have a fair idea about the goal-scoring capabilities of the teams can make the same bets.

Half-Time / Full-Time

In this bet, the user is meant to guess, What will the result be at half-time, and what will it be at full-time?

If they get the same right, then they may win the bet. It is quite similar to the correct score bet.

Tips for Online Betting on Football

Build and Manage Your Capital

First, the user should keep a close eye on their finances and crypto transactions. They are first required to build up a good amount of capital which can aid them in betting on some profitable stakes.

It should also be kept in mind that the value of other cryptocurrencies fluctuates, so the user should keep a close watch on that too.

Finding the Best Odds

Researching the gambling game is a must for anyone who wants to bet on the game.

The user should list all the odds before a gambling match, and they should not hastily bet on anything on sheer impulse.

Learn About the Different Kinds of Wagers

So, the user should familiarize themselves with multiple betting options, as this would aid them in placing bets. They are also able to get which sort of wager works best for them and which doesn’t.

Limit Your Stakes

One of the most important tips for anyone starting football betting is to limit their stakes. Every match which takes place in the game of football can turn at any point. The game and the results are always volatile. So, if a user is betting on the game, they should try to limit their stakes.

Avoid Cup Matches

Similarly, users should avoid betting on the same due to considerable uncertainty involved in cup matches.

Popular Football Tournaments for Betting

Uefa Champions League

Football fans are not unknown to the popularity and charm of the UEFA champions league. It’s known to bring all the world’s best players under one roof, more precisely, on one ground.

The competition also brings together the best clubs in Europe. The group stage sees big names like Juventus, PSG, Barcelona, etc., and so, it’s not an exaggeration to say that each match can be a game-changer, an epic match. Things become particularly interesting once the competition moves on to the knockout stage.

English Premier League

EPL (English Premier League) or The Premier League is another premier tournament of the English football league system.

Twenty clubs go head to head on the field, and it functions as a promoter of the English Football League. Each team plays 38 matches, with the season being spread across August to May.

Spanish La Liga

The Primers División, or the Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División is more popularly known as La Liga internationally, is the men’s top professional football division of the Spanish Football League system.

It is also officially known as LaLiga Santander for sponsorship reasons, and it is another top tournament that attracts viewership from around the world.

German Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is Germany’s primary football competition, although that does not restrict the viewership to the country itself; it has fans worldwide. It is a professional association football league in Germany and is at the top of the German league system.

Other Domestic Leagues

One of the oldest football tournaments globally (played since 1871) is that of the Football Association Challenge Cup, also known as the FA Cup.

The thing that sets this tournament apart is that there are no groups, and players have only two matches to prove which team is best and deserve to move onto the next stage. A whopping 736 teams are a part of the competition, which makes the betting complicated and interesting.

While South America and Europe have taken center stage thus far, Asians aren’t too far behind. The Asian Football Federation established the Asian Cup in 1956, and it’s been one of the most popular football tournaments ever since.

It features only 24 participants that are required to pass qualifications. Japan has proved to be the star of this tournament mostly, but Qatar came in as a pleasant surprise when they won the tournament for the first time recently, changing their status of underdogs to champions.

South Americans do not stand back with their passion for football in light of all these European super competitions, and that’s why Copa America is another top tournament in the field of football.

The competition is played between 12-16 teams and the South American version of UEFA. It’s organized every 3-4 years and is a thrilling time for all fans, nationally and otherwise.

European Competitions

One of the oldest football tournaments globally (played since 1871) is that of the Football Association Challenge Cup, also known as the FA Cup.

The thing that sets this tournament apart is that there are no groups, and players have only two matches to prove which team is best and deserve to move onto the next stage. A whopping 736 teams are a part of the competition, which makes the betting complicated and interesting.

The Copa del Rey is another Europe’s most prestigious cup, popularly known as the “King’s Cup.” The Copa was Spain’s principal domestic competition, which was before the Campeonato de Liga in 1928.

Although Barcelona and Real Madrid are both mostly preoccupied with other cryptocurrencies tournaments of the world, the Copa presents a golden opportunity for both the clubs to prove their worth to the fans and the country as a whole.

International Country Competitions

There is no doubt that the most-watched event in football is the FIFA world cup, and several reasons exist for the same.

Since it only happens once every four years, the anticipation acts as a big attraction. More than 200 national teams participate in the qualifiers, but only 32 reach the final rounds, and that’s where the game begins.

Another interesting observation is that players are not necessarily motivated by just money for this gambling tournament, but by the prestige that exists in playing for the national team, for being able to represent their country at betting sites like FIFA.

It’s obvious that, like any other football competition, the outcomes are difficult to foretell. Hence, the most common stakes are that of the outright winner and the top scorer for the tournament.

Another immensely popular gambling tournament for this sport is the EURO cup, which, as the name suggests, takes place in Europe; the participants being 55 national teams for qualifiers, out of which only 24 make it to the finals. Here too, the most popular best is that of the outright winner. However, the EURO Cup seemed to be supremely unpredictable, so most bets are based on sheer luck.

How to Buy and Deposit Cryptocurrency in a Sportsbook?

Converting Your Traditional Betting Currency to Crypto or Buy Bitcoin Cryptocurrency from the Exchange – The best bitcoin buying and deposit method process associated with a book are super simple and easy to use!

If a User does not possess any cryptocurrency already, they can purchase these from exchange sites available on the web. After setting up the best gambling crypto wallet, transferring this fiat currency to the gaming account is easy!

Make the Payment to the Bookie – Log into the betting sites and click on Deposit > Choose your cryptocurrency. Enter the bonus amount you wish to deposit in this gaming account (anywhere between $5 to $10000).

You can also choose to deposit funds using different payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, and other methods.

You can also make these transactions and assess the odds to play multiple games, an attractive signup bonus and promotions on deposits and withdrawals, and many more.

Depositing Funds in a Sportsbook – Click on Next to generate a Crypto address and a QR scan code. Copy your Crypto address and go to your funded best crypto wallets. Here, send it to the crypto from your wallet by pasting the address above into the ‘Send Crypto field.’

The deposits and withdrawals don’t consume much time and happen instantly. After deposits are successfully completed, customers can start learning more about the fees, promotions, bonuses, and other transfer procedures.

They must learn more about the crypto payments, promotions, and advantages of using the platforms that accept cryptocurrencies.

How to Withdraw Crypto from Football Betting Site?

Select Cryptocurrency as Withdrawal Method – Go to user’s Account> Crypto and find their Crypto Wallet Address in the field. You can withdraw funds as per the timings allocated to you by the site. The instant withdrawal times vary, but you will be notified once the amount has been sent. Ideally, if you want to withdraw funds, you can place a request before 24 hours as it takes time to process the funds into the account.

Transfer the Winnings to Your Wallet – The withdrawal will get deposited in the user’s account’s wallet automatically. As mentioned, the time for the same can vary depending on where you are from and the website.

Cash-Out Your Winnings – Through that, the user can cash their winning out.

Is Betting With Football Trusted, Secure and Legal?

Football Betting and Legislation – The legislation for the same is subject to the law of the place. So, if the user is from the United States, then their state-wise legislation will apply.

Similarly, if an individual is from India, the Public Gambling Act of 1867 and the Technology Act of 2000 would be applicable. So, before starting online sports betting, the user should first look into their respective country’s law to adhere to the security protocols.

Accordingly, they can enjoy the benefits these reliable and regulated betting sites offer. Along with this, to satisfy gamers, the bettors can protect their identity and remain anonymous when they place stakes if they wish to.

It will help them to hide their identity for security reasons they are betting with cryptocurrency, claiming their welcome bonus, winning odds, making deposits and withdrawals, and performing many more tasks.

Do I Pay Taxes for Crypto Football Betting – in most places, you are liable to pay taxes; like in India, you must disclose income in your total income.

The same will be liable to be taxed. Thus, again the user will be required to look at the respective country’s laws regarding taxation. But, in most cases, the answer would be yes.


The crypto sports betting is on the rise. There are multiple rewards and attractive bonuses to be availed if the user is smart enough to crypto bet on the right things and is good at the analysis of the games in question.

The tips regarding the same have been provided in the article above and can be used to make the entire process a lot more efficient and hassle-free. If the user follows these tips and tricks, they can make the most out of this gamble.

Players need not be concerned about the reliability of online crypto gambling, for the process is simple, easy to understand, and risk-free. This also allows one to gain more knowledge on cryptocurrency as a whole, which is a rising trend these days.

After learning all the rewards, the bonuses, and the promotions, that this has to offer, what are you waiting for? Make the most out of this brand new opportunity, and avail rewards for the same!


Is Betting on the Football Safe?

Yes! It is absolutely safe to partake in this process. The best crypto betting sites available on the internet all have the license to facilitate crypto sports betting, and the hassle-free process makes it all the more fun!

Can I Earn Money on Football Betting Online?

Yes! If one makes informed decisions and stakes on all the right things, it can prove to be one of the easiest ways to earn real money online.

What Are the Most Common Football Bets?

The most common stakes are guessing the correct score, the outright winner, the top scorer, and BITS.

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