Best NFL Crypto Betting Sites 2023: Bet on Top NFL Sites with Crypto

What Is NFL Crypto Betting?

National Football League is a popular crypto Football betting and holds the highest professional level of American football. NFL crypto betting sites are not only the most-watched sporting events, but people carefully follow them in the US. Plenty of online gambling enthusiasts are dedicated to NFL cryptocurrency betting.

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Here each team gets to play only one gaming match every week. The combination of time and viewership makes online NFL crypto betting ideal for BTC sports betting. The reputation has increased among several bookmakers that accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

How Does NFL Crypto Betting Work?

To know how the NFL cryptocurrency betting works, there are three main ways that players should be aware of –

  • Selecting a team that will win the gamble. This process is called betting on the money line.
  • Betting on the number of points a team will win a game by. This process is known as betting the point spread.
  • Predicting the total points scored in a match. This process is known as betting the Over or Under or Total.

How to Place Bets on the NFL Using Crypto at Sportsbooks?

Step 1 – Choose a football sportsbook and create an account

Firstly, to start placing bets at the best NFL cryptocurrency betting sites, bettors need to choose the best football sports betting site that is both high quality and reliable. Create an account to make the initial deposit.

Step 2 – Deposit Money into the Account

Once the account has been created, navigate to the deposit tab to make the first deposit. The sites accept different options for payment, including debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets such as Skrill or Paypal, bank transfers, and many more.

Step 3 – Browse NFL events and Football betting markets

With the growing popularity of gambling and betting on NFL with cryptocurrency, the NFL sites have increased the number of events. So, after funding the crypto gambling account, it is time to go through the different NFL events and the football betting markets the site has to offer.

Step 4 – Select the Football betting Options

Selecting the football betting option may take some time for first-time players. To make the best picks, players can browse strategy guides and reviews and become the best NFL players in this market.

Step 5 – Choose Fights You Want to Bet On

Select the best fights to bet on and this is an easy but fun activity.

Step 6 – Place Your Wagers

There are a multitude of different bet types and wager variations that players can use to create their winning strategies.

Step 7 – Withdraw your winnings instantly

If the site allows instant withdrawals of bonus money and does not have wager requirements, they can immediately cash out.

Most Popular Crypto for NFL Betting Online

Online gambling, especially sports betting and cryptocurrencies, are the best match created in heaven. Crypto coins offer the fastest payment methods, and many sites integrate with major crypto coins to make live betting more convenient. Most crypto football betting sites offer NFL live betting available to anyone who wants to place money wagering on professional or college football.


People are increasingly using NFL Bitcoin betting sites, and this is because they offer great advantages to gamblers. It offers fast transactions, low trading fees, higher limits, a generous deposit bonus, and complete anonymity.


Ethereum NFL betting sites are popular for their wide opportunities like prop, live betting, and American football bonuses. They are fee-free, and the processing speeds are extremely dominant compared to the traditional payout methods.


Ripple NFL betting sites are official and legal in almost all countries across the globe, and they are expanding more in 2021. Gamblers can legally place different bet types with the Ripple sports betting site.


Dogecoin proves that there is plenty of room for crypto casinos’ games like poker room and fun in the market. Many top legal sportsbooks support Dogecoin deposits and cashouts. Moreover, Dogecoin NFL betting provides an enhanced betting bonus when a player deposits with DOGE coins at the Dogecoin NFL betting site and gets access to a same-day payout.

Why Do People Love NFL Crypto Betting?

The best sports betting crypto site provides more than one good element. It should offer the top five factors mentioned below –

Fun to play with different Football Matches

Bettors love the NFL for telecasting live games, including enthralling football matches. The matches are extremely fun to play, and they have only increased in recognition.

Hassle-Free Play

NFL season is generally an enthralling one and wagers on NFL can be fun and profitable with a hassle-free gaming experience.

Bonus and Promotion

NFL gambling site provides money, VIP rewards, generous bonus offers, and promotions just for the NFL playoffs or simply for joining the casino. It is a competitive industry, and the best way to keep the bettors enticed is by offering multiple bonus offers to them.

Best betting Odds

The best sportsbooks offer the best odds on an NFL casino. The odds of the best casino are usually higher than the industry average.

Welcome Bonuses & Deposit Boosts

According to NFL history, what made them popular are their welcome bonus offers and deposit boosts. Similar to online casinos that accept Bitcoin, whenever a bettor loads money, he receives an impressive welcome bonus to start NFL betting.

Key Features of NFL Crypto Betting Online Sportsbook

Signup Bonuses

A sportsbook gives a signup bonus for signing up on their site, and they range from matched free bets, risk-free bets, and matched deposit bonuses.

Competitive Crypto Betting NFL Odds

In the long run, A crypto bet is not a win for a bettor. But a bettor definitely has the best opportunity to win or limit his losses.


Any rational bettor would always look for the best promotions while choosing a crypto sportsbook. The best NFL team provides odd boosts on particular events.


The best crypto sportsbooks offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment method, including BTC and ETH.

Strong Security

The best online sportsbooks offer strong security and privacy features to make crypto betting reliable and secure.

NFL Betting Platforms

The rising popularity of NFL betting with cryptocurrency has made betting on NFL platforms all the more popular.

User Interface

A good user interface ensures no technical issues and a seamless gambling experience for all players.

Customer Service

Though it may seem simple, customer service is another essential factor that customers look for. Lack of customer support leads to payment issues, queries, and disputes, leading to lost customers and tarnished reputation.

Key Factors to Check Before Select Crypto NFL Betting Site

Placing bets on NFL is legal, where the gamblers can visit any state-regulated sportsbook and place a bet on the game. Shopping the betting lines implies checking several sportsbooks to know who pays out the maximum amount on the same bet.

A betting line is a form of wagering where a sportsbook sets the gambling odds and determines the underdog and favorite of a game. Many gambling sites provide valuable bonuses and other special offers and promotions, matching the initial deposit.

Additionally, the NFL sites accept a wide range of easy and instant payment options for deposits and withdrawals compared to traditional sites.

Guide, Tips & Strategy

There are multiple options to bet with crypto on NFL tips that may come in handy to those who are stepping into the world of football betting. Here is a guide that many require to have a crypto betting strategy.

Most Common Cryptocurrency NFL Betting Odds

NFL Moneyline Odds

NFL crypto money lines are the basic bets one can place while selecting which teams win the match at once. Depending on the winning probability, every team has a money line value allocated to them.

NFL Point Spread Odds

Like NFL money lines, a point spread bet is, also called spread betting, essentially levels the playing field and equals the chances of winning of both the teams who bet live in-play betting.

NFL Over/Under (Totals) Odds

NFL totals are the valued combined points achieved between the 2 teams during NFL games. If the oddsmakers estimate to score 48 total points markets in an NFL game, they set an NFL over/under at 48, and the bettors select whether the final outcome is over/under the point total.

Other Popular Football Bets

NFL Parlays

Parlays allow bettors to combine several bets to increase the potential payouts. So, the more bets in a parlay, the larger the payouts, but the higher the risk.

NFL Teasers

Teasers allow bettors to add and subtract a given number of points from the total or spread for NFL games but they must combine at least 2 or more bets.

NFL Prop Bets

Prop Bets are not focused on the final outcome but on the results from each player or team. For instance, the number of touchdowns a team scores or the total passing yard for every quarterback.

NFL Derivatives

Derivatives are a series of odds allocated to a game segment like the over/under or spread for the first quarter.

NFL Futures

Futures are the bets that have long-running outcomes instead of a single-match outcome, and hence, players can bet before the season begins.

How do you bet on the NFL?

There are several ways to bet on the NFL online. While betting on the National Football League, players can wager on bet types like the totals, point spread, and money line. Land-based sportsbooks provide a unique experience as players like to bet face to face in a social atmosphere, but online sportsbooks are way more convenient with low fees, the biggest range of payment options, and faster processes.

Tips and Strategies


They are consistently adjusting as soon as the online sportsbook posts them. A team always wants the best odds, and hence to determine the best time to place a bet is very valuable depending on line movement.

Key numbers

American football has a rigid scoring pattern with field goals of 3 points and touchdowns worth 7 points. This is why most NFL games are decided by 3, 6, 7, and 10 points.

Public betting & consensus

The public betting judgment is obtained from the NFL consensus for every game used to determine the causes of line moves or predict them.

Betting trends

These are situational patterns that repeat the same betting outcome, either against over/under or spread.

Home-field advantage

This is usually worth 3 points to the spreads, though the value is more public perception than calculated impact.


Weather also plays a major role in the final outcome of a game. For instance, autumn brings cold, rain, and wind. So, the season also decides how the teams perform.


Injuries of physical nature can greatly impact the NFL outcomes while betting.

Free picks

Choosing informed and reliable sources can help in molding NFL bets every week. Moreover, accumulating information from the free picks can help build confidence during a specific play.

Most Popular Football Leagues

  • American football league – NFL is considered the crown jewel of leagues with the biggest cash amounts always bet on NFL.
  • NCAA offers multiple options to bet with a smaller market cap that bettors love.
  • CFL is the biggest football betting in Canada that provides exciting and thrilling action games too.
  • XFL is more focused on the quality and substance of on-field products and emphasizes scoring, creating an intriguing betting site for football lovers.

How to Buy and Deposit Crypto in a Sportsbook

Convert fiat to crypto

Choose the best crypto exchange and deposit local fiat currency to convert fiat to crypto or to buy crypto from the exchange.

Make the payment to the bookie

Send the crypto to the bookie directly or move it to a wallet and then to a crypto betting website.

Depositing funds in a sportsbook

Send the funds from the wallet or exchange to deposit it in the sportsbook by pasting the wallet address and submitting the form in the bookie.

How to withdraw from Site?

Select cryptocurrency as a withdrawal method

Select a preferred method and enter the amount to be withdrawn among the various withdrawal options.

Transfer the winnings to your wallet

Once the Request Withdrawal tab is clicked, sportsbooks review the account information and start the process. Users can also transfer their winnings to their crypto wallets and learn more about the crypto wallets for more information.

Cash-out your winnings

The withdrawal of winnings usually takes about 24 hours, but it mostly depends on the volume of winning requests they get at the time.

Is betting with NFL/Football trusted, secure and legal

Football betting and legislation – If a bettor is allowed to gamble with fiat, he is also allowed to gamble with cryptocurrencies. The sole difference lies in the winning taxation, as transactions processed with crypto coins are not regulated.

Do I pay taxes for crypto betting on the NFL? – In the US, every bettor is entitled to pay a 25% tax on winnings from NFL betting. This tax may increase to 30% if the bettor does not hand over his social security code to the sportsbook.


To sum up, the National Football League is a popular American football betting game played in the US, usually played with cryptocurrencies. HOWEVER, the NFL season is short compared to other sporting leagues, so the players need to act on it fast when it comes to NFL season betting.


Is Betting on the NFL Safe?

Yes, NFL betting is safe only if the bettors use a strong password, update antivirus, keep passwords safe, do not download shady files, and maintain the security of sports betting accounts.

Can I Earn Money With NFL Crypto Betting?

If you are an expert at crypto football betting, there is a definite chance of earning profits at NFL crypto betting. Bettors can get more opportunities to earn extra money as these casinos have more casino games and smaller pools.

Is Football Betting as Easy as Betting Other Sports?

Football betting is easy and the most betted on sports in this industry. It is believed to be as easy as betting on other sports.

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