Best NFL Bitcoin Betting Sites 2023: Bet on NFL With BTC

The National Football League is one of the most popular sporting leagues. The NFL stands first among the other sporting leagues because of its vast audience attendance. Its enormous popularity is the primary reason for becoming the most favored gambling option, which became a huge business opportunity for NFL bitcoin betting sites.

Due to its rising popularity worldwide among the NFL betting fan base, well-known gambling sites have started accepting crypto in their payment methods.

Best NFL Bitcoin Betting Sites For 2023

  1. Stake – Overall Best NFL BTC Betting Site
  2. BC.Game – Famous for Major NFL Betting Markets
  3. 1xBit – Sportsbook With Massive Odds & Lines
  4. BetUS – Regulated Betting Site for US Players
  5. Bons Casino – Welcome Bonus Upto 5000 USDT on 1st Deposit
  6. Bovada – Legit Site With High Limits on NFL Betting
  7. CoinPlay – Bettors Prime Choice for Placing NFL Bets
  8. MyStake – Offers Wide Banking Options & Fast Payouts
  9. Vave – End-to-end Crypto-based Casino
  10. Duelbits – Best for NFL Wagering Options

Points to Consider While Choosing the Best NFL Bitcoin Betting Sites

When choosing the best NFL Bitcoin betting sites, there are several essential points to consider. Here are some key factors you should take into account:

Country Regulations

Before starting the journey of sports betting, one should research the acceptance and legal approval of Bitcoins in their country, along with gambling laws. As the NFL is an American league, it is a very popular option for gamblers to gamble on.


The mode of transaction or payment is the key aspect of the online gambling industry. Customers should always look that the gambling site or the sportsbook has plenty of options to make Bitcoin deposits online. The payment options should be easy and simple for the users to understand. Equal importance should also be given to the withdrawal options, and it should be quick and without any withdrawal fees. Assessing these aspects of a sportsbook is crucial for users to bet on the NFL correctly.

Offers and Promotions

The sports betting sites offer appealing bonuses and promotional offers when users sign-up for the first time and make a deposit. These are a welcome bonus, reload bonus, cashback bonus on deposit, and many other types of Bitcoin bonuses. The amount of bonus on each deposit may differ from site to site. Best gambling sites also offer exclusive promotions on deposits as well as withdrawals.

Customer Support

Customer service is one of the most underrated facilities until it is needed. Customer service is a sign that the sportsbook is good and trusted. The purpose of the customer service is to help customers navigate through the sportsbook or online betting site. Customer service bridges the gap between the customer and the sportsbooks.

Security Measures

Before entrusting the gambling site with personal details and funds, one should consider security measures. Following attributes are the sign of safe and secure gambling sites:-

  • Regulation and Licensing
  • Reputation and History
  • Segregation of Funds
  • Technology and Software
  • Banking Options and Efficiency

Why Use Bitcoin for NFL Betting?

There are several reasons why using Bitcoin for NFL betting can be advantageous:

Transactions Speeds
Bitcoin is known for its lightning-fast transaction speed. Using Bitcoin for NFL Betting is quick and easy, like making a payment by an online application. The process is easy to follow, and Punters just need to recharge their gambling wallets.

Low Fees
Many crypto betting sites charge lower fees for making deposits and withdrawals, which helps punters increase their stakes. Some sites do not levy any fee when the punters withdraw Bitcoin from their accounts.

Many people want to keep gambling a private affair. The Bitcoin betting sites maintain confidentiality and hold the name of the bettor anonymous. The Blockchain Technology of cryptocurrencies keeps private information safe from fraudulent activities.

Higher Limits
With Bitcoin, gamblers can place bets bigger when compared to other conventional payment methods. The users can also utilize the bonus amount in the same game to enhance their earnings.

Most sports betting sites offer generous Bitcoin bonuses and promotional offers when punters use crypto in NFL crypto betting. Some of the most common bonuses are a welcome bonus, 100% deposit bonus, reload bonus, cashback bonus, and many more.

How Does NFL Bitcoin Betting Work?

Since the introduction of Bitcoin, a new gambling craze has been prevalent. Online casinos have started accepting crypto as the primary payment method. After the legal acceptance of Bitcoin in the USA, a massive jump in NFL bets has been recorded. Games like NFL betting, College Football betting, etc., have risen in popularity. In some ways, college football betting and NHL betting look the same, but they do have some differences. College football is assumed to have a higher scoring and less predictable.

The bettors need to transfer to and from an online sportsbook to place bets on NFL betting games. Online sportsbooks offer many bonuses and promotions that have led to the expansion of the usage of Bitcoin to bet on NFL games. To bet on top crypto games leagues like the NFL hikes up during the sessions. The bettors can use various cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, etc. Offshore sports betting sites (sites based out of the USA) bag down a lot of profit. It needs an elementary deposit on the online sportsbooks to bet on NFL games.

Is Betting NFL With Bitcoin Legal?

Yes, it is legal to use Bitcoin to bet on NFL games. Since Bitcoin has gained popularity, it has become effortless for wagerers to use Bitcoin for gambling. The users have started choosing Bitcoin to wager on NFL because of its fast transaction speed, minimal fee charges, and an opportunity to get generous bonuses after making a deposit, like a welcome bonus and deposit bonus. Different countries have different sets of rules regarding the acceptance of cryptocurrency.

NFL BTC Betting Vs. Regular NFL Betting Experience

There are many advantages of NFL betting with Bitcoin as compared to real money. Speedy transactions are one of the most favorable advantages of using this digital currency. Out of all the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin gained the highest popularity in the gambling industry. It doesn’t charge processing fees which maximizes the amount of bet.

Many bettors like to be anonymous while gambling, and Bitcoin keep their names anonymous. To gamble with Bitcoin, one is required to make a cryptocurrency exchange account.

Regular NFL betting sites operate within the regulatory frameworks of specific jurisdictions, and platforms must adhere to legal requirements. Bitcoin betting may have a more decentralized and less regulated nature, presenting advantages and potential risks.

The range of betting options and betting limits can vary between NFL BTC betting sites and traditional sportsbooks. It’s essential to research and compare the offerings of different platforms to ensure they meet your preferences and requirements.

Pros and Cons of NFL Bitcoin Betting Sites

Pros Cons
The advantage of using Bitcoin is that it does not include processing charges while other sports betting sites charge processing fees. The first and foremost disadvantage of Bitcoin is that it is not regulated, due to which many countries have banned its use.
The anonymity maintained by the NFL Bitcoin betting sites can not be surpassed. Another one is its accessibility, and It can be costly, exchanging real money into Bitcoin.
Another factor that serves as an advantage, they offer welcome bonuses with fewer rollover requirements. The bettor gets opportunities to earn more profits and withdraw more money. Some sportsbooks that offer NFL betting with Bitcoin keep a minimum deposit condition which may sometimes become a problem for new gamblers.
The users get lightning-fast speed when they withdraw their funds.

Types of NFL Bets

There are several types of bets players can place at NFL bitcoin bettng sites, each offering its own unique dynamics and potential for winning. Here are some common types of NFL bets:

One of the most popular and simple bet among NFL bet types to understand. The only task for the bettor is to calculate the probability of which team will win the NFL game. The wagers don’t have to worry about the point spread. In the Moneyline bet, there is one favorite, and one is the underdog. The odds with minus sign is used in front of the favorite, and the odds with plus is used before the underdogs. The best thing about the Moneyline bet is that the favorite does not need to win with a specific margin.

Point Spreads
Another popular way to bet on sports is point spread, which provides better opportunities at earning consistent returns by providing equal odds. It is great for both single and parlay bets, and it gives a handicap to equalize the chances of both sides winning the game. The match’s final result requires one team to win by a margin of victory.

Over or Under Bet
When making sports wagers, a quite popular way is to bet on the over or under points of the total game. It is one of bet types of NFL prop bets placed on the offense or defense. The wagering is done based on research done by the oddsmakers; after the research is complete total points of over or under are released. Based on those points, the bettor predicts whether the combined score of both teams will be greater than or less than a particular number.

The parlay bet is an all-win or lose situation; to win the bet, you need to win all the games; if one game is lost, so is the bettor’s money. If all the picks win the match, the bettor can draw millions by parlay bets. In the case of a push or tie, the amount is reduced, and a push doesn’t signify the loss; the grades are reduced from the winnings. The parlay bets are highly appealing due to the high return on investment.

Draw No Bet
The punter bets on the team in a Draw No Bet. It is one of the best NFL bets in bet types as it creates a win-win case where if the team wins the match, but if the match results in a draw, the real money is refunded to the bettor. The bet is a loss if the backed team loses the game.

Proposition Bet
This bet is placed on a specific player or a specific aspect of the game. Prop bets are best for beginners in crypto sportsbooks, as they need not do any deep research for it.

NFL Bitcoin Betting Guide: Everything That You Should Know!

Sports betting involves various dimensions that a player should first consider and research. The league is enormously covered by various online or offline sportsbooks, offshore sportsbooks, casinos, etc. One should search, and list markets for every game, availability of props, US players, NFL teams, etc.

How to Start With NFL Bitcoin Betting?

Find a Good Site

Various football betting sites cover the league, but figuring out which one is the best can be tedious. Here are a few points to consider when you are thinking to pick the best site for your NFL bitcoin betting:

  • Payment mode
  • Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals
  • Customer services
  • Activity on Social Media Channels
  • Software Credibility
  • Processing Fees
  • Bonus offers, like deposit bonus, reload bonus on deposit, welcome bonus, etc.

Check Availability

After deciding on a website, the next thing to do is to check the available countries, as most NFL Bitcoin betting sites categorize some countries as non-operational. The list varies from site to site. The users can find this list in official documents or FAQ sections of the sportsbook; if it’s not there, they can contact their operator directly.

Get a Crypto Wallet

A crypto wallet is the ledger of the cryptocurrency. The wallet is used to make deposits and Bitcoin withdrawals. It is necessary to have a crypto wallet because the wallet’s balance is used for football betting. Fiat currencies can also be transferred to these crypto wallets, and the exchange is done.


After getting the crypto wallet, the bettor must register on the best NFL Bitcoin betting sites or other online gambling casinos. After the registration, transfer the Bitcoin from the wallet to the registered account. After completing the whole process, one can start wagering money on NFL.

Bet and Win 

After performing the steps mentioned above, the last thing to do is pick up your best odds and start betting.

What Can You Place NFL BTC Bets On?

One can bet on a number of things on an NFL BTC betting site; some of them are:-

Result of the Match
One can choose to play a bet on the final results of the match. They can predict who will win the game rather than the score or goal of any team. The options available for placing the bet on the result are as follows:

  • The first team wins
  • The second team wins
  • Draw
  • The first team wins or draw
  • The second team wins or draw
  • One of the team wins the match

The Number of Goals
Apart from betting on the match results, one can also choose to bet on the number of goals a team is going to score. This bet is a bit risky compared to the previous one but gives better winning.

Live Matches
There is also an option of playing a bet on live matches on the sportsbooks. One can play bets during live casino games like poker room on the score or number of goals, which team will win, etc. The odds of winning keep changing in a live match, so always check the odds before betting.

Correct Score
Apart from predicting the number of goals, one can also bet on the exact final score of the game. This is a problematic bet, but the winning amount is also very high.

Secret Tips to Win More at NFL Bitcoin Betting Sites

Bet With Your Head, Not Your Heart

Many bettors find it challenging to control their feelings when wagering at NFL bitcoin betting sites. We all have personal biases and need to put aside our preferences, whether for a favorite team or one we dislike, which is important before betting.

The most straightforward approach to making best bets is to be more impartial. It’s a great pleasure to support your favorite team, but it’s not so much fun to lose money in the process. Be aware of your biases and avoid selections based on favoritism.

Pay Attention to Where the Game Is Played

Home-field advantage is significant, and it is even more essential in some stadiums. When betting, do your research by comparing each team’s home vs. away record.

Knowing where and when the teams played the previous week is also an essential criterion. Some teams will be at a clear disadvantage. All of this information is highly beneficial for NFL bettors.

Know the Individual Matchups

Football is widely considered an ultimate team sport, but certain matchups could significantly impact a game’s outcome. A bad offensive lineman, for example, should not be expected to perform well against the league’s best edge rushers. Keep a close eye out for significant skill differences between players who will be competing against each other.

Coaches are also the most critical matches to consider for NFL gamblers. Every coach employs repeating strategies that perform brilliantly against certain opponents while failing miserably against others. Coaches get to know one another’s game plans while football betting, and some are better at reacting to these strategic concerns than others.

Know More than Just the Trends

When betting on NFL games, it’s not wrong to follow the trends – patterns could provide valuable information. When analyzing statistical trends, the sharpest bettors always look at the context behind the numbers. When developing their football betting strategy, the sharpest bettors always consider the background behind the numbers.

Check the Injury Reports

As previously stated, football is the ultimate team sport, and even slight changes can throw the entire team off. Make sure you know which players have missed training this week, their status for the upcoming game, and their position on the squad.

Because team injury reports can be a little vague, checking the social media accounts of reporters is always a good idea. They might not inform you what the best football bets are, but they will frequently supply additional information to assist you in adequate evaluation.

Take Caution with Divisional Matchups

When teams face each other often in the NFL season, they get to know each other well. Even though one team appears to be better on paper, divisional matchups are sometimes better than anticipated. This makes them excellent picks for betting on the NFL point spread, but they can be unsafe Moneyline bets.

Don’t Fall in Love with Value

Betting on the underdog on the Moneyline can be profitable, but you must first understand why the odds are lengthy. Make sure you have specific reasons and logic for betting on an underdog on the Moneyline.

When creating parlays and teasers, you must also be cautious and not overburden them with activities. In comparison to other sports, NFL teams are often evenly matched, making it far too complex to predict the outcome of more than a few games correctly.

Monitor the Lines Throughout the Week

A significant component of increasing your chances is keeping track of the betting lines throughout the week. Some Bitcoin sportsbook sites provide better NFL odds, and the odds can vary as the week proceeds. It’s essential to remember the impact of public perception in this situation.

If you’re going to bet against the crowd, wait for the line to shift in your favor because of emotional bettors. If you’re betting on a public team, taking an early line is probably one of the best options.

Consider the Markets

The NFL sportsbooks have various teams and players on which the punters can place bets before the NFL season. The Green Bay, New England Patriots, and Chicago Bears are some of the most successful NFL teams in their history. They can also bet on NFL futures and outrights like the Superbowl winner. Live betting, also known as in-play betting, is an exciting option for competent bettors.

Line Shopping

A line in crypto wagering is a list of bets that a sports betting site offers for a particular sport. An ideal wager line contains general outcomes, like the first/second team to win, whether the match will result in a draw, double chances, handicaps, etc. The gamers should compare different bookmakers before making a bet.

Money/Bankroll Management

Exercising money management is very important to utilize your resources while making wagers, just like the gamblers do for casino games. It is necessary to set a bankroll limit, and the wagers unit should be one percent of the bankroll. There is no need to go overboard with the wagering amount, and the users need to slow down and not chase their losses.

Diversify the Gambling Portfolio

Betting on the Moneyline, the spread, and game totals can be profitable. Knowing all the different bets you can make is critical to your success. You can wager on other spreads or purchase and sell points at many sportsbooks. Alternative betting markets, such as player props and live betting, can provide good value. Future bets on the NFL are fun to watch, but they’re typically hard to predict.

A Quick Look at the Rules of NFL Bitcoin Betting

The rules and regulations of BTC gambling sites are dissimilar to traditional mechanisms. Basic rules are mostly the same in both, but with crypto comes some other complexities like the internal rules of casinos, verification policies, etc. With some football betting sites, gamblers may face the issue of minimum amount criteria. Another rule nowadays at sites of football betting is that bettors can make a withdrawal in the same manner they made the deposit. This rule is followed very strictly to curb money laundering practices.

Deposits and Withdrawals at NFL Bitcoin Betting Sites

Deposit Process

The process is quite simple and easy to follow. Select a crypto wagering site and complete the registration to be a member. Next, connect the e-wallet holding the cryptocurrency with the website and transaction. Some gambling sites offer a bonus to their players on the first deposit and further deposits as well.

Withdrawal Process

The process of withdrawing the winnings is very similar to making a deposit. The users need to log in and go to the payment section, where they will get the option of withdrawal. After clicking on withdrawal, enter the digital wallet address and withdraw the money.

Wagering Requirements of Online NFL BTC Betting

Before starting betting, the players should check whether the football betting site has any wagering requirements or not. Though it may not apply to all sites, some wagering requirements need to be satisfied if the player wants to benefit from multiple perks available on the casino. It may also be one of the conditions in deciding the bonus eligibility of the first, second, third, and fourth matches.

The minimum limit may be as low as 10X for casinos that accept Bitcoin, and the maximum may go up to 70X. This condition helps the casinos eliminate the number of potential candidates eligible to get a minimum welcome bonus.

Is It Worth to Bet on NFL With Bitcoin?

Betting is a game of risk, and BTC betting has its share of issues and speculations. However, its benefits outweigh the disadvantages, which help gamblers take calculated risks to enhance their profits. Some of the main factors proving this point are as follows:-

  • Players’ anonymity remains safe as crypto transactions are wholly private, and their origin cannot be traced.
  • Who doesn’t love the lightning-fast transaction speed that comes with the usage of Bitcoin?
  • Another factor adding to the benefits of Bitcoin betting is that most casinos offer a massive welcome bonus, First deposit bonus, reload bonus, etc., and exciting promotional offers to increase their customer base.
  • Renowned and established platforms offer provably fair gaming mechanisms that negate any chances of nefarious activities.
  • Many games are available to meet gamblers’ increasing demand worldwide.
  • Last but not least is that, crypto betting platforms offer appealing graphics and an enriching user interface that keeps the user’s interest hooked to the site from the starting to the end.

Future Scope of NFL Betting Bitcoin

The future of Bitcoin is still hazy and unclear. While many countries are coming ahead to accept it, some have downright banned it. Witnessing the recent surge in its popularity, one can say that its usage is increasing daily. It’s not very far from where one can expect Bitcoin betting to grow manifolds.

Recently, the cryptocurrency broke all records when it surpassed its previous highest, so one can deduce that the world is transitioning towards a decentralized financial system.


Finally, we can say that NFL Bitcoin betting can be highly risky if one does not know what they are doing. Sometimes players lose a lot of money due to beginner’s luck as it is a one-time shot only. So, newcomers should first make themselves aware of all aspects of the game and only then indulge in it. Once they get the hang of the game, it may prove to be highly profitable and entertaining at the same time.

Hence, it is not wrong to say that Bitcoin betting can significantly increase one’s income in a short period. They just need to make sure that all bets are placed after thorough research and analysis as monetary risk is high in this game. The betting portfolio should be diversified to minimize the risk factor.


Is Betting NFL with Bitcoin Safe?

Yes, NFL Bitcoin betting is safe. The users must only go with licensed and reliable sportsbooks.

Are NFL Bitcoin Betting Sites Legal in the US and UK?

Yes, the legality of NFL Bitcoin betting sites in the US and UK can vary depending on the specific laws and regulations of each jurisdiction.

Is NFL BTC Betting Profitable?

Yes, NFL bets are profitable compared to traditional methods of gambling. Lower fee charges and transparency help punters in maintaining their funds properly.

How Are NFL Betting Odds Determined?

The various aspects of the game determine the odds of betting. The oddsmakers do thorough research and analysis before predicting the points.

Which Bet Works Best in the NFL?

The best bet in the NFL is a Double Chance bet. This type of bet reduces the risk factor significantly as players get to win two out of three possibilities.

Can You Make Money Betting on NFL?

Yes, the users can make a good amount of money from NFL betting, and they just need to have patience while playing to maintain winning consistency.

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