Best Stellar Sports Betting Sites 2023 – Top Sites to Bet With XLM

What Is Stellar Sports Betting?

Stellar sports betting refers to the process of gambling on sports using Stellar Lumens. Stellar lumens, or simply Stellar, is an open network/ protocol that enables individuals to transfer money online or make payments for gambling to sports betting sites.

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Stellar is primarily used for transferring digital money to fiat currencies, especially for sports betting. There are various top XLM sports betting sites that accept Stellar lumens from players who want to bet on their platforms. The individuals who wish to use Stellar sports betting can buy Stellar Lumens and use them to pay for their betting account.

Online gambling has led to the popularity of Stellar and it also forms a huge part of their user base of Stellar lumens coin. Most of the leading international betting sites accept this mode of payment but the ease of access for stellar deposits (i.e. stellar sports betting deposits) and stellar transactions might vary from platform to platform.

Ever since its inception, Stellar has become quite reputable due to the convenient and unparalleled services that it offers.

Quick transfers, a comfort level of credit cards, other methods to get same-day withdrawals or payouts for players, and an efficient experience along with reliability. The withdrawals, cryptocurrency deposits, and every bonus related to stellar usually have more level of comfort to it. As all of these withdrawals, deposits, and every bonus are sent instantly, the fast transfers provide something that is hard to hear in the domain of sports betting (regardless of withdrawals or deposits).

How Does Betting with Stellar Work?

The service that is offered by Stellar is not only one with high standards of security but also that counts on every benefit it has. As mentioned above, Stellar is essentially a digital money transfer (from any fiat currency) and transfer protocol that offers the anonymity of a cryptocurrency and yet being highly accepted and regulated as a traditional financial system. Stellar Lumens are the lumen coins of the network and these can be stored in stellar wallets. A stellar wallet would be similar to a Bitcoin cash wallet and can be used for transfers to the sites that accept stellar.

The cryptocurrency coin has been compared to money orders due to the high reliability that it delivers while still hovering a little above the crypto scene. Crypto users can bet on sports with fiat currency money, used through the cryptocurrency XLM. XLM deposit(s) are increasing in circulation with the value grossing in billions of dollars which is a result of the rising stellar users for betting with cryptocurrency on various games online.

Stellar Lumens can also be used with a casino (any casino that has a sportsbook as well) without the need for a bank transfer (or money orders) and bet on games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, etc.

When it comes to an XLM withdrawal(s) from online sportsbooks, it is easy to use stellar payouts from the online betting sites that allow customers to receive stellar payouts, and have them transferred either to the stellar wallet or any other stellar wallets that have the provision to store the cryptocurrency i.e. Stellar Lumens.

Crypto deposit(s) are the most common payment method albeit XLM deposit(s) might not be available in some regions due to the lack of a supported stellar wallet. Other methods for deposits include credit card or debit card that can be used to purchase the Lumen coins or use them on the stellar gambling site directly.

How to Place a Bet Using Stellar XLM?

How to get started with online sports betting Stellar

In most countries, the way to use Stellar for sports betting is very easy and can be done even by beginners who want to bet on sports or other traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, etc. although it is primarily based on betting on sports but still works well with any compatible casinos.

Interested players can make use of this network of the crypto space by firstly getting some of the lumen coins and that is possible either through their website or exchanging them from cryptocurrency exchanges that accept stellar lumens.

After getting money in the stellar software wallets, players can start to add online sports betting deposits from a platform/casino of their choice that accepts stellar lumens from the betting account. The next step would be to register on the online sports betting casino or sportsbooks that supports the lumen coins as a payment method.

Once the users have made XLM deposits, sports bettors can start to place their bets. Once the players gather a substantial amount, they can withdraw their profits and the stellar payouts come with impressive transfer speed – including same-day payouts and same day withdrawals.

The Unique Perks of Stellar Sports Betting

Transaction Speed

As aforementioned, the average speed of transfers for sports betting with Stellar can be as quick as same-day payouts in the case customers have amassed a significant amount of winnings. Best crypto gambling site is usually not as fast as a physical casino but the fast speed of transfers where the algorithm acts with proof of work is how Stellar lumens bridge the gap of limitations of the new normal platform/casino for best online sportsbooks.

XLM sports betting is able to outdo the payment speed of the best online sportsbooks when integrated well within the platform/casino and the users know more than merely the basics.

Near to Zero Fees

While buying value for other cryptos’ stellar lumens might work, there is a small fee that is charged by the protocol that would form the main revenue stream for the network and help in its further development and governance.

However, the fees are quite low and competitive, which further takes away the hassle of being worried about the fees charged for the usage of stellar lumens.

The fees are quite low even in traditional casino games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, etc. Still, the worse odds compared to sports tend to be the best odds for gambling with cryptocurrency over traditional banking methods or other methods (such as money orders) that have higher fees, especially with a casino with high wagering requirements.

100% Deposit Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for the crypto coins or any XLM deposit is 100% (and instant deposits) and the experience at gambling sites get improved because of this feature. Stellar deposit option being this inclusive certainly means more and more international betting sites are adopting support for the stellar and its reputable platform functionalities.

No Third Party

Since the Stellar lumens can directly be paid to the platform/casino that accepts the best stellar lumens (from every registered betting account) through a secure network for transfers. This implies the transaction would be free from any third party and thus, it eliminates the risk of vulnerabilities and contingencies.

The average review for the service of stellar is that every advantage can be intuitively used and maintain a playing environment that is also free of slow exchanges due to its instant nature. Many players or gamblers have been using this platform to directly interact with the best crypto sports betting sites, even for roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, etc. (or popular titles owned by a casino) in addition to just betting on sports with crypto deposits.

Anonymous Transactions

Individuals who are concerned with privacy can be assured about the anonymity of the platform that goes on with betting lumen coins and there are bonuses with the features of Stellar. New players can also get the benefits of all the promotions and every bonus/ all bonuses without giving up all their credentials, even if the protocol is reputable for XLM withdrawal(s) as well.

With some platforms/ casino(s), the individuals might have to enter their details before being able to take out or receive stellar payouts (apart from the same-day withdrawals).

Stellar Sports Betting Bonuses

Stellar sports betting bonuses are among the most common things that entice bettors. Online XLM sports betting deposits too have some perks associated with them such as the boosts the brands offer to bump the bankroll of the individuals who wish to wager.

Making XLM deposits (also known as stellar sports betting deposits) with the XLM tokens on any platform/casino usually tends to be cheaper than the crypto gambling sites which lack the support thereof. Also before one decides to purchase stellar, it is recommended to check the stellar coin price prediction (XLM) which might fluctuate as per the crypto market similar to other cryptocurrencies.

Key Features of Sportsbooks with Stellar Compatibility

Stellar sportsbooks are generally the ones that support all major payment measures including stellar cryptocurrency. Stellar cryptocurrency payments are one of the best and fastest in their class and can offer same-day withdrawals.

Buying lumens coins (XLM) through any of the transactions from a crypto exchange are the only place where fees are to be considered as the protocol itself charges a negligible amount of fees (with no hidden or added fees).

In order to get stellar cryptocurrency, some platforms/ casino(s) have the measures to swap them for other popular cryptocurrencies before wagering on a sports betting site.

The crypto deposits using Stellar seem to bring lucrative deals for the players wagering in sports betting. The best stellar platform/ casino would be the one that has ongoing promotional offers and bonuses for the same and these tend to also offer a solution for mobile devices.

The Stellar lumens can be easily stored in stellar wallets (any hardware wallet is excluded from this mention) that are very user-friendly and work without any unexpected issues or trouble when someone has to deposit or receive stellar payouts.

Online XLM sports betting deposits using Stellar lumens also bring numerous bonuses and rewards (bonus or bonuses) through ongoing promotions and these are usually applicable on the playing sites which focus on cryptocurrency gambling and also have options such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, etc. as they provide a total solution for a casino and betting on sports.

Stellar Sportsbook vs. Traditional Sportsbook

Stellar sports betting deposits are much faster as compared to traditional sportsbooks and can even be as convenient as credit cards with same-day payments, simple processes for payments, etc.

Being based on the cryptocurrency model, the XLM withdrawal is also just as quick and might even offer almost instant payments in some cases. Although an XLM fast withdrawals are bound to be charged by the playing platform/casino itself and not the protocol.

The stellar sportsbook can be used with other payment methods (or any deposit method) as well but the conventional sportsbook couldn’t always incorporate newer technologies like cryptocurrency and because they are digital in nature, they come with an unrivaled set of traits that enable the bettors to wager as they wish from the comfort of their home or remote play using stellar lumens.

Crypto-based betting also comes with an XLM bonus (or bonuses) for every betting account on the supported online gambling hubs. Traditional sportsbooks were not able to manage casino titles (for instance roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, etc.) to a large extent and international betting sites are ideally positioned to give this model of wagering a slight push.

Stellar Sports Betting – The basics

Stellar’s Technology, Current situation, and Future

The technology and architecture behind Stellar sports betting can be described as refined and futuristic. The platform has an open network and this can be easily used to move or store money by beginners or experts alike.

Online gambling can harness the benefits that come once one buys stellar lumens (XLM) for online sports betting. In its launch – in 2014, the online sports betting system was among the top 20 platforms for most trades, with a market capitalization of around $10 Billion (far greater than the industry average).

The relative growth in the stellar lumens price of the XLM token is proof that it would expand more while the platform evolves to keep up with the simplicity it delivers. It caters to the diverse needs of the individuals who are trying to optimize their experience of online sports betting from a betting account with any of the supported sportsbooks of online casinos. You can enjoy casino games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, etc., at casinos with Bitcoin with low deposits.

How to Buy and Deposit XLM in a Sportsbook

The process of buying and depositing XLM (after a basic deposit amount) in the sportsbook of choice takes only a few easy steps. First and foremost, the task starts with the conversion of the fiat currency to Stellar for the deposit by buying XLM from an exchange for the purpose of online sports betting from a betting account with the platform/casino that supports XLM.

After selecting to deposit funds through Stellar on the Stellar online sports betting site, the coins would be sent from the stellar network to the sportsbook and the players can wager using the funds that were deposited in just a few seconds into their accounts.

How to withdraw from a Stellar Betting Site

Moving to the next phase, Stellar withdrawals would be how the players would be able to encash their wins. Stellar withdrawals are usually fast and can be done swiftly. Stellar bettors can choose XLM as the withdrawal option on the gambling site and after entering the wallet address (if not already entered), the funds would be sent to the crypto-wallets.

Last would be to cash out the winnings that were once a part of the winner’s stellar withdrawals (offering same-day withdrawals). The best online sportsbooks like bitcoin sportsbook either have very negligible or nominal fees.

Is betting with Stellar trusted, secure and legal

Stellar has been able to stay among the list of trusted networks and has managed to stay away from any incriminating or unwelcome incidents.

The platform for sports betting with a casino complies with the governance rules of the cryptocurrency industry. While the legality isn’t clear in all of the places of its operation, the websites whose availability decides the possibility of the use of Stellar for crypto deposits.


Stellar Lumens (XLM) are highly incentivized and lucrative products when it comes to betting on sports or other casino games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, etc.

The unique offerings that it brings to the table are hard to overlook and the trade volume acts as a token of credibility for the players all around.

A 100% acceptance rate on any deposit also helps make a greater case for stellar. For the individuals who are either interested in the traditional wagering games (like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, etc.) or sports betting and are also looking to wager or gamble through crypto, it would serve as a great platform for moving money to any accepting casino without introducing complexities to the mix.


Is it safe to gamble with Stellar (XLM)?

XLM serves as the token which is the cryptocurrency of Stellar. It is accepted by many sites and can be regarded as safer than the alternatives in most cases (mostly the sites that have other altcoins accepted as well). XLM can also be used for online casinos with card games such as Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, etc.

What Sports Can I Bet On With Stellar?

The sports available for the people to bet on are something that is decided by the site that accepts XLM but the common list includes football, basketball, and conventional card games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, etc.

How does Stellar differ from Bitcoin?

The major difference in Stellar from Bitcoin is that this currency is highly accepted in casinos and uses the algorithm of proof-of-work and not proof-of-stake. Another key difference lies in the market cap of both of these altcoins.

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