Best UFC Bitcoin Betting Sites 2023: Bet on UFC With BTC!

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is one championship where the best fighters participate in cut-throat competitions. As the popularity of both the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and bitcoin continues to soar, the emergence of UFC Bitcoin Betting has revolutionized the way fans can engage with their favorite fighters and events. Whether you’re a passionate UFC enthusiast or a cryptocurrency aficionado, get ready to step into this one of the best betting arena. Read on this article as it highlights the best UFC Bitcoin betting sites, guide to choose them, and much more.

List of UFC Bitcoin Betting Sites Available in Your Country

Luckyblock 9.5/10
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BetOnline.Ag 9.5/10
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Bovada 9.5/10
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MyStake 9.5/10
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BetUs 9.4/10
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FortuneJack 9.4/10
Visit Website 9.4/10
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Jazz Sports 9.3/10
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Looslines 9.3/10
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Mybookie 9.2/10
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10 Best UFC Bitcoin Betting Sites to Bet on MMA

  1. Vave – Bet on UFC with Bitcoin For Competitive Odds

  2. Stake – Best Bitcoin UFC Betting Platform

  3. 1xBit – Pre-match Betting on UFC

  4. BC.Game – Ideal Site With Quick Bet Feature

  5. Bons Casino – Welcome Bonus Upto 5000 USDT for First Deposit

  6. – Up to $1K on UFC Bets

  7. BetUS – Safest Site For Bitcoin Betting on UFC

  8. CoinPlay – Wholesome Sports-specific Bonuses

  9. – Live Bitcoin UFC Bets Available

  10. Duelbits – Zero Margin Sports Bets With BTC

Points to Consider While Choosing Best UFC Bitcoin Betting Sites

All bettors ready to wager on fighters of UFC fight styles should consider several crucial factors before starting to bet on the specific best UFC Bitcoin betting sites. Here are some of them:-


Before you are ready to place real money or free bets on a UFC fighting styles, it is very important to ensure whether the specific BTC betting sites support your country.

Customer Support

One can never have a positive experience on a sportsbook site unless there is a 24/7 responsive customer support team to resolve any potential issues. The modern MMA matches organizations provide Email address and telephone number of customer support team to contact them.


Please ensure that a sportsbook platform offers Bitcoin as well as other digital currency like ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, CAD, etc.

Offers and Promotions

A good UFC sportsbook online platform would offer a variety of tantalizing offers and promotions such as welcome bonus, boost bonuses, VIP experiences, and other perks with bonus codes.

Security Measures

All new bettors should choose crypto casinos featuring failsafe security measures like SSL encryption and a 2FA (two-factor authentication).

Why Use Bitcoin for UFC Betting?

The growing inclination of UFC buffs for the Ultimate Fighting Championship fights is accelerating the gambling wheel globally, even in other best bitcoin sports betting sites. Wagering on UFC sporting events, fighter(s), and freerolls deposit matches further grabs gamblers’ attention who want to earn a profit on best UFC bitcoin betting sites. Here are a few reasons to pay attention to before using Bitcoin to wager on this championship:-

Bet Anywhere

Location does not matter when wagering on fighters with Bitcoin in the UFC matches. It is an easy way of raking in Bitcoin cash. There is no hassle to switch to another currency frequently or fret over currency conversion rates. Simply deposit your Bitcoin cash funds and give your bets a go.

Lightning Transactions

Bitcoin transactions are swift and secure, ensuring that the money is received instantly. Gamblers receive funds in only a few minutes instead of waiting for days or even weeks, which is generally the case with fiat currencies.

No Rules

Bitcoin is not governed by rules, as it is not handled by any government or financial bank. That means your funds stay in your online wallet until you do not want to transfer them. In fact, no rules and regulations can prevent you from depositing your funds to a Bitcoin sportsbook.

Nobody Passes Your Guard

Blockchain technology is failsafe and works effectively to protect your funds and data. Nobody gets past the blockchain; therefore, your data is not likely to be hacked.

Is UFC Bitcoin Betting Legal?

Yes, UFC Bitcoin betting is legit. Currently, no laws prevent a bettor (of a legit age) from placing Bitcoin bets on the UFC in a legit state. Bettors from across the world can bet on the UFC matches by choosing a safe, regulated online sportsbook.

If you are from the US, you would be pleased to learn that UFC wagering is legit in all 50 states. That being said, you can choose a UFC fight and fighters and place bets with real money discounting all the law-related concerns.

UFC BTC Betting Vs. Regular UFC Betting Experience

Bitcoin UFC and regular wagering vary with respect to the banking options. UFC Bitcoin wagering takes your innovative gaming experience to a more advanced level. Let’s take a look at a few striking differences below:-

Extensive Set-Up Process:- The set-up process is lengthy using conventional banking methods while creating a cryptocurrency wallet on a sportsbook site takes a lesser time to carry out.

Faster Transaction:- The transaction of UFC crypto betting with regards to deposits and withdrawals is made within a few winks. A transaction takes longer using traditional banking options.

Quantifying Stakes:- Bitcoin prices vary widely, and the variations depend on the impulses of investors. Thus, it is harder to quantify when it comes to ensuring exactly how much you are wagering. Fiat money can be easily quantified as it does not vary.

Limited Sites to Use:- With common banking options, all Bitcoin gambling sites operating in your country/region are available to you readily. With Betting Bitcoin on UFC fighters, your betting options are too restricted. 

Pros and Cons of UFC Bitcoin Betting

Pros Cons
Convenience to bet online from the comfort of your home. Some online sportsbooks restrict certain countries.
Crypto sports betting options are abundant. Not knowing how to make a deposit/withdrawal for a bonus can be a problem.
Bonuses and promotions are terrific. The minimum deposit funds on certain Bitcoin sites can be a hindrance at times.
Money transactions are very fast. BTC price varies every day.

Popular Types of UFC Bets

As a beginner, you should be familiar with the nitty-gritty of wagering before venturing into UFC wagering. In other words, to be ready to place and master bets and win the championship betting, you should know the types of UFC Bitcoin betting options available:-


A UFC Moneyline wager is a bet type in which a particular UFC fighter has the odds of winning the bout. If the fighter wins, you become a winner too!

Round Over/Under

The round over/under bet is another effective bet enabling wagerers to bet on how long the mixed martial arts fight will continue.

Go the Distance

This bet entails gamblers paying attention to whether a championship fight will reach the end of the ultimate round or be stopped before time.

Method of Victory

So you have a hunch that a specific UFC fight is going to end sooner or later? If yes, it is worth choosing the best ‘method of victory’.

Exact Round Finish

Using this bet, you need to resolve which round the mixed martial arts fight will conclude. If you assume the right outcome or see a good sign, you win big profit.


Parlay bets are wagers where you put together a group of individual bets into one single bet. If any of the parlay bet loses, the entire parlay loses.

Prop Bets

Using prop bets, you can bet on particular features of a UFC fight. It is dissimilar from the final score.

Winner of the Confrontation

It is the simplest market, it consists of predicting who will win the fight.

Duration of the Mixed Martial Arts Fight

This is another bet type that separates from the winner of the event, it is enough to predict how long the UFC fight night will last.


As the name indicates, this market bet predicts if the results will be equal.

A Quick Guide to UFC Bitcoin Betting

If you are currently dabbling in UFC and other sports betting, and want to place wagers for generating additional funds, then placing bets using BTC will definitely up your crypto game. Our guide will help you get started:-

How to Start With Bitcoin UFC Betting?

Choosing an ideal site for crypto betting with a wallet is the first step in placing bets on a UFC fight. There are several other steps, like finding a cryptocurrency wallet, registering on a site, and then doing MMA betting subsequently. Read on to know these in detail:-

Find a Legit UFC Bitcoin Betting Site

You must choose a good betting site by reading the reviews online and ensuring that the site holds an internationally-recognized license.

Check Availability

Before placing bets on a UFC event, check the availability for specific countries on the UFC BTC betting sites or you will not be able to place bets.

Get a Bitcoin Wallet

It is essential to have a BTC wallet on a sportsbook site when it comes to gambling with cryptocurrency. It is instrumental in making transactions – sending and receiving the currency.


After finding a reputable UFC BTC betting site, the next step you need to take is to register on it. You can do so by clicking the signup button located on every site.

Play and Win

After carrying out the registration process, it is time to play or place wagers on your favorite UFC team and hope for wins.

Most Common Ways to Bet on UFC

While UFC wagering has taken online betting markets by storm, most UFC BTC betting sites offer bettors the following types of most common bets:-

Betting on the Outcome:- Players have to bet on the outcome of a particular match where the odds of a draw are possible, along with a victory for one side or the other.

Betting on Submission:- Betting on submission involves wagering on the possibility of a mixed martial arts fight ending with one particular fighter submitting to his opponent.

Winning by the Round:- As per this bet, bettors need to bet on the possible round in which the match will conclude. It is characterized by the best odds for the first and second total rounds when it involves a three-round bout.

Deposits and Withdrawals at UFC Bitcoin Betting Sites

Many online other sports-based sportsbooks and casinos today accept Bitcoins to make deposits and withdrawals into and from their wallets, respectively. Let us look at the deposit and withdrawals processes of UFC bitcoin betting sites:-

Deposit Process

After selecting a casino, a player needs to complete the registration process to become a registered player. After taking the step, the player can deposit BTC directly into their wallets.

Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal process is similar to the deposit process in several ways. After logging into the site, the players can reach the payment methods section and hit the withdrawal button. It will enable you to withdraw the payouts deposited in your wallet. 

UFC BTC Betting Rules

The Bitcoin wagering rules are almost all the same as traditional wagering options, so whichever UFC fight you want to place a bet on, the wagering rules will not differ. For example, most UFC BTC betting sites designate the minimum value for placing wagers on all gambling activities. 

According to another Bitcoin UFC wagering rule, a winner can exclusively withdraw the winnings through the same setup and medium used for making deposits. This rule is maintained to put an upper limit on money laundering. 

Wagering Requirements of Online UFC BTC Betting

It is essential for players to meet the wagering requirements of online Bitcoin UFC wagering for getting various perks in an online casino. Meeting the wagering requirements is again a must to ensure eligibility for the first, second, third, and fourth match bonus.

The least wagering requirements in some online casinos that take Bitcoin could be as low as 10x, while it can be as high as 70x in other casinos. The bottom-line of these requirements is to largely cut down the number of users eligible for the bonus. 

Beginners Tips for Effective UFC Bitcoin Betting

Are you getting ready to bet on UFC fights for the first time with bitcoin but cannot muster enough courage or build up your confidence to do so easily? Well, here are some UFC betting strategies for beginners:-

Establish Your UFC Knowledge

If your knowledge about UFC is not enough or negligible, take out some time and update your knowledge of betting on UFC. It is important for you to keep in mind that not every bet disburses the same amount of money. At times, you will feel that your favorite fighters are about to win; albeit it is not a smart bet.

Don’t Bet Every Fight

The idea is for only betting on UFC fights which you feel will help you to rake in the profits. Don’t bet on each and every one of them. To be precise, it is wise for only betting on UFC matches fights that you feel will have a positive outcome for you and, when the odds hold up an optimistic predictable value move.

Don’t Fully Rely on Statistics

Viewing statistics frequently is a wise idea, yet they will not necessarily give you the true picture. Instead of first betting on UFC, try to watch UFC fight footage and look for the intangible assets that could exercise an impact on the ending of a fight. Also, ensure that you are viewing the right statistics.

Check Your Betting Slips for Accuracy

Whether you bet in person or make the most of Bitcoin UFC wagering sites, check your wagering slips for accuracy.

Shop Lines at the Top UFC BTC Betting Site

Before you place a bet on a UFC fighter fight, spare some time to look at a handful of various sportsbooks to ensure the betting odds they are offering.

Don’t Get Sucked Into a False Hype Train

Spectators are typically on cloud nine to see their favorite fighter or fighters fight. The excitement, at times, comes to pass as a result of the action, while other times, it comes from the backstories that take place out of the UFC’s octagon. Keep these in mind.

Perform Odds Comparisons

Scout online and give a performance on odds comparisons to come up with a sportsbook most suitable for NHL wagering.

Track Statistics and Records

A potential bettor looking to bet on UFC multiple fights of their favorite fighter must track the statistics and record the latest sporting UFC events and fights on a crypto sportsbook webpage.

Future Scope: UFC Betting with Bitcoin

With time, an increasing number of the best Bitcoin UFC betting sites all over the globe have started accepting and including cryptocurrencies in online gambling. With this in mind, the market for UFC Bitcoin betting is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the time to come. The appreciation of the prices of Bitcoin in recent times has only put forward a more powerful presence of the asset as the world gears up to make a change towards decentralized funds. As land-based casinos do not offer the advantages of online gambling, it is expected to grow.


UFC Bitcoin betting has taken the online gambling world by storm, and interestingly the level of competition it has is either nil or negligible. Bitcoin UFC wagering has a lot of betting options for users to choose from. These betting options typically range from live wagering games to table games, convenient banking options to promotions (like fight week) for their players. The best BTC UFC betting site that entail players to deposit Bitcoins generally have fast withdrawal along with other benefits.

Customers can sign up for the platforms and start making the most of the service, including the features through cryptocurrency, within a few minutes. Low to no fees, bonuses like welcome bonus, free spins, and perks are other advantages. All these make UFC Bitcoin betting the future of online gambling.


Is UFC BTC Betting Safe?

Yes, Ultimate Fighting Championship BTC gambling is safe. All players need to do is choose a reputed and licensed platform for playing.

Are UFC BTC Betting Sites Legal in US and UK?

The legality of UFC bitcoin sportsbook sites usually varies from location to location. In any case, there are some sportsbooks that allow US and UK players to bet.

What Is the Best UFC Bet You Can Make?

The best UFC bets are typically taken in as prop bets and futures bets, as a result of the payout, which is higher than conventional traditional wagering options. By picking them out, you will find the best odds among diverse other sportsbook sites.

When Is the Best Time to Place UFC Bets?

There is no best time to place your UFC bets online. You may choose whichever time suits you.

Who Are Some of the Top Names in UFC?

Some of the top names in the UFC include BJ Penn, Rashad Evans, Jon Jones, etc.


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