10 Best Ethereum Blackjack Sites 2023: Play Blackjack With ETH

If you’re a fan of Blackjack and intrigued by the advantages of cryptocurrency, you’re in for a treat. Many best Ethereum Blackjack sites offer a unique and thrilling gambling experience, combining the classic card game with the benefits of blockchain technology. From enhanced security and transparency to fast and anonymous transactions, these platforms provide a modern twist to traditional Blackjack. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, get ready to explore the world of online Ethereum Blackjack and embark on a journey of excitement and potential winnings.

10 Best Ethereum Blackjack Sites in 2023

  1. Lucky Block – Premium Casino & Sportsbook
  2. Stake – Trusted Platform With Huge Payment Options
  3. 1xBit – Ideal ETH Blackjack Site for Faster Withdrawals
  4. Empire.io – Best For Fast Deposit & Withdrawal Options
  5. BC.Game – Offers Provably Fair ETH Blackjack Games
  6. MyStake – Famous for Flexible User Interface
  7. Bets.io – Legit & Easy to Use Blackjack Site for All
  8. BetUS – Offers Top Tier Customer Support
  9. Metaspins – Popular For Huge Bonus Offerings
  10. Vave – Overall Safe Ethereum Blackjack Site

How To Find The Best Ethereum Blackjack Site?

To find the best Ethereum Blackjack site, consider the following factors:

  1. Country Restrictions: Verify if the chosen Ethereum Blackjack site accepts players from your country of residence. Some platforms may restrict certain jurisdictions, so it’s important to verify if you are eligible to play.
  2. Licensing and Safety: Ensure that your chosen website is licensed and regulated by appropriate regulatory authorities and has robust security measures in place to protect your funds and personal information.
  3. Ethereum Blackjack Games: Look for sites that offer a wide range of ETH Blackjack variants to cater to different preferences. Additionally, check if the platform offers other casino games or features you may be interested in.
  4. Bonuses and Promotions: Take note of the bonuses and promotions offered by top Ethereum Blackjack sites. Check the types and amounts of bonuses available, as well as the associated terms and conditions.
  5. Payment Options: Ensure that the ETH Blackjack site supports convenient and secure payment options for deposits and withdrawals. Look for platforms that offer a variety of payment methods, including Ethereum and possibly other cryptocurrencies or traditional currencies.
  6. Mobile Compatibility: If you prefer playing on mobile devices, check if the Blackjack site has a mobile-friendly platform or dedicated mobile app. A responsive and well-designed mobile interface allows you to enjoy Blackjack games on the go.

How Does the Best Ethereum Blackjack Casino Work?

Ethereum Blackjack runs on the Ethereum blockchain. This game was created by the Ethereum Foundation, which is looking to change how people enjoy taking part in online live crypto online casino frolics. It was created by Vitalik Buterin, one of the most well-known developers in the Blockchain space and co-founder of Ethereum, in late 2017.

Only one deck of cards is used in a blackjack casino. The basic strategy of online Ethereum Blackjack is to stack on either a black or red dice roll, which is both decided by random number generation. You must decide what number you will stack on before you roll your Ethereum dice. If you conquer, then you earn the number of ether tokens, and if you lose, the amount of ether tokens lost is what was wagered in the stack.

The player has to score twenty-one points in a blackjack casino. More precisely, twenty-one points is an ideal option. In crypto blackjack, it is advisable to collect the number of points as close as possible to this number. There is no definitive rule that says a player who scores more than 20 in this game automatically loses.

After a set of cards, they are compared with the dealer’s cards in blackjack in a live dealer casino. The situation is considered to be a winning one when the player’s points exceed the dealer’s points and the sum of points is less than or equal to 21. That is, in blackjack, the triumph is possible if the player scores 20, 19, etc. Even 13 points could be a winning combination.

How To Get Started With Ethereum Blackjack?

The first thing to do is install a software cryptocurrency wallet and open your Ethereum wallet. You will need to choose a wallet and deposit some ether as payment into it. Once you have installed the cryptocurrency wallet app, run the blackjack app from your browser by typing in ‘blackjack’ in the search bar of the software casino. You might see a pop-up that says there are no casino rounds available at the moment because you need an Ethereum wallet to open the game.

Click on ‘Create a new account.’ You’ll be asked to create a password to secure your account, type one in and click create an account. Then click on ‘Start playing now’ on top of the page, which will take you back to the main screen, where you’ll see a list.

As the popularity of blackjack (live dealer casino) continues to grow, we can expect more and more licensed Ethereum casino amusements to start accepting this famous cryptocurrency as a payment method (that accepts Ethereum).

Pros and Cons of ETH Blackjack

Pros Cons
It is a fast-paced game that is fun to contend with and easy to learn the ethereum blackjack. In order to win at this game, you have to be lucky enough not to lose too much money in the process because it is an extremely high variance game that has bad odds for winning at least some casino rounds.
It has a low barrier of entry and doesn’t require much investment amongst other live dealer casino enjoyments.
There is no need for a lot of infrastructure or software as for a traditional casino.
It uses blockchain technology and smart contracts, which makes it decentralized, reliable, transparent, free from third parties, immutable, liquid, scalable, and easily understandable by anyone in the world.

Ethereum Blackjack Vs. Regular Blackjack – Which is Better?

Ethereum Blackjack and regular Blackjack are fundamentally similar in terms of gameplay and rules, as they both follow the basic regulations of the classic card game. However, here are a few key differences between the two:

  1. Currency: The most significant distinction is the currency used for betting. In regular blackjack, you typically use traditional currencies like cash or casino chips. On the other hand, Ethereum Blackjack involves using Ethereum for wagering.
  2. Betting Site: This game is often played on online platforms that utilize blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralized applications (dApps). Regular Blackjack, on the other hand, can be played at physical casinos, online casinos, or even in casual environs with friends.
  3. Anonymity and Privacy: Many best Ethereum blackjack sites offer a certain degree of anonymity and privacy due to the nature of blockchain technology. Players can participate in games without revealing their real-world identities, relying instead on their Ethereum wallet addresses. Regular Blackjack, especially in brick-and-mortar casinos, often requires players to disclose personal information and undergo identity verification processes.
  4. Transparency and Fairness: Top Ethereum Blackjack sites aim to provide provably fair gameplay. The use of smart contracts and blockchain technology allows for transparent and auditable gameplay. In regular Blackjack, fairness is typically ensured through regulatory oversight and the reputation of the casino or gambling establishment.
  5. Accessibility: Blackjack using Ethereum can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection as long as the platform is available in your region. Regular Blackjack requires physical proximity to a casino or access to an online casino platform that accepts players from your jurisdiction.

Popular Bonuses Offered at Ethereum Blackjack

Ethereum Blackjack sites may offer various types of bonuses and promotions to attract players and enhance their gambling experience. Here are some common types of bonuses you might come across:

Welcome Bonus

These bonuses are offered to new players upon registering an account and making their first deposit. It can be a percentage match of the initial deposit or a fixed amount of Ethereum credited to the player’s account.

Deposit Bonus/Reload Bonus

These bonuses are available to existing players when they make subsequent deposits. They typically offer a percentage match of the deposit amount, giving players extra Ethereum to play with.

No Deposit Bonus/Free Bonus

This type of bonus is awarded to players without requiring them to make a deposit. It allows players to try out the Ethereum Blackjack platform and games without risking their own funds. However, note that these bonuses often come with specific wagering requirements or limitations.

Cashback Bonus

Some  platforms offer cashback bonuses, where players receive a percentage of their losses back as a bonus. For example, if a cashback bonus is set at 10% and you lose 1 ETH, you would receive 0.1 ETH as a cashback bonus.

Varieties of Blackjack Ethereum

Blackjack is one of the most famous casino games that is fun playing. Using it, players can now play responsibly at the best Ethereum blackjack sites for real money.

There are several varieties of ETH Blackjack available on different platforms. The specific variations offered may vary depending on the best Ethereum casino or sportsbook you choose to play on. Here are some common variations you might know:

Classic Blackjack

This is the most commonly played version of Blackjack, where the objective is to achieve a hand value as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it while also having a higher hand value than the dealer.

European Blackjack

This is one of the most popular blackjack card games in the world. It is played with a standard 52-card deck, but players can also bet against computer opponents. European blackjack is played with a variation of cards. The rules are different for this game, which makes it different from other types of blackjack.

The players are dealt two hands that they put on the table, each consisting of six cards face down, and thirteen cards face up. The player who has the higher score at the end of 12 rounds wins.

American Blackjack

American Blackjack is a card game that has been around for a long time. It is a predominantly online gambling-based activity in which the player is pitted against the dealer—the dealer deals from a deck of 52 cards with one card face down and one face up. The game’s objective is to earn money by either getting 21 points with an exposed card or more points after two cards are exposed, typically with an ace as the first card and then another 10 or 11-point cards in succession.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

In this variation, players have the option to play multiple hands simultaneously. It adds an element of excitement and allows for more betting and strategic opportunities.

Spanish 21

This is a variant of Blackjack played with a Spanish deck of cards (without the 10s). It introduces bonus payouts for specific hand combinations, such as a 5-card hand totaling 21 and a 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 combination of mixed suits.

Terms Used While Playing Ethereum Blackjack Games


The setup of cards the player or the dealer owns in blackjack.


The player will be able to notice the location of the cards till the next shuffle.


In blackjack, crypto betting is placed on the card combination that the dealer has. If the dealer has the first card like an ace, then it is possible.


It stands for a complete circle of gaming that starts from shuffling the cards to showcasing the split card in blackjack games.


In online cryptocurrency games, it is a special device from which the dealer can deal the cards one after the other.

Ethereum Blackjack Rules

Ethereum blackjack rules are the same as regular blackjack rules but with some minor variations. Here are a few highlighted ones:

  • The game offers an extra 50% on the initial bet. But you must make a hole card in the first round before placing your bet.
  • If you get a natural, you stand, regardless of what it would have cost to stay in with that hand.
  • If the dealer gets an Ace-3-4-5 split, then contenders will gain with six or less regardless of their hand value.
  • The players will not be dealt two cards at once. Instead, they will have to wait for the dealer to draw one card first.
  • When the first card is drawn, an extra round of stacking begins before determining if there should be a split or not.

Why Is Ethereum Blackjack So Popular?

Ethereum Blackjack is an ETH-based cryptocurrency game. It became famous because the company started marketing it aggressively and also because of its unique feature – no house edge. Joseph Raczynski, a cryptocurrency trader, and mathematician, was the first to develop an Ethereum Blackjack casino. He realized that this blockchain-based decentralized application could disrupt the gambling on Ethereum market with its provably fair mechanics.

The game online blackjack Ethereum has been gaining popularity ever since it came into existence in 2017. In 2018, there were over 1 million active users who played it daily. It has been growing since it came out. This is because Ethereum Blackjack offers a new way of online gambling with cryptocurrency that has been hard to come by previously.

Tips to Win Ethereum Blackjack in Live Casino

Live casinos are fast-paced and exciting. It’s no wonder why they are so popular. These crypto gambling sites provide the perfect environment to earn big, even if you’re just starting out.

  • Come up with a specific plan in mind before you start the live casino.
  • Pick the right game for your skillset in a live casino.
  • In a live casino, focus on your odds of gaining, not just your expected profit.
  • Know how to use live chat and mobile platform tips.
  • Don’t contend too often. Take breaks between sessions.
  • Be aware of live casino policies on bonuses.
  • Always check for any new promotions or offers in a live casino.
  • Know when to try Blackjack online—this is when participants don’t have much time to take part in the live casino.
  • Never bet with high risk.
  • Mind your moves in a live casino.


In conclusion, Ethereum Blackjack combines the thrill of traditional Blackjack with the benefits of blockchain technology and the use of the ETH cryptocurrency. Many Ethereum blackjack sites offer players the opportunity to enjoy provably fair gameplay, transparent transactions, and the potential for anonymity. However, it is important to consider the factors in choosing reputable blackjack sites that prioritize player safety and offer a diverse range of game variations. As with any form of gambling, it is crucial to play responsibly and within your means.


Is It Legal to Play Ethereum Blackjack?

Yes, it is legal to play blackjack with Ethereum, as it is a decentralized currency offering top-notch security. Moreover, it also depends on the country’s legalities the player is residing in.

Are Ethereum Blackjack Sites Secure?

Ethereum Blackjack sites leverage blockchain technology, which provides enhanced security and transparency. However, it’s essential to choose reputable platforms that have strong security measures in place, such as encryption and secure payment methods.

How do I Deposit and Withdraw from ETH Blackjack Sites?

Deposits and withdrawals on ETH Blackjack platforms are typically made through your Ethereum wallet. You can transfer ETH from your wallet to the platform’s provided wallet address for deposits and withdraw your winnings back to your Ethereum wallet.

Can I Wager on Blackjack Anonymously with Ethereum?

Yes, you can wager on Blackjack anonymously with Ethereum. When playing on Ethereum Blackjack sites, you typically don’t need to provide personal information or disclose your real-world identity. Instead, you use your Ethereum wallet address to participate in the games.

Can I Play Ethereum Blackjack on Mobile Phone?

Yes, you can play Ethereum Blackjack on your mobile phone. Many best ETH Blackjack sites are designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing you to enjoy the game on your smartphone or tablet.

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