Game-changing duo: Intella X & Spaceport unite!

Intella X, a leader in the Web3 gaming industry, has made an incredible announcement that they have come together with Spaceport, a universal licensing protocol concerning the digital world. The goal of this partnership is to permit intellectual property on-chain within video gaming worlds and open metaverse spaces. They strive to revolutionize blockchain gaming and increase the usage of Web3 by developers as well as gamers.

This partnership with Spaceport is an ideal match for Intella X’s values of encouraging creativity, diversity, and excitement in its gaming environment. As a leader in pushing the boundaries of innovation and imagination, this collaboration creates many new prospects for Intella X.

Spaceport is renowned for its vast collection of intellectual property, featuring acclaimed brands such as the NBA, Genshin Impact, and NBC Universal. The platform helps foster the digital economy by giving creators and agencies ways to make money off their intellectual property through a global licensing catalog. Intella X is excited to use this expansive range of IPs in innovative ways in order to bring new stories and experiences into their gaming world. This collaboration opens up opportunities for an amazing future full of possibilities.

The partnership between Intella X and Spaceport offers major advantages to Intella X Gaming partners. By leveraging the influence of Spaceport’s important intellectual properties in the digital world, Intella X is able to gain a competitive advantage within the fast-growing Web3 gaming market, creating a win-win situation for both platforms and their game partners.

Intella X and Spaceport’s partnership is more than just unifying two creative platforms. It serves as a plan for the upcoming Web3 gaming era, where creativity can be expressed freely in an exciting and vibrant atmosphere. By including Spaceport in Intella X’s system, they are hoping to establish Web3 gaming on a global level. Their ultimate aim is to create a diverse gaming world that takes advantage of unique intellectual property.

Roxanne Williams

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