Game Maker Fund Releases the Valley of Belonging by the Sandbox

Game Maker Fund, supported by The Sandbox, releases The Valley of Belonging. The recent venture brings a diverse experience to the metaverse, where every background and identity is celebrated.

The Sandbox proudly showcases its support for freedom, diversity, and pride of expression and identity with the development. Developed by the People of Crypto and Hermit Crab Game Studio, The Valley of Belonging has proven its innovation and creativity on multiple occasions.

The project is dedicated to spreading participation, representation, and diversity in the metaverse. It enables users to experience a valley where hate does not exist, equality is different, and empathy is a routine.

The Valley of Belonging embraces every sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and ethnicity. Evelyn has been appointed as the city’s mayor, where everyone collaborates to build a welcoming space. Evelyn seeks new players’ support to organize and run the Pride Parade.

The intent behind the valley is to invite players and host a parade for them. Some drag queens, Finn, Trinity, and Evelyn, will assign different tasks to the players. There will also be 25 collectibles that users can find and collect.

Besides this, there are four interest points, and users can decorate the city, changing the city in no time. Players can experience beautiful places, meet different characters, participate in the community, and learn about diversity.

According to the Hermit Crab Game Studio, players will enjoy a safe place that welcomes everyone regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identification, and ethnicity. This project will start a movement in the domain where some people are not represented or misrepresented.

The studio added that The Valley of Belonging is fun, energetic, and vibrant, with a pink lake and a parade on the clouds. With Pride Month coming to a close, different communities will certainly cherish the movement, making the valley a success.

Trevor Holman

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