Game Of Crypto Thrones (BTC vs. ETH): Is Winter Round The Corner?

Bitcoin (BTC) is surging the price board of the market and showing a wonderstruck revamp in the 24-hour span. It is worth highlighting that Bitcoin today is trading at the year’s highest price (USD) 5,925.58 which is almost around $6000 pushing investors to get hands on this ferocious crypto coin.

Ethereum (ETH) that ranks on the 2nd position of this race is no less when it comes to talking about the growth and bulls that ETH has hit. Ethereum is a great footsteps follower and lures the investors pocket with handsome profits.

Current Scenario:

But, what do we see today? Ethereum observed with a 9.54% change in the last 24 hours which is even more than what Bitcoin (4.38%) has undergone on 7th May at 8:03 UTC time. Though such a remarkable change and the difference between the two have been recorded we see that nothing has been updated in the position of the two. Bitcoin is ranked on number 1 position followed by Ethereum on 2nd, as usual.

Bitcoin vs Ethereum

As per the stats above by Coinmarketcap’s current scenario, Bitcoin and Ethereum are trading at price (USD) 5,931.16 and 176.86 respectively. The Market Cap of BTC is 104,904,447,053 USD and ETH is 18,740,811,115 USD. The difference in the Market Capitalization of the two currencies is 86,163,635,938 USD, despite Ethereum’s 24h change noted more than Bitcoin. Similarly, irrelevant of the change in the last 24 hours, the 24 hours trading volume of Bitcoin ($17,342,010,257) is higher than Ethereum ($8,903,485,147). Though the current supply of ETH is more than BTC, which means ETH has more circulation in the market in comparison to BTC which is wistfully contradicting the other considerable variables.


It is not necessary to talk about the celebrated platform that Bitcoin holds in the crypto market, but it is very crucial to highlight that Ethereum is no less when it comes to growing leaves that shed during the crypto winters occasionally, making spring more blossom.

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