GameFi delivers Oasys Navi NFT gaming marketplace

GameFi forms an exclusive partnership with Oasys and jointly delivers its Oasys Navi NFT gaming marketplace. This is the latest project that has been unsheathed by the two entities. The project will be responsible for organizing prime gaming-oriented NFT launches. 

In this matter, the games in the arsenal of Oasys, like 9Live Arena, as well as Crypto Spells, My Crypto Heroes, and others, will be of enormous help. GameFi, on its part, will be backing INO and IDO campaigns that exist on the Oasys blockchain, as well as other fresh NFT projects. In the case of the uninitiated, GameFi is basically a Web3 platform, while Oasys is a well-known and respected Japanese gaming blockchain.  

According to the Head of Ecosystem Alliance at Oasys, Yas, they are looking forward to taking this partnership forward and making a difference to the overall Web3 gaming market as well as creating an atmosphere of all-inclusiveness where the whole gaming community is concerned. As a mark of commitment from their side, they have jointly come out with the Oasys Navi NFT marketplace.  

As a part of their next plan of action, the two companies, GameFi, together with Oasys, will be involved with the deliverance of a beta version of an NFT marketplace. There will be a game dashboard and a mainnet launch which is in the offing. Collectively, the two entities will be delivering INOs, and features like tournaments will also be in the picture in the very near future. Some more future features will be duly added in time to come. All in all, the prime objective of the partnership lies in enabling innovation related to the blockchain gaming arena. 

Trevor Holman

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