GameFi Up to Support PolkaFantasy for an Upcoming Land Sale

The big news today is the collaboration between GameFi and PolkaFantasy. With this new collaboration, players will be allowed to purchase or sell lands of the magnificent realms of PolkaFantasy. This purchase and sale of land will be accessible via the marketplace of the GameFi. Players can also access many in-game rewards that can be cultivated on each land that the player transacts with. Along with these benefits, PolkaFantasy players will also receive GameFi support after the collaboration, when they are connected to the ecosystem. 

The GameFi is a hub for game finance. Some parts of its ecosystem are Accelerator, Marketplace, Launchpad, Yield Guilds. GameFi has been successful in resolving the problems faced by most gaming studios. It helps develop effective solutions by building a platform to improve the relationship with players, traders, or token holders. All of it can be easily operated in one place on the PolkaFantasy platform. 

The PolkaFantasy is a multiverse game and an NFT cross-chain marketplace. PolkaFantasy was created and influenced by Japanese animation and art. Players can compete in skill-based video games and do things like collecting rewards, battling enemies, building their own armies. The PolkaFantasy is a huge world where players can do many activities to hone their skills in different gaming scenarios and events. 

The unique ecosystem of PolkaFantasy consists of an NFT mobile wallet, an NFT marketplace, and multi-chain functionality support for NFT games. But it also tries to maintain the needed focus on the Japanese ACG culture and the art. PolkaFantasy has offered convenience, and a great user interface to players by efficiently combining the in-game purchase of items, exchanges, or storage on the NFT marketplace and the NFT wallet on a single platform to avoid chaos. It operates on its own currency. The players of PolkaFantasy have complete control of their items within the game as they all have a unique identity on the gaming platform. 

The upcoming land sale of PolkaFantasy will be conducted on the GameFi ecosystem. PolkaFantasy acts as a bridge between the DeFi worlds and the virtual worlds by allowing players to generate NFTs in their in-game purchases and items. The NFT spaces have been able to garner endless opportunities on PolkaFantasy. 


This partnership between GameFi and PolkaFantasy is sure to be a huge success in the long term. It is expected that this collaboration will also attract many prospective investors, players, or traders to the platforms.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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