GamePhilos Studio raises $8 million in a seed funding round

GamePhilos Studio has raised $8 million in a seed funding round. It was led by Animoca and Xterio. The seed funding round saw the participation of companies and capitalists like Chain Hill Capital, SevenX Ventures, Sanctor Capital, and many more. GamePhilos Studio will now use the funds to develop and distribute Age of Dino.

Age of Dino is an upcoming game by GamePhilos Studio to be launched for mobile and desktop devices. The idea is to reach as many players as possible while eliminating the need to rely only on the desktop. Meaning, GamePhilos Studio is also trying to target players who like to engage with the experience on the go.

Jeremy Horn from Xterio has called Age of Dino a flagship title from GamePhilos Studio, adding that it will demonstrate the success of gaming tiles that are operative on desktop and mobile with a user-friendly interface. Jeremy also said that they were thrilled to partner with a venture that has proven its expertise in the past when it comes to development.

Another notable personality to state in favor of Age of Dino is Nicola from Binance Labs. Nicola is the investment director for the said company, and they have said that Binance Labs acknowledges the potential of Web3 games. Nicola has added that developers are constantly looking to accelerate the adoption of their titles, provided they meet quality standards.

Binance Labs is now looking forward to working with GamePhilos Studio and seeing them leverage all the possible resources in their favor.

The Age of Dino is tentatively scheduled for next year. It will begin reaching interested players on mobile devices before appearing on desktop devices. Assuming it meets the tentative timeline, Age of Dino will become one of the first projects to be deployed on opBNB, BNB Chain’s layer 2 solutions.

Age of Dino is actually an interesting game. It lands a player in the middle of a conflict zone where the science of creating dinosaur war machines has been mastered. The real-time gameplay will handle players the task of capturing new regions. They will have to participate in competitive battles, face different characters, and fight a lot of armies.

Xterio platform enters the picture as GamePhilos Studio expresses its desire to leverage the capability of free-to-play plus Web3 integration. GamePhilos Studio will receive all the technological support for blockchain and the SDK, short for Software Development Kit.

Xterio platform is confident in its development. It recently raised $65 million to create an ecosystem with better engagement and an enhanced experience.

Age of Dino brings together a blend of Web3 and traditional gaming experiences. It is on a path to redefine digital ownership and how players formulate strategies to win a game. Next year, in 2024, we could see what GamePhilos Studio brings to the table with Age of Dino.

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