GamerHub Collaborates With IKONIC for New eSports Features

GamerHub has entered an exciting partnership with IKONIC. The eSports platform would significantly add to the ecosystem as the game aggregator plans to grow further into the crypto space. GamerHub users will access IKONIC’s “own the moment” feature.

The impressive demand for metaverse projects has unlocked several web3 utilities. Play-to-earn gaming has to be the most popular utility with users. The number of P2E games has been increasing so rapidly that the growth makes it difficult for gamers to navigate this vast area.

GamerHub is a multi-chain metaverse game aggregator created specifically for this purpose. By signing up for this practical project, users can access metaverses, games, guilds, and NFTs from multiple chains. More importantly, users get to unlock the benefits of these projects under a single roof.

This community-run project has recognized several issues with existing single-chain GameFi options. It comes with an innate limitation on the variety of games available for users. Also, the benefits of the P2E model have not reached everyone and stay with an exclusive group of professional players due to inaccessibility. On top of that, the impact of gaming communities on the industry has been hindered thanks to the lack of a consolidated environment naturally.

The GamerHub team is working on a solution to this issue through a unified gaming environment with enhanced accessibility and decentralized governance. Not only that, but the multi-chain gaming platform also intends to bring more rewards and features to the users. For this reason, they have partnered with the renowned eSports NFT project IKONIC.

For those who are unfamiliar, IKONIC is the first dedicated marketplace for NFT-based collectibles from eSports. The platform offers cutting-edge tools to help gamers mint iconic moments from their gaming as NFTs for earning passive income. The platform takes a holistic approach to make NFTs accessible to everyone in the crypto space.

Interestingly, this vision of inclusivity is emphasized by both IKONIC and GamerHub. That might mean multi-chain GameFi will get a serious upgrade through this partnership. The GamerHub roadmap shows that these entities will bring some vital changes to the P2E environment.

Users will be allowed to play hundreds of games from several blockchains to increase their chances of better rewards. Apart from P2E, they can mint their moments as NFTs with IKONIC’s help and access an additional mode of income.

Another interesting element from the announcement is the inter-metaverse contests from GamerHub. Users can participate in sharing some of the biggest prize pools in the crypto space. Gamers can also monetize their brand through merchandise and other assets on the platform.

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