Gamerse Partners With Megaverse for Metaverse Project

Gamerse recently announced a partnership with Megaverse for a metaverse project. The collaboration will help Gamerse achieve its goal of unifying the blockchain gaming domain.

As a Polygon-based metaverse experience, Mega DAO has been designed to help social media users enter the metaverse. Megaverse acts as Mega DAO’s cornerstone by offering an inclusive metaverse gateway to several global communities.

The partnership will see Gamerse integrating Megaverse into its Social Aggregator Marketplace. Currently, Gamerse’s NFT SAM is still in its beta development phase. However, the cross-platform, cross-chain social hub will display, facilitate, and curate all gaming-based NFTs and transactions to offer a one-stop blockchain gaming space.

This integration will let gamers directly launch Megaverse games. In addition, they will learn more about them by using community links and socials displayed on the gaming page. Besides this, the ventures have decided to hold exclusive Gamerse x Megaverse giveaways for their communities.

Gamerse is seeking to collaborate with Play to Earn gaming studios, games, and guilds to make them available to communities for crypto games. Gamerse’s latest post also specified three exciting news for users. The platforms have decided to release cross-community AMAs for users. 

Gamerse will also establish land plots in Megaverse, which will soon be available to users. Finally, there will be a feature Metarun in the much-anticipated Game of the Week series. Seeing how the Mega DAO ecosystem integrates Mega NFTs, Mega Guild, and MegaFi, initiating a partnership with them was a natural move for Gamerse. The platform is known for putting community first with one of the largest metaverse projects in the market.

Additionally, its different products complement each other to propose a unified ecosystem. On the other hand, Gamerse united gamers across the globe with its fun social platform. The venture is constantly updating the platform to add unique trends that benefit the players and creators alike.


Both ventures have established a positive reputation in the market, and their collaborative efforts can provide immense value to the market.

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