Games will have their own blockchain period, says Avalanche Korea GM

Avalanche, the dAPPs platform, and its Korea General Manager, Justin Kim, discussed the future of blockchain technology and the importance of developing a gaming-specific infrastructure at the ‘After GDC 2024’ event held on the 18th at the Pangyo Startup Campus conference hall. 

Kim mentioned that developers were working on a variety of games using Avalanche. Furthermore, he predicted that blockchain technology will be critical to the future infrastructure supporting gaming. In his remarks, he expressed a strong preference for the Ethereum chain, particularly for upcoming games.  

Kim’s inclination is purportedly to assist game developers in realizing the benefits of integrating game loops or assets onto the ETH blockchain, thereby granting them access to an array of additional benefits. By enabling interoperability, games can interact with one another, thereby authorizing decentralized creators to uphold the narrative of a virtual world. This would further pave the way for user-generated content (UGC) and wider distribution, ultimately improving the original gaming experience.  

Blockchain games also provide serverless capabilities, seamless updates, self-governing ecosystems, and transactions that can be verified as secure. This allows limitless opportunities for expansion as users interact with and expand the game. In doing so, developers weigh the trade-offs between user experience and the benefits at hand. As more participants join the P2E crypto gaming ecosystem, a new era of gaming will set off. 

Avalanche provides services through the ‘Subnet’, ensuring smooth traffic by either setting gas fees or integrating Know Your Customer (KYC) for enhanced security. According to Justin Kim, Avalanche stands out as the sole blockchain that enables users to avoid paying gas fees or using tokens they generate to cover gas fees. 

He expects regular traffic within the forecasted range because of its unique capabilities. Kim anticipates the establishment of multiple unique blockchains for individual games in the future, underlining the significance of core game development. He believes that the key to creating a fantastic game is to use a blockchain that is optimized for optimum efficiency.

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