Best Plinko Casino Games Sites 2021: Top Sites for Playing Plinko!

Introduction to Plinko Casino Games

Plinko Casino Game is more like an arcade game with a variety of options and promotions like free spins from various providers available at blockchain casinos. Players roll a ball down a maze of pins, and the box in which the ball lands determines the winning amount. The Plinko Casino Game owes its popularity to the popular TV entertainment show, “Price is Right”, and the Plinko Casino Games follow the same concept. The popular pricing game on the show was first aired on television on January 3rd, 1983, and since then the Plinko Game at casino has become quite popular among gamblers who want to try their luck in cryptocurrency gambling.

How Does Plinko Casino Game Work?

Whether members play the Plinko game at a casino or the Plinko game online, the basics of the game options remain the same. The gaming process is very simple. There is a pyramid-styled board in all Plinko casino games, consisting of a maze of pegs. When the pricing game starts, online casino members are required to roll a ball from the top of the pyramid, and the ball drops and gets deflected by the pegs. The ball’s course is then mapped by the pegs until the ball reaches the bottom of the pyramid and lands on a particular slot that determines the winning amount from the Plinko Casino game.

The bitcoin players can choose any one of the balls options (free spins) or Plinko chips at their discretion and place a minimum bet before they hit the “play” button to play Plinko online and the ball starts rolling down the pyramid. Online cryptocurrency slots situated at the corner of the bottoms generally have higher payout values and the slots situated at the bottom center of the pyramids have lower payout values.

Important Features of Plinko Casino Game

Plinko, like any other crypto arcade game, is simple and straightforward. The online Plinko platform offers a lot of amazing options and free spins to users:-

Auto Mode

The Plinko Auto Bet Mode is different from the Auto Mode that is found in free spins slot machines offered by game providers. It lets users roll down a stream of balls and place a bet on every ball in quick succession by clicking on the “Play” button simultaneously, provided the members have enough casino credits and free spins. Members can also choose any one of the three colors or all three colors simultaneously to play Plinko online. Red had the highest payout value but at the same time, it also has the chances of higher losses.

Therefore, players should select the balls wisely. The Auto Mode in an online Plinko game also allows bitcoin players to specify how many bets and free spins they would like to place at a time. It has a minimum of 10 wagers and a maximum of 1000 wagers. To stop the Auto Mode, users just need to click on the “Stop Auto Betting” button.

Risk Level

Online bitcoin Plinko allows players to adjust their risk levels which are categorized as high risk, normal risk, and low risk; the higher the risk levels, the higher will be the payouts. However, in some casinos that offer Plinko crypto games, there are Plinko balls of different colors instead of the categorized risk levels. For example, the red-colored ball carries the highest risk, the yellow has moderate risks, and the green color carries the highest risks.

Provably Fair Game

Online casinos that offer Plinko games assure their customers that all games displayed on their website are provably fair. Each customer is given a hash code with which they can verify the fairness of the Plinko games on a blockchain network.

How to Play Plinko: Tips For Beginners

The results depend on the trajectory that a dropped ball takes, and the final destination of the ball is based on how strategically the pegs are placed at the bottom of the pyramid. Therefore, members should drop the ball in such a way that it travels in an all-left or an all-right path to receive the maximum returns.

Beginners should try to drop the ball in the following ways to take advantage of maximum payouts:-

  • The ball should be dropped by either side (left or right) to increase the chances of landing on the higher slots.
  • The ball should be dropped with a few spaces from the center to increase the chances of getting maximum deflections to land on the higher payout slots.
  • Switch the number of pegs, to drop the ball at the bottom corners of the pyramid where there are slots with higher payouts.

Pros and Cons of Playing Plinko with Cryptocurrencies

Pros Cons
Crypto transactions are instantaneous. Crypto coins are highly volatile. Therefore, gamblers should play responsibly, keeping in mind the nature of these coins.
No processing fees are charged. Registration becomes mandatory.
Highest security. Plinko casinos often offer lower bet sizes.
Bitcoin Plinko winnings are not taxed.
All transactions remain anonymous; players are not required to share any personal data except the online crypto wallet address. No age verification is needed.
Bitcoin Plinko games are provably fair.
Bitcoin Plinko casinos have responsive customer support teams. Customer support teams help users in every way. Customer support is an important aspect of healthy betting.

Top Tips to Successfully Choose the Best Plinko Online Games Site

Finding the right online crypto casino website before users start playing bitcoin Plinko is very important to take advantage of the games. Here are some tips to choose the best crypto casino site:-

Licensing and Safety

Even though the bitcoin Plinko game is a provably fair game, a lot of questions arise regarding its security. Therefore, it is always a wise idea to check with the casino’s licensing and safety for better results. Reading online casino reviews, looking for additional information in various customer forums and other platforms would help users become sure whether their money is in safe hands.

Look for the Casinos with your Favourite Type of Plinko

Despite enjoying the popularity of being relatively straightforward, all variants of the Plinko game are not the same. For example, in some types of Plinko, a triangular grid is required, while others need a more creative setup that may not be available in all Plinko casinos. Therefore, players must be aware of the shape of the playing field before they register at any such Plinko game casino.

Cryptocurrency Compatibility

Just as the playing field is an important determining factor for choosing the right Plinko casino game site, cryptocurrency compatibility with the casinos is equally important. Customers should check whether their preferred casino supports the cryptocurrencies they possess. For example, members can play bitcoin Plinko at most online casinos, but they might be unavailable at dApps.

Check Out Available Payment Methods

Not all online gambling casinos allow gamblers to make deposits and withdrawals at the casino with a convenient mode of payment. Therefore, users should make sure that their preferred mode of payment is supported by the casino that they have registered at.

Find Whether You Can Use Deposit Bonus Money for Plinko Games

Nowadays, most online crypto casinos and even some dApps offer lucrative promotions and deposit bonus rounds like free spins or free slots, etc, the first time when a player opens his account in the casino. Therefore, before players start to play Plinko in the casino with this Plinko bonus deposit money and free spins, they should check whether the casino allows them to wager their deposit bonus money or free spins on the Plinko games. These free features like deposit bonus are attractive to users since other games online may not offer them.

Browse Forums to Get Hint About Casino’s Reputation

It is not possible to know all the details about Bitcoin online casinos just by going through a website, because there may be some hidden information that is not displayed on the website. Users can get hold of any such information like the casino’s reputation, any past negative incidents, etc, by browsing through various customer forums.

Test the Casino By Yourself

Choosing the right casino is very important. Unless the players test a casino by themselves, they would never know whether the casino would meet their expectations or not. Some offer games in the free mode, and players can easily try those games before making any deposit to the casino.

Factors You Should Know Before Playing Plinko

Although Bitcoin Plinko Games are easier to play, there are certain time-tested tips that help players become a pro at these games:-

  • Gamblers should be aware that there are always some rewarding promotions or prizes for them after every round of Plinko games, but the reward or prize may not always be big; the prizes are often smaller than the bets placed.
  • Gamblers should always follow the rules of Plinko casinos.
  • Players should play the Plinko games for fun and immediately stop playing if it feels like an obligation to earn money from the games.
  • Gamblers should always set a budget before going into this exciting game in a casino. Sticking to their budget would prevent them from crypto betting unnecessarily and thus help them avoid losses.
  • Players should always play responsibly and register at a licensed casino that offers provably fair games.
  • Players should always play bitcoin Plinko at a low-risk level and move their way up when they are comfortable with the added risk level.

Is It Safe to Play Plinko With Bitcoin or Any Other Crypto?

Since bitcoin Plinko games are provably fair with free odds, playing the game with bitcoin or any other crypto coin is safe. Other crypto coins generally in Plinko games are Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Tether. Users who are not very conversant with playing on cryptocurrency gambling sites may encounter some problems when playing crypto Plinko games because the game’s price is a bit different from the TV version of the game, “The Price is Right”.

Rules to Play Plinko 

The Plinko game is a bit different from its TV version; in the online version, players simply press the “bet” button to get started instead of throwing the disk by themselves. The rules of the game are as follows:-

  • Players choose how much they want to bet and deposit and after they press the “bet” button, a ball comes rolling down from the top of the pyramid.
  • The ball hits the pegs as it comes down.
  • The prize is determined based on the slot that the ball lands into.
  • The entire gameplay is automated by a complex program that randomly generates the outcome of the game after every round.

Main Strategies to Play Plinko Game at Casino Like a Pro!

The strategies to play the Plinko game successfully depend on the following factors:-

Risk Level

Lower risk levels offer low maximum payout potential and vice versa. Therefore, strategies pertaining to the various levels of risks should be in line with the personal goals of the players. Gamblers who drop fewer balls should opt for low or medium risk levels and vice versa.

Number of Rows or Pegs

For seasoned players, selecting fewer pegs will require lesser drops to hit the maximum payout. On the contrary, if the members just want to enjoy the thrill of the game, they can select the 16 pegs setting along with a 1000x payout structure.

Bet Amount

The bet size should depend on the bankroll of the gamblers and how they manage them.

How to Track Your Wins and Losses in Plinko Casino Game?

Players are responsible for tracking their wins and losses by flipping to their left table every time they win or lose anything. The left table indicates their wager and the multiplier based on the slot the ball lands into. The following two features of the Plinko games also help gamblers to track their wins or losses:-

Line Bets

Line bets help players to determine the width of the pyramid base. The line can be pegged in the range between 8 to16; the higher the number, the wider will be the pyramid base, and consequently, more will be the chances of the potential return.

Risk Levels

The risk levels chosen by the members determine how big they want to win. The Plinko game is always set at a low-risk level by default, but the player can switch according to their comfort levels.

Future of Plinko

The transition from the traditional to the online version of Plinko has been widely appreciated by online gambling enthusiasts all over the world. Therefore, it can be expected that the Plinko games have a brighter future ahead.


Plinko casino games are amongst the easiest games played by gambling enthusiasts all over the world. Playing a Plinko casino game does not require users to implement complex strategies and thus members can play the Plinko game at the casino just for some entertainment and to win some extra money.


Is Playing Plinko Legal?

It depends on the license conditions of the website where members choose to bet and the country legislations where the players reside; not all countries allow online gambling. For example, there are restrictions from the UK gambling commission that penalizes members found guilty of illegal gambling.

What Is the Best Strategy to Win a Plinko Game at a Casino?

The best strategy relies on a player’s ability to take risks. While some start playing Plinko by taking higher risks, other players choose to be safe and bet at low-risk levels.

Where Can I Play Plinko for Free?

There are 2 versions of Plinko that allow users to wager for free in a demo mode- the Spribe demo mode and the BGaming version.

What Is the Best Strategy for Playing Plinko?

It depends on the preferences of the members and their risk-taking abilities; some prefer to wager at higher risk levels while some prefer to wager at low-risk levels.

How Can I Win in Plinko?

The winnings depend on how tactfully the ball is dropped and the slot it lands into. Thus, the players should know the position in which the ball should be dropped so that it gets the maximum fortunate deflections by the pegs and falls onto the higher payout slot.

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