9Tales Review 2024 : Thrilling Play to Earn NFT Card Game

9Tales is a blockchain-based play-to-earn game that allows players to play, trade, earn, compete, and create cards with infinite possibilities. It aims to innovate the way blockchain games are played online. What is more interesting about 9Tales is that the game has been developed by a team of experts working in this field for years. The main developer of 9Tales is a Ubisoft artist, a poker game designer, a blockchain engineer, and a PhD researcher.

Wondering… what is 9Tales game and how to play it? Let’s dive into our comprehensive 9Tales review.

9Tales Game Summary 

Official Website https://9tales.io/
Stage Alpha
Genre Card, Collectible, Fantasy
Platform Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC
Blockchain Polygon
Reward Yes
Free/Paid Free & Paid
Token NIT Tokens

Overview of 9Tales NFT Card Game

9Tales is an enthralling trading card game that showcases prized NFTs, granting players enticing opportunities to reap the rewards while immersed in the gameplay. Whether you boast expertise as a seasoned trading card game aficionado or are venturing into this genre for the first time, 9Tales guarantees an enticing experience tailored to all skill levels. With its captivating array of NFT collectibles and diverse avenues for earning, this game stands as a thrilling and immersive adventure for players.

The 9Tales game starts with a PVP 1v1 ranked mode. Players can also test skills against the AI, play against opponents in different ranked modes, and climb up the rank ladder based on the games they win. There are two other modes available – Adventure and Coliseum.

According to this 9Tales guide, the game’s universe offers nine races: the Elementals, the Elves, the Angels, the Old ones, the Orcs, the Humans, the Beastmen, the Djinns, and the Moutas.

9Tales Gameplay

To understand how to play 9Tales game, players must know the game’s rules. Every player has to set up a deck of cards, having 40 cards that can be either ‘spells’ or ‘creatures.’ A creature fights against a player’s opponents, whereas the spells are used to surprise them. The cards’ types and powers determine the number of cards a player can have in his deck. Players can have 3 identical copies of a unique card in their decks, and a deck can have only 6 legendary cards.

9Tales NFT Card Game User Interface

Additionally, players can choose cards only from two different races. The basic idea is strategically creating a deck of cards from the top places. The golden thumb rule is that each deck should be able to fight and attack any opponent. Once the deck is complete, the players can start their 9Tales with 4 random cards and 20 health points or HP. The game’s objective is to get the opponent’s health points to 0. Another way of winning the game is to empty the opponent’s deck of cards.

Adventure Game Mode

Among the three game modes available in the 9Tales, the Adventure mode narrates the story of the game’s world through several matches against the AI characters. The Adventure game mode is regularly updated with new stories and characters that enhance the thrill of the game.


After creating the deck of cards, players need to engage in the battle world! Start using the deck to attack an opponent as soon as the players enter the Coliseum. The battle continues until either of the players wins 7 games or loses any 3. Battle for treasure and honor. Every player will receive a meager consolation award if he loses a game without winning any. If they win all 9 games, they will receive prizes abundantly over and above the entry price.

Last Man Standing / Battle Royale

Whether a player wants to be the best or have an exciting and fun time playing 9Tales, there are different game modes for all. Every player gets an opportunity and has different abilities to earn valuable rewards by playing the 9Tales.

Moreover, the rewards are directly tradable in the 9Tales marketplace. The only way to move ahead is through competition against an opponent and unlocking brand-new game modes, claiming glory and loot.


Humans Moutas
Orcs Beastmen
Elves Old ones
Djinns Angels


As discussed in this 9Tales full review, two types of cards are presented in the gaming world – Creature cards and Spell cards. Spell cards do not defend or attack. They apply a sort of effect on the defenders and then are discarded. Certain spells have the potential to inflict damage directly on the opponent or his creatures, while others can make a player’s creatures stronger. Nevertheless, most of the spells have original and unique effects.


The fight or combat phase begins once both players have completed the camp level. Each player starts their battle by choosing their opponent and moving them to the zone of attack. While choosing the opponent, the same is being performed by the attackers.

Attacking creatures target the opponent’s health points unless any defending creature blocks them. Players can choose creatures that have not been used to attack the opponent. When a creature attacks the opponent’s health points, it directly inflicts damage to the opponent, which is equal to the attack. Whichever creature loses the maximum health points and reaches zero first automatically dies and is sent to the cemetery.

9Tales Tokenomics

9Tales has introduced its native token, NIT, which has a total supply of 1 billion. With a share of 25%, the tokens are reserved for public and private sales, while a 25% share is kept aside as funds for the company. Around 27% of the NIT tokens are kept for the play-to-earn game, whereas a 15% share is kept aside as funds for the 9Tales community. The remaining share of 8% has been reserved for the advisors.

9Tales Tokenomics

Is 9Tales Worth Playing?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have a significant role to play in the 9Tales game. The NFT collection will be released in three phases: Genesis, Phase 1, and Phase 2. The Genesis collection has already been sold out. The NFTs offered by 9Tales have several benefits for the token holders. They receive free entry to the tournaments, access to in-game earnings, and airdrops. They also get an opportunity to win the Primordial NFT, a rare NFT in 9Tales with just 50 tokens.

In addition, the NFT holders in the Genesis phase will receive special whitelist access to the next round – Phase 1 NFT drop along with special priority access to exciting weekly tournaments. The tournaments will also have generous prize pools of around $10,000, making the whole experience attractive and adventurous. The 9Tales blockchain game offers the most exciting gameplay for all play-to-earn gaming enthusiasts who wish to earn tokens from playing the game.

Players in the 9Tales game can build their deck of cards to start their battles against the AI or other players. The power of the cards determines the limit of any player’s deck of cards, and they are allowed to use only a limited number of strong cards and find a balance between weak and strong cards. With the limited action number, players can gain extra actions only after each turn, and playing cards costs them 1 action.

Several cards have unique effects that require an extra cost that needs to be paid in action or anything else. The players can plan and strategize their attacks while playing the 9Tales game, and the attacks may be launched from both ends simultaneously. Both spells and creature cards have special effects and abilities that generally come with a trigger condition – when a creator attacks, when it is played, etc. It is important to note that when a creature fights, it weakens and causes damage to the opponent.

9Tales Card Game: No Pay To Win

9Tales Game Review: Conclusion

To summarize this 9Tales review, the blockchain-based play-to-earn game offers different gameplay modes with a standard PVP 1v1 ranked mode. Players can test their skills against artificial intelligence or other players using spell cards or creature cards. The game is extremely rewarding and provides unique and enthralling gameplay that makes 9Tales stand out from other crypto games. It follows an anti-pay-to-win reward system that solves sustainability and intends to explore a balance between sustainable economics and a reward system through the blockchain ecosystem.


How to Earn Rewards From 9Tales?

A burgeoning group of NFT collectors has proudly crowdfunded 9Tales. Players can get important airdrops, in-game rewards, and entry to the exclusive Discord if they possess 9Tales NFTs. Get one of the distinctively created, hand-drawn characters, and reap the rewards from supporting 9Tales at various phases.

Is 9Tales Legit?

Yes, 9Tales is a legit blockchain game well-backed by popular organizations such as Aglae Ventures, Microsoft, Polygon Studios, and several Web 3.0 partners such as PGodjira, Clementine’s Nightmare, Metaverse HQ, Forgotten Ethereal Worlds, MindBlownOn, Scholarz, Squishy Squad, and more.

Is 9Tales Trustworthy?

Yes, 9Tales is a trustworthy and safe play-to-earn game supported by leading organizations and a team of great experts in the field. However, the company is still in its infancy and is bending backward to introduce more advanced security features to protect its clients from criminal activities.

Can a Free-to-play Player Enjoy 9Tales and Earn From It?

Yes! Free-to-play players can access free cards (not NFTs) and meet objectives to gain additional free cards. However, skillful players can have the potential to earn NFT cards as well as Divine Shards. It will not be straightforward for a free-to-play player to reach the point where they can support themselves through 9Tales, but it is doable.

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