Billion Box Review 2024 : Decentralized prediction & gaming platform!

About Billion Box

Billion Box is a new decentralized gaming and prediction platform established in 2022. Playing the most exciting and engaging games provides players an excellent opportunity to win up to $1 million. Billion Box is a transparent gaming site that offers all players enhanced security, complete fairness, improved user experience, play-to-earn (P2E) rewards, and transparent Smart Contracts. The platform offers several notable features, such as the Decimal Box, the Prediction Box, and the BB Max, which make up the winning criteria for the gaming platform. However, read our well-researched Billion Box review further and learn about the platform in more detail.

Billion Box User Interface

Leading blockchain security auditing bodies audit the platform with strict inspection of the source codes used by smart contracts. Moreover, Billion Box Games offers an exciting and fun way to play games through its latest collaborations with popular software providers such as Polygon, dappradar, Snapshot, Quest3, and Guild.

Billion Box Summary

Official Site
Stage Live
Genre Prediction & Gaming Platform
Platform PC, Android, and iOS
Blockchain Chainlink
Reward Based on No. of Players & USDT Amount in the Prize Pool
Free/Paid Paid
Token BBOX

How to Get Started with Billion Box?

Add Some Funds

Users must add some USD Tether (USDT) tokens to their Web3 wallet to get started with Billion Box. These tokens can be purchased from reliable crypto exchanges such as Coinbase or Binance.

Connecting Wallet at Billion Box

Choose a Game

Billion Box offers a wide variety of games to choose from. Select a favorite game from Decimal Box, Prediction Box, BB Max(Lotto), and Lottery Jackpot, each with different rewards and rules.

Learn the Rules

The games offered by Billion Box have unique sets of playing rules. It is important to ensure that the players familiarize themselves with the rules before making predictions. The rules are clearly specified on the official website so players can access them without hassle.

Make Your Prediction

Select a prediction for a chosen game. For instance, players can predict crypto prices or choose a particular number within the given range. Players will have to trust their instincts to make their predictions.

Wait for the Results

Once the prediction is made, there is nothing much to do as the game takes place on its own. As soon as the game is complete, the Billion Box system will automatically decide the winner, depending on the gaming rules, and then announce the rewards. Playing Billion Box is simple, allowing players to play online crypto games with utmost confidence, keeping in mind that the platform is completely secure and decentralized.

Features of Billion Box

Billion Box Games

Billion Box games are simple and fun to play and make money using on-chain technology that ensures unbiased and fair results for all players. The games offered by Billion Box include the Decimal Box, the Prediction Box, BB Max(Lotto), and Lottery Jackpot.

The Decimal Box

The decimal box on Billion Box is a fantastic game where players can predict the correct numbers up to 5 decimals of the BTC/USDT price and get a chance to win lucrative rewards. Decimal Box is split into four rooms with varying difficulty levels and potential rewards. Based on the number of players and the amount of USDT tokens in the prize pool, the rewards for the Decimal Box are determined and divided among the final winners. The entire prize pool is moved to the following round in a scenario with no winners.

The Decimal Box Game by Billion Box

Decimal Pool

Decimal Pool allows players to predict the decimal points of BTC/USDT in three games. Note that the actual prize pool depends on the quantity of USDT added by all the players. In addition, the prize is distributed equally among the players if there are multiple winners.

The Prediction Box (Coming Soon)

Prediction Box, offered by Billion Box, is the ultimate prediction game where players bet on price fluctuations of different cryptocurrency pairs. Prediction Box has two games – the Prediction Classic and the Prediction Pro.


Players playing Prediction Classic can bet on the direction of price movements of a particular crypto pair and predict whether it is moving up or down. The entire prize pool is split among players who predict the direction correctly, and the size of the payouts depends on the bet size.


Players who choose to play Prediction Pro bet on the exact crypto pair price at a particular time in the future. In Prediction Pro, the payouts are fixed among those who correctly predict the decimal price and the size of the payouts depends on the size of the bets placed by them. Note that both the Prediction Box games are available every 15 minutes. The price feeds are also used from Binance for crypto pairs – ETH/USDT, AMATIC/USDT, and BTC/USDT.

The Prediction Box Game by Billion Box

The BB MAX (Single lotto / Double lotto)

BB Max is the third high-stake lotto game, the most popular and easiest lotto gaming type offered by Billion Box. There are two different lotto gaming rooms to choose from depending on the risk tolerance of the players – 1-digit(Single lotto) and 2-digit(Double lotto) rooms.

The 1-digit room is a single lotto where players predict the first decimal place of the currency pair of BTC/USDT on Binance at a particular time. If the players correctly predict the first decimal place, they win a reward multiplier of 8x.

The 2-digit room is a double lotto where players predict the first two decimal places of the currency pair BTC/USDT. If the players correctly predict the first two decimal places, they win a reward multiplier of 95x.

Players playing BB Max must note that only two decimal places need to be predicted to decide the correct answer in the double lotto. The payouts are substantially higher because of the increased difficulty level that goes into the prediction of two decimal places correctly.

Enjoy The BB MAX Game by Billion Box

Lottery Jackpots (Coming Soon)

Jackpot is another interesting game under the Decimal Box that offers a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000. Ticket $5 The results come from decimals of BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, and BNB/USDT from Binance combined together (The first 2 decimals from BTC, the next two from ETH, and the last one from BNB). Everyone can prove this from the Binance exchange. The game’s main objective is to match five digits correctly and win a prize of 10,000X of the bet amount.

In each round of the Jackpots function, there are a total of 100,000 tickets available for sale. It’s important to note that each ticket will have a unique set of five-digit numbers with no repetition. This means that every ticket sold has the potential to win the biggest prize available in the round.

Every round with the winning numbers had a total of 10,680 prizes up for grabs via Jackpots. The cumulative rewards for this round amounted to an impressive $230,100. This presents an exciting opportunity for players to participate in the Jackpots function and potentially claim their share of the substantial prize pool.

Lottery Jackpots by Billion Box

The prize distribution for the Jackpots function will be as follows:-

Example: On Monday, Jun 12, 2023 – Winning numbers in this round “65923”


  • Match 5 numbers (Jackpot): 65923
  • $50,000 (1 prize)
  • Total prize: $50,000

Match First 4 Numbers

  • Match first 4 numbers: 6592
  • $3,000 (9 prizes)
  • Total prize: $27,000

Match First 3 Numbers

  • Match first 3 numbers: 659
  • $500 (90 prizes)
  • Total prize: $45,000

Match First 2 Numbers

  • Match first 2 numbers: 65
  • $100 (900 prizes)
  • Total prize: $90,000

Match First 1 Number

  • Match first 1 numbers: 6
  • $1 (9,000 prizes)
  • Total prize: $9,000

Shuffle First 4 Numbers

  • Shuffle first 4 numbers: 6529, 6259, 6295, 6925, 6952, 5629, 5692, 5269, 5296, 5926, 5962, 2569, 2596, 2659, 2695, 2956, 2965, 9652, 9625, 9265, 9256, 9562, 9526
  • $20 (230 prizes)
  • Total prize: $4,600

Shuffle First 3 Numbers

  • Shuffle first 3 numbers: 695, 596, 569, 965, 956
  • $10 (450 prizes)
  • Total prize: $4,500

Billion Box Winning Conditions with Lottery Jackpots

Payout Structure of Billion Box Games

The payout structure is different for different Billion Box games. The Decimal Box’s payout structure varies based on the number of players winning in every game room. For multiple winners in a room, the prize pool is divided equally. If a particular room has no winner, the prize pool gets carried over to the next game.

In Prediction Pro Games,

High/Low game, if any player bets on High/Low and the outcome is more than or equal to 50/less than 50, the player wins/loses the bet. Winners get a payout equal to 1.9x the bet amount.

Even/Odd game, if any player bets on Even/Odd and the outcome is Even/Odd, the player wins and gets a payout equal to 1.9x the bet amount. If the outcome is the opposite, the player loses the bet.

The Payout Structure for BB Max

Payout Amount For 2 DIGI (Double Lotto)= Position X Multiplier 95x.

A player places his bet on a two-decimal number for the BTC/USDT price on Binance. If the actual price matches the selected number of the user, he wins a payout of 95x the bet amount minus the treasury fee. For instance, if a bet of 100 USDT placed by a user along with his selected number matches the two decimal numbers for BTC/USDT price on Binance, he will win a payout worth 9500 USDT (100×95).

Payout Amount For 1 DIGI (Double Lotto)= Position X Multiplier 8x.

A player places his bet on a one-decimal number for the BTC/USDT price on Binance. If the actual price matches the selected number of the user, he wins a payout of 8x the bet amount minus the treasury fee. For instance, if a bet of 100 USDT placed by a user along with his selected number matches the one decimal number for BTC/USDT price on Binance, he will win a payout worth 800 USDT (100×8).


This feature is coming soon! Keep an eye on the website for regular updates.

BB Game token use cases that will come soon:-

  • Staking
  • Play to Earn
  • Boost Multiplier
  • Governance


Q2 2023

  • Launch of Decimal Box and Prediction Box products on Polygon
  • Conduct a marketing campaign to increase the adoption and awareness of the newly launched products
  • Launch of a staking platform for BBOX token holders

Q3 2023

  • Expand the product line by adding new features and games for Decimal Box and Prediction Box.
  • Collaborate with other digital blockchain projects to increase the adoption and exposure of various Billion Box products.
  • Continue to enhance the staking platform depending on customer analytics and feedback.

Q4 2023

  • Launch of a brand-new product line to expand the ecosystem.
  • Host conferences and events to increase engagement and awareness among the members of the blockchain community.
  • Research and create new use cases for BBOX tokens to enhance the value and utility of the native token.
  • Implement 4 new games voted by the community Dice, Slot, Crash, and Fishing.


To sum up this Billion Box review, it is an excellent decentralized predictive gaming platform that offers a great opportunity to win massive rewards just by participating in a variety of enthralling prediction-based online games. BB or Billion Box provides a new gaming system using smart contracts and blockchain technology to ensure the games are secure, tamper-proof, and transparent.

The three main games on the platform, namely Decimal Box, Prediction Box, Jackpot, and BB Max, are where players can participate by predicting the correct numbers and waiting for the platform to determine the winners. Overall, with the advanced technology of Chainlink and Binance. The Billion Box gaming platform offers a trustworthy and reliable prediction gaming experience for all registered players.


Is Billion Box a Legit Gaming Platform?

Although Billion Box is a relatively new gaming platform, it takes safety and security seriously. It utilizes Certik audit security to ensure all client information is safe on the platform. Certik audit offers a thorough review of smart contracts to spot and fix potential vulnerabilities and give users the confidence to use the platform without worrying about losing their funds.

What is the Payout Structure Offered by Billion Box Games?

The payout structure of the Billion Box games depends on the game the players choose. Decimal Box, Prediction Box, and BB Max games have different payout structures that must be checked before registering with the platform.

Could Beginners Be Able to Play Billion Box Games?

Yes, beginners can play Billion Box games. However, there is no demo mode available. Hence, players need to deposit funds to play the Billion Box games.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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