Cardalonia Review 2024: Cardano Web3 Metaverse Game!

What Is Cardalonia?

The internet has changed over time, and the result of this growth is the metaverse. We live in a time when a huge transition in human history is happening, and our actual lives are bound to spill over into the metaverse. The metaverse has made aspirations and desires a reality in the virtual world. Cardalonia is one such project in which participants have the power to create, control, and personalize their experiences. Read this Cardalonia review further and learn about the platform in detail.

Cardalonia Summary

Brand Cardalonia
Blockchain Used Cardano
Token $LONIA
Use Cases Create, Explore, Trade
Clans The Originals, The Royals, Lords & Knights, Peasants
Clans Bonuses Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Wood & Food
Support Email, FAQ, & Social Community Support

Built on the Cardano Blockchain, Cardalonia is a fully decentralized, fully configurable virtual world being built on the Cardano Blockchain, in which LONIA tokens will grant you access to the ecosystem. Unlike other Cardano metaverse initiatives, the automatic whitelist for land acquisition, staking, and governance is also included.

Cardalonia has grown in popularity in recent weeks due to its distinctiveness, high usability, committed crew, and additional characteristics.

All participants in the Cardalonia game will be assigned to a clan, and each Clan will be given a resource benefit, such as Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Wood, and Food.

Cardalonia User Interface

Cardalonia will include new NFT utilities and a completely streamlined and world-class Cardalonia assets marketplace where users may trade and list Cardalonia-based items. The Cardalonia market, which is still in construction, will allow players to buy Land, exchange Avatars, receive power-ups, and buy gems.

Cardalonia has grown in popularity in recent weeks due to its distinctiveness, high usability, committed crew, and additional characteristics.

Cardalonia is built up of clans, and to enjoy it, people must join a clan avatar. Players will require $Lonia tokens to purchase Land, join a Clan, and enjoy their time in Cardalonia. $Lonia is a utility token that allows crypto and non-crypto fans to participate in Cardalonia.

Cardalonia Backstory

After the Robots and Artificial Intelligence destroyed Mankind, the OGs came up with a mission to start rebuilding the Cardalonian cities lost in the war. Their objective was to rebuild the cities in ancient and continent-sized structures in the Ecosystem of Cardano.

The platform is inspired by the medieval world, where all the players can start designing and building their custom experiences utilizing the existing resources. They can also utilize the resources from the Cardalonia marketplace; however, they have to purchase the same.

OGS (The Originals)

Alice Sand – Co-Founder

Vasil Air: CTO

Dunstan Water: Lead Developer

Meet the OGS of Cardalonia

Advisory Team

CDA (Chief Development Advisor): Denis Lukavackic

Project Advisor: Piyanut Wonglakhon

How Does Cardalonia Metaverse Work?

All participants in the Cardalonia game will also be assigned to a clan, and each Clan will have a resource benefit, which includes:-

Diamonds: These benefits can only be assigned by the OGs as easter eggs within the game.

Gold: It is a valuable resource for royalty.

Silver: Lords and knights have a lot of silver.

For peasants to finish treasure hunts, they need wood and food.

Cardalonia players can also choose whether they want to keep or sell their assets in the Cardalonia marketplace. Additionally, the tokens play a larger part in tool repairs, upgrades, and production. Cardalonia Metaverse Marketplace’s staff has prepared for the future and built a solid roadmap for it.

In addition, the $Lonia Token is released with Staking, and participants will be able to swap listings. Token holders can also participate in the Land Plots Pre-Sale and Cardalonia’s collaboration with other initiatives. All of this will contribute to a solid foundation for future growth and the expansion of the metaverse. Additionally, the public can mint the Land, and $Lonia Land Holders will be able to claim airdrops soon. There will also be a play-to-earn Multiplayer Combat mode, as well as DAO Governance, as well as a voting system.

Cardalonia’s Amazing Features

As per our Cardalonia review, players will be able to trade and list collectibles based on Cardalonia on the Cardalonia NFT Marketplace, which will be entirely streamlined and top-notch. The Cardalonia Marketplace is currently under construction and will enable players to purchase Land, exchange Avatars, receive power-ups, and buy gems. Although, know the insights about Cardalonia.

Immersive and Engaging Experiences: The Cardalonia Marketplace will grow into a community-owned metaverse that provides a powerful platform for interacting with others through virtual characters.

Decentralization: The ownership of all Cardalonia NFTs (in-game assets) will be kept forever on Cardano.

$Lonia Token Utility: Buy in-game trinkets, Land, and even bet $the tokens to win additional $Lonia tokens.

Land: Now, with tokens, purchase Land and use it to build your goods or avatar.

Cardalonia $LONIA Seed Sale

Cardalonia Use Cases


The first step to investing in Cardalonia is by opening an account. You can visit the official website to open an account. Then, you will need to fill in the required details to complete the registration process.


Once you have created an account, you can explore the NFT marketplace. You can choose any option that includes land and Lonia tokens. Moreover, you can also visit Clan’s page to know more about NFTs present on the Cardalonia platform.


After you have opened the account and explored the options available, you can start placing trades. You can start trading using exchange platforms like Binance, KuCoin, etc. Moreover, you can also trade using digital wallets like Exodus and Ledger Nano X. You can create an account, make a seed phrase, and then your account becomes active for trading.

Cardalonia Use Cases

Cardalonia Gameplay

Each Cardalonia player will be required to join a clan, which will provide them with an almost endless number of creative options for creating unique experiences, exclusive hangout locations, and play-to-earn tournaments, among other things.

A resource benefit is offered to each Clan:-

  • Diamonds: Diamond incentives can only be given out by the OGs as easter eggs in the game.
  • Gold: For the Royals, who have additional resource perks from Diamond, such as Silver and Woods.
  • Silver: Lords and knights have a tiny advantage over wood in terms of silver.
  • Wood and Food: These are required for the peasants to power up, as they will need to go on repeated treasure hunts and deposit on their property.

Gamers can choose to sell their materials or retain them to manufacture or acquire tools upon extracting them. It is entirely up to each player. Depending on the object being mined, a teammate’s energy depletes when a certain amount of time has passed, and he must either receive a power-up or pay $Lonia to gain energy. The extraction procedures damage the equipment required for mining, necessitating constant tool repairs.

The game’s token will be valuable in making these repairs or creating new tools. The DAO will select how many Lonia are required for each repair and power-up. There are several methods to obtain new tools to speed up the extraction process. It may be obtained as a quest reward, used to purchase new tools on the Cardalonian marketplace, created, or looted.

$Lonia Token Details

The $LONIA token powers the Cardalonia ecosystem. Furthermore, there will be a total of 10,00,00,000 tokens allocated among:-

Public: Approximately 50% (50,000,000) of $Lonia Early adopters will be able to acquire Cardalonia tokens to mint a Land. Also, there will be three rounds of sales: Seed Sale: 15,000,000 $LONIA Cardalonia tokens for one ADA for every fourteen LONIA. The minimum purchase is 500 ADA, with a maximum of 20000 ADA.

Pre-Sale: 25,000,000 $LONIA at a Cardalonia token price of 1 ADA = 12 LONIA. The minimum and maximum limits are 200 and 10,000 ADA, respectively.

10,000,000 $LONIA are on public sale, with a Cardalonia token price of 11 LONIA per ADA. The minimum and maximum purchasing limits are 100 and 5000 ADA, respectively.

Approximately 20% (20,000,000) of $LONIA is staked. Within three years, Cardalonia tokens will be held and distributed.

The Cardalonia team’s treasury will be locked with 10% (10,000,000) of $LONIA. 35% of the team’s tokens will be used for in-game events and marketing and partnership incentives.

Advisers: The advisors will get 4% (4,000,000) of the tokens.

8.5 percent (8,500,000 $LONIA) of the total will be set aside for liquidity alternatives or exchange integrations.

Advisory Team of Cardalonia

Marketing: The Cardalonia project will be promoted using 6,000,000 tokens.

Finally, an airdrop will distribute the 1,500,000 Lonia tokens to early adopters.

How You Can Use the $Lonia Token?

$LONIA is a Cardano Native Token (CNT) constructed on the Cardano Blockchain within a limited number of 100,000,000 $Lonia tokens, with no additional tokens ever being generated.

It’s the most crucial utility token, and that’s the one you’ll utilize in Cardalonia.

The Lonia Token is an integral part of the Cardalonia metaverse because it is the ruling token. Users may either retain it and receive compounding per epoch returns or stake it to gain access to many benefits as per our Cardalonia review and research.

These tokens will be handed to the owner of a Land. For example, a player is currently playing in return for a particular experience, equipment, and bonuses. The Cardalonia Landowner promised a Lonia token transaction.

These payments will take place through a Cardano Blockchain-connected in-game interface.

  • Access to the Cardalonia Platform: Players would be able to spend $LONIA tokens to get access to unique activities, goods, bonuses, content, and more inside the Cardalonia platform.
  • Governance Voting: Administration (To decide the future of Cardalonia).
  • Staking: There are benefits to staking (Up to 25 percent APR).
  • Cardalonia ORB: Buying Land as Creators will be required to spend Lonia on land acquisition and uploading their generated assets to the Cardalonia metaverse Whitelist for Clan Drops (depends on the amount staked).
  • NFT drops with a twist (more related to in-game experiences and skins).

Understanding Clans in Cardalonia

The clans are categorized into four different categories:-

  • The Originals or OG: These are the first alien groups that are the founders of the world of Cardalonia. There are only four clans in this group and around seventy-three Epochs.
  • The Royals: They are the direct descendants of the OGs. They have rare traits and other attributes that make them unique. The Royals don’t burn out so quickly and have improved abilities to perform exceptionally. They are around 2000 or less in population.
  • Lords & Knights: These are noble clans who share a great bond with the Royals. They have multiplying power and can grow together to beat the warriors and knights easily. There are around 62,000 lords and knights on the platform.
  • Peasants: These are ordinary inhabitants who are residing in the Cardalonian Kingdom. They have limited capabilities that make them co-exist with others in the colonies. They perform activities like treasure hunting and obtain rewards. Once they start getting rewards, they can complete their quests. Around 227,000 peasants reside on the platform.

Cardalonia Clans

How to Earn Money with Cardalonia?

You can start earning money with Cardalonia in the future as the marketplace development is completed. For now, you can begin buying ADA and send it to your wallet. Then, you can start participating in the Lonia Token Sale. You can invest in the Land and then wait for the right time to sell it in the marketplace. Such an investment is currently the best way to make money online.

Future of Cardalonia

There are many plans to expand Cardalonia in the market, and there are plans to include mechanics and many other crypto games into the platform. Also, the future of Cardalonia looks bright as the core focus is to create valuable and rare assets.

Cardalonia Review: Conclusion

The Cardalonia metaverse is a captivating and entertaining virtual environment where users may create virtual 3D NFT avatars, Land, and participate in activities to gain prizes. Furthermore, the project offers strong tokenomics, high-quality NFTs, a trading platform, a defined roadmap, and a world-class crew continually upgrading the platform.

Cardalonia is anticipated to achieve new heights of success in the following months and years, thanks to a strong team aiming to establish an integrated ecosystem, a comprehensive roadmap, an engaging metaverse, and upcoming gameplay. It is a one-of-a-kind jewel-making wave in the NFT and metaverse!


What Blockchain Does Cardalonia Use?

Cardalonia uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) stored on the Cardano Blockchain.

Who Is the Team Behind Cardalonia?

Cardalonia’s development team consists of Blockchain entrepreneurs, 3D Asset producers, Full Stack Developers, and Haskell Engineers.

How to Join a Clan?

The quantity of $Lonia tokens Staked will determine your Clan.

How to Get $Lonia Token?

During our sale rounds, you will be able to acquire $Lonia Tokens.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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