CropBytes Review 2024: Step Into the World of Crypto Farming!

CropBytes, a pioneer in crypto gaming, has a well-crafted game economy. You can use the power of cryptocurrency to play and make money in the virtual world. CropBytes, a leading farming simulation game, is about building your crypto farm, earning crypto, and growing crops in the metaverse. Regular play can help players grow their portfolio by selling produce and raising animals.

As per several reviews, CropBytes is a play-to-earn game metaverse that rewards farmers for their strategic planning and farming efforts. When you visit the website, there are many game options for farmers, including choosing which animals and what crops to raise and trading and collecting Superheroes. CropBytes has more than 2,50,000 players worldwide, so it is safe to say that CropBytes is only getting started in the farming game space. Read our CropBytes review to know more about a rewarding crypto farming game.

CropBytes User Interface

About CropBytes: A Crypto Farm Game

According to our CropBytes farm review, CropBytes is dedicated to creating a better game than is currently available. You can earn crypto by trading your assets and playing in the game’s economy, where the players can also use their crypto in other CropBytes mini-games. CropBytes has something to offer everyone. This simulation is designed to be as realistic as the real world. It allows you to earn a living and work in the game like in real life.

CropBytes has an in-game marketplace where players can seamlessly buy and sell based on the economical condition inside the marketplace. This allows invested players to shape the economy and decide the asset price by influencing demand and supply.

CropBytes Summary

Official Website
Stage Live
Genre Metaverse, Simulation
Platform Android, iOS, and Web
Blockchain Ethereum & TRON
Reward Yes
Free/Paid Free
Token CBX

As per reviews and research, CropBytes is the very first game that uses crypto to simulate farming. CropBytes farming uses sustainable economics with improved gameplay, similar to the real world. This makes it possible for you to continue growing and playing this game. When you visit the platform, you can see the game details are based on real-world farming economies. You can buy and control holdings and then use them to supply goods and services to other players. You can own and operate your farm. Also, you can trade your produce with other players. You can mine CBX to help you grow your farm in the metaverse.

CropBytes Economy

CropBytes: Game Flow

CropBytes, one of the online crypto games, helps the players to grow their farming business by learning how to farm, mine CBX, and strategy. Let’s look at the CropBytes tutorial about how the virtual economy works.

Let us begin with the cultivation of crops. Producing food and feeding animals are two of the most basic farming activities that you can do. You can also explore utilities such as water and power that you can sell or use for your fellow players.

The player should sign up to receive the free trial assets. This trial pack contains everything you need to get started with CropBytes. The free trial assets can only be used for a short time. The required users can either buy an asset from other players in the market or get a starter package from the shop once they expire.

CropBytes economy connects all aspects of the game in a seamless flow. It is similar to the real world. By being volatile and dynamic, the game mimics the real world. It allows players to create strategies and plans their maximize their output, creating economic trends and fluctuations.

CropBytes: Game Flow

CropBytes: Game Dynamics

Price Determination

The price action is one of the most crucial factors of the CropBytes game. The price action is completely dependent on supply and demand, through which players hold control over the shape of the economy. CropBytes game creators have no control over any secondary/market pricing in the game.


CropBytes players can trade in-game assets within the platform’s native exchange to streamline the trading process seamlessly.

Supply and Demand

The principle of supply and demand for the game works similar to the real world. If one crop is overproduced by different players, it could lead to oversupply, and while other crops may struggle to create enoght supply to meet economic needs. This will be applicable to all assets in the CropBytes ecosystem.

The game operates on a sequence of events that are influenced by the principles of supply and demand. One such example is the daily feeding requirement of farm animals to maintain their health. Inadequate supply of fodder and delayed feeding could have a detrimental impact on the animals’ health, regardless of the prevailing market price. This chain of events could also disrupt the buying and selling cycle of essential items, such as fodder, that are necessary to ensure the health and well-being of a player’s farm.

CropBytes: Player Roles

The game is mainly composed of four types of traders:-

Farmers: They manage self-sustaining farms and cultivate their own CBX portfolio.

Traders: They engage in buying and selling activities within the game to generate profits.

Owners: They possess large farms and equipment, and employ farm workers to carry out farming operations.

Farm Workers: They work on farms and receive wages paid by the farm owners.

Farm Together at CropBytes

**Strategies: In the game, players have the freedom to devise their own path. They can opt to trade farm crops or raise barn animals. They are free to choose their preferred responsibilities and can focus on one or multiple strategies. Additionally, they can become an asset owner and hold onto them for appreciation or regularly buy and sell assets.

CropBytes: Bridging Gaming & Earning in the Metaverse

The CropBytes metaverse aims to provide a platform for players to play and earn in the virtual world, mirroring the real world’s economic cycles and market trends. The introduction of “work to earn” transforms the way we perceive digital assets. Players are now categorized as either Farm Owners or Farm Workers, merging “free to play” and “free to earn” into one. Farm Owners manage game assets, trade, and hire workers to grow their farming business. Meanwhile, Farm Workers earn daily wages on farms, which they can save and invest in their own farming business.

CropBytes Tokenomics

The Game Token, or CBX, is the primary utility token of CropBytes. It is a functional multi-utility in-game currency that serves as a secure and convenient mode of payment and settlement between participants on the platform. However, it is not intended to be used as a medium of exchange for goods and services outside of CropBytes, nor does it represent any shareholding, participation, or promise of investment returns.

CBX can only be used within the CropBytes ecosystem and ownership of CBX carries no rights, other than the right to use it for interaction within the platform. Players can purchase and trade digital assets with CBX, but it cannot be generated outside of the game.

CBX Usecases

CBX is an integral part of CropBytes economic cycles, serving as an in-game currency used to purchase superheroes, assets, and for trading. As the CropBytes ecosystem expands, CBX will be further integrated with more uses and applications. CBX is designed to be an interoperable currency within the CropBytes ecosystem, and will eventually be used for purchasing various assets and paying fees.

CBX tokens will be distributed in stages as per a predetermined rollout strategy that considers funding rounds, functional and operational aspects of the company, and also provides an opportunity for mining.

CBX Usecases

CropBytes: Game FTs & NFTs

CropBytes game assets comprise both fungible tokens (FTs) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each with unique utilities within the metaverse. These game assets can be bought, traded, and mined using CBX.

These assets can be categorized as follows:-

  1. Essential Assets: Required for daily consumption in the game.
  2. Farming Assets: Used to produce crops and fruits.
  3. Animals: Produce extracts that are required to mine CBX.
  4. Pro Animals: Produce pro extracts that are used to craft Breed Feed.
  5. Superhero NFTs: Superheroes help boost your farm’s output and fuel your earnings.
  6. Buildings: Buildings are used for producing utilities and providing services.

CropBytes: Game FTs & NFTs

Essential Assets

Essential Assets in the game are FTs that are necessary for daily consumption, similar to how water, seeds, and feed are needed in the real world. These assets are used to grow crops and feed animals.


In the game, seeds play a crucial role in crop production. When combined with cropland and water, they can grow into valuable crops. Two types of seeds are currently available in the game – Corn seeds and Carrot seeds, which can be purchased from the store.

Once planted, it takes 36 hours for Corn crops and 120 hours for Carrot crops to mature and be ready for harvest. The yield and time required for crop growth are determined by the type of seed used and the size of the cropland.


In CropBytes, water is an essential resource for growing crops and feeding animals. It can be generated from wells and lake houses within the game. Additionally, players can purchase water from other players on the in-game exchange.


In the CropBytes metaverse, feed production is an important aspect of farming. Feed is created by grinding harvested crops and fruits, and there are four different types of feed available:-

  1. Corn Feed is produced by grinding Corn Crops. This process requires the use of mills, which are used for processing and grinding crops. More information about grinding time and fees can be found here. Corn Feed is consumed by Animals on weekdays (Monday-Saturday).
  2. Carrot Feed is produced by grinding Carrot Crops. This process also requires the use of mills, and more information about grinding time and fees can be found here. Carrot Feed is consumed by Pro Animals & Superheroes on weekdays (Monday-Saturday).
  3. Fruit Feed is produced by grinding fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas. Once again, mills are required for this process. More information about grinding time and fees can be found here. Fruit Feed is consumed by all Animals, Pro Animals, and Superheroes on Sundays.
  4. Breed Feed is a special type of feed that is crafted using a recipe containing a mix of different extracts. Breed feed is consumed by Superheroes during breeding, and it is made from a variety of extracts including pro extracts.

CropBytes Essential Assets


Power from Wind Turbines and Solar panels is crucial in CropBytes. It’s used for collecting water and grinding crops.

To collect water, users store power in their barn, with 0.01* Power deducted for 1 Water collected. The power needed is displayed by tapping the asset. Power requirements may change.

Feed mills need power to operate, with the mill owner’s barn automatically deducted. Owners must store power to run their services without issues. Without power reserves, owners can’t claim the grinding fee. Grinding fees are collected and saved by CropBytes if there are no power reserves.


Power production assets need regular maintenance, and in the case of Wind Turbines and Solar Panels, they require Grease. Owners can purchase Grease packs in Small, Medium, and Large units from the Store. When collecting power, users need to store Grease in their barn, with 0.01* Grease being used for 1 Power collected.

Farming Assets

Farming assets such as croplands and trees are essential for producing crops and fruits, which can then be converted into feed for consumption by Animals, Pro Animals, and Superheroes. These in-game assets are now ERC-1155 tokens on the Polygon Blockchain, allowing for true ownership and easy trading. Users can deposit and withdraw assets using the Polygon chain, while also utilizing the Ethereum Chain for USDT and CBX transfers, and the Tron Chain for TRX transfers.

Croplands come in three different types: Small Cropland, which is a 1×1 plot of land, and Large Cropland, which is a 4×3 plot of land. They are used in conjunction with seeds and water to grow crops. Trees come in three different types: Apple, Banana, and Orange. They require water to grow crops.


CropBytes metaverse has many uses for producing extracts made by animals. The CropBytes metaverse contains a wide range of animals, and each animal is unique. They consume different amounts and types of water and make different extracts. To be in good health, animals need to eat and drink water daily; if you forget to offer their daily foodstuffs, they will suffer from a lack of animal health and may stop producing extracts. If animals are not in fine health, they stop producing extracts.

CropBytes Animals

Pro Animals

Pro Animals are exclusive animals in CropBytes that can be acquired using CBX. These animals produce distinctive extracts essential for crafting Breed Feed, and there is a wide range of Pro Animals in the metaverse, each with their unique traits. They have varying requirements for feed, water, and produce different extracts. The ultimate purpose of Breed Feed is to breed Superheroes.

Proposed Superhero NFTs

Superheroes can boost your farm’s output and help you earn more. There is a limited edition of assets with CropBytes that can be classified as collectibles and can also be used as a utility. They can boost your farm’s output and help you to increase your earnings.


You can use buildings to produce utilities or provide services. There are many buildings available in the game. Each one has a unique purpose.

  • Utility Assets:- These are used for power usage and producing water.
  • Superhero House:- It is needed for breeding Superheroes or to use their abilities.
  • Feed Mill:- Feed mill is used to grind crops and fruits to make feed.

CropBytes Gameplay: Experience Sustainable Farming

CropBytes is a crypto-powered simulation game that mirrors real-world sustainable economics. Players can own assets in the game and use them to provide goods and services to others in the growing economy. Operate your farm, trade your produce and assets, and mine CBX to expand your holdings in the metaverse!

Earn Money While Playing CropBytes Crypto Farming Game

CropBytes revolutionizes the economy by allowing players to earn CBX through completing farm jobs for other players, mimicking the real-world service economy. This framework is a groundbreaking addition, enabling players to join for free and generate capital immediately.

Mining jobs are fulfilled through a mini-game with a miner avatar, which can be assigned to the player’s or another user’s task. The job board shows history, available jobs, and worker assignments. The new 3D environment, fishing logic, UX improvements, and mining communication interface enhance the user experience. Players can contract with other miners to fulfill their mining needs for a fixed amount of CBX.

CropBytes: Get Paid to Play!

The latest version of the game introduces a revised asset mining process. Previously, players had to mine and use up a specific amount of CBX and Pro Mix within a given time frame. However, the updated mining mechanics require players to complete mini-games to progress.

To mine an asset, players can use their miner avatar and play mini-games on their own farm. They can also hire miner avatars from other farms to expedite the mining process. The Job Board feature allows players to advertise and search for available job opportunities. Mining tasks can only be accomplished by playing mini-games using the miner avatar.

Step by step CropBytes beginners guide on how to play the game:-

  1. Choose an Asset
  2. Burn the Pro Mix and the CBX.
  3. Initiate mining session.
  4. Once a mining has started, You will see a number of mini games that need to be completed to finish the mining for that asset.
  5. Play the mini game and complete it successfully.
  6. Once a mini-game is complete, the miner avatar will be occupied, and a timer will be visible for the next mini game to unlock.
  7. The miner will be available once the timer is complete and the next game is unlocked.
  8. This will need to be repeated until all mini games are finished.
  9. When all of the mini games have been completed, the asset will be unlocked.

Growing Crops & Fruits

To grow 12 Corn Crops, players need 1x Cropland, 1x Corn Seeds, and 1x Water. The crop will be ready for harvest in 36 hours.

Carrot Crops

To grow 5 Carrot Crops, 1x Cropland, 1x Carrot seed, and 1x Water are needed. The growing process takes 120 hours, and once harvested, the carrots will appear in the player’s barn.

Growing Fruits

To start the growth process, trees require watering after being placed on the farm.

For bananas, 5x Water is needed to grow 5 Banana Fruits, and it takes 120 hours to harvest them once the growing process begins.

For oranges, 10x Water is required to grow 2 Orange Fruits, and it takes 24 hours to harvest them once growing begins.

Once harvested, the fruits will appear in the player’s barn.

Croplands come in different sizes – small, 1×1, and 4×3 – and are used with seeds and water to grow crops. They can be purchased from other players on the in-game exchange.

Growing Crops & Fruits at CropBytes


Grinding is the process of converting harvested crops and fruits into feed. Mills are necessary for grinding, and they are owned by players in the game. Players can send their harvested crops and fruits to be ground at any mill.

After sending crops for grinding, players must pay the mill owner a grinding fee. The cost and time required for grinding vary depending on the type of crop and the number of grindings in the queue.


In the CropBytes metaverse, the exchange operates through a list-based system, providing players an open marketplace to trade their assets, utilities, and produce. The market price of these assets is determined by the players themselves, based on the principles of supply and demand. The price action is also influenced by market trends.

Feeding Animals

Daily food is necessary for your farm animals. Each animal consumes a different amount of feed, which correlates with the amount of extract produced. Neglecting to feed your animals can lead to a decrease in their health.

Feeding, Health, & Extracts

If animals are not fed daily, their health will decrease by 5% on weekdays and 10% on Sundays. To produce extracts, animals must be fed daily and have a health level above 80%. Extract production will cease if the animal’s health falls below 80%.


The animals and superheroes’ health will increase by 0.5 units for each day they are fed. When the Healer superhero’s ability is enabled, all animals’ health recovery will be increased by 0.5 units per day.

Health Bars & Trading

  • Each type of animal you own will have equal health.
  • The health of each type of animal is bound to a player.
  • When a player trades any animal, the health does not get transferred to the new owner.
  • When a player buys an animal the health will be the same as the other animals of the same type that the player owns.
  • Animals in trade will consume feed and produce extracts.
  • Missing feed when animals are in trade will result in loss of health.

Grazing Animals

To graze animals, go to barn and click “graze”. Feed animals before sending, and they’ll return after 7 days with a fee. Feed them upon return or lose health. No grazing for 7 more days. For example, to pause 3 Zings out of 5 animals, feed all first, select Zing, and pause.

Grazing Animals at CropBytes


CropBytes metaverse is constantly expanding. When we checked this platform, there were no fake reviews, and the economy’s demand for assets and products grows as players become more successful. Mining allows players to create new supplies and maintain a steady supply.

CBX provides the economic incentives that will be distributed to encourage users to contribute to the ecosystem on CropBytes. This creates a mutually beneficial system in which each participant is fairly compensated.

CBX is an essential component of CropBytes without CBX; there is an incentive that users would spend resources to take part in the activities or offer services that benefit the entire ecosystem, CropBytes. The additional CBX will be given to players based on their actual usage activities and efforts put into CropBytes, or in proportion to the volume and frequency of transactions. CropBytes players or holders of CBX who do not actively participate in the program are not eligible for CBX incentives.

In contrast to traditional mining, CropBytes employs game function and flow to create an alternative to a mining algorithm. To reward active participation in the game, participants can earn CBX just by participating and participating in various quests and activities. The more progress they achieve and the higher their score, the more CBX they will be able to acquire.

To stimulate the ecosystem to spend and engage, CBX is mined by players who convert the products produced by their assets and animals. You can search for or generate produce when the animals eat water or food. Water and foodstuff are produced by the player or purchased from a player through the game exchange.

Mining CBX Token at CropBytes

Owning & Breeding Superheroes

In the CropBytes metaverse, there are 6 types of Gen 0 superheroes, 9 types of Gen 1A superheroes, and 81 types of Gen 1B superheroes, each with their unique abilities in the game.

Feeding, Health & Powers

  • 5% of health will be deducted for each time feeding is missed on a weekday.
  • 10% of health will be deducted for each time feeding is missed on a Sunday.
  • Superheroes produce extracts only if they are fed daily and their health is above 80%.
  • Superheroes can’t use their power if their health is below 80%.
  • Gen 1A & Gen 1B are inactive at the moment.

Super Powers

CropBytes metaverse has 6 different types of Gen 0 superheroes. These superheroes are limited edition NFT assets with both collectible and in-game utility. By boosting your farm’s output and fueling your earnings, they have the potential to make your farm more productive. Each superhero has a distinct set of abilities.

Using Powers

  • A house is required for superheroes to use their powers.
  • Powers work only if feeding is one for that day.
  • Powers can be enabled or paused only if given for that day.
  • Powers can be enabled or resumed only after 24hrs.


Healers aid in speedy animal health recovery. Each Healer in a player’s account increases health bars by 0.5, up to a maximum of 4 Healers. For example, if a player has 2 Healers, health will increase by 1.5 for any animal.


Boost crop production with Greens! Each Green in a player’s account provides 2 extra crops per cropland. For example, if a player has 3 Greens, the crop production per square land would be 12+6=18. Please note that only a maximum of 4 Greens will be considered.


Bloosm is an automatic animal feeder in CropBytes metaverse that feeds all your animals and superheroes once per day, provided enough feed is available in the player’s account. Having more than one Bloosm in the account will not affect the feeding process.

CropBytes Superheroes


Boosts water production from lakes and wells. Each Waterl in the player’s inventory increases water production by 10% of the usual amount. For example, if a player has 3 Waterl and 1 lake, the water production will be 20 + 3 * 10% (20) ⇒ 26 water buckets.

Limit: Only up to 4 Waterl will be effective.


Boosts power generation from renewable sources. Each Chichu in the player’s account increases the GC production by 15%. For example, if a player has two Chichus and a Wind turbine, the power generated will be 30 + 2 * 15% (30) = 39 POW.

Note: A maximum of four Chichus will be considered.

Super Sunny

Automatically feed your animals. Super Sunny has the same abilities and terms as Bloosm.

Limit: Only one Super Sunny will be considered.

Breeding Superheroes

Superhero breeding results in the creation of super babies with unique abilities. In CropBytes, Gen 0 Superheroes can only be acquired by burning CBX. There are six distinct types of Gen 0 superheroes, equally split between three male and three female superheroes:-


  • Green
  • Super Sunny
  • Chichu


  • Waterl
  • Bloosm
  • Healer

Breeding any pair of superheroes will yield a different super baby with its own set of abilities. To breed superheroes, players need one male superhero, one female superhero, a superhero house, and breed feed.

Superhero Babies

Superhero babies are of 2 types Gen 1A and Gen 1B; there are total 9 Gen 1A & 81 Gen 1B superheroes in the metaverse of CropBytes.

Gen 1A Gen 1B
High Power Low Power
Breeding time: 72 Days Breeding time: 28 Days
9 Different combination 81 Different combination

**However, to know about all the 9 Gen 1A & 81 Gen 1B superheroes in CropBytes; click here!

Our Verdict: Is it Worth Playing?

CropBytes was launched in the early days of crypto gaming, and after existing for a couple of years, it went through an ICO in December 2021. The creators have outlined a roadmap that suggests significant potential for CropBytes in the Web3 gaming industry, and it has been profitable for users. Our CropBytes guide indicates that it offers immersive gameplay, and there is no reason to believe that it is a scam.


Is CropBytes Legit?

The CropBytes Farm game is 100% legit. Based on our thorough investigation of the CropBytes game and its associated community, we can confirm that it is not a scam.

How Much Can You Earn in CropBytes?

CropBytes is unique among NFT-based play-to-earn games, as it encourages extended user engagement. The game uses CBX tokens to purchase rare and breedable Superhero NFTs, which can increase profits. Spending more time earning and trading CBX increases profit potential. Based on our CropBytes farm review, CropBytes is a legitimate game and not a scam.

Is CropBytes Free to Earn?

CropBytes, another innovative crypto game, is free and features an open economy, growing crops, trading, can earn crypto, and more. It offers a free trial pack, and it is a lot like Farmville but with crypto.

Is CropBytes Trustworthy?

Yes, indeed. CropBytes has been a part of the crypto gaming revolution since early 2018. It is a one-stop destination for creating your own metaverse farm and growing your business. It is the best blockchain game that combines fun game design and smart tokenomics to engage players. This creates a hook that keeps them coming back. It is here to stay, with more ambitious projects in the pipeline.

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