CryptoBlades Review and Guide for Beginners

With decentralization, the play-to-earn gaming sector has grown exponentially into the most powerful concept within the crypto industry as NFTs take flight into a new dimension in the market. Gaming has been touted as the best application for Blockchain technology, leading to the rise of CryptoBlades, a web-based Blockchain NFT role-playing game. It has attracted the interest of thousands of players around the world. Although it was initially deployed on Binance Smart Chain, it later expanded to various other decentralized networks to offer an improved experience and transaction efficiency.

CryptoBlades Summary

Official Website
Stage Live
Genre RPG
Device Web
Blockchain BNB, HECO, OEC, Polygon, Avalanche, OKC, Aurora, SKALE, and COINEX
Reward SKILL and character experience
Free/Paid Paid
Token $SKILL

This CryptoBlades play-to-earn game guide focuses on the game’s elements, characters, weapons, raids, $SKILL tokens, MetaMask wallet, and many more.

About CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is the most innovative Blockchain-based NFT game launched by Philip Devine, the owner of Riveted Games. There are many battle simulators available on the internet. Still, CryptoBlades has gained tremendous popularity because of the mechanisms that set the perfect tone for future trends and developments in this sector.

At the time of writing this CryptoBlades full review that talks about how to play CryptoBlades in detail, the game is available on BNB Chain, HECO, OEC Chain, Polygon, Aurora, Avalanche, and more.

CryptoBlades Game User Interface

For this CryptoBlades game guide, we will concentrate on the gameplay and share CryptoBlades reviews that prove how popular a play-to-earn game is and can potentially increase earnings.

CryptoBlades allows players to battle monsters and earn rewards like CryptoBlades SKILL coins. Players can craft NFTs of powerful active characters and unique weapons, play in combat mode or defeat enemies. Start playing CryptoBlades to level up fast and become stronger. The players can also boost their character’s power and become stronger in the NFT role-playing game. Players need to employ and retool additional characters and equip them with different weapons to do this.

The equipment, NFT characters, and avatars can be exchanged in the open market. Players can also purchase SKILL tokens and trade or stake them to earn passive income. Buy the first SKILL token to start playing crypto games and earn rewards.

The Complete Gameplay of CryptoBlades


Every character, new weapon, and its attributes are assigned one element that either increases or decreases the probability of winning during a battle. As a general rule, the elements trump or are trumped by other elements. The game strategy will depend on the character pairing and weapons based on the elements.


  • Trumps Earth
  • Trumped by Water


  • Trumps Lightning
  • Trumped by Fire


  • Trumps Water
  • Trumped by Earth


  • Trumps Fire
  • Trumped by Lightning


CryptoBlades characters are the main NFT tokens that can be possessed by the players. Every account is allowed to hold up to 4 NFT characters, and the prices of minting them are displayed under the Plaza button. All staked SKILL coins spent on minting unlimited characters come under a contract that looks after the fight payouts. The first character starts its journey at level 1, and minting characters offer random elements. Players can purchase elements and change potions from the SKILL shop.

CryptoBlades Characters

Character Levels

Players can recruit characters that start at level one. It requires experience obtained through successful combat. The character stamina and levels determine the amount of power the characters have while calculating combat, which determines the SKILL payouts on victories. To calculate the increasing power of a character and how much more stamina is required to get to a certain level, the following formula is used:-

charPower = 1000 + ((charLevel – 1) * 10) * (Math.Floor ((charLevel – 1)/10)) + 1


According to the CryptoBlades Weapon guide, players can possess main NFT weapons in CryptoBlades. Unlike characters, every account can hold unlimited weapons, and the prices of minting them are displayed under the Blacksmith button. The weapons come with a random element and rarity that are denoted by their number of stars. The weapon’s rarity determines the number of attributes and values they possess.

CryptoBlades Weapons

The use of a weapon is not limited to any character; hence, a single weapon can be used by all the characters available. When writing this CryptoBlades NFT Game review, players cannot change the values of the weapons in any way.

Weapon Attributes


Players who play CryptoBlades can increase their overall combat power by forging weapons at the Blacksmith. Players can forge weapons and utilize the RNG process, where is the probability of minting each level of a weapon is given below –

  • One-star, 44% chance
  • Two-star, 35% chance
  • Three-star, 15% chance
  • Four-star, 5% chance
  • Five-star, 1% chance

According to the CryptoBlades Beginners guide, reforging weapons is a process of merging and burning one weapon with another. The target weapon receives improved attributes, and the burned weapon disappears. Reforging weapons adds value to the low-rarity weapons and ensures that they are zero waste.

  • LB – This LB stat is added to the weapon when a three-star weapon is burned and merged into another weapon that is being reforged. A weapon can have a sum of 100 LB points. 1 LB point gives 15 power points to the weapon. In total, the maximum power of a weapon can be 1500 points at 100/100 LB.
  • 4LB – This stat is added to the weapon when a weapon of four-star is burned and combined with a weapon being reforged. A weapon can have a sum of 25 4LB points. 1 4LB adds 30 power points to a weapon. In total, the maximum power of a weapon can be 750 points at 25/25 4LB.
  • 5LB – This stat is added to the weapon when a weapon of five-star is burned and combined with a weapon being reforged. A weapon can have a sum of 10 5LB points. 1 5LB adds 60 power points to a weapon. In total, the maximum power of a weapon can be 600 points at 10/10 5LB.

CryptoBlades: P2E NFT Game


Combat involves action where the players first select their character within the Plaza and then enter Combat to choose a weapon. After choosing the weapon, four enemy combatants appear for players to select their choice of combatant that will play against their chosen characters. The Combat mode is the main source for players to buy SKILL using their character and weapons.


Raid is an alternative CryptoBlades gameplay feature that costs 200 stamina along with 20 durabilities for every weapon and character committed. Raids deduct the remaining durability and stamina on weapons in characters and pause the regeneration process until the entire value is paid. To send NFTs that are not full, durability and stamina regeneration resumes only when the 200/20 cost values have been entirely accounted for.


Quests can help players to progress and improve their characters. Nevertheless, Quests are available for the characters not in the Arena. To complete Quests, the characters must gain reputation points that enhance the overall experience, items, and tier.

Mint NFTs

CryptoBlades offer NFT games where each character and weapon is also an NFT, meaning it has real-life value. The play-to-earn game also has players who search for rare weapons and strong characters that can be bought at the Bazaar, the game’s official Marketplace.

Staking with CryptoBlades

What Is SKILL Token?

SKILL is the native currency of CryptoBlades. Players who win the Blockchain game can earn SKILL and use them to mint their first character, forge/reforge weapons, and trade assets on the CryptoBlades Marketplace. When writing this CryptoBlades Gameplay review, players can buy SKILL tokens at $1.03, which is relatively lower than its past prices. However, know about it in detail here.

Spending SKILL

SKILL is the CryptoBlades currency used to create NFT assets that players use to play CryptoBlades. The tokens are used to receive enhanced attributes and increase the volume of the SKILL tokens, allowing easy circulation of the P2E game design and economy.

Start Earning SKILL Token with CryptoBlades

Obtaining SKILL

SKILL can be primarily obtained from a successful combat encounter and the NFT trading on the marketplace. More features rewarding SKILL token holders will soon be developed to increase the value of NFT needed to produce more $SKILL.

Metaverse: CryptoBlades 

In 2021, the team of developers introduced CryptoBlades: Kingdoms (CBK), a realm containing 6,250,000 claimable territorial locations with 2500 X 2500 dimensions divided into 50 X 50 chunks. Every claimable territory has a dungeon or an empty village. There are 3 primary resources in a village – clay, stone, and wood– that can be used to build mansions and buildings and recruit troops. Currently, land can be obtained using KING, available in the Bazaar. CBK introduced an additional token called KING with a total supply of 1 billion.


According to various CryptoBlades Kingdoms Game tips, each Kingdom has a 5000 X 5000 grid map with various land tiers and is randomly assigned to players. These can also be bought according to the player’s gameplay strategies or raided if needed. The land system governs the basic mechanics of the gaming sector at CryptoBlades, where a piece of land comes with unique resources and advantages, and the alliances or guilds play an essential role in the quest to conquer the Kingdoms.

CryptoBlades Kingdoms


Another very exciting element of CryptoBlades is the Guilds which allow players to form friends, alliances, and communities that make the gaming experience more enthralling and immersive. Players who wish to form individual guilds will be responsible for ensuring the economic health of the guilds through the expansion of defenses and infrastructures, organization of dungeons and raids, and collection of Guild dues.

According to this CryptoBlades guide, here are the advantages of Guilds:-

  • Place to Communicate 
    Each guild has a mini-forum where players can communicate with others. A very simple feature that allows moderators to read messages if they are found to be problematic.
  • Attack Board 
    Players can view all incoming and outgoing support and attack commands from each village in the guild, allowing them to coordinate their defenses and attacks.
  • Status Board 
    Players can view their scores, constructions, army sizes, and villages in the guild to understand other guildmates and fill in the gaps.
  • Resource Board 
    Players can also view resources for every village and send resources to other guildmates.
  • Dungeon Board 
    They can view the dungeons of other players and commit various resources to help them.


Dungeons consist of – max explorers, accessibility, difficulty, and rewards.

  • Rewards 
    The dungeons offer randomly chosen rewards and rotate weekly among the following: stone, wood, clay, and keys. When the dungeons rotate rewards, they also rotate the number of explorers ranging from 4 to 40.
  • Exploration
    While exploring the dungeons, players can commit resources for the exploration that can be of two types – Solo or request guild help. Players can explore the types at any time they want to.
  • Heroes
    Players can also deploy or commit their heroes on CryptoBlades.
  • Armies
    They can also commit armies from the villages that bolster power while exploring the dungeons. In addition, players can commit a maximum of 50 weapons for the expedition to receive a power boost.

CryptoBlades Marketplace

To play CryptoBlates, developed by the popular Riveted Games, players will need characters that can be readily bought from the marketplace. Purchasing characters and weapons from here is more cost-efficient than forging or recruiting, and this is because players can see the costs and analysis to find the best deal before they start CryptoBlade’s play-to-earn game.

The rare items are also available when the players are leveled up. There are four elements in the game, and players must select their characters and weapons. Navigate through the marketplace and choose the ideal combination to play the game.

CryptoBlades Marketplace

CryptoBlades Tokenomics

To play CryptoBlades P2E earn game developed by Riveted Games, players will require SKILL which is CryptoBlades native tokens. SKILL can be leveraged to acquire characters, forge and reforge weapons, and buy, sell or store SKILL from the MetaMask and other supported wallets. The supply of the tokens is designated as:-

  • IDO – 35%
  • Gameplay Incentives – 20%
  • Development – 20%
  • Initial Liquidity – 15%
  • Liquidity – 10%

How to Make Money from CryptoBlades?

According to various CryptoBlades tutorials, players can play CryptoBlades just like other NFT games and start earning money. To learn how to play CryptoBlades with a desired amount of tokens and benefit from the reward system, follow the steps mentioned below:-

Play CryptoBlades

One of the basic ways of earning money from CryptoBlades is learning how to play CryptoBlades. Every battle that the players win earns them SKILL coins. Based on this logic, players who win more earn $SKILL. Since SKILL comes with a real-life value, players can always withdraw SKILL when the prices go up.

Mint your NFTS 

Each weapon and character at CryptoBlades is an NFT with real-life value. Players at CryptoBlades always look for the rarest weapons and the strongest characters. Players can always sell them out at the marketplace or the Bazaar with enhanced characters’ power or stronger weapons.

CryptoBlades Bazaar

Trade your SKILL

The prices of cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. They are continuously fluctuating, which can be leveraged to make money with SKILL by trading it with other digital coins. Nevertheless, players must ensure that the trades, as well as the withdrawals, are strategically timed.

Stake your Crypto

CryptoBlades has SKILL for its rewarding system, which means players will receive the tokens if they stake their SKILL, and all staked tokens are unlocked for 7 days, after which they can be withdrawn directly into the MetaMask account at zero tax.

MetaMask Wallet 

To play CryptoBlades, developed by Riveted Games, players will require unrestricted access to a stable internet connection and a crypto-backed MetaMask wallet. The MetaMask wallet is a digital wallet that helps store SKILL and BNB tokens. CryptoBlades runs on Binance Smart Chain and other networks where players need to pay gas fees to use BNB tokens. To have access to Binance Smart Chain digital wallets such as the MetaMask wallet or other crypto wallets, a Binance account needs to be created.

Store SKILL Token at MetaMask Wallet

A decent quantity of $SKILL tokens must be acquired and stored to transact on the CryptoBlades dApp. The tokens can be purchased from a decentralized exchange such as PancakeSwap or ApeSwap. Since CryptoBlades operates on a decentralized Blockchain network, players must cover gas fees. Gas fees are payments needed to allow transactions on the Blockchain network. CryptoBlades developers highly recommend that players keep a decent quantity of BNB or SKILL coins in their crypto wallets for playing CryptoBlades seamlessly.

Pros and Cons of CryptoBlades

Pros Cons
 Interesting gameplay with attractive characters and a one-point Star weapon.  In-game SKILL cannot be used in the marketplace.
 Technically fair and well-balanced in terms of payouts.  Reward systems and gameplay mechanics keep changing, which may not please all players.
 Low gas fees required.  Does not hold valid licenses and security measures.
 Offers withdrawal of SKILL coins for every winning match.
 Balances forging and minting costs to the current SKILL value.

Tips and Hacks of CryptoBlades

There are various CryptoBlades tips and tricks to increase the win rate as well as maximize profits by playing the game. The character and weapon possessed by a player should be of the exact same element. If the starting weapon and character have distinctive elements, chances are that they will not synergize with one another, and the player will be at a comparative disadvantage.

Based on the initial weapon and characters, players can choose a weapon with the same element as the character or choose a new character with the same element as the weapon.

With more $SKILL coins, players can spend them to attain a new character or reforge a new weapon from the Blacksmith. Nevertheless, for beginners, spending $SKILL coins at the marketplace is recommended to choose the element of the characters and the weapons.

In addition to this, it is a common trick for beginners to obtain 4 characters of the same element as the weapon. If the players have more $SKILL for their initial capital, they can also choose characters that have already leveled up. This gives a massive boost to beginners at the initial stage since gaining experience to level up the characters takes time.

CryptoBlades Roadmap 

CryptoBlades has completed most of its development, including Quests, the Bazaar, PVP, NFT Bridge, Character Burning, Multi-token Forum, Raids, and Merchandise. The roadmap for future developments includes developing trinkets and junk burning. When writing this CryptoBlades Game tutorial, the roadmap includes one major development – CryptoBlades New User Interface, which is currently in progress.

Final Verdict 

CryptoBlades is a popular game in the P2E Blockchain ecosystem, built by lead front-end developer Riveted Games. The game is easy to understand and offers mind-blowing graphics and themes with a somewhat addictive PVP action. Although the rewards from battles may not be significant, it is evidently a more cost-effective game that increases profitability. Players may require experience while learning to play CryptoBlades, but one can easily see why the game has garnered tremendous popularity over time.


How to Play CryptoBlades from Android or iOS?

CryptoBlades is available in the browser extension, which means players do not have to go through the tiresome tasks of downloading and installing any additional software to play the game on devices Android and iOS operating systems.

How Many Characters Can You Have in CryptoBlades?

Each account can hold a maximum of four characters at any given time. The price to mint characters is displayed on the button in the Plaza tab.

Is CryptoBlades Free to Play?

CryptoBlades, where players need to pay a minimum transactional gas fee to play the game.

Are Multiple Accounts Allowed in CryptoBlades?

Multiple accounts are allowed in CryptoBlades, and they will be balanced through the use of the stamina time gate.

Why Is CryptoBlades Popular?

CryptoBlades has received tremendous popularity because of the ability to play with crypto and the fact that it is an NFT decentralized role-playing game played with a Binance account.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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