Exverse Review 2024: Play-to-Earn Battle Metaverse!

About Exverse

Exverse is a free-to-play metaverse that acts as a companion for gamers while they embark on exciting quests, participate in battle tournaments, and engage in social activities. Exverse will allow for interconnectivity, where users can create their games, worlds, characters, and other elements. Per our Exverse review, this metaverse game spans three planets, each with a unique set of features to enhance the user experience.

The in-game marketplace will enable players to possess, exchange, sell, and lease their in-game assets. So, if you’re looking for an exciting and unique metaverse experience, an Exverse crypto game review suggests that it could be worth exploring. So, let’s explore more about how to play Exverse, economy, technology, and more.

Exverse Game User Interface

Exverse team comprises highly experienced developers with a proven track record in the gaming industry. With access to over 300+ Unreal Developers, the team has worked on various AAA games such as Call Of Duty, Halo, Apex Legends, Stalker 2, World Of Tanks, and Ride 3.

The hard-working team who developed the third-person shooter game operates with the ultimate goal of growing the video game into a substantial metaverse of the Web3 concept where players from every corner of the world can earn rewards by allowing their imagination to run free. Custom spaces, world, and legacy gaming, Exverse developers reward players and invite everyone to join the community and take an active part in the platform’s decision-making processes.

Exverse Summary

Official Website https://exv.io/
Stage Private Alpha
Genre MMO Metaverse
Platform PC
Blockchain Ethereum
Reward Yes
Free/Paid Free to play

How to Play Exverse?

The Exverse team has brought a revolution to the Gamefi/Metaverse space by developing a universe comprising of three planets where players can create, compete, have fun, and socialize.

Battle Planet

The Battle Planet is where players engage in intense battles against each other on a vast battleground arena, where a shrinking ring continuously closes in on the players. Staying outside the ring for too long leads to elimination, making each match a race against time. The ultimate goal is to be the last player or team standing by eliminating all other opponents.

Exverse Various Opportunities: Battle, Quest, & Social Planet
To start a match, players are spawned into a large map space by skydiving from the Exverse Battle Titan aircraft. All players start with minimal equipment, ensuring a level playing field for everyone. Players must search the map for weapons or special abilities that are randomly scattered around the map while avoiding being killed by other players. Special NPCs spawn on landmarks on the map, such as within caverns in the Tundra biome, adding an element of surprise and strategy to the gameplay.

Quest Planet

The Quest Planet is where players come together to participate in clan raids, missions, seasonal events, and special partnership events. To overcome these challenges and earn rewards, players will need to group together and work as a team.

Social Planet

In the Exverse universe, the Social Planet serves as the main hub for all players. It provides a platform for players to participate in community events, create clans, join major events, and forge long-lasting experiences and relationships.

Exverse Game Modes 

During the initial launch of Exverse, players will have the opportunity to explore the Battle Planet, with additional modes being added over time as we progress in the development of our metaverse. Below are the current game modes and play types:

PVP Mode

The PVP (player versus player) mode is free for all. Players can capture the flag, dominate the area with a defend or destroy objective, and have a deathmatch team.

PVE Mode

The PvE (player versus environment) mode allows players to earn monetary rewards based on their leaderboard rankings, guild rankings, and performance. The PVE mode has the following game modes:-

Horde Rush

Horde Rush game mode allows players to continue battling waves of AI-controlled enemies without dying. Players simply need to survive as long as possible, but the difficulty of the game increases with increasing rewards.

Daily Missions

Daily Mission is Horde Rush’s smaller version, where a player cooperates with other players to fight in different mission types to earn rewards.


In Exverse, clans must meet specific requirements to access Raids. Players must collaborate with their clan to defeat a boss, contributing damage to a global HP. Higher participation leads to higher rewards, and unbeaten bosses still give rewards. Limited entries require strategic planning. Rewards are based on damage percentage.

Player Progression

Exverse players progress through levels (account level + season levels) and ranks. As the season progresses, players can level up their account to unlock more skins, token rewards, treasure chest rewards, keys, and NFT rewards. The highest-performing players can unlock special icons, badges, and more to stand out in the community.
Exverse Game Mode

In-Game Skins 


Exverse’s skins can be earned through skin fragments, season pass rewards, marketplace purchases, or exclusive partner NFTs. These NFT skins are purely cosmetic to ensure a fair game and allow players to earn more tokens based on their rarity and traits, which change seasonally. Each weekly season focuses on specific traits, such as a certain head trait that grants extra tokens while the skin is equipped for the season.


To merge their NFTs or treasure keys, players in Exverse must use the marketplace, which will require tokens and NFTs. The merging process has a success rate, and failed attempts will return some NFTs to the player.


Players can earn fragments by performing well in Exverse’s game modes and treasure chests. These fragments follow a tiered rarity system similar to that of our skins. Players can merge these fragments for a chance to form a complete NFT or sell them on the marketplace. Failed merges will result in a fixed number of fragments returned to the player with a set number burned.


Each skin in Exverse will have a durability level that decreases with every game played, ensuring that higher-tiered skins have a longer lifetime. Once a skin’s durability is depleted, players will no longer receive the bonus earnings associated with its traits and season. This system helps prevent an oversupply of skins in the game’s ecosystem.


To repair skins, players can combine a fully depleted skin with another skin of a similar tier by paying a fee.

Play at Exverse Battle & Earn Huge

Treasure Chest & Keys

According to this Exverse beginners’ guide, players can participate and perform in PVP and PVE game modes to earn rewards in treasure chests. The treasure chest contains tokens, old skins, and skin fragments. Depending on the rarity of the chests, they may require special keys to unlock, and the keys can be bought from the marketplace.


Players can obtain treasure chests in Exverse by participating in game modes with different tiers. These chests are rare drops that have a chance of containing $EXVG, $EXVS, skin fragments, and other valuable items.


To unlock treasure chests in Exverse, players must obtain treasure keys through various game modes, with each key corresponding to a particular tier of the chest. Players can merge keys for a chance to upgrade to a higher tier, but unsuccessful merges will result in a certain number of keys being burned, with a fixed amount returned to the player.

Exverse Clans

While doing the Exverse full review, we get to know that Clans are a crucial component of Exverse, as they will play a significant role in shaping its future. Each clan will have a unique in-game banner that will evolve based on the clan’s activity, ranking, and participation in seasonal or tournament events.

Creating a Clan requires staking an amount of $EXVG and committing to a monthly cost, which can be supported by players in the Clan. The amount pledged by each player determines their in-game rewards when playing with their Clan. Clan leaders can manage their members and adjust their roles based on their participation. This system ensures only active and dedicated Clans and leaders are part of Exverse’s community.

The Clan reward system includes seasonal and weekly raid rankings, daily missions, and match placements, with the top 50 Clans receiving rewards. Top crypto games like Exverse aims to be fully decentralized and community-led, and this system will aid in achieving that goal.

Exverse Tokenomics 

The Exverse economy will utilize both hard and soft currencies, namely EXVG and EXVS. EXVS will serve as the in-game currency, while EXVG will function as the primary token that enables holders to influence Exverse policies and development decisions.

Primary Token $EXVG

The EXVG token is the primary means by which players and supporters can propose the direction and development of the Exverse universe. This token will be integral in driving Exverse towards becoming a fully decentralized, on-chain ecosystem. In order to support the development, expansion, and growth of Exverse while also rewarding the team and its early supporters, 400 million EXVG tokens will be minted.

Exverse Tokenomics

In-game Token $EXVS 

The $EXVS tokens are the in-game currency used to acquire NFTs, in-game skins, digital assets, season passes, and more.

Token Allocation

EXVG is an ERC 20 token with an initial supply of 500,000,000 tokens distributed among different segments of the Exverse universe.


Exverse players can use $EXVG or EXVS to purchase NFTs, season passes, and exclusive content on the Exverse NFT marketplace. Transactions can be made using credit cards, and any type of NFT or asset can be purchased as per our Exverse NFT P2E game review. Players can also convert their $EXVG earnings into coupons that can be used to make purchases from vendors such as Amazon and Grab. To ensure a sustainable economy, all transactions on the marketplace will incur a tax and burning mechanism.

How to Earn Money by Playing at Exverse?

This Exverse NFT game review highlights the different ways by which players can earn rewards from Exverse:-

  • Playing Matches against other real players on our Battle Planet
  • Playing PVE Modes and special seasonal offerings on our Quest Planet
  • Taking part in community activities and supporting the ecosystem via our Social Planet
  • Watch & Earn renting ad spaces in-game, rooting for teams/players & more
  • Selling skins that are earned from events or in-game progress
  • Selling treasure boxes or treasure box keys that are earned
  • Progressing through different Season & VIP Passes & account levels
  • Completing Special Events by participating in the Exverse activities
  • Staking tokens against other teams of players in different modes
  • Rent/Lend/Stake/Yield Farming NFTs
  • Being a creator contributing to the Exverse universe

Exverse tips and tricks to earn larger rewards:- 

Looking for tips and tricks to succeed in Exverse? It is designed to provide players with a unique gaming experience and endless possibilities to earn rewards. Partnered with professional E-sports organizations, we offer larger rewards for competing in Competitive mode, winning Tournaments organized with our strategic partners, and becoming a professional player. Stay tuned for more Exverse tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay and earn more rewards.

Ways to Earn $EXVG

Earning $EXVG Spending $EXVG Staking $EXVG
Chest Reward Buying NFTs Rewards In-game Soft Currency (EXVS)
Tournaments All Merging functions DAO voting
Watch & Earn DAO Rights
Selling NFTs High-End Clan operations
Match Staking P2P Marketplace transactions
High-End PVE content Access Exclusive Content
Season Pass
Skin Repair
Synthesizing System

Exverse Tokens: $EXVG & $EXVS

Ways to Earn $EXVS

Earning EXVS Spending EXVS
Loot from enemies Low tier Clan Operations
Completing PVE/PVP elements All Synthesizing actions
Daily Login Rewards Skin Repair
Completing objectives / missions Merge Keys
Rewards from Chests Skin Fragment Merge
Yield Farming / Staking* Tickets for PVP
Season Pass Reward Player Profile cosmetics
Mission Tickets

Exverse Roadmap

Stage 5 – Q1 2023

  • Claimable legendary skins for EXVERSE pass holders
  • Starting marketing campaign (working with influencers + advisories
  • Infosec audit
  • Token Listing
  • Alpha Release
  • Bug Bounty program
  • Testnet launch 

Stage 6 – Q2 2023 

  • Full game release
  • Game world drag & drop constructor
  • Character constructor
  • Grants program for launching game worlds

Our Verdict on Exverse

To conclude this Exverse blockchain game review, gamers can choose from excellent skills and start grinding with PVE, PVP, Battle Royal, Castle Fights, weapons, characters, and more AAA quality games and features that push them hard.

The advantage of having the leading studio; Unreal Engine, created the mind-blowing graphics and gameplay, where players can experience enthralling and fierce battles clan up for crypto and fame, weld amazing friendships, and build long-lasting relationships with Play-Earn mechanics. Compete with other potential players in the universe politics and feel a sense of belonging within the community.


Is Exverse Legal?

Yes, Exverse is a legal third-person free-to-play Metaverse game, built on Unreal Engine 5, for maximum immersion.

How to Earn in Exverse?

Players can earn their internal utility tokens by playing the game in any mode offered by Exverse. The gaming modes range from PVE and PVP. Additionally, the players can also stake their utility tokens earned to get the Exverse Governance token.

Is It Possible to Mint the NFTs on Exverse?

Yes, Exverse followers can design their weapons, skins, and other digital items throughout the contests that allow the best ones to have their characters and earn rewards and royalties. The community at Exverse chooses the best NFT creators and awards them with lucrative bonuses. NFT is an excellent way for potential and booming artists to showcase their talent and, at the same time, monetize their skills.

How is Exverse Different From Other Play-to-earn Games?

Exverse is quite different from its competitors in the sense that the game prioritizes gameplay. As the players themselves, the team of more than 20 developers ensures what they create is not only rewarding but fun. The gameplay mechanics offered by Exverse is the deciding factor as it requires real-time inputs from the players along with their strategies and skills in order to maximize their earnings and performance.

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