Illuvium Review: The Best NFT Battler in the Industry

Step onto the action-packed wonderland of Illuvium, and the blessings of NFT games will pour life into your reality. This Illuvium Beta GamePlay Review will take you through all the intricate features of the powerful Illuvials and the game world. The Illuvial team has presented brilliant graphics, game mechanics, in-game assets, and in-game rewards. Any Illuvium Staking Review will agree to the gala games that are hosted in the battle arenas. The Illuvium team has created each game’s ecosystem to provide an immersive world experience.

Overview of Illuvium

In the crypto industry, Illuvium presents a unique world with interconnecting storylines about the creatures on the engrossing planet. This full guide to Illuvium will clarify some of the most basic questions—How to play the Illuvium Game? How much does it cost to play Illuvium? What are the best play-to-earn games? How to play Illuvium Open Beta? Read the review of Illuvium further about the beautiful AAA Game space powered by Unreal Engine!

Illuvium Summary

Stage Beta
Genre Autobattler, RPG
Device Windows, MAC
Blockchain Ethereum, ImmutableX
Reward Illuvium ILV or Illuvium sILV 2
Free/Paid Free and Paid
Token Illuvium ILV token

The Illuvium world is home to mysterious creatures called Illuvial. You need to capture Illuvials and make them part of your digital assets. Each player’s collection strives to be unique, and you must play to earn strong Illuvials. The player character lands on a dying planet, and when the game begins, they need to fight Illuvials in the battle arena to defeat opponents strategically. The team of Illuvium game has presented different Illuvials with different classes and capabilities. While every NFT creature has a special ultimate ability, you must find the weakness and turn the battle arena into your winning ground.

Illuvium Game User Interface

Illuvium players are gifted with the best graphics, battle arena mode, play-to-earn ecosystem, and play-to-earn space option. The Illuvium project is an open-world RPG adventure game that is an NFT creature collector. This auto battler game is built on the Ethereum network and ensures an autonomous, decentralized, and secure platform with no censorship. Register on the website to be the first group of players to unravel the intergalactic space.

Illuvium Game Review: Game Mechanics 

Illuvium promises thrilling game components that walk on the Illuvium planet’s surface. This blockchain gaming platform ensures decentralized and instant transactions for Illuvium game enthusiasts. While Tier 0 is free to play, other tiers challenge your gaming skills. The private beta game will soon be open for registered players on the site. Thus, take a glance at the below-mentioned game components to get an in-depth idea about how to play the Illuvium game.


The Illuvial adds soul and diversity to the gameplay. The NFT game has creatures who feed on strange radiation to level up to a more powerful class in the strand of three Illuvials. As a player, you can also heal completely defeated Illuvials from your opponent and make them part of your NFT creatures collection. These powerful beasts will be part of your loyal gang and tag along with you to future battles.

Captured Illuvials can be exchanged on the blockchain-based game. Thus you can get new Illuvials of your choice that fit your team fight tactics through trading. While certain Illuvials are extremely rare, others are rather common. They may be found all across a huge area of land, and the radiation pulses in a strangely familiar manner that amps up the class of the Illuvial. There are over one hundred Illuvials to locate and gather across the entire planet, and each has a special ability.

Based on shared affinities or classes, referred to as Synergies, they develop symbiotic interactions with one another. In the Battle Arena, Illuvials are more powerful when cooperating as a team, thanks to a mixed synergy system.



There are five classes of Illuvials. Your choice of team building will determine the outcome. When the battle begins, there are no turning backs. Choose a perfect team with synergistic qualities and features that can function well as a single combat unit. Ascended forms are sometimes so strong that they can concurrently embody two classes. Slayer, a combination of Fighter and Rogue, can strengthen only in one class if Invoker is a combination of Psion and another Psion. Thus as per this Illuvium Guide, know the strengths and weaknesses of the different classes and choose the right ones after your own research.

The following are the five classes of Illuvials:-

  1. Guardian
  2. Fighter
  3. Empath
  4. Rogue
  5. Psion


Illuvials’ connection to the components of the extraterrestrial planet is as mysterious as their beginnings. There are five elements that Illuvials most frequently associated with. The most potent Ascended have a stronger affinity with one or two elements, such as Inferno (combination of two Fires) or Frost (combination of Air and Water). Make sure you wisely select your team. Even though your Archeleon has a powerful Overgrowth Affinity (combination of two Natures), they will struggle to defeat an Inferno Illuvial, so choose your decision carefully. The following are the five affinities.

  1. Air
  2. Nature
  3. Fire
  4. Water
  5. Earth


Each Illuvial has other characteristics that determine its power, mobility, attack, and health, in addition to its class and affinity. Your Illuvials get stronger the more you utilize them in combat. The skills of the Illuvial can be enhanced with particular items. You have two options; either buy these things or make them with crafting items.


In the main game, after you have crash-landed on the dying planet. That is when the word Illuviary will pop up on the screen. An inventory of every Illuvial discovered throughout Illuvium is included inside, but it is all locked. You must track the Illuvials, catch them, and enter the Illuviary’s digital signature to unlock the entries.

Your name will always be listed next to your findings in the global Illuviary database, provided you are the first person in the universe to find a certain digital signature. But there is much more to this digital signature than merely their biology.

Game Items

When playing Illuvium at your own risk, some investment advice regarding game items never fails. Be it adventure or survival mode, you can buy Illuvium game items from the Illuvium Vault with ILV tokens. Monster recovery system, buyers, and item sellers can be found in the Illuvium marketplace. These items can deal damage abilities to creatures. Illuvium improvement proposals have introduced free shards and staking rewards at certain levels. This Illuvium review conveys the following items.


The game’s most essential item is a shard. Players may only catch Illuvials that are the greatest in battle using these shards. As a result, before exploring the environment, each player should have a few on hand. Although you may extract them from deposits, you should always have a backup plan if you come across a rare Illuvial.

Like most of the game’s components, shards are ranked according to their ability to capture Illuvials at different levels. The tougher they are to capture, the stronger the illuvial. A powerful shard will be most useful in this situation. Random factors determine the shard’s quality, with the most potent ones being the rarest.

Illuvium Shards


Playing the Illuvium ILV game demands some good weapons and no way the game has disappointed its players. The player character gets to fight opponents using cutting-edge weapons that may be adorned with jewels that contain the essence of Illuvials. This allows you to produce an aura that will increase your Illuvials while engaged in combat. Your squad will benefit more depending on the class you choose while choosing your weapons. Like most of the game’s NFTs, weapons may be exchanged on the IlluviDEX.


Armor is your barrier against the creatures you battle and is also manufactured from materials collected on Illuvium ILV. You might have to wait until your armor regenerates if it sustains too much damage. The combat, however, may be affected by your choice of armor because each suit has unique characteristics. One of the numerous choices you will have to make throughout the game is which one is best for both you and your squad. Like most other NFT items in the game, armor may be exchanged on the IlluviDEX.

Illuvium Armor


Imbues are aesthetic adjustments that can increase the worth of a player’s collection by further setting apart their purchases from others. Imbues have a modular design and may be used on various objects, and you can also choose to put them up for sale on the IlluviDEX. Several items— weapons, armor, and even your Drone—can be infused in the game.


Illuvium is a different kind of gaming platform, one that is built around regions. Like mini-worlds within the Illuvium universe, each with its unique atmosphere and flavor. Players can choose to focus on any one region they like or explore them all. There’s always something new to discover, and with Illuvium’s constantly expanding content, there’s always something new to explore.

Illuvium Regions
Whether you’re looking for a change of pace or want to see what else the Illuvium universe has to offer, check out the regions today. There are seven regions on Illuvium, but only five lands are present where you can use your Illuvium ILV tokens. The inhabitants had just started to scrape the crystal surface of the vast Illuvium globe. Adventurers will have new areas and Illuvials to discover in new zones. Regions will be made available once their Obelisks are opened, an uncommon event that might be profitable for the person who discovers the key.

Illuvium Gameplay Review

Illuvium is a challenging, turn-based strategy game set in a unique, intergalactic universe. You’ll need to make tough decisions affecting the game’s outcome each turn. With over 100 Illuvials, Illuvium is a game that will keep you coming back for more.

Illuvium Gameplay Interface

One of the things that makes Illuvium so unique is its gameplay. Unlike most other top crypto games, Illuvium uses a combination of action and turn-based gameplay. This means that you’ll need to be strategic about your moves, but you’ll also need to be quick on your feet.

Another aspect of Illuvium gameplay that makes it stand out is its art style. The game is full of beautiful, advanced graphics that bring the world to life. Combined with the challenging Illuvium gameplay, it is a truly unique experience.


When the conflict begins, each Illuvial will find an opponent’s target and afterward attack it, and the Illuvial will collect energy through assaults and damage. The Illuvial can activate the ultimate power, a unique ability that can change the battle’s outcome after they have expended enough energy and reached a particular limit. Ultimates have a variety of abilities, including the ability to do damage, empower friends, injure adversaries, or eliminate adversaries. The combat is over when one team is victorious.

Illuvium Combat


After winning a battle in Adventure Mode of Illuvium gameplay, people can play the Illuvials they captured. To achieve this, they must make use of shards. Their capacities for capture vary, and the Illuvial and the taken power affect the capture chance. If you succeed, you have Illuvial. In the event of failure, the Illuvials will leave. It is great to bring strong Shards when you enter higher-level parts of the game. They could evade capture by weaker Shards.

Rare Catches

How Illuvials are caught, even uncommon captures, is still a mystery. If the Illuvials are successfully captured, there is little possibility that the shards utilized in the capture will be aesthetically changed. Rare catches like rainbow, shiny, and holo might set your Illuvial apart from the competition. Each expensive unusual capture is a wonderful addition to your NFT collection.


Illuvial can’t develop as naturally as they can in a role-playing game. Illuvial can combine to evolve into more potent stages, though. Two conditions must be met for the fusion of Illuvial. The player must have 3 of the same Illuvial, which is the initial requirement. Every Illuvial must have reached its greatest level through fighting, which is the second prerequisite. The price of ILV tokens increases with a fused monster’s strength and value. This should be your primary objective in Illuvium if you wish to earn a lot of money.

Experience and Leveling

Illuvial may level up and receive experience after each combat, and it is possible to tell apart two creatures of the same kind. Keep an Illuvial in a fragment called shard without fighting because it can’t level up if it isn’t engaged in combat. Be careful that defeated Illuvials will retreat to their shards and require some time to heal after the battle in the forest.

Resource Collection

One of the key factors on the battlefield is the player’s character. Each player is equipped with cutting-edge armor and weaponry. When your body armour and weapons are imbued with gemstones and crystals, they give off an ambience of affinity and class. You need to locate and mine materials from the nearby area to create these weapons.

Traveling Around the World

Players can instantly move between locations thanks to obelisks that are dispersed around the planet. They may now visit various areas and Illuvials thanks to this. There will be an increasing number of Obelisks available as the globe expands. Flooding can be prevented using obelisks. Small communities have been built inside its dome. Fast travel is described as widespread and occurs between safe zones. The monster recuperation mechanism, the PVP fight venues, and the merchants and buyers of goods will probably all reside in these cities.

Game Modes

There are three game modes in Illuvium where you can use your shiny ILV tokens. Get to know more from the following.

Story Mode

Players can travel the world and discover fresh creatures called Illuvials to defend them. The battle zones will be turned on shortly after this mode has been implemented.

Ranked Arena

Players can engage in skill-based combat in this arena. There is a point cost for these adjusted values.

Arena Leviathan

The restrictions in the Leviathan Arena are the same as those in the previous arena. Players can get rid of their collection here, win or lose battles, and win or lose a lot of money. Bets on the games are accepted by spectators.

Illuvium Token Economy

Tokenomics studies how tokens are used within a system to incentivize behavior and drive economic activity. In the context of Illuvium, Tokenomics refers to using our native tokens, ILV, to incentivize users to participate in and contribute to the Illuvium ecosystem.

Token Utility

The Illuvium ecosystem is designed to reward users for their contributions with ILV tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase goods and services within the ecosystem or traded on exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. Tokenomics is a key driver of the Illuvium ecosystem and is essential to creating a sustainable, decentralized economy. By incentivizing users to participate in and contribute to the ecosystem, Illuvium ILV creates a self-reinforcing system that will continue to grow and thrive.

ILV Utility 

The Illuvium ILV token is an Ethereum network ERC-20 token. It is the token for governance. As a result, if you hold ILV tokens, you have the ability to vote on issues affecting the game’s development and progress. If you possess any, you may decide to stake them. By blocking a specific quantity of tokens, you may profit from this long-term action. A new open-world RPG platform, called V2, that is more ergonomically sound, more fluid, and contains additional functionality has been released by Illuvium main game.

sILV2 Utility

The sILV2 is unusable outside of Illuvium’s own internal economy. In fact, it does not apply to player-to-player exchanges. This Illuvium ILV token can only be applied for in-game purchases like interregional travel, shards, the creation of weapons and armor, and more. In essence, you can buy nearly anything that costs ETH with this money. The primary way to acquire this sILV2 money is through ILV staking rewards.

ILV Token Launch

In the year 2021, the Illuvium ILV token was first listed on the exchange, and since then, its popularity has increased. People indulge themselves in ILV games, and the battle arena mode has stood as a ground-breaking gaming platform. When you play Illuvium games, the ILV tokens are given as rewards. Thus the more you play, the more money you can gain through trades and exchanges.

Where to Buy $ILV?

You can buy $ILV from big cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitcoin, Binance, and more. These marketplaces are open to buying and selling on $ILV. In addition, the popularity of $ILV has led even small exchanges to trade cryptocurrencies. You need to register your name in a cryptocurrency wallet and then visit the Ethereum network and tap on the Illuvium ILV option on the tab.

Can I Stake $ILV?

Nothing can stop you from staking $ILV. You can definitely stake $ILV tokens and receive $ILV or $sILV2 as a reward. The dashboard of staking v2 provides information regarding various parameters like market cap, price, estimated holders, emission schedule, and the total amount staked.

How to Make Money on Illuvium?

The Illuvium world lays down different revenue sources—crafting components, in-game item purchases, shard curing, and cosmetics. The revenue taken from these ways is distributed among players through rewards. In addition, the Illuvials present in your collection can also be traded on external exchange platforms.

Best Wallets for Illuvium 

There are many different types of e-wallets available on the market today. When choosing an e-wallet to store your Illuvium, it is important to select one that is reliable and secure. The best wallets to store Illuvium are Ledger or Trezor (Hardware Wallets), Trust Wallet (Trusted Mobile Wallet), Atomic Wallet (Multi-Platform Wallet), MyEtherWallet (Web-Based Wallet), and Online Wallet (Supported Exchange Wallet).

Illuvium Marketplace: The IlluviDEX

Apart from Immutable X with zero gas fees, players can also try out the Illuvium marketplace called Illuvidex. The IlluviDEX is a decentralized marketplace allowing users to buy and sell digital assets in a secure, trustless environment. The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes smart contracts to ensure the safety and security of all transactions. The IlluviDEX is the first of its kind and provides a much-needed solution to the problem of centralized exchanges. By decentralizing the arena, users can trade without needing a third party. This not only makes the platform more secure but also eliminates the possibility of hacks and fraud.

Illuvium Marketplace: The IlluviDEX

Illuvium Zero

In the smartphone and PC companion game Illuvium Zero, you create and oversee your virtual industrial complex. When demand is strong, collect fuels and trade them on the IlluviDex. Just like any other trade, you get to extract resources from your land or sell it.

Illuvium Arena

Let your Illuvials and gaming skills fight your opponent and grab a chance to climb the gameplay guide the ladder of Illuvium supremacy. In the battle arena, the best of the world will land to test your potential and survival skills. With every match you win, make the collection of Illuvials stronger and gain rewards. This open-world RPG game is free to play at tier 0 and also has other tiers that need to be unlocked through payments.

Illuvium Overworld

In the Overworld, there are seven regions for you to discover and explore. This fantastical realm is home to all kinds of creatures, from gentle to ferocious creatures. It’s a land where anything is possible and where you can find your heart’s desire. There is so much to explore in the Illuvium Overworld, and every day brings new adventures. Whether you’re scaling a mountain or sailing across a magic sea, there’s always something new to discover.

Illuvium DAO Governance

There are various segments to the DAO Governance—Illuvinati Council, Council Vote Election, Quadratic Voting, Specification Overview, Council Epoch, Meta-Governance, Council Stipend, Configurable Council Values (Via ICCP) and Balancing via Governance. The idea for the Illuvium project originated from the desire to create an open, accountable, and participatory collectible NFT game. Through the Illuvinati Council, the community of $ILV owners will oversee and operate the protocol and suggest the kinds of improvements.

Illuvium Roadmap

The Roadmap is divided into three segments—Technology, Sales, and Marketing.


  • Yield Farm Contracts V2 – March 2022 (Completed)
  • Private Beta – March 2022 (In progress)
  • Public Beta: Arena, Overworld, and Zero – (Upcoming)
  • Mobile Release – (Upcoming)
  • Second Major Illuvium Title – TBA


  • Pre Seed – December 2020 (Completed)
  • Seed Sale – January 2021 (Completed)
  • Balancer Liquidity Bootstrap Sale – March 2021 (Completed)
  • SushiSwap Liquidity Pool – April 2021 (Completed)
  • Yield Farming – May 2021 (Completed)
  • Illuvium: Zero First Land Sale – June 2022 (Completed)


Illuvium’s marketing strategy is a two-stream approach targeting two major audience bases: DeFi and mainstream. DeFi strategy includes partnerships with 10 significant projects, offering exclusive cross-promotional NFTs and flash pools to provide liquidity for the in-game economy. The mainstream strategy includes partnering with YouTube influencers to create targeted content and desirable giveaways to capture their audience and educate them on the benefits of Play to Earn and being part of a DAO. They have already locked in multiple Youtubers and influencers who believe in their project. The goal is to make mainstream users aware of the benefits of Play to Earn and empower their economic opportunity.

Illuvium Game Characters

Verdict on the Illuvium team and the Game World 

Through this Illuvium review, a fair approach was taken to provide information regarding some unknown topics like rare catches, synthetic ILV token sale, point cost, Immutable X Play-to-earn, fire Illuvial, Leviathan Arena, gas fees and Illuvinati Council. The worth of Illuvium ILV tokens has seen growth in the past years, and the goodness of NFT creatures will unfold more in the future.

The Illuvium team compromises if eminent people like Kieran Warwick (Co-Founder), Aaron Warwick (Co-Founder and Game Designer), Danny Wilson (Partnerships), Nate Wells (Game Producer), Basil Gorin (CTO), John Avery (Lead Server Engineer), Rogier van de Beek (Lead Concept Artist), Aleksandr Kirilenko (Lead Modeler), Alexandre Belbari (Lead Animator), Dmitriy Ten (Lead Environmental Artist) and Marcel Reyes (Marketing Manager). Play Illuvium games when a powerhouse of passion and talent exists besides you. From this Illuvium Review, you got a clearer answer to ‘How to play Illuvium?’ Now, it is your turn to the battle arena, your winning stage. Good Luck!


Can You Make Money in Illuvium?

There are seven ways you can make money in the Illuvium Game—ILV Token, Illuvials, in Game Yield, Competitive play, Resource Farming, Illuvium Zero, and Managing.

How Much Does the Illuvium Game Cost to Play?

It does not cost a penny. There are zero gas fees for one player to the other trading, and the Immutable X blockchain ensures its implementation.

What is Illuvium Zero and What is Land Sale?  

In the smartphone and PC companion game Illuvium Zero, you create and oversee your virtual industrial complex. When demand is strong, collect fuels and trade them on the IlluviDex. Just like any other trade, you get to extract resources from your land or sell it.

Illuvium: Is This a True AAA NFT Game?

NFT games are all the rage these days, and Illuvium is one of the best. It’s a true AAA NFT game with top-notch graphics and gameplay. If you’re looking for a fun and addictive NFT game, look no further than Illuvium.

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