Kryptomon Review: The Ultimate P2E Game Guide

Kryptomon is a sensational and ultimate NFT Play-and-Earn blockchain game in the blockchain gaming industry, like the devil, until its release on September 09, 2022. Interestingly, this blockchain game has been effectively designed by kids who have grown up participating in various video games played on handheld devices during the 80/90s era. Kryptomon is designed by combining the most integral and ultimate features so that gamers have a great and memorable time playing with a truckload of fun and excitement to the end. Let’s explore the Kryptomon review to get an in-depth insight into this NFT game.

What is Kryptomon?

Kryptomon is an NFT Play-and-Earn game where Pokémon encounter Tamagotchi and Crypto Kitties. For those exceptionally looking for thrill, fun, and adventure all the way from start to finish of an NFT Web3 game, Kryptomon is right up their alley.

In the Kryptomon universe, community members act as ‘Trainers’ using their unique digital asset – KMONs. These KMONs have distinct genetic codes consisting of 38 parameters that determine their physical and behavioral characteristics. Kryptomon’s genetic competencies determine the maximum trainable parameters.

Kryptomon user interface

Kryptomon has gone beyond becoming a single game by becoming a full-blown game studio. It has expanded its portfolio with three new titles:-

  • Kryptomon Pink Moon,
  • Kryptomon Genesis,
  • Kryptomon: World of Kogaea.

Each game requires only one Kryptomon Digital Collectible (NFT) to access all titles within the Kryptomon brand.

Kryptomon Summary

Official Website
Stage Alpha
Genre Breeding, PVP
Platform Web, Android, and iOS
Blockchain BNB Chain
Reward 300,000 KMON
Free/Paid Paid
Token $KMON

Kryptomon Game Basics

Kryptomon is an NFT-based game slated for release shortly. Based on BNB Chain, it is a perfect combination of the gameplays of the highly sought-after and well-known 90’s Tamagotchi, and the Pokemon battles played using hand-held devices. It is a gaming type where Pokemon meets Tamagotchi and crypto kitties.

So now, if you want to know how to play Kryptomon, our comprehensive Kryptomon guide to will come in handy for you to the fullest. As an integral part of the Kryptomon gameplay, as a player, you have to deal with a personal digital monster called “Kryptomon” and prepare them well to emerge as the most powerful KMON in the Metaverse.

Kryptomon DNA

Anyone determined to become a proficient Trainer has to essentially learn the nitty-gritty of the Kryptomon DNA, most specifically the nuances that affect the Kryptomon’s status in and out of battle. That being said, let’s explore the Kryptomon DNA that a trainer must know!

Kryptomon DNA Stats

DNA and Appearance

Every Kryptomon’s appearance is determined by its unique DNA, similar to every other living organism. The generation of their looks considers 11 different attributes, making it highly improbable for any two pets to have identical appearances.

DNA and Gameplay Correlation 

This section will detail each of the active DNA stats and their respective in-game translations. The following are the stats used in combat:-


Genes*Talent determines Kryptomon’s elemental power, which dictates attack potency. This also decides the primary and secondary families, affecting the spells Kryptomon can learn.


The second half of the formula determines Kryptomon’s elemental strength for its respective attacks, also influenced by Genes*Talent. This strength determines the primary and secondary family, which affects the types of spells that the Kryptomon can learn.


Determines Kryptomon’s physical attack damage.


Influence Elemental Resistances, decreasing the damage taken from elemental attacks. Also impacts Physical Resistance, reducing the damage taken from physical attacks.


Determines Kryptomon’s shielding value and impacts its health points.


Impacts Kryptomon’s health points and constitution, as well as the total number of possible breeds (higher stamina leads to more breeds).


Determines which Kryptomon acts first in the first turn of battle and influences the cooldown period after breeding (higher speed results in a shorter cooldown period between breeds).

Kryptomon Breeding Amount Tables


Determines the damage modifier of critical attacks, with higher craziness resulting in greater damage from critical hits. Additionally, impacts Elemental Resistances, decreasing the damage taken from elemental attacks.


Influences damage reduction from evading attacks, with higher instinct resulting in greater damage evasion. Also impacts Physical Resistance, reducing damage taken from physical attacks.

The following are the stats used outside of combat:-


Determines the rate at which the fullness bar depletes, with higher hunger resulting in a faster bar drain.


Determines the rate at which the happiness bar decreases, with higher affection resulting in a faster bar drain.


Value modifier of favorite and disliked foods


The speed at which a Kryptomon can complete a training ticket is determined by its smartness, with higher smartness resulting in faster training.

Trainable Stats

The 5 trainable stats in Kryptomon are Main Family Talent, Secondary Family Talent, Attack, Resistances, and Stamina. Starting at 1/10 of their maximum potential, these stats can be raised through training.

Boosted Stats

Boost Speed and Smartness temporarily by filling the love meter to 290+. Although it’s not ideal to keep your pet at this level for extended periods, it can be useful to activate this boost before battles or training.

Kryptomon Tokenomics

$KMON is Kryptomon’s premium game currency, used for all premium transactions, including loot boxes, tournament tickets, Power UPs, and armor forging. Players earn $KMON through Heroic Story Mode, PVP Ladder Rank Rewards, Weekly Quest Rewards, and the Pink Moon Treasure Hunt.

Earn $KMON from Pink Moon Treasure Hunt at Kryptomon

Blockchain integration brings power to players in Kryptomon. Premium currency can be reinvested to grow Kryptomon or sold on the open market. Combining blockchain tech with gaming gives players the freedom to use earned items on the official marketplace.

How to Buy $KMON? 

Users can buy $KMON by using the Simplex plugin on the Kryptomon website. Simply add the amount and currency you wish to swap for $KMON, paste the public wallet address, and complete the purchase. Please note that this method is recommended for users who already have some BNB to cover gas fees.

How to Sell $KMON?

If you’re planning to convert your $KMON to other currencies or sell $KMON, we recommend using PancakeSwap. This platform enables you to exchange your KMON for currencies such as BNB, which can be cashed out on most exchanges.

How to Buy $KMON?

How to Begin Your Kryptomon Journey? 

Kryptomons are one-of-a-kind digital assets linked to an NFT on the Binance blockchain. Players breed their Kryptomons using a mutable genetic code consisting of different randomized stats that produce unique traits for their visual appearance and battle strength. These genetic codes also determine the Kryptomon’s initial gene values that impact their speed, bravery, attack, instinct, and intelligence.

In order to begin your Kryptomon journey, first, you need to create your Kryptomon account in a few simple steps:-

Creating a Kryptomon Account

To start playing one of the best nft games, Kryptomon, visit its official site and fill in the required information to create your account. If you have your own MetaMask wallet, select “Create an account with your own wallet”. Otherwise, Kryptomon will create a wallet for you with Magic. Enter the confirmation code sent to your email, and your account will be created. You will now have a Kryptomon account and a blockchain wallet address.

Kryptomon Process to Start

Choosing your Starter Kryptomon

The Portal Operator can assist you in finding the ideal Kryptomon for you. Simply answer a few questions that will be entered into the KryptoFinder Tool (TM). This will enable the Portal Operator to suggest a few options that meet your requirements based on the type and classification of Kryptomon you want to buy.

Additionally, the Portal Operator will evaluate Kryptomon’s statistics and give it an overall star rating as well as star ratings for eight key statistics. Generally, Starter Kryptomon has an overall rating of two or three stars, but higher-rated pets may be available for a slightly higher price as you continue to browse. Once you’ve chosen your Starter Pet, click on “Select” to proceed to “Building your starter package”.

Build Your Starter Package

On this page, the Portal Operator has an exclusive offer for you to enhance your Kryptomon experience! Choose from a range of items to assist you with quests, caretaking, and training for your new Kryptomon companion!

The Gold Lootbox is the highest-quality item available. It can fill most of your status bars with just one item and contains items to help you complete weekly quests, as well as additional Star Tickets to boost your Kryptomon’s power instantly.

The Unfreeze Potion is also available for purchase. Kryptomon are living NFTs, and if they are not properly taken care of, they may freeze. Use this potion to revitalize your pet if it freezes.


The checkout process allows you to convert cash into $KMON and BNB. $KMON is the game’s currency, and BNB can cover transaction fees. After clicking “purchase”, a Simplex pop-up will show your order summary and total. Simply fill out the required information, verify your payment, and become a Kryptomon owner!

How to Play Kryptomon?

Kryptomon’s core gameplay is based on turn-based strategy in a battler game. Players are matched based on their Kryptomon’s levels. Each Kryptomon can choose from four options during battle: a physical attack and three elemental attacks. While physical attacks can be used anytime, elemental attacks have cooldowns, making it essential to choose actions wisely to win battles.

Kryptomon has three game modes available to players, with team and duel battles always accessible. Team battles allow players to use three Kryptomons and switch between them during the battle with a “switch cooldown”. When a Kryptomon is defeated, trainers can replace it with another. Duel battles are 1 vs. 1, and players must choose their Kryptomon before the battle. The Kryptomon League Format is the third game mode, occurring periodically, with winners earning the right to participate in the next tournament and compete for KMON prize pools.

Kryptomon Trainer HUB

How to Earn Through Kryptomon?

As players start playing this play-to-earn blockchain game, they can earn crypto tokens and loot boxes by meeting the regular challenges. Additionally, there are good odds of earning $KMON tokens by staking and breeding Kryptomons.
Kryptomon is a game that allows players to earn money by participating in battles. To succeed in battle, players must carefully train, feed, and breed their pets to ensure they have the necessary skills and attributes to win.

Kryptomon offers various battle modes, such as one-on-one battles, AI practice fights, and battles with friends or strangers. Players can participate in these battles to win rewards and improve their rankings in tournaments. By winning battles, players can earn rewards that can be cashed out for real money. Additionally, players can create and sell rare creatures since every egg and creature is a live NFT. The rarest pets are the most valuable in terms of money.


Q1 – 2023

  • Launch the Pink Moon AR app
  • Launch PvE Gameplay – Story challenges
  • Trade In-Game NFT Items
  • New Spell release
  • Implement PvP – Battle League
  • Renting Kryptomon implementation

Q2/Q3 – 2023

  • Free to Play mechanics
  • Kryptomon’s PVP tournaments League


Is KMON Legal?

Because KMON is an integral part of the NFT Marketplace, which is reputed to be a legal and well-thought-of marketplace, suffice it to say KMON is all the way legal.

How Can I Earn by Playing Kryptomon?

You can earn $KMON tokens and loot boxes by completing daily challenges in Kryptomon. You can also earn $KMON tokens through quests, but these rewards are only available once.

How to Withdraw a Winning Amount From KMON?

If you already own money, you can trade your $KMON tokens to any stablecoins. Transfer your stablecoins to your Binance account. To get additional information on how to withdraw funds from Kryptomon, please visit the official website of KMON.

Can Kmon Be Played for Free?

No, KMON cannot be played for free, as it is available for premium users ready to buy it.

Is Kryptomon Worth Playing?

Kryptomon, backed by some of the world’s top VCs, offers a unique gaming experience where players can earn real money. With the added benefits of blockchain technology in gaming and a large community, the project shows great potential for future evolution. Additionally, Kryptomon is enjoyable to play.

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