Mirandus Game Review: Open World MMORPG from Gala Games!

Blockchain games are becoming increasingly popular, offering players the opportunity to earn profits easily through NFTs. One such game is Gala Games Mirandus, which has gained a lot of attention recently. Gala Games Mirandus is a popular blockchain game that enables players to earn NFTs and potentially make money. Understanding the game’s mechanics is crucial for maximizing profits. Before diving into the Mirandus gameplay, it is essential to know what Gala Games Mirandus is. Looking for a comprehensive Mirandus game review or a step-by-step game guide? You’re in the right place!

What is Mirandus Game?

Mirandus is one of the most popular crypto games developed by the Gala Games, set in a massive world ruled by 5-player monarchs. Mirandus has provided a massively multiplayer role-playing game world that allows owning various in-game assets ranging from massive cities to in-game shops. Players who hold land deeds also get to earn rewards.

Mirandus Game User Interface

Nevertheless, the rewards come with certain responsibilities, like buying supplies such as wood, meat, and other materials to keep their lands attractive. With these ownership rights in the thriving blockchain gaming ecosystem, Mirandus NFT is making massive waves in the play-to-earn role-playing crypto games.

To start playing the role-playing game, Mirandus offers an additional layer of excitement and immersion by allowing players to participate in a vast world of digital assets without interacting with monsters. In addition to this, the great citadels form the entire cities where every owner has the exclusive right to levy taxes on trade and create or lead their own faction.

All in all, according to this Mirandus Beginners Guide, compared to other blockchain games, Mirandus provides great excitement by allowing players to choose their own quest in the fight against evil.

Mirandus Game Overview

Official Website https://mirandus.game/
Stage Development
Genre Adventure, Fantasy, MMORPG
Platform Windows & Mac
Blockchain Ethereum, Gala Games
Reward Unique digital rewards
Free/Paid Free-to-play
Token Materium and GALA

How Does Mirandus Work?

To understand how the play-to-earn Mirandus NFT game works, one needs to understand the following tactics:-

  • Explore the Wilderness – Players can enjoy higher rewards if they are willing to claim parts of the wilderness away from the city’s protection. They can also track down and play to earn Materium coins.
  • Buy and Sell NFTs – Players can use GALA tokens to trade NFTs in the open world of Mirandus and Gala Games. By earning tokens and NFTs in the Mirandus game, players can sell them to earn more GALA. In addition, players can speculate on NFT assets by reselling them for a profit.
  • Set Up Basecamps – In the Mirandus wilderness, players can set up farms, cities, or homesteads that may generate revenue or resources, allowing them to gather points and thereby motivating them to travel farther away from the city walls to earn more Materium tokens.

Mirandus Gameplay 


NFT characters offered by Mirandus game are called Exemplars, who are elite avatars that come in five races – elves, halflings, orcs, dwarves, and humans. When writing this Mirandus Gameplay review, all elf and halfling characters are sold out. Note that each Exemplar avatar has unique traits based on personal strengths and rarity.

Mirandus Exemplars


Deeds are the essential NFT collections in the Mirandus play-to-earn game since they allow players to build places of commerce or haven. Deeds suggest land ownership and property show power. Players who own land deeds can decide what needs to be built and how they can benefit the Mirandus world. Outposts, Citadel, Towns, and Homesteads, are examples of deeds that can be purchased in varying rarity, location, and size. Land deeds refer to protection and safety; the players are only safe on their designated properties. Better land deeds imply better walls, which keep the higher-level monsters out.


While playing Mirandus, players will find 70 building types, and only one building can be placed on the property if the land size corresponds with the property size. Deed holders can lease their land to other players and receive a fee or a profit share. Jewelers, breweries, temples, and armorers are available in various sizes and rarities that can be placed within towns or citadels.

Every player can build structures on other players’ land, and they must own buildings corresponding to the size of their plots. Build the building freely after paying off the lease to the owners who set the terms and conditions.
Mirandus Buildings

Players can also upgrade their shops to attain more powerful items. Note that the players on the blockchain own everything that one can find in the player’s shops, and the economy is driven by those who craft, adventure, and farm.


Coming to docks, simple and small docks can accommodate basic ships such as the Picard, Hoy, and the Crater, but larger docks can handle both small and large shipping vessels such as Caravel, Carrack, or Cog. Docks offer a convenient and safe place for anchoring ships, whether a player’s ship or friends after the voyages are over. When writing this Mirandus guide, the following are available under Docks – Pier, Quay, Wharf, and Docks (Sold Out).


Players can buy and sell NFTs ships if willing to sail around the seas with their vessels or gain from voyages. Players can discover several wonders of the Mirandus game with these ships by sailing. Each ship level is larger, swiffer, and can carry more cargo and crew. When writing this Mirandus gameplay strategy, the following ships are available at Mirandus – Caravel, Carrack, Cog, Crayer, Hoy, and Picard (Sold Out).

Mirandus Ships


Discover the wondrous items in Mirandus that can boost your heroes power. As part of this Mirandus review, currently, only one item is available – the Lantern of the Sun, which holds a shard of the Materium sphere. This unflinching lantern beam never needs refueling and is ideal for exploring the game’s darkest wilderness.

Tokenomics: Mirandus Game Tokens

Gala Games has introduced a digital utility token called GALA token that allows users to make transactions and buy and sell NFT within Gala Games. This has made sales and purchases extremely convenient for those participating in multiple video games. The GALA token can be used to buy any Mirandus NFTs, and it does not represent any network share nor guarantees the users any dividends, revenue, or fees from the network.

Another Mirandus game token is Materium (MTRM), which is available as an ERC-20 digital token in secondary markets. The benefits of using Materium, a Mirandus crypto, include – increasing abilities, crafting, spell casting, and teleportation.

GALA tokens are available on every crypto exchange, including Binance, Coinbase, Huobi Global, Crypto.com Exchange, and Kucoins. Materium coins are, however, earned through Mirandus gameplay.

Pros and Cons of Mirandus 

Pros Cons
 Play Mirandus and earn money with absolute freedom and special abilities.  No quest givers or maps to direct the players.
 Players can play the free and epic fantasy RPG game by Gala Games.  It supports only a few digital tokens.
 Players can play the game of adventure with relevant goods, land tiles, avatars, monsters, large and small farms, miraculous substances, deep woods, cast spells, get armor repaired, and raise a slain hero.

How to Earn in Mirandus?

Earn Materium by playing Mirandus with an Exemplar or NFT character. It’s unclear if rarer Exemplars give more tokens. Use GALA to buy/sell NFTs and trade them for revenue. Materium is an in-game token used to trade NFTs in the game.

The adventure-filled Mirandus offer an ancient-looking theme and several production lines where players can choose to be an adventurer, a farmer, a trader, or a bard. They can earn money and power by having a base near the dungeon entrance that offers additional trading opportunities. Other players in the village can build their shops or pay money in the form of rent.

According to this Mirandus Game guide, the Gala Games stores the ownership of virtual assets and money within the game. Unlike other role-playing games such as Final Fantasy and Warcraft, the level of immersion offered by Mirandus is beyond imagination, as it lets players participate in a digital ecosystem without interacting with other players or monsters in the village. The citadels from the cities and the owners have exclusive rights to charge taxes on the trades and can create their own factions.

Play & Earn Huge in Mirandus

Mirandus Review: Our Verdict 

To sum up this Mirandus Crypto Game review, Mirandus is a free-to-play game, playable on different devices, including Mac and PC. Although the game is still in its development phase, the open world is owned and run by players. Developed by Gala Games, the Mirandus game has more than 1 million players across different crypto apps.

According to this Mirandus guide, the cryptocurrency game is ruled by monarchs that give every player complete freedom of choice. They can choose to fight against monsters of the dungeon and deep Woods or sojourn into the Mirandus wilderness alone. The players can also choose to join a monarch to serve their courts as knights or build a shop in citadels. They can choose to buy an avatar with powers and abilities beyond the imagination of other players.

Everyone gets the opportunity to hold Mirandus land deeds which is the main mechanic of the Mirandus game. Like many other game companies, Mirandus pushes for a real-world surreal experience with aesthetically comforting and pleasing themes for the players. According to this Mirandus game review, the game’s graphics certainly solidify the digital gaming field with completely out-of-the-world designs, characters, and more.


Is Mirandus Free to Play?

An Exemplar is necessary to play Mirandus, but the game won’t follow a monthly subscription model.

Where Can I Get Materium?

Materium is obtainable by playing and exploring Mirandus world through looting monsters or finding them in the environment.

Is the Mirandus Game Worth Playing?

Yes, indeed. Mirandus promises a sustainable economy and unique dynamics, setting it apart from typical blockchain games. Get ready to play and earn on its full release.

Where Can I Trade Materium?

Materium trading can be done via Uniswap or Metamask.

How Does the Mirandus Economy Work?

In Mirandus, the economy thrives on players who engage in farming, crafting, adventuring and deed owners who facilitate these services.

Is Mirandus Legal?

Mirandus is developed by Gala Games, a reliable company with a valid software license and essential security measures within the decentralized ecosystem.

Why is Mirandus Popular?

Mirandus, a new addition to Gala Games popular game, is generating excitement as an upcoming fantasy MMO game. Despite being in beta, it features avatars, stats mechanics, in-game tokens, and more.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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