Neoland Review 2024: The On-chain Monopoly Game on Real-world Geography!

About Neoland

Neoland is a play-and-earn game mode in Neopolis, a game set in the virtual world where land parcels are controlled by players in Neoland, which are linked in Neopolis video games and real-world Land. The landowners can build new buildings, alter existing ones, and organize events. Neoland and Neopolis have different game systems, but they were designed to complement each other.

Neoland Summary

Official Website
Stage Under development
Genre City-builder
Platform Neoland DApp
Blockchain Solana
Reward Plots of Lands / $NCOIN / $NLAND
Free/Paid Free
Token $NCOIN and $NLAND

Each Land has its resources, and landowners need resources to enhance, upgrade, plan events for and personalize their NFTs. Buildings can improve the production of resources and also open new opportunities in the landscape. Also, landowners can schedule events in Neopolis and provide players with incentives and rewards.

Neoland User Interface

Neoverse: Two Game Modes; One Universe

By launching Neopolis and Neoland, Neoverse is creating a permanent world where gamers can play a casual game (Neopolis), manage their Lands, and create their online estates (Neoland).

  • Neopolis is a mobile, free-to-play mode in which players trade or manage real-world buildings.
  • Neoland is a play-and-earn game mode built atop of Neopolis where players collect resources and own land parcels in the real world.

An off-chain token, known as $NCOIN, is the basis of Neoland gameplay and serves as the game’s currency in the Neoverse. To purchase buildings, alter their Land, plan events, and many other things, the players should have NCOIN. Launching Neopolis and Neoland creates a permanent world where people can play games for fun (Neopolis), manage their lands, and create their Digital Estates (Neoland).


Neopolis is an MMO free-to-play game accessible on both the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store. Neopolis is officially launched in Europe; however, it can be played worldwide. Neopolis is an online game that blends elements of Monopoly and Pokemon Go. The players can buy, exchange, upgrade buildings, and trade in real life. The players can also travel virtually around the globe, build their property empire and fight it out in global leaderboards and cities worldwide. The best Neopolis players can win Land in Neoland and start building their properties as landowners.



Neoland is a game mode of play-and-earn that takes place in Neopolis. In Neoland, players control and own parcels of Land linked to the Neopolis game and the actual Land. Landowners can build and customize structures and host events on their land. Neoland and Neopolis were created to complement each other, yet each comes with its game system.

Neoland Game Loop

  • Every land provides resources, and landowners need resources to build and renovate structures (NFTs), organize events, and personalize their land.
  • Buildings can generate more resources and unlock new features within the Land or enhance the aesthetics of the Land.
  • Landowners can host events that will be featured on Neopolis and provide Neopolis players with the benefits and resources they require.

What is Neopolis, and How to Play?

Neopolis is a free-to-play mobile game mode with more than two million downloads. Neoland is the online Web3 game mode that gamers can access by winning or purchasing the Neoland NFT in Neopolis or on the second market. Since every action in Neopolis occurs on a Neoland Land parcel, every event that the Landowner hosts can enhance the gameplay experience available to Neopolis players. It could be in the form of additional sources, bonuses, and content exclusively for Neopolis players interacting with the Land.

Neopolis’s Single-Player, Free-to-Play Mode

The players can buy buildings through two methods – purchasing new buildings in their area or getting good deals from the Auction Room, in which Neopolis players can trade their facilities in real time. The most ambitious players battle for the top positions on the global leaderboard by seeking out iconic landmarks. These are unique in-game structures that resemble real-world landmarks. It does not matter if it is Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, or the Colosseum; all Neopolis gamers can own these famous buildings.

Managing Buildings

Neopolis players can upgrade and improve buildings by renovation cards, assigning employees, and other rewards to enhance their properties. Neopolis buildings earn in-game money every hour; players can boost their daily income by improving their building level with coins or other in-game item cards.

Get Your Land at Neoland


In Neopolis, it is possible to move physically using your phone’s built-in geolocation feature, just like in Pokemon Go or via the Neopolis transportation system. The travel system allows players to use different forms of transportation to get to new places. This will enable players to conquer buildings and connect with other players in new countries and cities without physically traveling to get there.


To improve their chances of winning the monthly contest, Neopolis players can improve their performance in many ways:-

  • Upgrade of items like the scooter to travel or blueprints for building.
  • Hiring employees to manage their buildings.
  • The unlocking of new visas allows for visiting more geographies.

Neopolis’s Multiplayer, Free-to-Play Mode

Neopolis players find or join a party and can compete with other parties in their town. Parties can control the in-game government seats in the game and participate in the decisions made during play through an election in the virtual form, where three parties will be voted into the city government by other players for the following season. After being elected, the party can alter game setups, like building earning rates, or even influence the gameplay within the city.

Neoland Gameplay

Neopolis is the gateway to Neoland. The main aim is to bring millions of new players to Web3 by constructing the bridge between Neopolis and Neoland and the path for free-to-play to play-to-earn. Each step in Neopolis is performed on the Neoland Land parcel, and every event organized by a Landowner will enhance the gameplay experience for Neopolis players. This could take the form of more materials, bonuses, or exclusive content only available to Neopolis players who interact with the Land.

Neopolis and Neoland are two game modes played within the same game map. Neoland Landowners organize Events and create Buildings visible on the game map. These aspects draw Neopolis players to certain Lands which offer benefits and resources in Neopolis. In completing each step, Neopolis gameplay can boost Landowner’s Lands’ revenue and success. This is a win-win scenario for the players from both modes.

Neoland can also be used as an Advanced Mode for Neopolis players. If Neopolis players make enough progress through the game, they are awarded the Land NFT for free. From this stage onward:-

  • They become Landowners.
  • They start adding more Events and Buildings to the map.
  • They earn tokens based on the popularity of their Land.

Neoland Game Mechanics

The main game mechanics in Neoland are listed below:-

Land Popularity and Events

The popularity of the Land is determined by its place in the global rankings. Rewards of $NCOIN are given out weekly to landowners based on their Land rank. The basis of the ranking system is built on the game’s activity that players generate in Neopolis. The term “Land” in “Neoland” refers to the area of Land. It represents 737,000 square meters in real life, approximately 3/4 of a square mile.

The objective of every Landowner is to draw Neopolis users to their Land by creating a unique experience. The more Neopolis users visit the Land and the higher the activity level they have, the higher points and Land they can earn. The more points earned will increase the Land’s position in the ranking.

Event Organization

Landowners can access an event calendar that they can organize within their Land. Events are rewarded in exchange for Neopolis gamers who come to the Land and take part in the events. Therefore, events are an easy but effective method of increasing the popularity of the Land. Events may also increase Land revenue from Neopolis players who view adverts or make purchases on the Land’s property. To organize an event, the Landowner has to pay a few $NCOIN. But, certain events will be at no cost in limited quantities when the Landowner buys specific buildings through this bonus.

Neoland: Fast & Neutral Blockchain Technology

City Building

Within its two-year period of development, players enjoy spending time managing and maintaining their properties. The gameplay in Neoland is inspired by the city-building game design. In Neoland, Landowners can create their properties by activating, advancing, and personalizing virtual constructions. Each building has unique advantages for the Landowner and Neopolis visitors who play on their Land.

City Building Games

At the highest stage, the city simulation and city builder are made up of:-

  • Earn in-game resources.
  • Buy and upgrade assets.
  • Increase player success metrics.
  • Utilize fresh approaches to increase your revenue.
  • Buy and upgrade more assets with more significant benefits.


Quests bring life to Neoland gameplay by rewarding active users by presenting various challenges. Quests keep Landowners interested for long periods while continuously managing and improving their Land. Some of the benefits Landowners receive through Quests include:-

  • Earning $NCOIN and $NLAND Tokens
  • Earning Energy for Faster Development
  • Earning NeoProps to Populate their Lands
  • Earning Skins and Collectibles to Customize their Lands
  • Discovering New Utility and Functionality for their NeoProps

Daily and Weekly Quests

There is always something new for landowners every day. Daily active players will earn rewards based on their performance. The rewards are used to enhance their Lands and NeoProps.

Seasonal Quests

Seasonal quests have brought unexpected gameplay and objectives to Neoland Landowner. Seasonal quests offer the chance for the team at Neoland to create new gameplay and rewards for active players over a long time. These quests reward specific performance metrics for Landowners over and above the normal Land popularity leaderboard.

Neoland Economy


$NCOIN is an offchain token that powers Neoland gameplay. It is the game’s currency in the Neoverse. Players must have $NCOIN to buy buildings, modify their Lands, create events, and much more. There is no limit on the supply of $NCOIN as its primary goal is to support the expansion of the game’s economy. Keeping $NCOIN off the chain shields it from the volatility of markets.

$NCOIN is helpful for:-

  • Buying Buildings
  • Buying Skins
  • Organizing Events
  • Upgrades Lands

Manage & Customize Your Land at Neoland


$NLAND token is the core of Neoland, the community’s governance. It is limited to 100,000,000 tokens. It serves several purposes:-

  • Voting power in the Neoland DAO
  • Staking for rewards
  • Guild-related voting and actions
  • Accruing value from the success of Neoland as a whole

Neoland Roadmap

Here is the Neoland Road explaining its various activities:-

Q1 2023 – Worldwide launch of Neopolis
Q1 2023 – Corporations launch in Neopolis
Q2 2023 – Landowners can begin developing and upgrading Buildings
Q2 2023 – Landowners can begin organizing Events and joining Guilds
Q2 2023 – Transition in-game tokens to on-chain

Neoland Review: Conclusion

In conclusion, Neoland is a “play and earn” game mode to create a universe that blends real estate, gaming, and blockchain technologies. Neoland is a mobile game that lets millions of players purchase digital versions of real estate properties. Neoland is a game that the Revolt Games team also wishes to increase the social element by creating guilds and DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) to increase benefits for the players. If you are looking to play the virtual version of Monopoly in real-world settings, Neoland is the one you need to look at.

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