Nine Chronicles Review 2024: Guide on Free-to-Play RPG Game!

Are you a fan of immersing yourself in expansive fantasy worlds and interested in earning money through playing games? Look no further than Nine Chronicles! This Fantasy MMORPG Game offers a unique play-to-earn model where you can explore a fantasy world as the protagonist and earn cryptocurrency through various activities. Now, let’s enjoy the thrill of adventure by exploring the Nine Chronicles review.

Nine Chronicles: A Fantasy MMORPG Game

Nine Chronicles is a fully open-source online role-playing game that players and miners connect to, with no servers and a distributed gaming network similar to Bitcoin or BitTorrent. The action takes place in a vast fantasy world where players rule and a sophisticated supply and demand system sustains existence.

Nine Chronicles Game

It is a blockchain-based, decentralized, open-source idle MMORPG where users can mine the Nine Chronicles Gold cryptocurrency. Numerous game modes include adventure, miners, merchants, and politicians. NCG – Nine Chronicles Gold is the main gaming token. Players are required to provide a character with food, armor, and weapons. The game’s primary appeal is its idle MMORPG design, which gives you no control over your character after quitting the game yet enables you to come back later.

Players can change characters, buy and trade stuff, and craft items. Once an adventure has started, players can observe and wait throughout. The character will carry on on its adventure, finishing stages, until it is defeated in battle or exhausts its energy.

Nine Chronicles Summary

Official Website
Stage Live
Genre MMORPG, Strategy
Platform Web
Blockchain Libplanet
Reward NCG Rewards
Free/Paid Free

How to Play Nine Chronicles?

To play Nine Chronicles, download the Nine Chronicles launcher to get started. This is an essential step, allowing you to create your character and begin your adventure. How do I download Nine Chronicles? Head to the Nine Chronicles portal to find the client and install it on your device. However, go through our Nine Chronicles beginners guide below to learn more!

Account Creation

Once you have successfully installed the client, you may require an activation code to start playing this one of the best blockchain-based games. This code can also be obtained from the Nine Chronicles portal. After you have your activation code, you’ll need to link your Nine Chronicles address to your account by accessing it through the portal. This will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the world of Nine Chronicles and start playing the game.

Nine Chronicles Account Creation

Create a New Character

To create your characters in Nine Chronicles, click the “NEW CHARACTER” button. From there, you can choose different hair, eye, ear, and tail types to make each character unique. Once you’ve settled on a style you like, click “CREATE” to finalize your character’s appearance.

Your character’s status is determined by various factors, such as their hit points (HP), attack power (ATK), defense power (DEF), critical attack rate (CRI), chance to hit (HIT), and speed (SPD). HP represents the character’s health; if it falls to zero, the character will lose the battle. ATK indicates how much damage your character can do to enemies, while DEF shows how much damage your character can withstand. CRI determines the likelihood of making a critical attack, while HIT affects the chance of landing a successful hit. SPD represents the character’s speed, enabling them to perform more actions than enemies.

To finish creating your character, you must choose a nickname between 2-20 characters in length and only include alphanumeric characters. Once you’ve selected a suitable nickname, click “OK” to finalize your character and start exploring the world of Nine Chronicles!

Start Playing Your First Adventure

Game Launcher Tutorial 

As soon as you enter Nine Chronicles, you will be greeted by Alex, who will guide you to the portal leading to the dungeons. Once you click on the portal, you will be transported to Stage 1 i.e. Tutorial. For each new feature, a helpful popup will appear the first time you enter.

After successfully completing a stage, you will be rewarded with valuable experience and materials, and you can proceed to the next stage. As you progress, the cat warrior will lead you deeper into the forest. Keep an eye out for the chain-shaped loading indicator, which signifies that your game history data is being uploaded to the blockchain.

Once you’ve completed Stage 3, Alex will direct you to the workshop, where you can unlock equipment recipes by clearing stages. With these recipes, you can craft your first sword and start your adventure with powerful gear. With the completion of tutorial, it’s time to introduce you to Nine Chronicles main systems.

Nine Chronicles Game Launcher Tutorial

Stage battle

As an idle RPG, there are no controls that the player is obliged to use throughout the battle. When a block is finished, the battle is fully simulated; therefore, the outcome of each battle will depend on your equipment. Here, you may watch the battle as it happens.


Experience points are available if you prevail in the fight. Your character will get stronger if it is enough to level up. Every stage has a clear reward at the beginning. It will be interesting to look at the Rewards tab and estimate what challenges will come next when we offer essential materials to move on to the next step.

You can still earn rewards even if you don’t finish a stage completely. You won’t be able to go to the next stage if you don’t receive three stars, but you can try again once you’ve strengthened. Additionally, you can continue to receive prizes in the form of resources that can be utilized to create new items. A stage’s completion also reveals new content. Advanced features like the market, workshop, elemental stages, and PvP battle arena are abundant in this game.


You can still gain some experience and occasionally even materials even if you lose the combat. To find an easier stage, level up, or figure out the enemy pattern for the stage so you can equip stronger gear.

Click the Main button and return later when you are more capable. You can choose what tools and supplies to utilize for this stage adventure on this page. The most crucial step in clearing the higher stages will be this one. Click the START button if you are prepared to move forward. It’ll make use of 5AP. The Nine Chronicles gameplay employs “Action Power” in each and every action. When the prosperity meter below glows red, it is time to refill the action power.

Create your own item in Vast Fantasy World

The resources you find inside dungeons, like swords, belts, rings, etc, can be used to make new things. There are only four slots available for crafting or upgrading. This is displayed in the bottom workshop menu. Your growth timetable will be affected by optimizing what to craft and when.


There are numerous recipes under the equipment tab. To create a stronger piece of gear, gather ingredients through stage battle. Every piece of equipment has three sub-recipes. Every recipe yields a random result, and these results can differ greatly amongst crafts. There are more recipes available as you advance through the stages.

Nine Chronicles Economic System


The Nine Worlds offer a variety of resources that you can gather to make food consumables. It only works for one stage, but it has a significant impact. When exploring higher-level stages, more delectable food will have a range of additional effects, which is quite helpful. It takes time to create a new item. By using the workshop time slot, you may monitor the progress. You will be notified if they are finished.


Combining already-owned goods with others of the same grade and level will enhance the equipment. If you have a lot of the same kind of equipment, it will be really beneficial. The initial few upgrades are free; however, subsequent ones will cost NCG if you aim to craft better stats. If the upgrade is successful, the stat will grow by 8–12%, and the upgrade level will rise by 1. The possibilities that the equipment acquires are improved at several upgrade levels. If the upgrade is unsuccessful, the supporting equipment is lost.

How to trade items? 

In order to activate item trading in Nine Chronicles, you must progress to Stage 17. This is because Nine Chronicles aims to be a fully decentralized RPG powered game, with no items sold by NPCs or game companies. Instead, all items are traded between players, and their prices are determined by the market economy.


By using gold, you have the ability to purchase items that other players have listed for sale in Nine Chronicles. This opens up the opportunity to explore and purchase items that were created by fellow adventurers. Additionally, you can purchase items from different categories simultaneously.


In Nine Chronicles, you have the ability to sell your equipment and monster collection rewards. As the seller, it is entirely up to you to set the price for your items. It’s important to keep a close eye on the market price to ensure you set a fair price that will attract potential buyers. It’s also worth noting that if you choose to sell an item, it will not be available for use in dungeons.

How to challenge others? 

To challenge others, you must reach stage 25. The rating is updated every week, and each challenge costs one ticket. The arena’s fight count will reset after a predetermined amount of time, which is currently around 6 hours, and a maximum of five attempts will be allowed. You will score more points and gather more food if you challenge a more powerful opponent.


You can visit the ranking page, which provides numerous lists to identify top players.

Nine Chronicles Ranking Portal

Nine Chronicles Gameplay

This Nine Chronicles gameplay review comprises a variety of entertaining features that appeal to all types of players, from the most casual to the most competitive. Players must choose how to approach the game and maximize their character evolution in the game throughout their trip in the Nine Chronicles environment.

Nine Chronicles stands out as a unique game due to its true decentralization, which is evident in its distinct elements:-

  • Campaign
  • Item ownership on the blockchain
  • Shop in an active economy with no limitations
  • Competitive PvP and PvE events with $NCG rewards


Nine Chronicles main gameplay mode and the base of the in-game economy is the Campaign. The five playable worlds’ stages provide challenging opponents for players to contend with. Players must battle their way through each of the 300 distinct stages in the Campaign in order to reach the Nine Chronicles universe’s conclusion! As players move through the many worlds, the Campaign stages become increasingly challenging, necessitating the development of more intricate methods in order to meet the challenges.

In Nine Chronicles, players can earn materials used to craft valuable items by defeating enemies in campaign stages. As they advance through the stages and conquer more challenging opponents, they’ll be rewarded with increasingly valuable materials, allowing them to create stronger items and enhance the overall strength of their character. Information on the materials that will be rewarded can be found on the Information page of the Campaign stages.

Nine Chronicles Campaign

Nine Chronicles is comprised of multiple worlds, each consisting of 50 stages. The 50th stage of each world presents players with a challenging Boss encounter. Currently, the following worlds are available in Nine Chronicles:-

  • Yggdrasil
  • Alfheim
  • Svartalfheim
  • Asgard
  • Muspelfheim
  • Jotunheim
  • TBD x 3

Campaign Entry

In Nine Chronicles, players must spend Action Points to enter any campaign stage. Each stage fight requires 5 Action Points. Once players deplete their Action Points by entering campaign stages, they can refresh them and continue battling using the Prosperity Meter, which refreshes every 1700 blocks or roughly every 4.5 hours. Alternatively, players can use Action Points Potions to refresh their Action Points at any time.


In the Nine Chronicles universe, items are the principal means by which a character can strengthen themselves, advance through the Campaign’s increasingly harder levels, and take on tough opponents in the Arena.

In the Nine Chronicles universe, each equipped item is a distinct NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that the players truly possess. A player’s possessions can all be updated, purchased, and sold in the shop.


When referring to the items obtained through combat in the Campaign and the Arena, the term “Material Items” is used. They are necessary for the creation of both consumable and equipment items. The market does not allow for the trading of Material Items.

Nine Chronicles Character Materials

Players amass a range of various commodities in their inventory as they go through the Campaign and the Arena. A variety of recipes can be created using these ingredients. Depending on how scarce and useful a commodity is, different materials have different drop rates.

Depending on the item’s rarity and power level, the ingredients needed for each recipe can change.


The Nine Chronicles world’s Equipment Items are those that players can use directly during any type of battle. The owners of these elements are free to craft, improve, and exchange them. Equipment Items each have a unique elemental characteristic. These are Land, Wind, Water, and Fire. Different pieces of equipment provide players access to a variety of stat values.

Item Crafting 

Players can begin crafting their own distinctive NFT Items not long after engaging in combat for the first time in the Nine Chronicles universe. A player must first defeat the necessary stage in the Campaign in order to unlock the recipe for a particular item before they can begin crafting it.

Depending on the kind of equipment, its quality, and its total power, different ingredients are needed for different recipes. A player can begin making an item by combining the ingredients for a recipe in one of the four spaces of the crafting queue once they have gathered all the necessary ingredients. In general, more resources and blocks will be needed to make an item the higher the level of the recipe.

Item Upgrading 

In the Nine Chronicles World, equipment items have the option of being upgraded to raise their base and secondary stat values. An item begins out with a grade level of zero when it is first created. An item of the same type and grade must be eaten in order for it to be improved. These devoured objects are sometimes referred to as “fodder items” by players.

Nine Chronicles Item Upgrading Interface


Consumable Items are those that players can use to boost their combat stats for a single battle throughout the Campaign Stages. Consumables are a crucial component of moving forward in the Campaign. Similar to other equipment, consumable items can be bought and sold in the store. You can find the necessary ingredients for creating Consumables recipes by participating in the Arena.

Costumes & Titles 

Costumes and titles are special NFT cosmetic items that, when worn, alter a character’s look. Compared to other Items, they offer extremely minimal stat value improvement. Costumes and titles are tradeable at the shop to maintain the spirit of actual ownership.


Players can trade things with other players in-game through the shop. The shop is an essential component of Nine Chronicles since it allows for actual ownership by allowing players to actively engage in the economy and freely exchange their in-game goods. The Nine Chronicles philosophy of a gaming ecosystem where players can customize their gaming experience is driven by the shop.


Nine Chronicles uses block time as a unit of measurement for new blocks in the blockchain network. In-game operations have a set number of blocks needed for completion. Block time can vary but is typically 10 seconds.

Important in-game operations such as Round refresh for the Arena​, crafting & upgrading, and Action Points refresh via the Prosperity Meter require a specific amount of time to complete in Nine Chronicles.

Arena – PvP Competition 

In Nine Chronicles, the Arena is the main PvP experience where players can climb the leaderboard and earn rewards. Fighting in the Arena rewards players with materials for consumables to increase their Combat Power. Players have five entry tickets available each round that refresh every 2800 blocks. The leaderboard resets every 40 rounds, and competitive seasons offer $NCG prizes and unique NFTs for a limited time.

Nine Chronicles Arena - PvP Competition

World Boss

Nine Chronicles has introduced the ‘World Boss’ feature where multiple players can participate together to compete and cooperate for greater rewards.

Fenrir of the Abyss

Fenrir, the monster wolf from World 4, has returned after being consumed by dark void energy. Players can fight against him in the World Boss feature, where individual damages are added to a shared “Global HP”. Defeating the boss leads to stronger ones and better rewards as more players participate.


Players can earn rewards from the World Boss in different ways:-

  • Battle rewards given after each individual battle
  • Battle Grade rewards earned when moving to the next grade, refreshed every season
  • Boss Kill rewards distributed based on participation and rank after the boss is defeated
  • Season Rewards given at the end of each season, varying based on ranking and monster collection levels (additional bonuses for Monster Collection coming in future updates).

Tokens in Nine Chronicles

The in-game currency of Nine Chronicles is known as Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG) and is used by players for in-game payments, staking, and governance. Holders can exchange NCG for Wrapped NCG (WNCG) through the platform’s onboarding portal, subject to a daily swap limit of 5,000 NCG and a 1% bridging fee.

NCG tokens cannot be purchased directly at this time, but WNCG can be acquired through decentralized exchanges like Balancer and Sushi, as well as through centralized exchanges like KuCoin, MEXC,, and OKX.

How to Earn in Nine Chronicles?

The Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG), which operates on the play-to-earn game principle, can be acquired by Nine Chronicles games through game play. The more popular cryptocurrency Ethereum can be exchanged for NCG, which can then be liquidated for a conventional currency like the US dollar. By completing tasks, selling in-game stuff they have earned, and taking part in both physical and virtual events, players can accrue NCG. New Nine Chronicles players can currently earn gifts from the game’s creators Planetarium by joining their Discord channel, inviting others to explore it, or tweeting about it.

Nine Chronicles Review: Verdict

A free-to-play blockchain MMORPG, Nine Chronicles is driven by its warriors. The first game based on Libplanet, a new Distributed Ledger Technology library for creating P2P MMO games, is a 100% decentralized fantasy realm. It is a completely player-driven role-playing game. This planet is totally for players to play, manage, and mine. The game is governed by the community and supported by a sophisticated economy where supply and demand are the most valuable commodities. Warriors can create a plan and search for ideas on their own to go farther into the nine realms. There are always fresh ways to equip and engage thanks to elementals, skills, buffs, and debuffs.


Can You Make Money Playing Nine Chronicles?

Absolutely. There are several ways to earn Nine Chronicles tokens (NCG), such as crafting items to sell for NCG, buying and reselling items for profit, mining for NCG, or engaging in arena battles with other players to receive NCG rewards.

Is Nine Chronicles an Ethereum Game?

Nine Chronicles operates on its own blockchain technology developed by Planetarium, called Libplanet. Therefore, it is not considered an Ethereum game. Additionally, NCG (Nine Chronicles Gold) is not an ERC-20 Token but the native cryptocurrency used within the Nine Chronicles ecosystem.

Are Nine Chronicles Free to Play?

Yes, Nine Chronicles is a free-to-play MMORPG game. To play the Nine Chronicles, a player needs an invitation code, which is available for free.

Are Nine Chronicles Legit? 

Yes. Numerous industry leaders support Nine Chronicles, with Ubisoft serving as the project’s executive producer. Thus, we may conclude that playing is completely safe.

Why Do I Need an Invitation Code to Play Nine Chronicles?

The Invitation Code is an essential aspect of the game to prevent the network from becoming overwhelmed with transactions and in-game activities. As Nine Chronicles operates on Blockchain Technology, scalability can be a significant challenge, and Invitation Codes serve as a preventative measure to maintain network stability and health.

Can You Try Nine Realms on Mobile?

Nine Chronicles for Mac OS and mobile version is not available right now. It will be available on mobile devices by the end of the year.

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