RollerCoin Review 2024: P2E BTC Mining Simulator

What Is RollerCoin?

During the RollerCoin review, you will learn that RollerCoin crypto games are online digital Bitcoin mining games and have an old office computer game look because of pixelated gaming features. Here you get a chance to face off the rivals, earn real Bitcoins during an online game, and earn money by using a few tips. It works on the idea of a mining simulation game. Still, instead of the revolutionary Blockchain and algorithm pattern, RollerCoin gives you a place to try out your skills in completing missions, participating in tasks, and playing games to create a history in the RollerCoin world.

RollerCoin Summary

Official Website
Stage Release / Beta / Early Access / Alpha
Genre Arcade
Platform PC / Android / iOS
Blockchain Ethereum
Reward Earn Reward with Mining & Referral Program
Free/Paid Free
Token RollerToken (RLT)

In short, RollerCoin tries to cater to a platform full of fun and excitement without any difficulties. It is one of the quick games that offer to create and boost your mining that is incorporated with data centers, customize and improve your mining power and face of your friends. The main target of RollerCoin is to provide an exciting and fun-loving environment to its players without evolving many terms and conditions.

RollerCoin Game User Interface

Why Is RollerCoin So Popular?

RollerCoin review state that it is so popular among its users for playing games to mine Bitcoin, and the reason behind it is that it attracts users due to its lots of facilities such as it offers RollerCoin crypto game guide to its users which includes RollerCoin beginners guide, RollerCoin play to earn a game guide, RollerCoin game tutorial, free download (This free download helps you to learn about its mining game) and so on. 

One can find RollerCoin tips and tricks to do crypto mining better and have fun with it. Here you will mine Bitcoin more in the same way as in real life. Also, the amount you will earn depends on your extraction power, basic miners’ ideas, and how to mine crypto and buying miners at the right time. RollerCoin game tips play a good role as a guide to RollerCoin to its users. After doing RollerCoin full review of RollerCoin, you will find that making money with it is an easy task for you after knowing how to play RollerCoin games. RollerCoin is a legit and fun way to earn money.

RollerCoin Advantages

How RollerCoin Bitcoin Mining Simulator Works?

There is no doubt that Bitcoin is the foremost choice of inventors for doing computer simulations. Crypto mining is a process where several computers are connected in a virtual data center that is utilized to resolve cryptographic puzzles. This process verifies transactions, and new coins are issued to start your earring with this game.

In the RollerCoin Mining game, you will play with an animated model, a replica of a real-life data simulation where users build their virtual center for collecting their data and mining Bitcoin with it. RollorCoin kept this simulation easy and in simplified form so that users could build their own data center and play it in a legit and fun way. Every ten minutes, a Bitcoin block is allocated, and all active players get a chunk of it. To start playing with this platform, users just have to go through a few simple steps that include:-

Signup in RollerCoin to Start Playing Games

To start playing with RollerCoin, players can Sign Up with their Facebook Account or by using their Email Id. You just need to go to the Signup section and fill in the required details on the signup page.

RollerCoin Sign Up Process

Once you fill up all the required details, click on the ‘Click to verify’ button to verify your details and then click on the Signup button. After completing the signup process, you can enjoy your playing.

Customize Your Character to Play RollerCoin

After signing up, you have the choice to customize your RollerCoin characters as per your interest, and now you can earn characters in RollerCoin.

Start Mining 

Now you can mine Bitcoin with your created character and can play missions, different mini-games, and tasks that can build your mining power. Your pool share depends on the capacity of your minor, and you will earn more pool share if your minor is powerful.

How RollerCoin Works?

Get Block Rewards in Legit and Fun Way

For getting your expected Bitcoin reward and to earn Bitcoin in your Bitcoin wallet, you have to do something that means utilize your profits and the winning amount to earn more money or profits.

Build Your Bitcoin Empire

Now you have to build your Bitcoin empire, and you can also make a position in the history of RollerCoin. It allows you to give yourself something special. If you want to progress, you can start collecting and accumulating miners. During this process, you need to buy miners with the highest ratio of power, getting more and more prices. One more benefit of RollorCoin is that earnings depend on each miner’s power bonus. So you can become a collector so that you can become an experienced player. You can increase your profit by reinvesting, and by maintaining the reinvesting process, you could make a nice passive income.

RollerCoin Top Miners

Key Features of RollerCoin 

RollerCoin gameplay review indicates that it is popular among Bitcoin investors because it has several features that make it easy to use for its users. These features allow users to get maximum earnings by playing games. Rollecoin review also has a new feature that is a miner’s upgrade. Now you can make your miners mine faster. So let us look at the features of RollerCoin to get more knowledge about it.


This game is free for RollerCoin and other desired free games, which means you do not need to invest in starting your gaming account, the same as you need to do in casino games. With 1 free Bitcoin, you can test various free methods to earn crypto currency and make money, such as learning about cryptocurrency, specific privacy of focused browsers, investing in sustainable cryptocurrency projects, or playing games.

User Friendly 

RollerCoin reviews give us an idea that RollerCoin has an intuitive user interface that allows you to play RollerCoin games to earn Bitcoin easily and most simply.


It is very convenient for its users because it not only has a web version but can also access it from your smartphone directly if you are connected to the internet.

Key Features of RollerCoin

Safety and Security

RollerCoin uses advanced and secure encryption protocols to ensure its user payment methods and transferring of money online are fully protected. That means attackers will not be able to steal a user’s account information and intercept traffic, and you can further invest your money after earning Bitcoin.

Customer Service

While earning money through games in RollerCoin or via the investment, you may face some issues, so for resolving those issues, it offers you Customer support service and a good support team that works 24/7 so that you can get an instant reply to your issues.

Increase Your Mining Power

Like IRL mining, RollerCoin games are also a game about power and hash rate, and with high mining power, you can gain power and mine more and more crypto games and earn it. You must want to know how you can increase your power and again invest your Bitcoin, so there are two ways through which you can increase your mining power.

Play Mini Games

At the very starting phase, if you don’t want to send anything, then you can go with playing mini-games. Each game you beat gives you grants in the form of hash power, and this miner power lasts for 24 hours. You can also avail of some other bonuses such as computer upgrades. Playing mini-games is fun.

There are a multitude of games available for playing mini-games ideas, and these are:-

  • Coinclick
  • Token Blaster
  • Flappy Rocket
  • Cryptonoid
  • Coin-match
  • Crypto Hamster
  • 2048 Coins
  • Coin-Flip

It also has a Token Surfer game to collect tokens and extend your extraction power.

You Can Win:-

  • 20 Daily Wins Give You 3 Days of Extended Power
  • 50 Daily Wins Give You 5 Days of Extended Power
  • 100 Daily Wins Give You 7 Days of Extended Power

Mine Real Bitcoins in RollerCoin

Buy Mining Rigs

RollerCoin Review states that it is a platform where real money can be obtained by completing quick games, so for getting real money, you should have to reinvest your earnings, and by doing this, you can grow mining facilities to your min empire, extraction power like in real life one can do.

Each new miner will help you to get more hash power that increases the number of satoshis you earn per block, and by doing this, you will not lose your hash power until your rigs need servicing. That means if you have a certain number of rigs, you can make a passive income earning Bitcoin.

In the store, you have the choice between these exclusive miners:-

  • RollerMiner S4 – 1 Cell – 1,160 Gh/s
  • Rollerminer S7 – 1 Cell – 1,320 Gh/s
  • Rolleron 741 – 1 Cell – 2,730 Gh/s
  • RollerMiner S5+ – 1 Cell – 4,000 Gh/s
  • Rollerminer R4 – 1 Cell – 6,000 Gh/s
  • Rolleron Miner 761 – 1 Cell – 6,500 Gh/s
  • RollerMiner S9 – 2 Cells – 14,500 Gh/s
  • Dragonroller 16T – 2 Cells – 16,000 Gh/s
  • Roller Fury B8 – 2 Cells – 19,300 Gh/s

How Much Can You Make With RollerCoin?

Earnings Per Game

RollerCoin is a mining game that is based on simulation and allows you to make real cryptos by playing mini-games and reinvesting your earnings. While playing the games, you earn Satoshi or the smallest unit of Bitcoin. Just like in real life, that money goes to your wallet. If you cannot make many earnings per game, then you need to reinvest your earnings in your data center.

You won’t be earning much per game; it makes more sense to reinvest your earnings in your data center.

Special Events & Prizes by RollerCoin

Earnings With Mining

This is something different from earning per game and a little bit difficult because here, your earnings depend on:-

  • The coin(s) you mine
  • The network power for the coin(s) you mine
  • Your power allocated to mining the coin(s)
  • The block reward and potential incentives for the coin(s) you mine

But fortunately, there is a Rollerbuddy calculator which you can use to estimate your earnings. However, RollerCoin doesn’t endorse it.

Earning With Referrals

During RollerCoin Review you will find that there is a referral program offered by RollerCoin so that more potential players can join and existing miners can get exclusive rewards. For referrals’ earnings you just have to invite your friends and family to the game by sharing your referral link and you will benefit from it:-

  • Referred users get 1,000 SATs to their balance to start the game.
  • Partners get a 25% commission from referred users’ profit and 15% from in-game purchases.

RollerCoin Referral Program

RollerCoin Store

RollerCoin review states that it has its store to help basic miners and is full of Miners, loot boxes, racks, parts, and skins, all of which can be purchased by the users during the exclusive sale that opens up every week, and assets of this store help users in completing quick games. To buy your desired one from the store, you need the in-game currency, which is RollerToken (RLT); that means if you send crypto to RollerCoin need to buy crypto with RLT, and you are not allowed to use any other crypto in RollerCoin Store.

RollerCoin Seasons 

RollerCoin announced the season from time to time so that you can make money easily with RollerCoin games, and recently, on August 3, 2021, it announced the first season pass as a regular part of the gameplay. Seasons can be understood as free-themed events during which miners get daily tasks to complete and get exclusive rewards, such as Miners, Power, Racks, Trophies, tokens, and so on. This season includes:-

  • 60-day season, where players can unlock various rewards.
  • It is like a ladder system; you need to gain experience (XP) to unlock rewards such as miners, racks, RLT, and bonus power.
  • To climb the ladder, you need to earn XP, and you can do this in multiple ways, including:-
  • Login each day.
  • Completing various tasks, for example, playing a certain amount of games, visiting social media pages, or watching a video on YouTube.
  • Completion of all the weekly tasks.

Successful Miners at RollerCoin

Tips and Tricks to Succeed in RollerCoin

While playing RollerCoin, you need a few tips and tricks to play it in a more expertise way, so these tips and tricks are:-

  • Play every day because you will get progressive updates by playing several games.
  • Recharge your miners daily.
  • Be on the lookout for referrals. Your friends and family can help with your first miner.
  • There are loot boxes so take advantage of them.
  • Always check for new features of RollerCoin by visiting its website.

Withdraw Money from RollerCoin

If you want to withdraw money from a RollerCoin game, just like in real life, you withdraw your money; then you can do it very easily. Withdrawing Satoshi, or the smallest unit of Bitcoin, from your account, is not a big task.

The User may withdraw only the available balance according to RollerCoin terms and conditions, which are:-

  • The User may withdraw only the available balance.
  • The transactions of both deposits and withdrawals may take up to 1-5 business days, depending on the transaction amount.
  • The User should use only the correct network to transfer money online for deposits and withdrawals. Suppose the User sends or withdraws crypto via the wrong currency network, wrong currency wallet, or wrong currency to the right wallet. In that case, the transaction is not reversible, and the User may lose the content of the transaction.

How to Get Free Bitcoins in RollerCoin?

RollerCoin Review: Our Verdict 

In the RollerCoin review, we find that it has an old office computer games type user interface through which its users can easily create their min empire by mining Bitcoin games and avail of different rewards. Due to working on online gaming platforms for the past few years, there is much proof regarding payment, detection system, and secured transactions of RollerCoin users.

Still, it would help if you take investment advice to ensure that you have enough risk appetite, experience, and knowledge to do mining of eal Bitcoin. It offers Seasons from time to time that contain many rewards, so it becomes easy for you to become an experienced player to get more and more benefits such as increasing your extraction power, earning free crypto, and so on. If you want to have more information about Rellercoin, then you can visit its official website also, and for queries, you can navigate to the FAQ section easily.


Is RollerCoin Legit?

Yes, RollerCoin is legit – as far as I can tell. I joined the platform in 2019. And I have withdrawn some assets twice. The second time, I didn’t see the BTC coming – the status was “waiting”. So, I had to contact their support by email. And they were very responsive: The withdrawal was completed within 48 hours.

How to Withdraw Satoshi?

After earning money, visit your in-game wallet page, provide your Bitcoin wallet address and send a withdrawal request. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 10000 Satoshi (Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin).

How to Start Playing RollerCoin?

Create an account, create your character, and you are ready to start. It has a good detection system to help you every moment of your playing.

Can RollerCoin Be Played Free?

Yes, one can start playing it for free, but for good earning growth, you need to go through a reinvestment earning process and get your expected reward through it.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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