Sorare Review 2024: Win Digital Cards & Own Your Game!

The concept of sports betting is not a new one. Since ancient times, sports enthusiasts have placed wagers on their favorite sports for entertainment and earning purposes. Nowadays, the practice of sports betting is shifting its focus from real-world physical sports to virtual or fantasy sports. According to experts, the fantasy sports betting market will be $48 billion by 2027.

Sorare Summary

Official Website
Stage Beta
Genre Fantasy Gaming
Device Web
Blockchain Ethereum
Reward Based on Sorare competitions
Free/Paid Hybrid
Token ERC-20

Today, Sorare, a blockchain-based virtual fantasy gaming platform, becomes one of the fantasy sports industry leaders. This fantasy game allows players to build their own customized teams of virtual soccer stars, best basketball players, and major league baseball players from renowned international clubs and participate in tournaments to win massive rewards of up to thousands of dollars per week. However, read our Sorare review further and know about the game in detail.

Sorare is a marvelous game where the supply of players-centered NFT cards is limited in number, which makes possession of top players’ cards a novelty in the digital arena and trade market. Each player gets ten non-expirable NFT Sorare cards when they sign up on the gaming platform. They do not have to pay fees to enter the tournaments, so they can participate in as many events as they want.

Some features that make Sorare better than its rivals are lucrative prizes, the use of original blockchain-based cards, and high-end sponsorship from industry-leading gaming companies like Ubisoft and ConSensys. Sorare also boasts of endorsements of more than 280 football clubs, 30 official NBA clubs, and all 30 licensed MLB clubs.

This Sorare review will provide the players with complete information about these highly popular fantasy sports. The review of Sorare will clarify players’ questions about this gambling platform, like what Sorare is, how to play it, and some game-changer Sorare tips and tricks. So, just buckle up for a journey full of exciting information about this gaming platform!

What Is Sorare?

Sorare is a blockchain-based fantasy sport where the players must collect NFT cards of players in order to trade and play. Sorare offers the two most popular sports of all time, Football, Basketball, and Baseball. The game is very much similar to the card trading game of the nineties, but now they have the option of buying, selling, and trading the cards with other players. The basic setup of the game is as follows:-

  • Make a collection of top players’ cards.
  • Participate in tournaments to win cash prizes and rare cards.
  • Once the players have a decent collection of playing cards, they can trade them on a transfer market for a massive amount of money.

Sorare Game User Interface

The players will get higher monetary value on their trading cards if they have a high ranking. Initially, Sorare was working with LOOM; however, due to its shift to a digital commercial system in 2019, Sorare shifted to the Ethereum blockchain.

Since then, Sorare has not faltered once and went on to secure gaming collaboration with football behemoths like Roma, Juventus, and West Ham United. They have also managed to bring the biggest football stars like Ronaldo and J. Felix on board.

When a professional player signs up on the platform, they get their personalized card with an autograph. Some of the renowned clubs that have joined Sorare recently are Laliga, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, and a few more. The players’ cards given to the managers by Sorare are Non-Fungible Tokens.

NFTs are digitized tokens representing virtual or concrete world items. It means that every card holds a fixed value, and the manager becomes its sole owner. The NFT footballer cards are like collector items, and it has given life to the unique concept of fantasy gaming.

One can trade footballers on a transfer market to get a massive amount of money. Now that you know what Sorare is, let’s discuss all the important points related to the Sorare game in detail.

How to Play Sorare?

Sorare is a mega fantasy football game with numerous gameplay aspects to be discussed. However, getting started with the game is pretty simple. The first step in starting on Sorare is to assemble a team. A player will get 10 common cards when they sign up. These are common cards with minimalistic value and are mainly used to introduce players to the Sorare platform.

By accessing the Gaming Arena tab, one can get information about tournaments, deadlines, and most recent statistics. In order to form a team before the competition deadline, the Captain must be chosen.

Once the players have chosen an active tournament deadline, they must click on the icon “Compose a Team.” There is a fixed pattern that must be followed while organizing a team.

Choosing New Cards at Sorare

A well-formed squad must have a goalkeeper, midfielder, defender, and forward among its five players. In our opinion, for the position of an outfielder, the team’s fifth player should be considered. This would offer a great deal of freedom and control to each participant. Click the star next to a player’s card to make them captain. The Captain will receive a bonus multiplier for their contribution to a Sorare tournament.

On the Sorare platform, every player is referred to as a Manager. The team must be verified after it has been assembled. One can start playing in their first tournament after deciding on a team name. After it has been validated, a player must enter the rookie league, which is for newcomers. They will be promoted to a further level after participating in 4 leagues.

From here, the players will have the ability to sell and continue the assembling of their squads with the player cards they win. In this Sorare Review, we have mentioned some crucial steps that a player must follow to start playing on the platform with digital cards.

Get Your Free Card

Compared to other crypto games, playing on a Ethereum blockchain based game can be quite expensive for most players; because of this reason, Sorare distributes free cards. One can obtain several free cards from Sorare and use them in the starting phase of their journey to learn the basic mechanics of the game.

The players can utilize the referral link provided by Sorare to acquire a free limited card and common cards. One thing that sets apart rare cards from common cards is that the former can be sold in the marketplace. The common cards are available for utilization in rookie leagues and tournaments.

One can use the referral link to collect the free sign-up bonuses because only then would the player be deemed eligible for a free rare card. After signing up, the managers are not required to purchase players right away.

Collect Your Sorare Digital Cards

The next step is to finish the onboarding process, which is quite a learning experience in itself. Initially, the managers would be limited to playing in the Casual League because of using free cards. They must buy at least five rare cards to participate in further competitions where they would be rewarded with rare cards and prizes in ETH.

The rare cards can be purchased from the Sorare store as well as the transfer market places that have collaborated with them. The rare cards purchased from Sorare come in a diverse range of rarities. One can easily buy these NFT rarities that come in various forms like Limited, Rare Cards, Super Rare Cards, and Unique Cards.

Complete the Onboarding Process

To begin your Sorare journey, the onboarding process must be finished as per our Sorare review. The managers would be required to select their top three teams in addition to verifying their email and phone number. Even though it seems like a simple activity, it will affect which free cards they get. Although they actually chose four teams, they are only supposed to pick three.

At the next step, the managers would get to which players they have received after selecting these teams. They will be directed to the onboarding list after receiving complimentary cards. If the managers successfully finish all the tasks on this list, they will receive rewards.

The activities given to them are designed to help them get familiar with the platform. After finishing the onboarding procedure, one can see the free cards they are given in exchange for completing the assigned tasks. These cards are rather useful over the long run.

Build Team 

Now comes the stage where the managers must assemble their team. It is advisable that they choose the players who are frequently in action as possessing the inactive guys who are always sitting on the bench won’t contribute any points to secure winnings.

Each team consists of Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forward, and Extra. Choose the players you want to put in each position in your squad until all the spots are filled. Keep in mind that the “Extra” slot should not be used for a replacement; rather, it should be used to cover another position on the squad.

By filling this position with a defender, a midfielder, or a forward, you have the choice of scoring extra points. Afterward, you can change your lineup based on who you believe will perform best offensively.

Build Lineups & Enter the Contests at Sorare

Select the captain of your team next. Choose carefully because that player has a chance to earn an additional 20% in bonus points throughout a game week. Select the captain’s card you want by clicking the “C” icon in the top-left corner. Your team won’t move on to the next phase without it, so choose one before clicking the “Confirm” button.

When you’re happy with your starting lineup, click “Confirm” to make your squad official. It’s time to start playing Sorare now that you have your team in place! The onboarding process is often very simple and teaches you the fundamentals. Once there, you can purchase premium Sorare NFT cards that have been tokenized on the Ethereum network.

Enter a Tournament

Every single tournament on Sorare has extremely excellent prizes and is completely free to enter. If you’re a new user on Sorare and concerned that your team won’t be as strong as those of the more experienced players, a framework is in place to ensure that the game is equitable for all players.

There are many competitions to choose from, and each one has power cap requirements. This implies that your team’s overall strength cannot exceed the power cap. This promotes equity and prevents those with the largest bankrolls like Neymar and Mbappe from automatically entering every week!

Sorare can be perfect for you if you don’t have much success on FPL. You will receive a gift if you secure a position in the top 30% of the tournaments with a Tier 3 rare player. The one who secures the highest position in the tournament would receive two star rares plus £95. There are many other leagues one can join, so the prizes really mount up.

Sending your players to a Special Training League, where they will earn XP, is another way of aiding their development. This is ideal if you have a player who you want to develop before putting him on the market to make a nice profit.

Compete to Win at Sorare

Configure Wallet 

Sorare was launched with the aim of bringing football, basketball, and baseball to the platform of blockchain. The fantasy sports platform is working tirelessly to bring millions of players who play fantasy football games on board.

To achieve this aim, one must have complete knowledge of how to find their way around the Ethereum blockchain, the main power source of this game. Once the managers have created a Sorare account, they must go to the “Transfer Market” to get playing cards in order to make a strong team. They would have two payment options to purchase a new player card or get one from other fantasy managers. The payment options are as follows:-

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Ethereum

Purchasing a player card by using a credit or debit card is very simple. Just enter the card information and complete the process. However, if one wants to add funds to their account in order to place bids without divulging their debit card information, they would have to rely on the in-house currency, ETH, expanded name Ethereum.

The main aim of building this esport was to give the fantasy gaming enthusiasts high-standard players cards based on blockchain and in the form of non-fungible tokens. These non-fungible tokens have worldwide profitability and digital scarcity, which makes the gaming experience highly commendable.

To fund the Sorare wallet, the players must already have a digital assets wallet. The players would be required to connect their digital wallet holding Ethereum to the Sorare account.

First, the players would be required to access their Sorare account by clicking on the icon given in the top right corner. They would see a page mentioning their current wallet balance.

Now, click on the connect icon and then on “Map Account” to connect the digital wallet with the gaming account. Then, the players would be asked to “Sign,” after which the Sorare will get access to information about the amount of funds in the player’s digital wallet.

Finally, they must click on the “Deposit” icon and confirm the transaction notification received on their digital wallet. Funding is done; now, the players have ETH in their wallets, which they can use to purchase their favorite cards!

How Does Sorare Work?

Sorare provides a unique experience even though it is fundamentally still a fantasy soccer game as per research while making this Sorare review. During the drought, players purchase digital trading cards that are tokenized on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain rather than picking player names from a list.

The playing methodology of Sorare is pretty simple; in an open game week, fantasy managers must use their wits and skills to gather player cards and then put together a squad of five players. In the whole week, the player score points, which are counted at the end of the week, and based on these points, the managers win prizes.

Managers own these non-fungible token cards, and they are free to resell them as digital collectibles. The narrative in Sorare is also centered on the NFT cards. There are rare and exclusive cards as well as crypto prizes up for grabs.

Users of Sorare can register for a variety of leagues, including the Rookie, Under 23, and Regional Leagues. Every play week, each player can create a new lineup using the cards they presently have. Based on how the actual soccer players played in real life, points are calculated at the end of the week. Users that get the most points on Sorare are eligible to win exclusive prizes like rare cards and Ethereum tokens.

Manager Sales at Sorare

Different Cards offered by Sorare 

The whole idea of this fantasy game is based on the collection of cards by the managers. In the game, the cards have two fixed aspects: Rarity and Scarcity. It means that some of the cards would have a higher value than others, so fewer of these cards would be available in the game.

As we know that Sorare is a fantasy sport built completely on the blockchain of Ethereum, there are going to be a limited amount of cards only, which brings “Scarcity” into play. Currently, four kinds of card rarity exist in the game, and a certain amount of cards are created per rarity. All the four premium cards offered by Sorare are as follows:-

  • Limited Cards
    It is the card with the lowest rarity among all the others. A maximum of 1000 cards per player are created every season. A limited card is given the color Yellow.
  • Rare Card
    These cards come third in terms of rarity. 100 cards are produced for a player per session. There is a huge difference between the rarity of a rare and limited card. The color chosen for these cards is Red.
  • Super Rare
    The Super Rare cards come second regarding rarity in the sport. Maximum 10 super rare cards are launched per player in a season. Super rare cards come in Blue color.
  • Unique Cards
    The Unique cards are the most potent and expensive ones because only one copy of each is produced for each player each season. The demand for them among collectors is considerable.

In the early stages of the tournaments, the players employ common (gray) cards. They are not NFTs, but they are still viable as the game progresses. Dissimilar to Rare, Super Rare, and Unique Cards, there is no limit on collecting the common cards in the game as they are unlimited in supply.

New Cards Auctions at Sorare

There is no value attached to the common cards, and the managers can use them to play in casual tournaments like Casual League and Academy. One can only play in two casual tournaments every week. Although these cards can’t be traded in exchange for other cards, one can use them strategically to enter a casual league in order to win valuable cards.

All the rare cards available at Sorare are Non Fungible Tokens which means when a manager gets a card, they become its rightful owner! Furthermore, every season, Sorare creates new cards for every player. It does not mean that the cards from previous seasons cannot be used in the current season. The playing cards never expire, and one can use previous seasons’ cards if the particular player is playing in the same league. However, they would not get the 10% bonus that is given to new players.

Sorare Tournaments

A five-a-side fantasy line up serves as the foundation for Sorare competitions, sometimes referred to as SO5 Fantasy. All Sorare tournaments are open to everyone, provide players XP, and offer prizes. Each event has a power cap requirement and offers a number of different tournaments. The power cap requirement constrains the teams that can compete in the competition. The team’s overall strength cannot exceed the power cap. By allowing new members a fair chance to flourish on the platform, this approach promotes fairness.

A user receives compensation if their team places in the top 30 percent of the competition. These benefits encourage new membership growth and maintain participants on the site. Sending footballers, basketballers, and baseballers to a specialized training league will also help them get XP. This option is helpful for those who wish to develop their players before reselling them for a profit.

Though winning tournaments is beneficial, the players depicted on Sorare cards must still perform in real life. The main factor used to determine how much Sorare cards are worth is their actual performance, which Opta classifies and tracks. All the tournaments available for the managers to enter right now are as follows:-

  • Global All-Star
  • Champion Europe
  • Global Under 23
  • Challenger Europe
  • Champion Asia
  • Special Weekly
  • Global Unique
  • Special Training

Sorare Leagues

In around four years, Sorare has been able to add 248 clubs and 43 divisions, from the Argentine División in America to the J League in Asia. Your player is willing for scoring if he participates in any league serviced by Opta’s data platform.

However, a player won’t be willing for scoring if he switches with the other league – covered one, like the Premier, to an uncovered one, like the Bundesliga. There are players who are partially eligible as well, like those from Shakhtar Donetsk, who aren’t eligible for local games but are for international ones.

Choose Your Favorite Sport at Sorare

With the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 being the most recent addition to the game, Sorare is frequently working to integrate clubs and new leagues. A lot more are anticipated to follow soon. The place is also vying for the Premier League NFT gaming rights; the highlight on this will be provided to us soon.

For the time being, Sorare has chosen to concentrate on bringing MLB, which may start during the summer of 2022, on the platform. Sorare has three main categories of leagues where one can compete with their Sorare cards to earn rewards per week. The leagues are as follows:-

The Global Structure

  • All-Star League
    Made up of 5 divisions where one can play the game using the combination of players belonging to different leagues.
  • Under 23 League
    It is also made up of 5 divisions where only players below 23 are allowed to participate.
  • The Casual League
    It is a completely free rookie league where the newcomers can practice for unlimited time by using the common cards and a few rare cards.

The Regional Structure

  • Champion Europe
    The league is made up of 5 divisions. Only the players belonging to top European Football Leagues are allowed to enter. All the leagues under this section are La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and Serie A.
  • Champion America
    5 divisions are present, and only the players belonging to the teams participating in top American Leagues are allowed to enter. All the leagues under this section are: Superliga Argentina, Peruvian Primera Division, MLS, Liga MX, Colombian Primera A, and Brasileiro Serie A.
  • Champion Asia
    Same as the other 5 divisions are there in this category, and only the players belonging to some top Asian Leagues are allowed entry. The leagues under this section are as follows: Chinese Super League, J League, and K league.
  • Challenger Europe
    There are 5 divisions, and only the players belonging to the clubs covered by Sorare other than the top 5 European Leagues are allowed to enter. The leagues covered under this section are as follows: Russian League, Belgium Pro League, Turkish SuperLiga, English Premier League, Danish SuperLiga, and Portuguese Liga.

The Mix Structure

  • Training League
    Under this league, the managers can play with any combination of cards to collect XP. One can train any player in this league for extra XP. It is a great place to use the free limited card.
  • Special Events
    The managers can play in the weekly challenges with any combination of playing cards. However, before playing in this league, they must fulfill certain eligibility criteria.

Sorare Scoring Rules (SO5)

The overall score is based on game-related performance measurements that aren’t regarded as crucial but are nevertheless important for assessing a player’s overall influence. This is broken down into general, goalkeeping/defense, possession, and attack and covers things like major opportunities dropped, shots that hit on target, shots saved, etc.

A player’s AA score has no upper limit; it may be in the negative digits or more than 100, but it cannot be higher than 100. If that still doesn’t overwhelm you, defenders can also gain extra bonus points for their defensive efforts, such as interceptions, won tackles, and net duels.

Three categories can be made out of the bonus:-

  • Double-Double (4 points): A minimum of two in each of the three pertinent categories (e.g., two interceptions, two tackles, but fewer than two net duels).
  • Triple-double (6 points): At least two from each of the three categories to earn a triple-double (6 points) (e.g., three interceptions, two tackles, three net duels).
  • Triple-Triple (12 points): A minimum of three from each of the three categories (for example, three interceptions, four tackles, and three net duels).

Various Sorare Digital Cards

Deposit and Withdrawal in Sorare

If you don’t have any ETH in your wallet, the default method of purchasing players on Sorare is by using the bank transfer method or debit/credit card. Although bank transfer is the simplest method, it could complicate things if you do not want to provide your bank details. That depends on the bank you have an account with, but there are other methods, like Ramp or Moonpay, to deposit money into your account.

However, these methods might come with extra fees. For instance, if you wired money using Ramp, you would be charged a transfer fee for the conversion of fiat currency to ETH as well as gas costs to transport ETH from Ramp to Sorare.

One can easily sell the ETH that they have received from Sorare and then withdraw the proceeds to their bank account. You will be required to pay some gas expenses while withdrawing money, just like when you deposit money. Based on the current gas prices for the Ethereum blockchain, the transaction fee varies.

The gas expenses for processing transactions rise in proportion to how busy the network is. On Etherscan, you can check how active the network is at the moment.

Sorare Pros and Cons 

Sorare is a highly rewarding fantasy football game built completely on the Ethereum blockchain. The managers, i.e., the users, can buy, sell, and trade officially licensed digital cards to earn rewards of up to thousands of dollars per week!

Like every other gaming platform Sorare also has its share of pros and cons. In this Sorare starter guide, we will discuss all the pros and cons of this fantasy football, basketball, and baseball gaming platform in detail.


  • An Equitable Allocation of Player Cards
    One of the coolest things about the platform is that users would not have to worry about the distribution of trading cards. Sorare has a fair and balanced approach to distributing the premium player cards so that no single user gets an unfair advantage over others.The platform has created a distribution system to ensure that the rarest player cards are to be worn only by playing tournaments rather than directly selling them on the market. It means all the managers would have fair chances of getting rare players’ cards.
  • A User-friendly Platform
    Sorare has a very smooth gaming algorithm to ensure that even the players with limited football knowledge would not face any troubles in finding their way around the platform.Moreover, the complete setup of Sorare is done in such a way that the players who do not have much experience in dealing with cryptocurrencies and NFTs would not be overwhelmed with this unfamiliar concept. However, there is also a help center for players so that they can solve their doubts easily.

Sorare Help Center Support

  • A Convenient Market System
    The managers playing at Sorare get easy access to the transfer market in order to purchase or sell cards. The Sorare card can be possessed by direct purchase or by participating in the auctions.It is a very straightforward process where the managers must access the marketplace to open bids on their preferred cards in order to make their favorite teams. One can also acquire the Sorare card by playing in a few tournaments and securing a victory.
  • A Solid Backup From Major Gaming Brands
    Sorare may not be an old fish in the market; however, it has garnered quite a strong backing for itself. The fantasy sports platform has backup and endorsement collaborations with top-class footballers of the world like Gerard Pique and Antoine Greizmann.If we talk about business collaborations, Sorare is backed by top brands in the sports industry like Ubisoft, Venture Capital, and Accel Venture.


  • Restrictions on Accessing Some Cards
    The managers who have just started playing the game would have to participate in numerous tournaments and leagues to garner the experience required to become eligible for the acquisition of top players’ cards.Sorare beginners would have to give a lot of time to the game in order to hone their skills; only then would they get access to these high-end Sorare cards.
  • Too High Cost
    When the players start their journey at Sorare, they face a major barrier in the form of the too high cost of some player cards in the transfer market. Some player cards have such a high cost that it becomes impossible for a player to purchase them.Sometimes it leads to disparity in the collection of cards among players as the ones who can pay for these expensive cards can get them very easily.
  • No Sorare App Yet
    One of the main cons of Sorare is that it has not launched a mobile app for the players who love playing on mobile phones.However, as per the recent announcements made by the gaming platform, the launch of the Sorare app is just around the corner, and soon the players can compete in fantasy tournaments via their mobile devices.

Tips and Strategies for Winning Sorare

Once the managers have their basics about the game cleared, they will know what to expect in the game. It will not be tough for them now to manage their teams and trade Sorare card.

Now let’s come to the main reason for playing this game, which is to make an awesome amount of money from it by winning prizes and other lucrative rewards. One of the easiest methods of accomplishing this goal is by participating in weekly tournaments where the players scores points, and on the basis of those points, one will be declared the winner.

In this Sorare tutorial, we will provide the users with some useful tips and strategies that will help them in making the right decisions.

Selection of Players for a Tournament

A prevalent practice of newcomers at Sorare is that they always try to field only those players who have the highest playing score. What they miss here is the critical factor of the strength and weaknesses of the opponent team. For instance, you are in possession of two defenders, one with a weekly average of 50 and another one of 70. In this case, what a newcomer would most probably do is that they would use the 70 one in their line up.

However, what they must do here is first inspect the opponents’ team and then place a player accordingly.

Purchase Valuable Players

Another important point ignored by the new joiners is that they buy players randomly, without checking their leagues and other competitions they belong to. This carelessness hampers one’s earnings significantly as the players can be active only when their particular league is going on. It means that the points contributed by them would be limited by their active participation in a league.

Thus, before buying a player card, the managers must thoroughly research its background.

Purchase Valuable Players at Sorare

Scouting for Potentially Rewarding Trading Cards

The best way of earning a massive amount of money at Sorare is by investing in potentially rewarding trading cards. It means one must research thoroughly about the player cards that would give huge economic benefits in the long run.

One can choose to invest in undervalued players as, at the moment, they are inactive, but on the basis of their personal achievements, one can decipher how they would perform in the future. This concept also sits well with out-of-form players if they have exceptional performances in their past.

Watchout for Injured Players

Another valuable tip from our end is that one must look out for the injured players. They must check whether the player has suffered a permanent or temporary injury. A permanently injured player is of no use in your collection, while a temporarily injured one has chances of rebounding with great performances that would ultimately help you in winning tournaments.

Always Train Your Cards

There are many players who do not train their players’ cards. It is a perfect way of increasing the effectiveness of your cards. Moreover, one can participate in the training league as much as they want, which means a manager can train multiple teams of 5 players at once!

Focus on Quality More Than Quantity

After finishing up the on-boarding process when you reach the new cards auction section, do not lose your mind and start picking players randomly. Each Sorare card has a real-world value that depends on its demand among managers, the performance of a player, and fluctuations in the price of Ethereum.

Thus, it becomes very important that better quality players who have consistently performed must be given the chance to be in the team. It will turn out to be a more beneficial investment rather than selecting numerous low-quality players. Even though it means that you would have lesser players which would lead to limited participation in tournaments, the long-range results would be far more lucrative. Higher value players’ demand increases over time and that would get you a better return on investment.

Make a Budget Plan

Generally, what happens is that when players start their journey at Sorare they find themselves at a position where it seems impossible to stop themselves from spending too much money on the game. A tried and tested strategy in such a case is to divide your initial deposit into multiple parts and spend each section as per the requirement of a position while keeping flexibility in transferring funds from one section to another to grab better deals.

Become a Sorare Affiliate to Win Huge Commission

Sorare Roadmap 

Date-wise roadmap of Sorare

  • December 1, 2018: Sorare was founded by Nicholas Julia.
  • May 18, 2019: Sorare gets pre-seed funding before the launch of its fantasy football game.
  • February 20, 2020: Juventus joins Sorare’s Blockchain Fantasy Football
  • December 3, 2019: Atletico Madrid collaborated with Sorare along with other European teams.
  • May 21, 2020: Maradona joins Sorare
  • June 18, 2020: South Korean K league comes on board
  • December 18, 2020: Gerard Pique invests in Sorare and takes up the role of strategic advisor
  • September 9, 2021: Laliga League comes onboard
  • October 6, 2021: Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 joined Sorare to become part of the Global NFT fantasy game
  • June 24, 2022: Bernd Schuster, the german legend comes on board

Upcoming Endeavors

  • MLB to launch a new NFT game with Sorare
  • A downloadable mobile app of Sorare for IOS and Android customers

Sorare Review: Conclusion

Summing up the Sorare Review, we must say that playing at the platform is pure fun. The managers would have a great time purchasing the players and playing in the tournaments of their choice. Football, Basketball, and Baseball enthusiasts get to be a part of a global community where they can buy, sell or trade cards with other managers. Sorare is also a great option for the ones who are looking to make an investment in Ethereum along with having fun in the process.

The NFT-based player cards are no less than collectibles that could offer the players massive returns in the future. There is a high growth scope at Sorare as a manager. The platform has outdone itself by bringing the element of scarcity to players’ cards. Another distinguishing feature of Sorare is that it allows the football zealots to utilize their idle knowledge to make a huge amount of money!

The platform maintains complete transparency when it comes to the points system. Any manager can hit the maximum point level by using the appropriate strategy. No manipulation of the points system can be found at Sorare. The players just starting with the fantasy gaming platform are advised to use a referral link to sign up, as it will get them a generous bonus reward in the form of a card. So, what are you waiting for? Just sign up on Sorare and be the manager of your own team!


Is Sorare Legal?

Yes, Sorare is completely legal, as evident by its collaboration with behemoths of the gaming industry. Moreover, the platform has partnered with more than 248 clubs to date and has maintained an impeccable record of its operations.

How Much Money is Required to Start Sorare?

There is no monetary limit on how much money one should invest during their starting journey with Sorare. However, it is advisable that you start with at least $1000 as it will help you in creating a good enough initial squad to win tournaments.

What Are the Types of Cards Offered by Sorare?

Sorare offers four types of cards based on rarity and scarcity. All four cards are Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique.

Is It Free to Play Sorare?

Yes, playing at Sorare is completely free. One does not have to pay any charges to enter a tournament and start playing. However, the creation of a team would require the managers to make investments.

How to Buy Sorare Cards?

One can buy new Sorare cards by outbidding other managers at the auction in a transfer market. One can also buy other managers’ cards. If the other managers do not want to sell, one can trade with them.

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