Thetan Arena Review 2024: MOBA Play to Earn NFT Game

The craze for investing money in NFT games and crypto games is bubbling like no other time. Blockchain Technology has introduced a revolution in the marketplace, giving the highest level of security to crypto players over other players. The Thetan Arena is a distinguished multiplayer online battle arena that features outstanding game mechanics and different game modes. Killing enemies on Thetan Arena is not the only good thing. You also get to buy heroes, earn match points and play team matches on Thetan Arena.

Through this Thetan Arena Review, you will have answers to some of the basic enquiries like how do you play Thetan Arena? Can you make money in Thetan Arena? How to cash out in Thetan Arena? Can you earn in Thetan Arena Without paying? Apart from clearing your doubts on these fundamental questions, you will also get to know Thetan Arena hacks, tips, and tricks in playing Thetan Arena, Thetan Arena master game tutorial, and more.

Now, with this review of Thetan Arena, you do not have to brain-wrack on simple questions like how do I claim money from Thetan Arena? How do I get better at Thetan Arena? Thus go through the Thetan Arena Full Game review and start honing your Blockchain gaming skills.

Thetan Arena Summary

Official Website
Stage Release / Beta / Early Access / Alpha
Genre MOBA
Platform PC / Android / iOS
Blockchain BNB Chain
Reward Battle Rewards
Free/Paid Both
Token Thetan Coin (THC) and Thetan Gem (THG)

What Is Thetan Arena?

Before going into this Thetan Arena beginners guide, and review, you should know a little bit about the platform. KardiaChan and Wolffun games have poured their expertise into building the Thetan Arena Marketplace. It would not be right if this Thetan Arena Starter Guide does not mention that it is a MOBA. In the game market, MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, and Thetan Arena’s gift boxes, new heroes, power points, and MOBA games are all phenomenal.

Thetan Arena Game User Interface

Once you have established your Thetan Arena account, then you are free to play, and the various game modes pull the all-age-friendly aspect to your fingertips. In the gameplay, you can sharpen a particular skill and join either of the two teams. Thetan Arena offers you no card-based or trading, making it one of a kind and interesting compared to other mobile crypto games. Remember that Thetan Arena takes cryptos in game currency. The user-friendly and secured platform is built on Binance Smart Chain. The cherry on top lies in the fact that Thetan Arena has its own currency called the Thetan Coin (THC).

In an NFT hero contents, Thetan Arena, cryptocurrencies, or THC can be used to purchase heroes. These NFT heroes carry finesse on their shoulders, and their designs are unique in the Thetan Arena Marketplace. You can custom battle, trade heroes, and play matches on your own terms. This is a multiplayer-based game where you can play to earn money.

The heroes fall under three categories—Raidon, Cluster, and Breaker. They are classified as Assassins, Marksman, and Tank, respectively. Trading heroes on daily gTHC battles and seizing the day with your playing style will boost your confidence.

The inclusion of trophy class, bullet storm, battle royal, battery spawns, and MetaMask wallet has increased the game’s economy of Thetan Arena heroes. On the website, you will also find Thetan Arena game strategy, Thetan Arena tips and tricks, Thetan Arena gameplay guide, and more to improve your play. Collect as many elimination points as you can to be the last man standing.

Thetan Arena Gaming Zone

Features of Thetan Arena

  • Wolffun Games Heroes Strike has been the inspiration behind the MOBA game platform. Players can battle Royale Solo or avenge in teams. The Thertan Arena playing tips always come in handy for beginners in the marketplace.
  • The rewards are the best as after winning a game, and the players are rewarded with THC and THG. The Thetan Arena’s heroes propel you to earn gTHC, and the last man standing, or the team wins the game and secures THC and THG. Any Thetan Arena Game feature review will confirm the diverse rarity and skin type the heroes are classified into.
  • The various game modes will never bore you, and a free hero is only one click away. On the MOBA game website, you get free heroes in the game shop, and you can avail them from your game account. The free heroes, premium heroes, tank heroes, and evolved heroes have a different rarity and skin rarity to choose from.
  • The MOBA games are also designed so that you can play to earn money. The blockchain-based game offers you access to many exclusive features from your new game account like siege robot, point stars, enemy’s tower/ opponent’s tower, attack speed, Thetan Boxes, Superstar, Deathmatch, premium heroes, and more.

Thetan Arena Gameplay

Thetan is a new and exciting competitive esport that has taken the gaming world by storm as per our research and Thetan Arena review. If you’re looking for a fast-paced and intense esport to Master, Thetan is definitely the one for you. In Thetan, 2 teams of players battle it out in a circular area, with the objective being to score points by capturing and holding three control points. Thetan is a highly strategic play that requires teamwork, quick thinking, and reflexes. If you’re looking to get into the competitive scene, then play Thetan Arena it can be a great platform to start with.

Thetan Arena Gameplay


Heroes are the characters/avatars that you can have to use to play a game on Thetan Arena. Examples are Lucy, Velvet, Taekwon, Veinka, Raidon, Big Papa, Steelshot, Mortal, Kongkey, Durass, Breaker, Mary, Cluster, and more. Play Thetan Arena games and you will earn the NFT items such as Heroes.

To sustain the ‘Play to Earn’ type, you can sell those NFT items at the Thetan marketplace. From the far corners of the cosmos, they come to test their mettle against one another in the ultimate proving ground. Regardless of their origins, all heroes share one common goal: to be the best. And there is no greater challenge than Thetan Arena. Here, the stakes are high, and the competition is fierce. But that’s what makes it so exciting!

Thetan Arena Heroes

Types of Heroes

Tank: It is the duty of tank heroes to take up positions in front of the enemy and shield their comrades from harm. Examples: Veinka, Errant Ghost, Breaker, Lucy Muffy, Meiko, Kongkey, etc.

Basic Attributes:-

  1. Health Point: High
  2. Speed: Slow
  3. Attack Damage: Normal

Thetan Arena Tank Heroes

Assassin: Assassins are dangerous assassins who can enter a fight, dispatch their victim in a single combination, and then slip away undetected. Example: Serp, Raidon, Rei, El Dragon, Mortal, Velvet, Taekwon, Mary, and Durass.

Basic Attributes:-

  1. Health Point: Low
  2. Speed: High
  3. Attack Damage: High

Thetan Arena Assassin Heroes

Marksman: The majority of the damage is dealt with by Marksman, who also keeps the DPS level constant throughout the battle. Examples: Cluster, Steelshot, Morrod, Destroid, Shanna, Benjamin, Phoenix, Culien, BigPapa, and Bathos.

Basic Attributes:-

  1. Health Point: Normal
  2. Attack Damage: High
  3. Speed: Normal

Thetan Arena Marksman Heroes

Hero Level

In Thetan Arena, there are two types of Level attributes: Hero Level and In-game Hero Level. Hero Level describes the fundamental characteristics of characters at that level before entering the playground. Heroes’ base characteristics will be at the In-Game Level 1 when they enter the battle. Players can rank up their heroes from Level One to Level Ten during the game. The characteristics of the in-game heroes will develop in line with their duties.


A hero’s base rarity and the rarity level of its skin both have a role in determining how rare they are. Higher rarity heroes have more distinct play styles, skills, and chances to get bonuses as combat prizes.

  • Common Hero
  • Epic Hero
  • Legendary Hero

Heroes gTHC Battles

Depending on the uniqueness of the heroes and skins, heroes participate in various gTHC battles and daily gTHC battles. Thetan Arena is the ultimate gTHC battleground! There, heroes from all over the multiverse come to test their might against one another in the ultimate battle of good versus evil! No matter who you are or your gTHC level, Thetan Arena is the place to be if you want to prove yourself as a true hero! So come on down and join the fun! Who knows, you might even come out on top!

Heroes Upgrading

Owners gain a lot by upgrading their heroes, including more strength and access to gTHC battles.

Benefits of upgrading heroes:-

  • Hero stats are boosted by 1.5 percent at every level.
  • Win bonus and gTHC Battles should be increased, as per the following table.

Thetan Arena Heroes Upgrading Levels


Players are required to choose two skills, in addition to a hero, before entering the battlefield. Each talent falls under a separate category of skill sets, necessitating players to utilize them more carefully while making judgments. It’s important to remember that each one has its own purpose and should be used accordingly. For example, a player with high damage output may be able to take down enemies quickly.

It’s important to weigh each skill carefully and determine which will be most beneficial for your play style. Based on their primary characteristics, skills are split into three separate skill sets. Additionally, every skill set is broken down into three categories of rarity: rare, default, and mythical. The following are the three skill sets.

  • Effect Skill
  • Damage Skill
  • Support Skill

Battle Royale

The more we talk about this game mode, the less it is. In the battle Royale game mode, you can go solo or duo. There will be twelve players that join you in the playing ground, and the duration of the game will be only four minutes. According to this Thetan Arena Beginners Guide, while the clock ticks, you have to destroy the supply Thetan boxes, and accordingly, you will get bonus points.

Thetan Arena Battle Royale Game Mode

Tower Siege

Tower Siege, among other game modes, has a fair share of fans. Players in this great mode are split into two teams. Their objective is to topple the opponent’s tower. Battery-type goods must be gathered by players to summon the Siege Robot. Only when the Siege Robot approaches the tower can it be harmed. When either tower is demolished, the game is over.

The team with the Tower with the most health will win if the timer expires without either tower being demolished. The game mode Tower Siege has eight players in the battleground while only five minutes are given.

Thetan Arena Tower Siege Game Mode

Super Star

The principle of this game mode is simple. A team that gathers Point Stars from the Super star receives match points. The winning side will be the one with the most match points. A team will be declared the winner right away if it has more match points than its opponent by more than 50.

There will be eight players, including you, in the battleground, and the time limit will be only four minutes. When you play, the Superstar should be your main attraction, and collecting point stars should be a focus.

Thetan Arena Super Star Game Mode


All players’ primary goal in this game is to eliminate as many opponents as they can. The winner is the one with the highest elimination points at the end of the game. When you play, remember to spare no one in the Deathmatch and collect as many points as you can.

If a player has more than twenty-five elimination points, then the game will be over, and he/she will be declared the winner. The time limitation gets stricter than the above-mentioned modes. Players will get only three minutes, and eight members will be in the battleground.

Thetan Arena Deathmatch Game Mode

Custom Battle

The actual fun begins when the platform gives you the power to customize your own battles. The host has complete freedom to select any choice from the various battle types, maps, and player count options. You can invite as many players as you want and also have the freedom to choose the time limitation.

Thetan Arena Custom Battle

Battle Reward

It is a highly competitive environment where players can test their skills against some of the best players in the game. The battle rewards are designed to be very attractive, and they can be a great way to earn some extra income. There are a few different types of battle rewards available in Thetan. The most common type is the gTHC rewards, which are given to the player who achieves the most kills in a match. gTHC rewards can be used to purchase items from the shop, or they can be cashed out for real-world money.

Another type of Battle Reward is the token award. Token awards are given to players who place in the top three of a match. These tokens can be used to purchase items from the shop, or they can be exchanged for real-world money. The last type of battle reward is the prize award. Prize awards are given to the player who comes in first place in a match. Prize awards can be used to purchase items from the shop, or they can be cashed out for real-world money.

Special Events

Thetan not only offers a variety of gaming styles but it also frequently conducts unique competitive events that provide a wide range of awards.

  • Campaign (PvE)
  • Collection (PvE) (PvP)
  • Leaderboard Competition
  • War (PvP)


Since the release of the initial iteration, Thetan has pioneered the free-to-play model. We believe that the requirement that participants spend a particular sum of money to participate in the game is irrational and discourages many conventional players from participating in NFT games. The greater the combat in an esport competition, the more participants there are. Future Thetan growth is constrained by Pay to Play. Because of this, we choose to create a free-to-play game where users don’t need to make any investments.

  • Free to Play
  • Play to Earn
  • Free to Earn


To motivate users to engage in ecosystem activities, $THG and $THC are employed as financial incentives. The two basic objectives of the mechanisms mentioned above are:

  1. To create a personal circulating economy by rewarding players for engaging with Thetan and encouraging them to use tokens for transactions.
  2. To decentralize the control over and management of Thetan.

The following are the tokenomics on the platform:- 

  • Thetan Gem (THG): The game play allows players to earn $THC. You can add coins to your wallet once you acquire them.
  • Thetan Box: Users may purchase Thetan boxes on the Marketplace from Thetan. Depending on the type of Thetan Box you select, purchasing one will cost you either THG or THC. The THG component is a variable that may change depending on a variety of economic conditions.
  • Thetan Coin (THC): The decentralized trade between players on Thetan will be conducted using the functional utility token $THG.

Thetan Arena Thetan Gem Token Use Cases

Hero Rental

  • What Is Hero Rental? How Does It Work?
    Hero Rental is an option that enables Thetanians to rent and play their preferred heroes easily. Thetan hopes that this feature will provide all gamers with a more varied gameplay experience and the opportunity to experiment with the heroes before purchasing them. Owners can list their heroes for rent on the market in Hero Rental.
  • Rent Time Calculation 
    Rent time = battles for rent / daily gTHC battle limit * rarity adjustmentHeros that have been rented will be returned to their proper owners when:-
    • Renters exhaust every rent-related conflict.
    • Rent term expires

Thetan Arena Hero Rental - Rent & Play Your Prefered Heroes

Thetan Arena Roadmap

Before you can take your gameplay or battles to the Moon phase, there are five phases. The Guild Wars and Guild Quest components from the previous plan will be included in the new roadmap’s guild system. The third phase will see the introduction of a Social System, a Streaming System, and more Minigames. Phase 4 will herald the beginning of the Thetan World by introducing Avatar Pet and Avatar Hero.

Thetan Arena Roadmap

Final Verdict

This Thetan Arena Beginners Guide gives you a detailed glimpse into the esports platform describing play-to-earn economics, metamask wallet, marketplace, game modes, mobile games, and many more subjects. When you play at the website, the advantages of Blockchain Technology automatically tag along. If you are a crypto or NFT enthusiast, then indulge yourself in this pool of wonderful gaming interfaces. The game mechanics are best according to industry standards, and you get to start playing for free. Once the play starts, use your gaming strategies of MOBA games and improve your attack speed.


Is Thetan Arena Legitimate?


Any Thetan Arena Blockchain Game review, Thetan Arena Game Guide, Thetan Arena Crypto Game review, Thetan Arena game tutorial, or Thetan Arena Gameplay Review will confidently speak about the positive legitimacy of the website. The transactions and in game currency THC are safe and secured. However, make sure that you are informed about the concept of NFTs and cryptocurrency before you connect your wallet.

Can I Play the Games for Free?

Yeah, you are free to play on the game platform. In addition, you can invite a few others to place on the team. Blockchain Technology vows to keep your play and trade safe and anonymous from any third party. Thetan Arena’s free-to-play option has been a fan favorite. Thus connect your metamask wallet to your Thetan account and start earning with free heroes. If you are loyal to the platform, then the reaching of premium heroes won’t be far away.

How Many Types of Heroes are There?

There are three types of heroes on the site. For you and other players, the categories of heroes are the same. They are Tank, Assassin, and Marksman. In this Thetan Arena game review, you will find the definitions and basic attributes of the hero types.

How to Earn Money by Playing on the Website?

In a game using free heroes to play and climb the ladder to win premium heroes.

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