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Here is a quick vEmpire: The Beginning game guide for our online trading card gamers. Everything you need to know about this play-to-earn trading card game: vEmpire, will be covered in this play-to-earn vEmpire: The Beginning game review.

Overview of vEmpire: The Beginning

The game is a two-players trading card game based on the myths of the two sons, (twin brothers) Romulus and Remus from the world of Roman mythology. The goal of vEmpire is to decentralize the cryptocurrency industry completely. If you have already played deckbuilding games, you will quickly notice the difference.

Here, we’ve provided a brief guide on how to play vEmpire: The Beginning, an online trading card game in its Play-to-Earn format. Depending on the network you choose to play on, you will need a Metamask wallet, VEMP, and some ETH or BNB in your wallet to play.

vEmpire: The Beginning Game Summary

Official Website
Stage Live
Genre trading card game
Devices Web
Blockchain Ethereum & Binance
Reward Incentives
Free/Paid Free & Paid
Token $VEMP

vEmpire DDAO is the biggest decentralized Metaverse investing company. They are the first application in the world to pay dividends in both VEMP and the original staked token, allowing investors to earn interest on their Metaverse cryptocurrency holdings. In addition to operating in the GameFi and NFT sectors, vEmpire DDAO also develops new Metaverse and GameFi projects.

vEmpire: The Beginning Game Interface

How to Play vEmpire: The Beginning Game?

Before you begin, you will need your MetaMask wallet, VEMP, and either BNB or ETH. As soon as you sign up for vEmpire: The Beginning playing tips, a decision must be made. Which of the two armies of the brothers will you join? The following choice is made when you choose which faction to join. It would be best if you choose how much VEMP you will invest in the conflict. What will be your risk factor?

The game offers three options: 10%, 25%, and 50%. You and your rival must agree on the same level of risk for both players. Each player is randomly assigned 15 cards from their deck before entering the battle arena, with the remaining cards being sent to the player’s battle deck.

You must win two out of the three rounds in each game. You must make a plan and pick your cards carefully. Only play some of your best cards in the opening round. Which player gets to start the game is determined by the flip of a virtual coin. The game begins once the winner plays the opening card. After that, the round continues until both players decide to end it or run out of cards.

Keep in mind that used cards are eliminated from play. You have three rounds to play with the 25 cards in your deck. There are, however, cards that stop cards from being removed from play!

Winning the Game

It is a best-of-three-rounds format for the game. After each round, the player with the highest overall strength is declared the winner. However, even if you decide to halt a round, your adversary can continue playing cards. The game is over when one player can no longer play a card or when both players agree to terminate it. The game’s boss characters, which are present on the other side and will reappear throughout a round to distract you and slow you down, are the game’s main challenge. Ensure you apply good tricks from the vEmpire: The Beginning game strategy to mash your opponent.

vEmpire: The Beginning Game Rounds

Boost Cards With Founding Soldiers NFTs

Due to how swiftly they are evolving, many blockchain-based games have chosen to incorporate trading card games into their gameplay. Players can strategically depict their actions on a card from their deck when playing the NFT card game. If you want an advantage in battle, Founding Soldiers NFTs can be a smart choice. If you have the NFT version of a card in your wallet, it will take the place of the in-game cards.

Each common, special, and unique NFT offers a strength improvement of +1, +2, or +3. On OpenSea, you can locate the NFT collection of Founding Soldiers. If you wish to have an advantage in the battle arena of the game vEmpire from the beginning, strengthen your cards with Founding Soldiers Non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

vEmpire: The Beginning Game NFTs


You may need to look at Founding Troopers NFTs if you want to receive a bonus in the battle environment. In-game cards will be replaced by their NFT counterparts if you keep the NFT version of the card in the same pockets that you’re using to play. Every NFT counterpart receives a power boost of +1, +2, and +3 for common, uncommon, and distinctive NFTs.

Romulus Troops

Romulus and Remus, two rival groups, make up vEmpire. Romulus is a capable leader who earns admiration by showing leadership and making promises of wealth and power. His major forces in vEmpire: The Beginning game tutorial are barbarians, light infantry, and archers.

Remus Troops

Remus, on the other hand, is cunning and devious, employing dubious strategies to his benefit. His major forces include villagers, auxiliary soldiers, and slingers.

vEmpire Tokenomics

VEMP Tokens

The VEMP token is essential to the protocol. As we have already mentioned in our vEmpire: The Beginning blockchain game review, this is the native token of the Empire and is utilized as payment to the vEmpire DDAO, liquidity providers, stakers, and winners of trading card battles.

vEmpire Tokenomics

xVEMP – Governance Token

Owners of VEMP tokens can stake them for xVEMP, which grants them incentives and voting privileges in the DDAO and gives them authority over the Empire’s invasion, victory, and growth. The value of xVEMP will increase when rewards are gathered upon unstaking from the DDAO as revenues from conflicts and monetized land are awarded to the DDAO (xVEMP holders).

xsVEMP – Battle Token

For soldiers to train and engage in combat, xVEMP is distributed into pools that, in effect, burn a portion of the tokens and award them to the victorious combatants. People are free to take on as much risk as they like because the pools will vary in the number of burns.

Metaverse Tokens

For transactions within that specific setting, metaverse tokens are employed. The Empire’s mission is to remind decentralized entities across the blockchain universe of their commitment to their users and communities.

Tips and Tricks in Playing vEmpire: The Beginning

vEmpire is very straightforward and has quick gameplay. To play vEmpire: The Beginning, you must link your MetaWallet to Metaverse. Install the Metaverse first if it isn’t already installed. The first important consideration while selecting cards is to ensure that you select cards with excellent strength to earn good points. Or that you can read the card’s description to choose cards wisely. Because the remaining cards from the previous rounds are used for each round, it’s crucial to avoid using all your best cards at once. A how-to-play details page for novices will show players how to play the game better.

Play vEmpire: The Beginning Game & Earn Rewards!


Is vEmpire: The Beginning Legal?

This two-player, blockchain-based, play-to-earn trading card game is completely legal and secure for every player.

Is vEmpire: The Beginning Game Free to Play?


Yes, you have the option to play on this blockchain gaming site for free or with $VEMP.

How to Earn Money by Playing vEmpire: The Beginning?

In addition to staking and selling the assets, users can also profit by playing games with the VEMP gaming token from the Empire or by resolving the NFT problem. Depending on the game and the token’s value, you can receive 10% to 20% of your staked tokens annually.

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