Worldwide Webb Review 2024: Ultimate Guide to Pixel MMORPG!

What is Worldwide Webb?

Worldwide Webb is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) metaverse game created by Thomas Webb that uses NFTs for in-game avatars, lands, pets, items, and even quests. However, Worldwide Webb is highly inspired by ‘Ready Player One’ and its team rapidly pushing the open alpha version while the entire digital world and all the games are being developed. However, read our Worldwide Webb review further and know about one of the most popular metaverse games in detail.

The company has partnered with two elites to add to the experience, namely the Mooncats, and CrypToadz. The characters from these worlds, such as cool cats, can also fight the avatars created by players worldwide.

Things that make the Worldwide Webb metaverse game special are:-

  • You can play as your favorite pixel art NFT! Punks, Kongz, Apes, and more!
  • You can use your favorite MoonCats & CrypToadz as battling pets!
  • Worldwide Webb is driven to integrate & collaborate with as many NFT projects as possible.

Worldwide Webb User Interface

How Does Worldwide Webb Work?

At its core, Worldwide Webb is an MMORPG metaverse game in which the players can create their worlds, mine NFTs, fight other players and develop characters. Powered by new technologies and popular NFT projects, the items in the game can also be traded, and the players can manage their trading volume.

Once the players start getting small apartments, they can be used to create and mine NFTs as the Worldwide Webb has a build-first mentality intertwined in its architecture. The users can also earn NFT items by completing quests that are being released every week. For the bored ape, the game’s ultimate goal is to find the keys to the Worldwide Webb first.

This meta-game on ethereum stands out from most other online worlds that take a 3D approach to the NFT projects. At the same time, the team behind Worldwide Webb aims to master the 2D genre that undeniably ties into a nostalgic approach of the arcade games, now being connected with cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Worldwide Webb Summary

Official Website
Stage Alpha
Genre Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG)
Platform Pixel Metaverse
Blockchain Ethereum
Reward Own lands, mine NFTs, trade NFTs for characters/ avatars
Free/Paid Free
Token Webbcoin Token

Complete Gameplay of Worldwide Webb

Worldwide Webb, one of the best blockchain-based games is readily available for users to access. It is a browser-based game, which means that you simply need to visit the official website of the project, create an account via Email or play as a guest or play with wallets. There is no need to download anything, and the sign-up process is quick, taking only a few moments as per our review of Worldwide Webb. The game can be enjoyed on both desktop and mobile devices. Changing accounts is a straightforward process as well – you can simply log out and log in again using different MetaMask wallets.

Although Worldwide Webb can be played for free, its main appeal lies in its integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). To participate in the game does not require owning NFTs, but they do play a crucial role in the game’s social aspect. If you have a passion for NFTs & wish to showcase your collection, you can transfer them to the MetaMask wallet linked to Worldwide Webb.

Additionally, if you thoroughly enjoy the platform, you may consider purchasing land plots and items within Worldwide Webb, which are currently available on OpenSea.

Below are the game aspects which you need to know before exploring Worldwide Webb:-


Avatars are among the most important and engaging aspects of the Worldwide Webb. Players can use a profile picture & avatar NFTs from any pixel art project on OpenSea. There are 3 types of avatars available:-

  • External NFT avatars such as CryptoPunks, CyberKongz, and Nouns.
  • Native Avatars – The in-game avatars you are assigned when playing without an NFT avatar.
  • Worldwide WEBB NFT AvatarsCryptoWeebs, unique animated avatars.

Worldwide Webb Avatars


The metaverse game is also to be integrated with NFT projects for pets, giving them higher utility than ever. All game players can view one’s pets as they follow the avatar and can be trained to up their life abilities. Integrating pet projects with the metaverse game and land would also bring value to collecting pet NFTs in the game.


Items or character add-ons are also a part of the community and can be bought through tokens. These items, such as backpacks, helmets, etc., add dynamics to the avatar and bring one’s identity to the community through the character collection.


The land is the digital equivalent of online spaces owned by the NFT holders and can be used to create further in-game NFTs. The land in this metaverse game can be used for various purposes, including creating quests within the land, displaying NFTs, avatars, pets, and trophies, hosting social spaces, making key decisions in the metaverse, mint NFTs, etc. The players also have the option to mint land within the game instead of buying the plot at floor price upon release.

Worldwide Webb Land

Genesis Land Mint 

There are 4 types of land:-

  1. Small Apartment – Supply 5000, price is 0.069 ETH
  2. Medium Apartment – Supply 3000, price 0.12 ETH
  3. Large Apartment – Supply 1000, price 0.24 ETH
  4. Penthouse – Supply 69, price 1 ETH

The Genesis Plot NFTs offer exclusive access to private apartments & buildings within Worldwide Webb. By owning these NFTs, players can personalize their homes, exhibit their favorite NFTs, showcase their art for potential buyers, and invite friends to visit.

Types of mintable land are Apartments + Zones, Businesses, and Advertising space.

    • Apartments + Zones

Apartments are the main unit of mintable land inside Worldwide Webb, which represent your space in the metaverse. Where you can show your NFTs, items, and invite your friends too. However there are several zones and they are: The Grid, Eth River, Token Valley, and many unannounced zones.

Worldwide Webb Apartments + Zones

    • Businesses

Businesses will have a significant role in Worldwide Webb where landmarks that are used for in-game utility & economy should be decentralized. And as a result, businesses is mintable & their NFT will give the holder control over how that business operates inside the Metaverse. Some examples of businesses are: Nightclubs, Stores, Bars, & more.

    • Advertising Space

In Worldwide Webb, advertising is decentralized. Ad space is located worldwide and mintable as an NFT where the ad space holder can upload any image or text on to the space and it will be moderated & any NSFW content will be removed. Although advertising space can be created with the in-game editor.


Upon the full release of the game to the public, the developers plan to include regular drops in the game, which players can collect to get exclusive rewards and perks or special avatars for their collection. Once the users sign up, collecting drops would be fairly easy and based upon simple tasks or regular visits to the sandbox.

Host Events 

As mentioned above, the land owners in the game can host events and use their plots as social spaces for the project community. Interested users can visit the game’s whitepaper for a brief explanation of the Worldwide Webb beginners guide.

Play Worldwide Webb for Free & Earn Rewards

Worldwide Webb Full Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The Worldwide Webb is one of the few MMORPGs that are free to play.  To get the most out of the game, players would have to buy plots through ETH.
Individuals can play games and earn money in the Worldwide Webb metaverse.  Several game features aren’t live and are still in development, along with a Worldwide Webb game guide.
As mentioned previously in this Worldwide Webb crypto game review, the game is 2D, making it more responsive and accessible without additional software.  No conclusive Worldwide Webb game strategy can be a device through Worldwide Webb tips and tricks until the developmental stage is over and the platform goes live.


While this Worldwide Webb gameplay review has shed light on several key elements of the game, the verdict is out till the development is done. Interested individuals can join the open alpha release of the game and add to the creation of the universe. Through the help of social media handles and discord servers, the team is open to feedback for making a Worldwide Webb guide. Online players looking for a free-to-play game with huge potential ought to try Worldwide Webb.


Is Worldwide Webb Legit?

Worldwide Webb has only released an alpha version that comes with a huge promise, while the platform appears to be legit at this time.

Can Worldwide Webb Be Played Free?

Yes, the Worldwide Webb can be played for free.

Is Worldwide Webb Trustworthy?

Worldwide Webb has made waves in the industry by partnering with some elites, which adds to its credibility.

How Does Worldwide Webb Work?

Worldwide Webb is an MMORPG game where players can complete quests, participate in additional games, and mint/create NFTs by owning plots in the metaverse of the game.

Do Worldwide Webb Also Collaborate with Non-PFP Artists?

Yes, but you also need to have a fanbase within their community.

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