ZED RUN Review: Complete Guide on Its Gameplay!

ZED RUN, developed by the well-known blockchain-based startup Virtually Human Studio (VHS) in January 2019, was one of the initial NFT projects that allowed users to purchase, breed, and compete with their digital racehorses, making them stable owners. The studio, VHS, is accountable for creating and sustaining the key components needed for gameplay, such as the digital racehorse population, races, unique events, and competitions. It also provides new features for community members to enhance their experience.

ZED RUN’s objective is to own and race digital horses to earn money (and have fun). ZED RUN review says that in the blockchain-based game ZED RUN, a horse is represented by Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Every horse has distinctive qualities, so that you might get a champion stallion, or your horse is better suited to being a stud.

ZED RUN User Interface

What is ZED RUN, and Why is it a Massive Hit?

ZED RUN beginner guide discloses that playing ZED RUN is full of fun, safe, and secure experience. As ZED is a blockchain-based digital horse racing game, smart contracts hold all information regarding the best horses, stamina, race results, and ownership information. Matic network, a top layer-2 Ethereum solution, guarantees a flawless user experience.

ZED RUN: Digital horse racing review explain that ZED RUN NFTs are a good investment since they offer free horse races with prize pools, gasless transactions, a wide range of futuristic possibilities, blockbuster winnings, and a platform for creating your rich legacy by minting/breeding champion or uncommon ZED RUN horses.

ZED RUN Summary

Official Website https://zed.run/
Stage BETA
Devices WEB
Blockchain Ethereum & Polygon
Reward Yes
Free/Paid Both
Token NFTs

ZED RUN Game Basics

Like any other Blockchain games, in ZED RUN, players can create their own stable of virtual racehorses through purchasing, breeding, and racing them. The objective is to establish a renowned legacy by having a stable filled with exceptional and victorious racehorses. The more you engage in breeding and racing, the more your legacy grows. Once you have at least one racehorse in your stable, you have the potential to earn revenue by selling, breeding, or racing them.

How to Create Your Stable in ZED RUN?

According to the ZED RUN starter guide, creating a ZED RUN account, often known as a stable, is the first step in getting a horse. Although you can sign up with your email, using a MetaMask wallet is recommended, and you can book races hours. OpenSea and other NFT markets frequently employ the Ethereum cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask.

ZED RUN Wallet

Your newest companion, the ZED RUN wallet, enables you to enter any race, breed, and purchase ZED RUN horses at breakneck speeds without paying gas fees or transaction costs.

ZED RUN wallet offers two major advantages:-

  • 10x faster transaction speeds and load times, and
  • no transaction or gas fees while running.

The Polygon Network, a decentralized platform that offers quicker and gas-free transactions with the security and safety of the blockchain, as well as significantly enhancing the user experience on ZED RUN, powers the ZED RUN wallet.

Buying and Selling

ZED RUN horse buying guide says that the stable owners of every ZED horse can be found on OpenSea and Hawku. You can instantly buy horses advertised by stable owners and marked with the phrase “Buy Now”. You may buy horses from the exclusive ZED Genesis drops. OpenSea offers horses for sale on the secondary market as well. Based on their base ratings, horses sold are entered into a certain racing class. Class 1 is rated the top, and Class 5 is rated the lowest in this school.

Explore 100K+ Racehorses at ZED RUN


The ZED RUN guide explains the breeding process and its importance. Breeding is a central aspect of the ZED RUN ecosystem, where players can create new offspring by pairing two racehorses. To breed racehorses in ZED RUN, the player must be a stable owner, possess a male (colt or stallion) or female (filly or mare) racehorse, and have enough WETH in their ZED RUN Wallet. Breeding demands strategic skills to develop a formidable stable.

Breeding at ZED RUN

Importance of Genesis Racehorses

As per several ZED RUN reviews and our research, owning a Genesis racehorse differs from owning non-Genesis horses in some ways. Genesis racehorses will never experience Breeding Decay, making them an important part of the ZED RUN ecology. In the future, additional benefits and incentives might be offered to owners of Genesis racehorses. The Genesis racehorses will be limited to 38,000, ranging in genotype from Z1 to Z10. The only breed types that can produce legendary racehorses are Genesis racehorses.

Choose Your Breeding Goal

A stable full of racehorses can be produced by mating two racehorses, producing a fresh foal to race and produce. However, there are numerous advantages to having children, including the following:

  • Breeding a champion racehorse,
  • Producing more one-of-a-kind NFTs for collectors,
  • Developing a “Super Coat,”
  • Realizing a profit,
  • Leaving a lasting legacy, and adding value.

Champion Racehorse

If breeding champion racehorses is your aim, you should research every piece of data you can find about the racehorses you intend to breed with, including-

  • A record of success on the racecourse
  • Ancestry or offspring performance

Each child is born with a unique profile (bloodline, genotype, breed type, coat color) and various skills and characteristics inherited from its ancestors.

Unique NFT

ZED RUN Crypto Horse Racing Guide says it functions on NFT-a unique platform representing virtual horses.

Super Coat

When a child is born with the same coat color as its mother and father, it is known as a “super coat”. Producing it is challenging, and Super Coat racehorses are quite uncommon. The likelihood of breeding an incredibly uncommon racehorse with a Super Coat.

ZED RUN Live Horse Racing

Earn a Real Return

Another option for you to produce a big return is through breeding. If a horse performs, it will be in high demand for breeding if they are super rare, have a proven winning track record, or other factors that make them highly sought for. Remember that you can charge a higher breeding price at the studfarm if your bloodline is more valuable.

Creating Legacy

Owning a racehorse that breeds a champion on the racetrack establishes your legacy and boosts demand for your horse when it is put in a Stud Farm. Tracking all its offspring also enhances the value of your racehorse.

ZED RUN Breeding Guide: How to Breed Your Racehorse(s)?

Step 1: Log in to Your Stable

The methods listed below should help you log in to your stable:-

  • After entering ZED RUN, select the Login button with a green outline.
  • Three choices are provided after you click “Login”.
  • Log in using Magic Link, MetaMask, or Social (email).

Step 2: Select Your Racehorse

There are two methods for beginning reproduction:-

  • Placing your male horse—either colts or stallions—directly into the StudFarm from your stable.
  • Looking around the stud farm for a racehorse to breed with your female horse- filly or mare—your choice.

Please be aware that the minimum base breeding fee in ZED RUN is paid using the WETH balance.

Step 3: Place your Male Racehorse(s) into the Stud Farm 

  • Go to your stable and choose the male horse (colt or stallion) you want to use in StudFarm.
  • Once you decide, choose Breed and race digital.
  • The cost to enter StudFarm, how many covers you still have on that thoroughbred, and a pop-up modal letting you choose whether your racehorse will be at StudFarm for 1, 3, or 7 days will then appear.
  • The price to enter Stud Farm, the number of covers remaining on that racehorse, and a pop-up modal allowing you to choose the length of time your racehorse will be at Stud Farm (1, 3, or 7 days) then appear.
  • You will be prompted to Sign and Authorize it in your MetaMask wallet after you have given your confirmation.
  • You’ll see this screen after your authorization has been approved verifying that your horse has left for the stud farm.

How to Breed Your Racehorses?

Step 4: Breeding with a Male Racehorse(s)

  • On the homepage’s top bar, click Breeding. After clicking Breeding, you will be taken to Stud Service, where all racehorses offered for breeding are displayed. The owner of the racehorse, the remaining period in stud, and the stud fee are also shown.
  • When you find the first horse that catches your attention, click on it to see more details like the bloodline, genotype, gender, coat, and career/win rate as soon as you are prepared for the process, press Select Mate.

Step 5: How to Breed a Female Horse

If you have a female racehorse, you can choose one of the female horses from the stud farm to breed with. Visit a stud farm and select breeding from the upper right-hand corner menu. The player who wants to play ZED RUN may filter horses based on various factors.

Click “Select Mate” to choose a breeding companion for your racehorse. The female racehorse you want to breed can be chosen. Stud fee and transaction confirmation are required. After a little while, you will be able to see your newborn child in your stable and can name the new foal.

Racehorse Genetics

ZED RUN horse racing reviews explain that each racehorse possesses a special genetic profile made up of the following five features and other traits:-

  • Bloodline
  • Genotype
  • Breed Type
  • Coat Colour
  • Additional Characteristics


There are four bloodlines within ZED RUN: Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney, and Buterin. Each bloodline has unique characteristics that impact how a racehorse’s potential is assessed throughout the birthing process. Bloodline is a major factor in a racehorse’s overall abilities from the beginning.

ZED RUN Bloodline


It has been observed that Nakamoto, the purest racehorse, more effectively passes on their forefathers’ abilities than the typical racehorse.


Less successfully, Szabo has also been able to show its efficacy as compared to Nakamoto.


The Finney is the third most rare horse breed but is a straightforward and well-defined thoroughbred in structure and outward appearance. These horses’ musculature, straight necks, solid hooves, and flexible legs are well-known characteristics.


Given that they make up 65.80% of all thoroughbreds’ range, the Buterin bloodline, one of the newest breeds, is the easiest bloodline to locate on ZED. These horses are simple to breed, naturally healthy, strong, and agile.


Genotype is the measurement of a racehorse’s genetic distance from its ancestors. For instance, the potential Genesis genotypes are represented by Z1 through Z10. These are the most reliable places to start when creating a family line of elite racehorses.

Breed Type

Within the ZED ecosystem, six breeds exist. Genesis, Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, Cross, and Pacer, are listed in order of rarity. The purest breed type and most sought-after horses are genesis horses, obtained by drops.

ZED RUN Breed Type

Coat Color 

Each player can recognize the distinctiveness of a racehorse’s coat color thanks to the classifications of the various groupings. We’ll also use the term “coat color boxes,” which only refers to a collection of coat colors that belong to the same rarity tier.

Coat Color Breeding Formula 

Coat color is a key factor when it comes to the collectibility of racehorses in ZED RUN. In ZED RUN, every newborn progeny of one horse is born with a distinct coat color. The complicated equation below controls this process: breeding rarity(br) x breeding pairs (bp).

Coat Color Groups

Each player can recognize the distinctiveness of a racehorse’s coat color thanks to classifications of the various groupings. The coat colors contained in a group of a rarity tier are called coat color boxes.

Coat Color Groups at ZED RUN

Additional Characteristics

The following traits are bred into every racehorse at birth:-


Your own horse’s core talent impacts both its racing and breeding potential.


Your racehorse’s consistency from race to race.

Preferences for Distance

At particular distances, your racehorse will perform at its peak.


The rate at which your racehorse burns through energy while racing and it’s capacity to perform on the track when fatigued.

Breeding Talent

The capacity of a racehorse to produce superior offspring to others. This mutation is genetic and is not inherited.

Breeding Decay

Racehorses will start to lose their ability to reproduce once they have produced a specific number of young. Depending on the breed type, this deterioration will develop incrementally.

Breeding degradation will only apply to bred racehorses. Racehorses from generation G won’t be impacted.

A racehorse’s decay level will rise by one, and the offspring count will be reset to zero when it reaches the offspring numbers shown below. The anticipated powers of their progeny are slightly decreased with each step of breeding degradation.

Breed Type Offspring Count
Genesis Unlimited
Legendary 36 per tier
Exclusive 24 per tier
Elite 12 per tier
Cross 8 per tier
Pacer 4 per tier

Color Pairs and Color Rarity

The Color Pyramid is a table that groups each coat color into Rarity Tiers and Color Groups. Players can quickly recognize the coat’s color distinctiveness by classifying the coat’s colors in this way.

Color Pairs and Color Rarity at ZED RUN

Super Breeds

A Super Breed is a racehorse with advanced specialization. It has a higher starting level than a normal breed, a better breed type, and exceptional distance preference or stability. On average, a Super Breed has a higher breed type starting level and will always be one breed type higher (excluding Legendary Super Breeds bred from two Genesis parents). Legendaries are unique as Genesis is the rarest breed and cannot be bred. Also, the distance preference or stability of a Super Breed is more pronounced than a normal breed.

ZED RUN Super Breeds

Obtaining a Super Breed

Any racehorse breed type can potentially produce a Super Breed. However, breeding between two Genesis racehorses increases the chances of producing a Super Breed. If either of the racehorses is in breeding decay, it will not be possible to produce a Super Breed.

Breeding Limits

The new breeding restrictions specify the maximum number of times a male and female racehorse can mate each month. Female racehorses can breed once a month, whereas male racehorses can do it thrice a month.

Racehorse Limit Per Month Limit Per Year
Male (colt, stallion) 3 36
Female (filly, mare) 1 12

Pricing & Payments

The minimum breeding price you specify will automatically be reduced by 35% if you decide inside your own stable. When breeding with your own stable, the fees are distributed as follows:

  • Public Prize Pool – 70%
  • ZED RUN Fee – 30%

For breeding transactions, use funds from your ZED Balance (WETH). Make sure to have sufficient funds in your WETH before participating in breeding. You can transfer ETH to your WETH Balance using the wallet interface in ZED RUN, or use winnings from racing to pay for breeding.


In ZED RUN, you can participate in different racing events and tournaments. Register your racehorses in free or paid events and win from the prize pools. To get started, you need one or more ZED RUN racehorses from trusted markets or borrowed from the Lending Marketplace. For paid events, you will need WETH. If you want to race for free, simply join the free races and start competing.

ZED RUN Horse Racing


Racehorses earn XP (experience points) by participating in free or paid races. XP determines the racehorse’s level, indicated by a progress bar on their page. The amount of XP a racehorse earns is based on racehorse class, race position placed, entry fee, and racehorse breed type. Moreover, Stamina must be higher than 90% to keep earning XP.

What is Stamina in ZED RUN? How Stamina Works?

Each racehorse has a dynamic, changing attribute called stamina. Each racehorse has a special stamina characteristic that determines how quickly it fatigues. It will take some racehorses longer than others to attain 0% stamina. For stable owners, this is a step in the discovery process. Each stable owner is responsible for figuring out their racehorse’s stamina and how quickly it recovers.

Stamina enables 99% of racehorses to run 5-10 races without reduced performance. Although stamina decreases during races, the racehorse can perform at its best. When stamina drops below 90%, performance is impacted. To fully recover, a racehorse must wait 12 hours after its previous race. The racehorse’s stamina status reflected as a percentage is displayed as:-

  • Fresh (100-90%)
  • Active (89-80%)
  • Tired (79-30%)
  • Exhausted (29-0%)

Each status corresponds to a different level of remaining stamina.


Racehorses have levels that are determined by their breed type and statistics. They level up automatically when they earn the required XP from races. Leveling up improves the average speed and competitiveness in the class system.

ZED RUN Horse Racing Levels


Evo (Evolution) is a grading system based on a racehorse’s breed type that determines its maximum level attainable. Evo 6 is the highest-rated evolution while Evo 1 is the lowest.


There are seven racing classes in ZED RUN horse racing, including the Griffin races. Each class offers tougher competition and larger prize pools. Class 1 in ZED RUN is ranked the highest, while Class 6 is rated the lowest.

How do Classes work?

Racehorses are grouped by statistics and level, not by racing history, leading to fairer and more competitive races. Once a racehorse reaches its level cap through XP, it may upgrade classes. However, reaching the maximum level based on its Evo means the racehorse has reached its peak statistics.

Griffin Races

Newly bred or unraced racehorses must complete one Griffin race to determine their Evo, class, and level and start earning XP. To find a Griffin race, go to the events page on ZED RUN and either filter by Griffin, locate a race marked with a “G” under event type or click “Race Now” from the profile of the newly bred racehorse. Griffin races are free to enter and offer their own prize pools.

How to Enter a Race?

Visit ZED RUN’s events page once you have one or more racehorses equipped. You can access current races that may be purchased on this page and free racing, which is covered in more detail in this guide to ZED RUN. There will always be various races with different buy-in costs.

To discover the ideal first race for your racehorse, utilize filters on the events page. Filters are available for distance, charge, free, and paid only.

When deciding which racehorse to enter, use data on other racehorses’ race starts, total victories, breed type, horses’ genotype, etc.

ZED RUN Horse Racing Interface

Nominate Your Racehorse

Once you’ve decided on the racehorse, you’ll enter and click nominate to start the buy-in transaction using your online wallet on MetaMask. Your racehorse will be highlighted next to your chosen gate number when the transaction is confirmed.

Select Your Race Gate

You can view the race gates you purchase once you have selected any available races. You may quickly examine the performance history of any racehorse in your stable by clicking on any available race gate number.


All you have to do to take part in free racing is establish a stable using ZED RUN and purchase horses from our marketplace or Opensea (decentraliZED NFT marketplace). Look for the “free racing” symbol on the events page if you have at least one racehorse in your stable.

Racing Event Time-Outs

Every race has a predetermined countdown related to a specific program’s details. When the clock reaches 0 seconds, the race is called off, and the stable owners who had paid the entry fee, get their money back.

To ensure that each race has a chance to fill, the countdown is prolonged each time a stable owner submits a racehorse. Only after more than half of the race’s gates are occupied does this countdown extension become effective.

A dynamic calculation based on the previous seven days and the typical time required to fill races of that type determines the “base” countdown for a specific event.

Distance Funnels

Three distance funnels are used to separate all qualifying races. These featured sprinter races ranged in length from 1000 to 1400 meters, mid-runner races ranging in length from 1600 to 2000 meters, and marathoner races ranged in length from 2200 to 2600 meters. Entry into each qualifying race was free.

Free Racing

Suppose you wish to play ZED RUN. In that case, all you have to do is participate in the event and establish a stable using ZED RUN, and buying horses from our marketplace or Opensea (decentraliZED NFT marketplaces). Click on the events page and search for the “free race” icon once you have at least one racehorse in your stable.

Top Six Payout Races

The ZED RUN-ranked paid races frequently have a top-six prize structure. This implies that the prize money is divided among the top six racehorses.

Distribution of the prize money is based on the finishing position, so the winner of the race takes home more money than the second-place finisher.

Race Performance Indicators

Race Performance Indications (RPI) allow stable owners to make additional predictions about the performance of their racehorses by using these key indicators to predict how their racehorses will fare in their upcoming race. Two additional elements affect your racehorse’s performance on race day:

Stamina Level

One of the elements that impact racehorse performance is Stamina Level.

Race Performance

The other element is race performance.


Applying & Removing Skins

You will need to sign in to MetaMask each time you apply a skin to a racehorse that doesn’t have one.

You must sign twice when applying a new or different skin to a racehorse, with one on one to remove the previous skin and the other to attach new skin.



Tournaments are the fun part of the ZED RUN racing landscape, which is accessible to everyone and offers big prize pools. Also, it is the way to prove your racehorse is a champion. There are many benefits of tournaments, and they are:-

  • Better gameplay experience
  • Accessibility for stable owners
  • Value and engagements
  • Big prize pools

Class Based Tournaments

Here at ZED RUN, tournaments occur within each class. Candidates have opportunities each day to collect points and qualify for tournaments, the prize pool allocation increases as class & competition increase.

To know more about which tournament is live join their social channels like Discord, also you can consult the leaderboards to see live tournaments.

Tournament Formats

There will eventually be a wide range of tournament structures and formats, so keep an eye out for any that you think would be appropriate for winning races that you may not believe to be elite competitors.

Some tournament formats include Podium Plate, Fibonacci Cup, Pity Point Cup, A-Shape Stakes, Keep-On-Winning Cup, and Maiden Stakes.

The Podium Plate

One of the ZED RUN tournament formats is the Podium Plate. The Inaugural ZED RUN Tournament’s concept was named after its qualification process, which places racehorses according to their place rate (percentage of finishers in the top 3 results).

The Fibonacci Cup

One of the tournament types used by ZED RUN is the Fibonacci Cup. Its ranking of racehorses based on their average points earned throughout qualifying gave rise to its moniker.

The Pity Point Cup

One of the tournament types ZED RUN uses is the Pity Point Cup. The racehorses are ranked according to their average qualifying point totals, focusing on placing fourth, and the system is named after that.

The A-Shape Stakes

One of the tournament formats used in ZED RUN is the A-Shape Stakes. The racehorses are ranked according to their average qualifying point totals, focusing on placing sixth and seventh. This race is called after this scoring system.

The Keep-On-Winning Cup

One of the competition types used by ZED RUN is the Keep-On-Winning Cup. The racehorses are ranked according to their average qualifying point totals, focusing on finishing first. This scoring system is how it gets its name.

The Maiden Stakes 

Its name refers to its particular entry requirement: only racehorses who have never raced are permitted to enter.

ZED RUN Tournaments

Conditional Tournaments

There are conditional tournaments in addition to the general ZED RUN competitions, such as the ongoing Daily Tournaments, which provide opportunities for racehorses who might not typically be seen on the racetrack.

These conditional tournaments use the same structures and formats as the traditional ones. But they are limited to certain segments of racehorses, based on the below conditions:-

  • Breed-type
  • Genotype

**In Some conditional tournaments, there is only an ‘A’ bracket and no ‘B’ bracket, dissimilar to daily tournaments, which have both. However, you can see which conditional tournaments are upcoming by seeing the tournament page on the ZED RUN site.

ZED RUN Metaverse Cup

ZED RUN had run a ZED RUN Metaverse Cup extravaganza to bring some excitement to the racetracks. In which they had a special themed racetrack, with the reveal of the Metaverse Cup skins. They had done many challenges that include: 2 Group Stage Challenge, 1 Knockout Stage Challenge, 1 Final Challenge, and 3 Solo Challenges. However, to participate in them, they had certain rules:-

  • You should have your racehorse wear a Metaverse Cup skin.
  • The Metaverse Cup challenges will take into account all free races and 12 paid races.
  • Double points will be awarded for points earned in paid racing throughout the Group Stage team challenge and all three individual challenges.

However, as per our in-depth game review on ZED RUN, we can say that they run such challenges for participants, so they can have fun and earn rewards in the same place.

ZED RUN Metaverse Cup

ZED RUN: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
 Frequent races and strong development support  Less demand, so rewards are smaller
 May earn money by breeding additionally  More centered on luck than on strategy
 Prize pools and tournaments offer prizes  Breeding less profitable due to recent platform changes
 Free race, ZED RUN drop day available

Tips and Hacks of ZED RUN

Racing your horse is the best way to learn about its capabilities. The more races, the more data you can collect and the more knowledge you can learn. Your horse will likely perform better over some distances than others. You might discover that it has a preferred gate too. So, select the breed option from the stable interface after locating your male horse.


Is ZED RUN Safe and Secure to Play?

Yes. The Ethereum blockchain and ZT ERC 721 non-fungible tokens are used in the ZED RUN smart contract system to track racehorse ownership.

How Can You Breed an NFT Horse?

As per our ZED RUN NFT racing review, the player chooses two NFT horses for breeding. Both parties must be male and female. The breeding cool-down for both horses must be set to 0. Every horse has a common breed that influences how the animal appears, breeds, and performs on a racetrack.

How Long Does It Take to Get My Racehorse to My Stable?

It can take up to 15 minutes or more for a racehorse you buy from OpenSea to show up in your ZED RUN stable. The racehorse will be visible in your OpenSea collection before it appears in your stable.

Can I Reproduce a Genesis Racehorse?

No, it is not possible to breed Genesis racehorses.

Do Skins Impact My Racehorse’s Performance?

No, ZED RUN Skins have no effect on a racehorse’s performance.

How Many Times Can I Breed My Racehorse? 

Breeding restrictions specify the maximum number of times a male and female racehorse may reproduce collectively, monthly, and annually: Male (colt, stallion) can breed 3 times per month and 36 times per year; while Female (filly, mare) can breed 1 time per month and 12 times per year.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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