Gamestar+ Launches Web 3.0 Game Night Classics Reboots

Gamestar+ is a popular platform that streams classic games, and soon it will launch Web 3.0 reboots of the platform’s games on Avalanche. Gamestar+ currently allows its users to play various interactive games such as Jeopardy, Family Feud, and Wheel of Fortune. Building the reboots on Avalanche will give the platform new Web 3.0 capabilities and efficiency. 

This integration will introduce some of the most popular and biggest IPs, from entertainment and game shows to decentralized blockchain gaming, including Lucasfilm, Disney Pixar, and Marvel, and various iconic TV shows like The Price Is Right and Deal Or No Deal. The reasons why Gamestar+ has selected Avalanche include its industry-leading safety measures, near-instant speed of transactions, capability to provide millions of gamers, high performance, and stability required to equip a well-known gaming platform like Gamestar+ with Web 3.0 features. 

According to the Chief Operating Officer of Gamestar+, Todd Young, the Blockchain integration with Avalanche is not a new plan as the team has been working on this integration for a long time, keeping in mind the platform’s traditional audience of gamers. To level up their gaming experience and to give them a chance to earn and win tangible value, this partnership with Ava Labs and integration with the Avalanche technology was decided upon. This partnership would create real value, in addition to the world‘s most popular and best gaming titles. 

Gamestar+ will be able to leverage features and thereby add brand new dimensions of ownership and competition to the global gaming experience. Players will earn the platform’s native token, GSTAR, which can be traded or redeemed for digital assets and NFTs. The elements will offer full control to the players over their winnings. 

The integration of Gamestar+ with Avalanche will occur simultaneously with the expansion of the robust ecosystem of Avalanche Web3 gaming and NFTs. According to Ava Labs’ Head of Gaming, Ed Chang, the Avalanche community welcomes Gamestar+ with open arms. The platform has great potential to cater to various players on Web 3.0 and Avalanche. 

To learn more and get early access, go to the blockchain portal of Gamestar+.

Gamestar+ is the world’s first blockchain-based game streaming platform with live social gameplay and a play-to-earn feature. The platform streams interactive gaming night experiences, including Jeopardy, Movie Scene It?, Wheel of Fortune, and Family Feud directly into a player’s living room, functioning alongside other popular entertainment brands such as Lucasfilm, Disney Pixar, and Marvel. 

Avalanche is one of the fastest blockchain-based smart contract platforms, with a maximum number of validators securing the platform’s activity of proof-of-stake protocols. The platform is eco-friendly, low-cost, and blazingly fast. Any application with smart contracts can outperform other platforms by being deployed on Avalanche.

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