GameStop NFT is now on Immutable

Robbie Ferguson, a Co-Founder of Immutable, took to Twitter to share the news that GameStop NFT is now live on the platform. Robbie Ferguson said it would enable true ownership for millions of gamers in the community, calling it a huge step.

The move allows Immutable to realize the vision of Web3 gaming which includes:-

  • Mass market adoption
  • Scalable facilities
  • Sustainable economics

Immutable has on boarded more games in the last quarter than in the last 2 years. The team has been building Web3 gaming infrastructure since 2017. Taking GameStop NFT live on the platform adds to its successful portfolio.

Scaling technology by Immutable is considered the best in the space for being 100% carbon neutral. Any NFT that is traded on the platform remains carbon neutral. ETH-based security facility protects the network from being attacked by bad actors.

Its evolving tech that can support every game irrespective of its size makes the platform scalable. Immutable allows its users to build NFTs with a user-friendly API easily. Once built, the same NFT can be traded on the platform while viewing the best and most exciting NFT projects by others. Its native token, IMX, can be bought on Binance, FTX Pro, and Coinbase, to mention a few platforms.

The news follows the announcement by GameStop NFT, which opened the doors to game developers to apply for a $100 million IMX Grant Program. Its partnership with Immutable is sure to benefit a large number of gamers. Immutable functions are directed towards advancing NFTs through ImmutableX and Immutable Studios.

Immutable is currently headquartered in Sydney. It is home to over 300 technology experts who work day in & out. The platform is backed by investors like King River Capital, BITKRAFT Ventures, and AirTree.It was co-founded in 2018 by Robbie Ferguson, James Ferguson, and Alex Connolly. The venture is based on two strong pillars: Immutable Game Studio and ImmutableX.

Immutable Game Studio is one the leading players when it comes to the development and publishing of Web3 games. Games are powered by ImmutableX, a leading layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum. The partnership between GameStop NFT and Immutable will allow gamers to trade their favourite digital assets on the GameStop NFT marketplace. As Immutable continues adding more games to the list, the number of tradable digital assets will only increase in the coming time. However, this will give gamers more options for trading.

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