GameSwift integrates with Arbitrum to scale Web3 gaming space

GameSwift, the pioneering modular Web3 gaming ecosystem, is thrilled to announce its integration with Arbitrum, the leading Ethereum Layer2 scaling solution. This marks a significant milestone in the advancement and adoption of Web3 games, bringing unprecedented scalability and efficiency to the gaming industry.

Arbitrum launched its token $ARB on March 23rd, 2023, by airdropping 11.62% of the total supply to early users and transitioning network governance to a DAO. Arbitrum’s daily transactions have also skyrocketed since 2022, recently reaching a new high of 250 million transactions.

Simplifying Web3

GameSwift’s modular ecosystem lets game developers focus on building their games without bothering about web3 infrastructure. Leveraging Arbitrum’s extensive reach in the Web3 gaming space, this integration sets the stage for seamless, accessible, and enjoyable Web3 gaming experiences.

Arbitrum, known as the most active Ethereum Layer2, has amassed a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $3.57 billion on its chain. With this partnership, Web3 games built on the Arbitrum network will be readily available on the GameSwift Platform, ID, and Launcher. Game developers and players alike will benefit from GameSwift’s comprehensive ecosystem, purpose-built to cater to the needs of gamers and game developers.

What’s the end goal?

The overall vision is to revolutionize how users interact with the Web3 gaming space. Through the integration with Arbitrum, GameSwift can propel the adoption of Web3 games and accelerate their development within an inviting and user-centric environment.

GameSwift x Arbitrum integrates two accessibility pioneers committed to providing unparalleled access to decentralized games. By harnessing GameSwift’s and Arbitrum’s technology and scalability, developers can create user-focused decentralized games, enabling players to enjoy gaming experiences like never before.

Arbitrum One

Arbitrum One underwent a Nitro tech stack upgrade in August 2022, resulting in a 7-10x increase in scaling capabilities, enabling fraud proofs over the core engine of Geth compiled to WASM. This enhancement has elevated it to the market’s most dependable and efficient scaling solutions.

As the company’s flagship chain, Arbitrum One offers ultra-fast, low-cost transactions with Ethereum-derived security. It is an Optimistic Rollup solution with over 50% TVL in the L2 segment and is EVM-compatible to the bytecode level. Since its inception in August 2021, the Arbitrum ecosystem has activated 400 DeFi and NFT projects.

About GameSwift

GameSwift is revolutionizing the entire Web3 gaming industry. This decentralized and community-driven ecosystem is reshaping the gaming landscape, offering all the necessary elements to build a thriving Web3 gaming empire.

At the core of the GameSwift ecosystem are four seamlessly integrated pillars: Chain, Web3 Infrastructure, Platform, and Gaming Studio. These pillars provide a solid foundation for game developers, allowing them to cleverly incorporate blockchain technology and share in-game resources while ensuring an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience for players.

The range of GameSwift products is vast, all focusing on delivering the best possible user experience and enticing traditional gamers to explore the world of Web3 games. With a strong commitment to their vision, the GameSwift team is diligently working to bring these promised tools to fruition.

Check out GameSwift’s official website and the Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels for more information. Feel free to visit Arbitrum’s official website and Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels.

Mark Peterson

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