GAMI: A Play-to-Earn Game That Utilizes Blockchain and NFT Technology

GAMI is a blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming studio that uses augmented reality, virtual reality, Blockchain, and NFT technologies to provide gamers with the best gaming experience while also allowing them to earn money.

GAMI is implementing a dual model ecosystem to make sure that there have been no obstacles to adaptation and that mainstream players can actually appreciate GAMI Studio’s games without even being intimidated by advanced technologies that people may not be expecting at the beginning of their adventure.

Players can play games for free and enjoy them as sheer entertainment with their mates. They will be eligible for reward tournaments as they become more engrossed in the game, gain skill, and achieve high MMA rankings. This is the point at which they could choose to understand more about the advantages of the game’s Play-2-Earn element and make the switch on their own terms, with the assistance of the app and the community!

GAMI Studio gives gamers complete ownership of their in-game assets (NFTs) and the liberty to commercialize them as they see fit, which is the polar opposite of what is currently available in mainstream games!

It also enables players to stake their tokens, become members of their chosen empire (DAO), and participate in decision-making (governing council & treasury). 

GAMI is a blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming studio that uses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), Blockchain, and NFT technologies to provide gamers with the best gaming experiences while also allowing them to earn money. The platform’s native token, $GAMI, powers the ecosystem. The team is made up of entrepreneurs, technical geeks, and creative individuals who are passionate about blockchain and gaming.

Unlike some games, GAMI allows users to express their opinions and participation in the decision-making process regarding the platform’s future direction.

Gamers can select characters from historical civilizations, join an empire, and compete in ranked PvP battles. Improve your MMA score and enter Battle Tournaments against soldiers from oppositional empires. Win and gain victory for your empire, as well as a share of the spoils.

There are three main components to the gameplay:


Become a skilled and talented warrior and rise through the ranks (score) to compete in reward tournaments against warriors from opposition empires.


Real-time fights with gamers from all over the globe. Compete in tier-based tournaments based on your level of skill. Higher tiers result in greater rewards and much more booty for you and your imperial power to enjoy.


Gamers make key decisions in the empire’s leadership (governing council and treasury) to accelerate economic growth and dominance over other empires.

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