Gamium’s governance token goes live on Ethereum

Gamium is extremely pleased and takes an immense amount of pleasure in carrying out their official announcement of the fact that their $GMM is now positioned live on Ethereum. $GMM happens to be their very own governance token. As a further part of information passed on, at the present moment in time, it happens to be accessible and, for the sake of the public, on Coin Market Cap, along with Coin Gecko. 

With the very happening of this incorporation, all of the connected GMM holders will find themselves in the convenient position of being able to, and with extreme ease, transfer their owned tokens between the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the Ethereum and the other way around. 

Over and above all of this, with this very incorporation, all of the holders will find themselves in the comfortable position of making the complete utilization of the variety of opportunities offered by DeFi, on the Ethereum network. This will also entail all of the factors related to yield and farming. There will also be the matter of staking. However, as things stand, and as of the present moment in time, all of this is accessible only on the Uniswap V3. 

Besides all of this, Gamium also happens to take pride in the building of a Uniswap V3 GMM.WETH pool, in order that all of the users of Ethereum will be able to trade their ERC20 tokens in exchange for GMM, and along with that, add liquidity in order to back the economic situation of GMM. It also happens to be their pleasure to announce that happens to be a leader in cryptocurrency exchanges in which GMM happened to have been listed. It now takes GMM deposits with the help of the Ethereum chain. This will be extremely beneficial for users as it will open the doors for a fresh way of trading GMM on the exchange. 

Regarding ChainPort, it happens to be a permissionless bridge, which presently is into porting over 190 tokens amongst blockchains. Besides, it offers a never before safety feature which helps it to port tokens securely through various blockchains, all with the help of just a single click. Where Gamium is concerned, it is engaged in the offering of a digital identity that can be effectively utilized everywhere on the internet, irrespective of the chain, the application, or, for that matter, the metaverse. 


Gamium also is equally excited about forming an association with ChainPort. This entity happens to be an absolute new-age cross-chain bridge that permits a user to pass GMM tokens between BSC and Ethereum in a safe way. The new process also happens to be fast and very simplified, with the further benefit of having fewer fees.  

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