Gamma Strategies gets positioned live on Arbitrum

Gamma Strategies has now been successfully positioned live on the Arbitrum. As an entity, Arbitrum has reached its pinnacles over some time and, as of date, happens to have become the fourth biggest in terms of the overall ecosystem. However, where the L2 ecosystem is concerned, it is now the undisputed biggest. Where they are concerned, they have made it their absolute prime goal and have successfully managed a whole variety of pairs.

Furthermore, this would bring unto its fold the project tokens belonging to some of the very prime protocols presently existing in the ecosystem. Along with the Arbitrum launching, they have set their game plan of introducing new and fresh strategies and descriptions on their web app. Further, there will also be an entire entourage of structured LP products in the case of both risk tolerant and risk-averse LPs.

In their understanding, the structured LP products are practically non-existent where DeFi is concerned. In their viewpoint, by making adequate provisions in the case of both wide as well as narrow dynamic levels of strategies, they will find themselves in the position of reaching out to those whose risk tolerances are widely varied, coupled with also their individual opinions on matters of instability. Besides all of this, they also happen to be providing pegged price strategies, which in turn will assist in the creation of tighter liquidity bands, which revolve around the net value of assets attached to liquid staked derivatives. Where the pairs are concerned, the beginning pairs that will be launched will consist of various high-volume pairs covering multiple fee tiers and strategies.


For the uninitiated, Arbitrum happens to be one of the very top-of-the-line L2 upgrading solutions in terms of the Ethereum network, which also happens to be utilizing optimistic rollups. In very recent times, it has successfully introduced its Arbiturm Nitro upgrade. This helps in heightening throughput and simultaneously lowers the fees substantially. As a matter of fact, Arbitrum One is known to be charging one of the lowest amounts of fees, as compared to other L2 scaling solutions. Their current plan is to launch more pairs, along with partnering with more protocols, all on the Arbitrum. Furthermore, Gamma Strategies hope that in the future, they are to form several other partnerships with other Arbitrum protocols.

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